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THE MYSTERY OF OTANO!--Another Reincarnation?--While in the Spirit:       13 November 1977.       DFO796

       1. HOW CAN SHE REBUFF A LOVE LIKE MINE: He's going to put her in a bed of affliction: She'll be sick for three years, & then come back. (Maria: Who?--Jeane Manson?) (See "The Jeane Manson Prayer," No.595.)

       2. THIS PROUD OTANO! (Maria: What's an "Otano"?) He's the head of our tribe!--But She won't give him sex. If she won't give him sex, I will have to. (Maria: You will have to?) Yes, of course. (Maria: How can you give him sex?) By giving her sex! (Maria: Who's "her"?) Mary, (Maria: Mary?) Maria!--You, Honey: It's you!--What are you talking about? (Maria: Oh, it's me?) Of course! (Maria: But who's going to be in a bed of affliction for three years?) Oh, that's Jeane Manson.

       3. (Maria: BUT WHO'S OTANO?) The real love!--The real love she could have if she would let him come in. But she don't let anybody come in. I think maybe now she will. (Maria: Who? Jeane Manson?)

       4. (Maria: WHO'S OTANO?) MY LAWYER! (Maria: I thought you said he was the head of our tribe?) Of course, he knows all about law & tribal law.--If he says so, it's okay! (Maria: Is he close to Abrahim?) Yes. (Maria: Are they from the same tribe?) I think maybe so.

       5. (MARIA: WHERE DID YOU MEET OTANO?) Otano?--He came to Taurug, don't you remember? (See "Taurug!" No.616.) (Maria: Through whom?) Us! (Maria: From where?) He came up to see Abrahim. (Maria: You mean he was with Taurug? Who did he come through?) Otano! (Maria: A person, though?) Yes, of course!--ME! (Maria: He came through you?) Me.--Yes, me, of course!

       6. (MARIA: WAS HE A GYPSY TOO?) Of course he was a Gypsy! How could you have a name like that if you weren't a Gypsy? (Maria: Where is he now? Where's Otano now? What else is there about Otano?) He's one of the chieftains. (Maria: Who did he come through? How did he come?) Isn't that something! Isn't that beautiful?:

       7. MY MINERS WENT DOWN 300 FEET FOR ME BELOW THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH! (Maria: For what, Honey?) I'd love to see it GP! Yes, I'd love to see it GP! Would you like to see it GP? It's such a pretty picture! Why don't we get it done? Why do we have it in colour if we don't have it GP? (Maria: We do have it GP. But who are the miners that went down 300 feet?) People who are really in earnest & seek answers real far! (Maria: What kind of answers?) (See No. 324.)

       8. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND? WINE OPENS THE GATE OF REVELATION! And if you give me a little more wine, I give you a lot more revelation! (Maria: You will?) Yes, of course, if you give me some more wine. I have to have wine to open my mouth to give you some more revelation. Don't you like that? (Maria: Uh-huh.) Okay? I'll wait for you: You give me a little more wine, I give you a lot more revelation. Okay? I think that's a good deal for you, Honey Baby! Don't you understand, huh?--You don't want anymore revelation, huh?

       9. ONE MORE BOTTLE & I'LL GIVE YOU A NEW REVELATION! Wouldn't you like a new revelation? What would you like, Honey Baby? (Maria: I want you to tell me some more about Otano.) Okay. You get me another bottle & I'll try to contact Otano, okay? (Maria: Promise?) Yes, of course! (Maria: Is he a Guanche?) Of course he's a Guanche!

       10. (DAVID STARTS PRAYING IN A WHISPER. It sounds like an incantation, like he's calling Otano's spirit to come. After a few moments of praying in tongues like that, he takes his arm from around me & raises both his arms high in the air & continues to pray, weeping:)

       11. OTANO! OTANO! See, I'm calling him just like the mediums call spirits. That's really the way I am doing it in prayer. Isn't that amazing! I'm calling him to come! (Maria: As you cry & speak in tongues?) Yes, I'm praying & I'm pleading with him to come. It's beautiful! Don't you know? Don't you understand, Honey? Come, & I'll tell you:

       12. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND WHO OTANO IS?--HE'S DAVIDITO! (Maria: This is his Guanche name, a Guanche name for Davidito?) Prophet of God! (Maria: But how can that be?--You said he's our lawyer.) He's our advocates with God to beg for mercy for us, for his people. (Maria: For us, his people?) That's okay, if you don't want to hear. (Maria: Oh, I do want to hear it!) No, you don't--you don't believe it. (Maria: Yes I do, I do believe it.) No, no, no, you don't believe it! You question & you doubt.

       13. SO I'M GOING TO GO AWAY NOW WITH OTANO, my Otano, my son, & Taurug.--You know? Otano is my son. I'm Taurug. (Maria: Oh, you are Taurug!) Yes, of course! I'm Taurug & Otano is my son. Yes of course, & I'm going to go away now, because you don't believe me, so I'm tired. (Maria: I do believe you, I do believe you! Please tell me more!) I'm sick of it, I'm sick of it! (Maria: You said he knew Abrahim & had something to do with Abrahim.) Of course, of course.

       14. ABRAHIM IS HIS FATHER! How could he help but know Abrahim? (Maria: But Abrahim is not Guanche, is he?) No, of course not! He's a Gypsy! You know who Abrahim is! (Maria: Well, you said Otano was a Gypsy last time.--Do you remember when you said that?) Of course Otano is Gypsy, of course! Because Davidito is part me, & Davidito is part Taurug, so he's got to be part Gypsy.

       15. (Maria: YOU SAID OTANO KNOWS ALL THE TRIBAL LAWS?) (David speaks in tongues again.) What, Little Girl? (Maria: You said Otano knows all the tribal laws.) Of course, & we will be judged according to the law of God & the Guanches & Taurug, & my Otano who defends us, my son, who is our advocate. You know what I mean? (Maria: Is he our advocate with God?)

       16. HE'S OUR ADVOCATE WITH TAURUG! Taurug is a chief! It can't go beyond Taurug, don't you understand? And Taurug appeals to God! Yes, we appeal to Taurug, & Taurug appeals to God. (Maria: We appeal to Taurug through Davidito?) Otano. (Maria: Through Davidito Otano?) Otano. (Maria: But that's Davidito.) Yes, son of great chief, great chief.

       17. HE'S SON OF GREAT CHIEF DAVID, great chief of Gypsies. You ask Abrahim, he knows. (Maria: I thought Abrahim was the great king of the Gypsies.) He is, of course, & he made David a great kind of modern Gypsies today!--My God, you don't know that? (Maria: Yes, but Otano?) Oh, you are so exasperating! My God, how can you be so stupid! (Maria: But Otano was the son of Taurug, huh?) Yes, of course, of you & Taurug.

       18. (Maria: WHAT WAS MY NAME?) ISA-AWA! ISA-AWA, AWA! (Maria: Awa?) Awa--You are the beautiful Awa. In skins, the beautiful Awa, Queen Awa! Oh, you are so beautiful, Awa! I love you! (Maria: What number was I?) Number? What are you talking about numbers? Awa, his favourite wife! It don't matter about number. What are you talking about, Honey?

       19. AWA, FAVOURITE WIFE OF TAURUG! Yes, you begat Otano. Favourite wife of Taurug, Awa, begat Otano, the prophet of God! Now why don't you go to sleep?--Go to sleep & remember & believe! Okay? (Maria: So the spirit of Otano has come to inhabit Davidito?) No, no, no, no, no, My Sweetheart! you don't understand these things at all!

       20. OTANO IS DAVIDITO! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND? (Maria: But Otano's spirit is in Davidito?) No, no, no, no, no! Otano is Davidito! (Maria: You mean Otano lived back there with Taurug?) Otano is Davidito. (Maria: Otano lived back there & was the son of Taurug.) Yes! (Maria: Hundreds & hundreds of years ago?) Yes!--Thousands of years ago! (Maria: So how did he get here?) Because God put him here! There's no time in Eternity! There's no time in all of this! Time is foolish, don't you know? Time is nothing!

       21. (M; SO HE'S BEEN REINCARNATED?) Oh my God, don't talk about the flesh!--Otano is Davidito! (Maria: You mean he looks the same now as he did then?) I don't know what you mean. (Maria: He looks the same now as he did then?) Of course not! He is the same! (Maria: I know, so he looks the same?) Otano is Davidito! (Maria: But in appearance, can you see him now?) The son of Taurug! (Maria: Can you see him?) The son of me, the son of you!--Otano! Oh, he's so beautiful! Thank You Jesus!

       22. (Maria: DOES HE LOOK THE SAME NOW AS HE DID THEN?) Praise the Lord! Of course! (Maria: But I don't look the same as Awa did.) Yes you will! Yes you will! (Maria: Yes, I will?) Yes, you will! (Maria: But I don't now.) You won't change any more. Yes, you will. Of course you do, Honey! That's so ridiculous! You're beautiful! You're beautiful Awa, the Queen of Taurug, with sweet little Otano for our baby!--You know, he's so beautiful!

       23. AND WHEN HE COMES DOWN NOW TO THIS CENTURY THEY WILL RECEIVE HIM & BELIEVE IN HIM! They will receive him & believe in him, don't you know that? (Maria: Will he be able to speak Guanche too?) Oh, he can speak anything, anything God wants him to speak! (Maria: What did he do back then?) What did he do?--Ha, ha! You already know what Otano does! (Maria: No, I mean what did Otano do then?) Then is not important.

       24. THEN IS NOW, THEN IS NOW! Then is not anymore, don't you understand? What was is now, & what is to be is now, don't you understand? There's no such thing as time, don't you understand? There's no time, no past, no future! It's all now, don't you understand me? Then you shouldn't ask me what did he do.--He's doing it now! (Maria: But what is he doing now?) He's just doing the same now as he's always done. (Maria: But what is that?)

       25. HE LOOKS IN YOUR EYES! Have you seen him? Have you seen his eyes? (Maria: Uh-huh.) He looks into your eyes & he deciphers your soul! That's why he feels so bad, because you don't love & appreciate him enough. He feels so bad because you don't love him enough. (Maria: Because I don't love him enough?) Don't you understand, Sweet Baby? We don't love him enough?) Nobody loves him enough! Nobody appreciates how important a prophet he is! (Maria: I think Sara does.--Don't you think Sara does?) Maybe so.

       26. (Maria: BUT WHAT ELSE DOES HE DO?--HOW CAN BE A LAWYER, HOW IS HE A LAWYER?) He's a lawyer for the law of God, Honey, like Aaron! He knows the Book, he knows the Bible! (Maria: He knows the Bible?) Of course he knows the Bible, Honey! (Maria: Davidito knows the Bible?)--And he knows his Daddy's Letters! (Maria: He knows them now?) Honey, don't you understand?

       27. THERE'S NO PAST OR FUTURE!--IT'S ALL NOW! It's like he already knows! You don't know what I mean, but he will know. Don't you understand?--I'll bring it down to your little tiny childish level: He will know, he will study very much & he will know.--Do you understand me? He will know, very well he will know! Don't you remember that dream? ("The Magic Green Shirt!" No. 629.)

       28. HE'S ONE OF THE JUDGES OF GOD!--Don't you remember? (Maria: One of the judges of God?) Yes, he's a great big judge, very important, very important judge! (Maria: In Tenerife?) All of us! He's going to judge us all! It's like he's already my judge, the way he looks at me! He's even going to judge me, his father, because he's so pure!

       29. HE'S LIKE AN ANGEL OF GOD! Don't you know? Don't you understand me? I can't stand so much spirit! (Maria: You can't stand much spirit?) No, because I'm so carnal! I'm so carnal! (Maria: Davidito likes the flesh too.) Yes, but he's very spiritual! I don't think you understand me. (Maria: I don't understand you?) I don't think so. (Maria: Why?) How could you?

       30. (Maria: IS DAVIDITO GOING TO JUDGE THE PEOPLE IN TENERIFE?) I'm not going to tell you nothing more, not another word, unless you ply me with wine! (Maria: But then will you tell me more?) Yes!--Yes! (Maria: You promise?) Yes. (Maria: What are you going to tell me about?) I'll tell you all about Davidito & Taurug & Otano & Tenerife, & on all those things, if you ply me! (Maria: You promise?) Yes.

       31. I'LL TELL YOU VERY BIG IMPORTANT SECRET ABOUT MY IMPORTANT PARTS!--Do you want to hear it? Do you want to hear about my secret parts? (Maria: What?)--That I have to go to the toilet! There are lots of big secrets you don't hear about at all yet. Very important secrets that you know not!--Taurug & Otano big chiefs, walk like chiefs.

       32. LITTLE GIRL, TELL ME ABOUT YOU!--WHERE DID YOU COME FROM? (Maria: You promised you'd tell me secrets!) You tell me your secrets first! (Maria: I don't have any secrets.) Where did you come from, Little Witch! How did you enchant David! Where are you from? Tell me your secrets, tell me your incantations! Then I will tell you the secrets of Tenerife! What great secrets I have already released to you through your Father! Remember that big Treasure Ship, Atlanta, Atlantis & Moses (See Letters Nos. 614, 615, 613 & 610.) & all those big big secrets?--Oh my God, how could you want more than those!

       33. OTANO, OTANO! GOD HELP HIM, IN JESUS' NAME! Give him strength, courage & faith, in Jesus' Name! (Maria: You promised to tell me some more secrets!) I did already. (Maria: You promised to tell me more! Are there more?--You said there are many more!) What do you want to know?--About whom?--About Tenerife & Taurug & Otano, his son--your son? That's beautiful, you know! (Maria: Can you tell me more?)

       34. TENERIFE! OH JESUS! IN JESUS' NAME, IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL WITH YOU & OTANO! I'm so glad he loves you, Honey, so sweet! (Maria: Who?) Otano. (Maria: Otano loves me!) Yes, your son, Davidito--don't you remember? (Maria: No!) What do you mean you don't remember? You don't remember when Davidito loved you? (Maria: He never made love to me!) Of course, he loved you all the time, Honey! What are you talking about? (Maria: No he doesn't!) He's Otano! He's in love with his mother & he loves his mother all the time.

       35. YOU'RE SO STUPID! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH HE LOVES YOU? Will you please come back to bed & let them show you from the records how many times you loved your son Davidito. (Maria: What records?) Would you come back to bed & I can tell you about Otano, about Davidito. You've got to come back & ask them. (Maria: Back to where?) To the Earth. (Maria: Back up there?) Yes, come to the Earth. (Maria: Where is that?) Oh, my God! (Maria: Where is "up to the Earth"?)

       36. THE EARTH IS THE EARTH, & IT'S WHERE IT IS & WHERE IT ALWAYS WILL BE! (Maria: Are you talking about in Tenerife?) Of course, Tenerife is part of the Earth! (Maria: But how can the records be on the Earth?) Oh my Lord, what a stupid girl! My God, what a stupid question! All records are in the Earth, all in the Earth of the earthly things, all the records are there, everything. I saw it with my own eyes. (Maria: Whose eyes?) Me! (Maria: Taurug?) Whatever you want to call me, Honey--David. (Maria: Where did you see it?)

       37. I'M THE PROPHET DAVID, I am the son of a prophet. I am the father of a prophet, Davidito.--I am the father of a prophet in Jesus' Name. (Maria: The father of a prophet?) Yes. (Maria: And the son of a prophet?) Yes. (Maria: Who is your father?) You don't remember him? (Maria: Abrahim?) I told you, yes, that's the most important, that's the most important. (Maria: But who's your father?) He's the best one, Abrahim is the best. And then I would say after that Fred Jordan, Fred Jordan, as he really is my King Saul that I love & that I respect, that I still love.

       38. YOU MUST GO TONIGHT, THE 16TH OF NOVEMBER! Oh, 16th! Why didn't you tell me that sooner, Honey! 16th of November, have compassion on that poor poor! ... Why didn't you have compassion? (Maria: But where did you want me to go?) To my back. (Maria: For what?--How do I find the records on the Earth?) Encyclopedias. (Maria: What kind of encyclopedias?) Honey, don't be ridiculous!--Great encyclopedias! (Maria: Great encyclopedias?--Encyclopedias?) Why of course!

       39. HOW DO YOU DECIPHER THE RECORDS OF THE EARTH? They are so plain, Lord help us! They are so plain to all of us Atlantans & to all of us Africans! (Maria: Could you tell me?--How do you decipher the records of the Earth?) Through the Spirit of God of course!

       40. IT'S ALL IN GEOLOGY, THE READERS OF THE ROCKS! But they have many many false prophets! Only I read the rocks right, only we read the rocks right--me & Taurug & Davidito & you & Jesus. We are the only ones that read the rocks right. (Maria: But they have some truths, don't they?) Yes, of course, but they put too much.

       41. DON'T YOU REMEMBER IN THAT CAVE WHEN I TOLD THEM THEY WERE WRONG?--Don't you remember?--I didn't tell you that story? No, I'm sure I did. (Maria: What cave?) In Carlsbad Caverns I stood up before those hundreds of people & told that man he was lying to them! Don't you remember that? Yes, you remember! See? You've heard it before! I don't have to tell you.

       42. (Maria: IS ST. BRENNAN'S ISLAND PART OF ATLANTIS?--The mysterious disappearing island in the Canaries?) Oh, no! (Maria: It's not?) It is Atlantis, El capitalo! (Maria: The capital?) El capitalo. (Maria: What's that?) Oh, Honey, you're such a sweet wonderful ignorant little baby! (Maria: Do you mean the capital?) Of course! (Maria: But why does it appear & disappear?) Can't you see it? It can make it appear anytime I want to, watch!

       43. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL, LIKE THE MOON! Did you know that? (Maria: But where is it?) You don't believe? (Maria: But I do believe, I do believe! But how does it operate?) You don't believe. (Maria: Why does it only appear once in awhile?) Because the Germans, the Germans! (Maria: Why, what did they do?) They brought it down! they brought it down to a place. (Maria: How did they do that?--What did the Germans have to do with it?) My God, Honey, that's so ridiculous!

       44. YOU KNOW WHAT THE GERMANS HAD TO DO WITH IT! (Maria: Why? In the war?)--After the war. (Maria: What did they do?) Not much, just the technocracy. (Maria: Did they explode the Island with a bomb?) they explore, not explode. They explored it, they explored it to find my kingdom. (Maria: Your kingdom?) Yes, of course, to make all kinds of bad pictures. But I caught them! Cyprus or Lybrous. (Maria: Or what?) I told you all those places.

       45. EVEN THOUGH I HAVE TEN THOUSAND LOVES, will you still be my first love?--You promise? I love you, I love you, I love you! You have the most gorgeous stomach in the whole world! So wonderful, Honey!

       46. (Maria: BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO ST. BRENNAN'S ISLAND?) To show the Tenerifians that God is there, it comes & goes. (Maria: But where does it come from?) To show the people that God is still there in Tenerife. (Maria: But where does it come from?) From the bowels of Hell! (Maria: But where does it go to?) Back to its destination. (Maria: Destination?) Back to its creation. (Maria: You mean it disintegrates again?) No, no, no, no! Down to where it belongs. (Maria: To the bottom of the sea?) Yes, of course.

       47. (Maria: BUT WHO BRINGS IT UP?)--TAURUG! (Maria: TAURUG BRINGS IT UP?)--AND OTANO! (Maria: But is he in charge of all that area?) Of course! (Maria: The whole area?) Of course! (Maria: And he's the head over it all?) Taurug is the big boss, he's the big chief! I've told that before, Honey. Why don't you understand? (Maria: But when does he decide to bring it up again?) To be a testimony against the people! To frighten them & be a testimony against the people.

       48. (Maria: IS HE GOING TO BRING IT BACK AGAIN SOON?) Of course! (Maria: Really?--When?) We will see it. (Maria: Can we see it?--Can we see it from Tenerife?) Of course we can see it from Tenerife! (Maria: They said you could only see it from La Palma.) Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,!--Hierro! (Maria: But can we see it from Tenerife?)--And we're going to see it from Tenerife too!--A great big manifestation!--When the Mountain explodes! (Teide.)

       49. (Maria: DID YOU SAY THEY ARE GOING TO SEE ATLANTA?) They always see Atlanta. They always see Atlanta, Honey, the Goddess of the Sea! (Maria: They don't see her though, do they?) Of course they see her, Honey! All the fishermen, they see her. Yes, they are very frightened of her.

       50. AND THEY KNOW WHEN I BRING HER FORTH SHE'S FROM YOU, JESUS! (Maria: You mean when she appears on the streets in our little Letters, then they'll know it's the Truth? And about Taurug too? They'll know?) Of course! (Maria: Many people have seen her?) Yes, of course!--Very many!

       "NOTES ON OTANO" (Davidito: 22 mo. old.)

       51. THE NIGHT WE FIRST MENTIONED THAT NAME OTANO TO DAVIDITO HE JUST TOOK TO THAT NAME! (Maria: I said, "Davidito, do you know who Otano is?"--And he nodded his head just like that! And I said,

       52. ("THAT'S YOUR GUANCHE NAME, DAVIDITO--OTANO!" And he said, "Otano!--Yes!"--Like he was all excited about being Otano, like he was all thrilled that we knew, almost amused, sort of mischievous like: "Aha, the secret is out!"

       53. (THEN LATER ON HE WAS SORT OF BABBLING IN SOME KIND OF GIBBERISH--maybe talking in tongues!--And he was hiding his face in the pillow like he was up to something or hiding something, being secretive about it.)

       54. IT'S SO SIMPLE! I MEAN THAT MAKES SENSE! He's going to be our advocate because he's one of them! You understand? He's one of them, he's a Tenerifan, he's a Guanche, so he's going to speak for us! Isn't that wonderful!? Now that makes sense, what we got the other night about Otano being our advocate, our lawyer. Maybe he's going to study law there! (Maria: It says tribal law--it says he knows all about tribal law.) Really? We're his people too, because he was born of you.

       55. ISA-AWA!--Like Isis, the famous Egyptian nature Goddess!--Isa-Awa, Awa! I said that without the slightest bit of hesitation! I didn't even have to ask! Isn't that amazing? Oh, that's beautiful!--I can see you now in skins! Do you know that the Guanches didn't wear any cloth, they wore skins? They didn't know how to weave! Isn't that amazing? How about that!

       56. YOU KNOW, AWHILE AGO when you were talking about him being our advocate, like we were being tried before Taurug, I must have had a picture at that time, because it came back to me just as clear as anything.

       57. IT WAS LIKE TRIBAL COUNCIL WAS SITTING AROUND THE FIRE, & Davidito was giving a speech in our behalf, like we were in trouble for something or other with the tribe. I don't know what, I haven't the faintest idea. Maybe they were talking about us, or something previous ages ago.--Or may be in the spirit world who knows?

       58. (MARIA: MAYBE THERE'S NOT TROUBLE, BUT MAYBE THE SPIRITS ARE FIGHTING through these people in Tenerife.) Well you know, there is a war in the spirit world! (Maria: Yes, & the spirits are the ones that are working behind the scenes, even through these people that are fighting us. But I don't know what God will do about that.)

       59. WELL, IF HE IS OTANO OR SOME KIND OF A REINCARNATION OF OTANO or something, he is appealing to Taurug, who is supposed to be his father. Maybe that means it's his forefather, it probably means his forefather. See, it says that Otano is the son of Taurug. Well, that could be by generations! Jesus is called the son of David, but David was 28 generations behind Him!

       60. BUT HOW COULD HE BE APPEALING TO TAURUG in the Tribal Council, unless it means in the spirit? Or it's talking about something that happened in the spirit a long time ago. It's got to be talking about something a long time ago, which I don't see how it could be possible, because Davidito is now Otano. But if it's talking about something spiritual or something in the future that's going to happen, perhaps it's in the spirit world.--Maybe after he dies or something.

       61. OR MAYBE EVEN NOW HE IS APPEALING TO THE TRIBAL COUNCIL IN THE SPIRIT WORLD! We don't know everything about what's going on there, just how things are organised. We know good & well there are councils. The Bible says so! (Job 1:6; 2:1; 1Ki.22:19-23.) My mother even heard the angels counselling together about what we should do for housing! So somehow--well, I don't see how it could be talking about now.

       62. THE PICTURE I HAD OF HIM BEFORE THE COUNCIL, it was like he was about in the "Green Shirt" stage (See Letter No.629). He was a grown young man. So it must be something in the future, it's got to be something in the future.

       63. BUT WHY SHOULD HE SPEAK GUANCHE? Nobody speaks it or understands it anymore, so it's no help to speak Guanche anymore. He has to speak the language of the people now. He has to now speak Spanish.

       64. SOMETIMES JUST LOOKING INTO HIS EYES GIVES ME THE WILLIES! It's just like he's looking right straight through you!--Right straight into your head & knows exactly what you're thinking!--And it just makes you feel downright guilty! Some of that reminds me of that Scripture: "A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country amongst his own kindred." (Mat.13:57.)

       --TELL ME!

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