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"HEAVENLY TECHI!"--CHAPTER 8       DFO795       5-3-79

       1. THERE'S A WHOLE LONG LIST OF BOOKS YOU CAN GET ON THE SUBJECT OF REINCARNATION, including the highly-publicised "Bridey Murphy" story. The secret Tibetan Lama's Book of the Dead, accurately recounts the stages of death as having the same phases that Dr. R.A. Moody describes in his book, Life After Life. It says that reincarnation does occur at some later point after these events. In other words, what would be more logical than to say to a departed spirit:

       2. "OK, NOW YOU KNOW WHAT THE SCORE IS, SO NOW GO BACK & DO A BETTER JOB THIS TIME THAN YOU DID BEFORE!" If they can come back right away & re-enter the same body, why couldn't they come back much much later in a new body? They can't go back into their old dead body! It's been buried & rotten & gone! So what would be the most logical way to send them back?--If they're going to have a chance to undo some of the damage that they did & try to make things right & live a better life, huh?

       3. (MARIA: LIKE THIS MOVIE WE JUST SAW, "HEAVEN CAN WAIT!" He couldn't get back into his own body, so he had to go into another body.) Yeah! Exactly! I mean, how do we know? We're not going to teach the Lord, instruct the Lord! He's got His own system, I'm sure. But that certainly sounds logical. What about some of these people?--Whether they be babies who didn't have a chance to live their life, or children who didn't have a chance to really live out their life & accomplish anything, or whether they be old people who have died in old age, but who had really goofed it, & so the Lord says, "Well, if you want to try it again, we'll shoot you back!" He did me! (See "Another Holy Ghost Story", No.679.) "We'll shoot you down again & let you give it another go to see if you can't do better next time!"

       4. WELL, TECHI, FOR EXAMPLE: Let's say she was a little girl, & maybe she was a very smart little girl that came from very intelligent, well-educated parents whom the Lord loved very dearly, & maybe they loved the Lord, who knows? Maybe the Lord took her for some reason--auto accident, disease, all kinds of things could have happened--at the age of five or six.

       5. SO MAYBE HE KEPT HER UP THERE LONG ENOUGH TO TEACH HER THE SCORE, so that she could come back here & finish out her life & even do better this time! Now, I can imagine a little girl like that being very excited about the whole idea, really turned on! (Maria: Yeah!)--All excited that she is going to make a trip back into this life, back into this dimension, & she's going to have a chance to live her life again from scratch!

       6. NOW, HOW WOULD THE LORD, IF HE WANTED TO SEND HER BACK & she wanted to come back to have her chance to live her life, which she never had a chance to do, how is He going to do it? He can't put her back in her old dead body! It's gone, right? Well, I suppose He could, but that's not supposed to happen until the resurrection. So, what then? Why couldn't Techi come back & be born again? (Maria: Why not?) Yes, why not! Amen? (Maria: Amen!) OK. (Maria: Like the movie, "Audrey Rose"!)

       7. I CAN ONLY THINK OF ONE PROBLEM: Here is that one spirit, & here it's had one body already, & now it comes back & has another one, & they both die. Eventually in the resurrection her spirit comes back to claim her body--which one is she going to claim? (Maria: Yes, that would be a problem!) Well, maybe the Lord will give her a choice. I mean, after all, He has to re-create it again anyhow, it's gone to dust & ashes & there has to be a re-creative process of some kind to resurrect it. I mean, after all, if she didn't have her chance to live out her life in the first one, she very likely wouldn't want to come back into that one! (Maria: Yes, because that body doesn't really count.) The body's not as important as the spirit.

       8. (MARIA: THAT'S EXCITING! Remember how Davidito played with Julianna? One time when he was smiling, you said, "He's playing with Julianna!"--And we still don't even know where or who or why or what Julianna was! And the Lord even gave you some specific things about Julianna, that I was having Julianna, but I didn't. So I wonder what happened to her?) Well, you know how I've explained that, don't you?

       9. WELL, YOU LOST A BABY AT ABOUT THREE MONTHS, you were about three-and-a-half months pregnant when you lost that baby, when you got sick in the Ark (Camper) in Sears parking lot in the Summer of '69. (Maria: I know, but I mean [DELETED]) [DELETED] So who knows but what maybe that was Julianna! (Maria: But when I was pregnant with Davidito it was like you got something about I was having Julianna.) You don't suppose the Lord might have sent her back, then, to have her chance in Davidito?

       10. THAT REALLY WOULD BE WEIRD TO HAVE HER COME BACK & BE REBORN AS A BOY WHEN SHE WAS A GIRL! (Maria: I guess it wouldn't matter, would it? I mean, that's spirit.) No, of course not! There's "no male nor female in Christ Jesus." (Ga.3:28.) In the spirit world that doesn't matter that much--except Abrahim still loves to fuck! Ha! (Maria: Well, do you think that might have happened?) Maybe he is Julianna, the one we lost! (Maria: Yes!) Maybe we were more right than we realise. (Maria: Oh my! How weird! Yes, maybe he is Julianna!--But you said he was playing with Julianna.) I don't know, Honey. Those things are too deep for me!

       11. BUT THIS MUCH WE KNOW: There are millions of people dying every day. We know they must go somewhere, right? Including millions of babies & little children, right? So the Lord must have a place for them over there. Now what happens to them then? They're not going to stay babies forever! Their spirits & spirit bodies must mature to some extent.

       12.--AND WHERE DOES THE LORD GET ALL THESE SPIRITS TO HELP US HERE?--Spirit helpers for the billions of people still living. Where, of course, would He get them from?--From the tremendous manpower pool He has already on the other side!--The spirits who are already there, right? (Maria: Yes!) So how's He going to send them back to help people here? Well, either like guardian angels like Abrahim, or ministering spirits of some kind to help the people here. And who knows but maybe some of them who never had their chance to live out their lives, maybe He lets them come back & get a second chance, born over again! Maybe that's why He usually lets their total pre-existence be wiped off the slate of their memory, clean, so that they are born with no memory of it whatsoever, or very little memory. Now if you could delve into their subconscious, maybe they'd remember. This has been proven, that you can get back to the past through the subconscious.

       13. THEY'VE GOT CASES WHERE THEY EVEN CLAIM TO HAVE GOTTEN SUBJECTS TO REMEMBER THEIR MOTHER'S WOMB--& BEYOND! Now this I've always said was someone who had a familiar spirit or someone who was being assisted by a spirit helper, & when they got back to that point, then the spirit was simply telling about its pre-existence. It wasn't actually the spirit of that person but another spirit, savvy? (Maria: Yes.)

       14. WE KNOW THESE NEW SPIRITS COME FROM SOMEWHERE. We know that Techi is going to be born, we know that she's going to have a spirit. Maybe they first get a short training period up there or something.--Or maybe they are a reincarnation of children who died without having an opportunity to live their lives, & the Lord sends them back & gives them a second chance.

       15. WHO KNOWS? WELL, GOD KNOWS!--And as soon as I get there I'll try & tell you how it works!--Ha! (Maria: Abrahim could tell you.) Well, there are certain things, apparently, that he's not allowed to tell me. (Maria: Well, he could probably--he's probably allowed to tell you that.) Well, OK, we'll see.--You ask him sometime when he's in the mood. (Maria; OK.)

       16. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THESE CHILD PRODIGIES & GENIUSES that come sometimes from ignorant parents & yet who can do complicated mathematical problems, compose & play difficult music, recite lengthy poetry etc.? (Maria: Yes, & there's the debate that's been for years & years between authorities whether a child's personality is hereditary or whether it is environmental. The consensus of opinion now is that it is partially both.

       17. (BUT THERE MIGHT BE A THIRD FACTOR INFLUENCING A CHILD'S PERSONALITY IF THEY HAVE BEEN IN ANOTHER WORLD OR BODY BEFORE!) Yes, this would explain the child prodigies & child geniuses who obtain this genius neither from heredity nor environment! They just have these gifts & were able to do things without training complicated mathematical problems, or had phenomenal memories & could just read a page & remember every word, or some of these child musicians who were composing complicated symphonic compositions at the age of five.

       18. HOW ELSE DO YOU ACCOUNT FOR THAT UNLESS IT'S SPIRITUAL?--Especially if they come from common ordinary parents & are born in a common ordinary environment? (Maria: It's in their spirit, then, right?) I don't know, I don't know, Honey, but that would be one explanation. Of course, I've always believed that the personality & its development, like you say, is influenced by both, & my rule of thumb on this has been, to put it extra-simply:

       19. YOU BECOME WHAT YOUR PERSONAL SPIRIT HAS CHOSEN OF WHAT YOU GOT FROM HEREDITY & WHAT IT HAS DONE WITH ITS ENVIRONMENT, how you react to that environment. Sometimes the way you react to your environment is determined by your heredity & personal choice, & all these things work together to form your life & personality & so on, along with your spirit.--And who knows?--Maybe a pre-existence in time!

       20. (MARIA: I DON'T KNOW IF THIS HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT OR NOT, BUT ONE NATURAL REFLEX OF NEWBORN BABIES IS SOMETHING LIKE WALKING! When a week-old baby or a little tine baby about a week old is held up above a table so that his left foot touches the surface, his right foot immediately comes forward like he is trying to walk! When the next foot touches the table top, the next foot marches on, & so forth! This might be a basis for learning to walk, but in fact it seems to have seems to have nothing to do with real walking. For the baby's nervous system is not nearly ready, to say nothing of the muscles he needs to use when balancing.

       21. (THIS WALKING REFLEX ONLY LASTS WITH HIM FOR A MONTH OR SO, disappearing long before he drags himself up & stands on his feet & tries to move himself along the side of furniture etc. Why then is the reflex there at all? Some relate it falsely to a primitive level of development, suggesting it is a survival form from a progress pattern of one of man's ancestors. But some of these reflexes could be a memory of doing that before!--In a preexistence! Because it disappears in a month! Isn't that amazing!)

       22. SO HE SAYS HERE THAT THE BIRTH IS A TIME OF FORGETFULNESS, an erasure of all that's gone before, & this is how some people explain it: Something wasn't forgotten! Something was remembered! (Maria: Hmm! That's very interesting.--You said when you were sick you were seeing pictures?--what pictures?) Well, for awhile I was just seeing pictures of parts of animals & parts of buildings ... (Maria: Oh, yes, in Madrid.) And it was really vivid & weird!--Things I've never seen before!

       23. (MARIA: AND WHAT ABOUT IN NORTHERLAND?) There, I mostly saw people, I would see people & hear them talking. They were all a confused mumble jumble, because they were all talking at once! It was like I could hear them all at once, see them all at once, & it was a lot of confusion, because they were all talking at once. I could even see them in their houses & on the streets everywhere.

       24. NOW I ACTUALLY HAD THIS LAST TIME HERE, BESIDES THAT CRAZY DREAM, I HAD THAT FEELING AGAIN, that peculiar feeling like all of a sudden I could hear everybody in this town, I could hear all the sounds in the whole city, & they were almost like a, well, something funny comes to me: It was like when the prophet said he saw multitudes in his vision of people & heard them like "the sound of the rushing of many mighty waters!" (Isa.17:12.) Like Babylon, all confusion! Thank God we don't normally have to hear them all!

       25. BUT IT WAS JUST LIKE SUDDENLY I WAS SO SPIRITUALLY AWARE THAT I COULD HEAR EVERYTHING, EVERYBODY, all the people & talking in the whole city!--All the sounds! It was just like I saw the whole city, like we see out our window here, like I could see the whole town & could hear everybody in it! (Maria: Wow!) Now what point was there in that? I don't know.

       26. (IT SAYS HERE THAT A BABY DOESN'T USUALLY SMILE EVEN AT ONE MONTH.)--Ha!--I mean, I've got witnesses to prove Dito used to smile all the time when he was dreaming in his sleep during that first month! You know you can always tell how anyone is dreaming by the movement of the pupils of the eyes under the lids, & his eyes were moving all around like he was watching a show, & he would grin & smile & sometimes laugh out loud! I mean, he would just smile & smile, like he was really amused!--And I thought probably other children, spirit children, were showing him some kind of spirit movies or something!--To entertain him & make him happy! Maybe they were doing stunts for him or something!--Otherwise a baby could get awfully bored just lying around all the time when he's just come from such an interesting & fascinating place!--The spirit world!--Heaven!

       HEAVENLY TECHI!--In the Spirit:       21-4-79
(This came as Daddy was admiring Techi when she was only one month old:)

       27. HOW COULD THE LORD GIVE US ANYTHING SO PURE & BEAUTIFUL WHEN WE'RE SO IMPERFECT! I don't see how the Lord could trust us! She's our little bundle from Heaven, our little bundle of Heavenly Love! She's so cute & sweet & beautiful! What a miracle! She's lying there just like a little angel, so beautiful, so pure, so perfect!

       28. IT SEEMS A SHAME TO HAVE TO SEND HER DOWN HERE & GET HER ALL SOILED WITH THIS DIRTY WORLD! But that's like Jesus did for us. She's an angel, a perfect spirit! The Lord sent her down here to live with us. She has to come down here & get all dirty to make us happy, just like Jesus!

       29. THE LORD PUT HER IN HUMAN FLESH--YOUR FLESH, HONEY! Isn't that wonderful? You clothed her in human flesh! You wrapped her in a robe of flesh! How about that? Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! The Lord put her in your tummy & you did your best to make her beautiful, so you wrapped her up in your human godly flesh, & she's so beautiful! I don't think I ever saw anything in this whole world so beautiful!

       30. ANYTHING SO BEAUTIFUL JUST HAD TO COME FROM HEAVEN--"of the Heavens Heavenly!" Other things are of the Earth, earthly, but she's of the Heavens, Heavenly! She's so beautiful, so sweet!

       31. BUT SHE HAD TO COME DOWN HERE & GET ALL DIRTY! I'm so sorry! But otherwise, we'd never get to enjoy her. If she didn't come down here, we'd never see her & get to enjoy her. It's so wonderful! Isn't she beautiful?! Good girl, Techi! Daddy's right here, Daddy's throwing you kisses!

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