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SKYLAB & THE OIL WAR!--"The Sky Is Falling!"       28 June 1979       GP 801



       (From an article entitled "U.S. to Try to Shift Skylab Orbit Position" in the International Herald Tribune--18/6/79, by John Noble Wilford:)

       THE NATIONAL AERONAUTICS & SPACE ADMINISTRATION is planning a maneuver next week to change Skylab's orientation in orbit in an effort to maintain some control over the doomed space station in its last days & thus perhaps keep its falling debris away from the most populous areas of the world.

       SKYAB'S ORBITS PASS OVER THE EARTH between the latitudes of 50 degrees north & 50 degrees south. The orbits of least population density usually pass over North America.

       UNDER CONGRESSIONAL QUESTIONING, DR.FROSCH conceded that NASA might decide on a maneuver is Skylab's last hours that could raise the risks for the United States to spare more crowded places like China, India & Western Europe.

       UNDER CURRENT CONDITIONS, according to the latest prediction by the North American Air Defense Command, Skylab will reenter the atmosphere sometime from July 7 to July 25, with July 16 the most likely date.

       BUT BY FIRING SKYLAB'S SMALL MANEUVERING ROCKETS & manipulating it gyroscopes, flight controllers hope to shift the 118-foot-long, 78.5-ton space station so that it will be flying almost broadside in relation to its orbital path, its forward end pointing toward the Earth.

       ACCORDING TO NASA ESTIMATES, AS MANY AS 500 PIECES OF SKYLAB MAY SURVIVE the fiery re-entry & reach the surface. They could rain down over an area 100 miles wide & 4,000 miles long.

       (DAD: Chicken Little's "The sky is falling on my tail!" may soon come true!--And it's no joke!--Sky (lab) is to fall to Earth in July--& only God knows where!--Can you imagine what might happen if it fell on Russia? They might shoot back! Are you ready?----GBAKY:--Love,--Dad.)


       SKYLAB & THE OIL WAR!--"The Sky Is Falling!"       28 June 1979       GP 801

       1. SKYLAB IS POTENTIALLY GOING TO START FALLING anywhere as early as July 6th to the 26th, and they say most likely around the 11th to the 16th. This means we've only got a few days to go from right now before the first pieces might start raining down!--And let's hope not too soon!--Let's hope it doesn't come down until at least we've gotten out some warning to the Family!

       2. ABOUT 500 PIECES ARE ESTIMATED AS POTENTIALLY GOING TO HIT THE EARTH, some of them weighing as much as several tons & ranging over a band of territory 100 miles wide & 4,000 miles long! Of course the Space Agency, NASA, is constantly trying to reassure everybody that it's very unlikely that anything or anybody will be hit. This of course, is to a allay any panic.

       3. BECAUSE IT'S VERY LIKELY THAT SOMEBODY & SOMETHING'S GOING TO BE HIT, & if it just happened to be the wrong thing or the wrong body, such as the Pentagon or the Kremlin, it could start some really serious trouble! They might think that somebody had already pulled the Switch or pushed the red button by surprise & therefore they should push their missile button in return!

       4. MANY WARS HAVE STARTED THIS WAY ACCIDENTALLY because somebody thought somebody was shooting at them, so they shot back, & away they went!--Or it could hit some nuclear plant & cause some terrible explosion! All kinds of things could happen, & who knows?--God!

       5. IT MAY BE PART OF GOD'S JUDGMENT or the beginning of it! Can you imagine things like that hitting the tall buildings of New York or the Capitol in Washington or the Kremlin in Moscow?! It would sure create quite a mess & a sensation! So, I think the Family needs to be warned!

       6. NOTHING MAY COME OF IT, like the famous comet Kohoutek, except our warnings, but of course, even by that God accomplishes His purpose through warning people & shaking them up & getting them to think about Him & the End & themselves & where they are at. But I think you need to get the warning so you can pray about it & be prepared for any emergencies which it may create.

       7. IT COULD VERY EASILY CREATE SOME KIND OF NATIONAL OR INTERNATIONAL EMERGENCIES, & you should be prepared for it. The Lord told us at the beginning of this year there would never be another year like this one, so there must be something going to happen.

       8. I'VE BEEN EXPECTING THE WAR OVER ISRAEL & THE ARABS OR THE OIL ALMOST ANY TIME, & it's getting hotter over there all the time! The Israelis just shot down four Syrian planes, & the Jews have been regularly bombing the Palestinians in Lebanon lately. They made peace with Egypt so they could declare all out war on the Palestinians & their other enemies on other fronts, the Syrians & so on.

       9. SO IT'S A VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION, & the Family needs to be warned that things are getting hotter!--The oil shortage alone has gotten the Americans mad enough to make war, & there's nothing Israel would like better than to have the U.S. grab the Arab oil states to save the Jews!--And there's nothing the West would like better to save their economies!

       10. THEY'RE GETTING DESPERATE ENOUGH TO FIGHT!--AND NOW SKYLAB!--Could it precipitate it? If it hits the wrong people or places, they could use it for their excuse: "Well, they shot first!"--Are you prepared? Gotcher fleebag & refuge ready? And are you ready to go in case it hits you?!--If not, receive Jesus now!--Tomorrow may be too late!--The sky is falling! GBAKY!--Love,--Dad.

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