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In the Name of Fair Play       DFO803       July 1979

Dear Homes:

       PTL! GBY! WLY!
       --The following is a suggested letter you could use to send to your local media with the "Guru" Letter. I was trying to think of an all-inclusive word for readers, listeners, viewers, etc. to cover periodicals, TV radio, etc., & "followers" struck me as a little extra "dig" at their form of brainwashed disciples!--Or should I say "brain-poisoned"?--The media are far more guilty than we are of what they accuse us of!--We pray for your success in getting this into your local media--the Truth! PTL! GBAKY!--Love,--Dad
       (P.S. Cut this off here & enclose this & one return envelope with each "Guru" Letter you take or mail to your local media:)


July 1979

Dear Sir or Madam:

       Friendly greetings in the name of Fair Play!

              ENCLOSED IS AN OPEN LETTER TO THE PRESS FROM FATHER MOSES DAVID, founder of the Jesus Revolution, Children of God and Family of Love! In this essay, Father David gives his answers to the numerous recent attacks in the news media waged against small religious movements of many faiths, commonly called sects or cults.

              FOR THE SAKE OF THE TRUTH AND FOR THE SAKE OF THE FUTURE OF RELIGIOUS FREEDOM in this world, I sincerely hope that your media will have the courage to make this rebuttal available to your followers whom you "brainwash" daily! Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

M. John, Personal Secretary to Moses David

              P.S. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE MORE OF FATHER DAVID'S ESSAYS on politics, economics, sex, religion or world events, you may write me personally using the self-addressed envelope which I have enclosed.

              FATHER DAVID'S LETTERS & ARTICLES have had a circulation of as high as 8 million a month, so someone must be reading them! How's your circulation or audience?--This might do it good!

       TRY IT!:--They might like it!--But you'll never know unless you try it, will you?--Are you really unbiased?--Of course not!--But do you at least believe in fair play? We'll see.--M.J.

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