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GET OUT THE MESSAGE--MONEY OR NO MONEY!--By Father David       DFO804       5 May 1979

       1. LITNESSING SHOULD MEAN GETTING OUT THE MESSAGE, not just getting in the money! You've got to get out the Message, money or no money! We passed out free lit for five years before we ever got a penny off the lit. That was a revelation, a surprise, to find out we could sell it! So maybe we'll have to start giving it away again! PTL!

       2. I ALWAYS USED TO SAY THAT IF YOU COULD NOT SELL IT YOU SHOULD GIVE IT AWAY. If somebody said they couldn't afford it, or they didn't have a quarter or whatever, well, just give it to them. But I tell you, you had better get out the Message or you are going to be sorry!

       3. "BIRTHDAY WARNING" IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL PROPHECIES I EVER GOT! The Lord really poured it on! He poured on the promises, but He sure poured on the warnings!:

       4. "FOR BEHOLD, YE DAM UP THE RIVERS & PUT STOPPERS INTO THE BOTTLES, & YE WITHHOLD THAT WHICH I HAVE GIVEN, & ye pour it not out unto the sheep, neither dost thou pour forth that which I have given! But the selfish & fat shepherds keep it unto themselves, while there are many, many multitudes, multitudes, multitudes who die of thirst, who starve of hunger! Behold, I will hold thee accountable in the day of judgement for this thing which thou hast done to withhold the Words of My servant from them that die & are smitten & driven away! Behold, I will hold thee accountable for every one that is lost & every one that dieth in darkness, if thou dost withhold the water & the bread of life." (215:41.)

       5. HE TOLD US HOW MUCH HE WOULD BLESS US & everything else, & that was right at the beginning of the Lit Revolution, & boy, it sure proved true! Lit distribution carried the Family over for the next five years! But now, if it can't well, then you still need to get it out anyway, even if you have to give it away! PTL? Amen!

       6. THEY'RE ALWAYS ACCUSING US OF BEGGING ON THE STREETS. Well, let's show'm we don't have to beg.--Let them beg for it! We'll give it to them--let them be the beggars!

       7. YOU HAVE NOW FOUND ALL OTHER KINDS OF WAYS OF MAKING A LIVING.--So now get out & give it away. That's what we used to do: for years, & years we gave it away!

       8. THAT'S NOT SAYING YOU SHOULD COMPLETELY QUIT TRYING TO GET ANY MONEY FOR IT!--I think especially you people out in full-time service whose living is dependent on the Gospel & who're going door-to-door & all, I think you ought to be able to get something for it.--But if you can't, then give it away!

       9. OUR CIRCULATION IS DOWN TO A MILLION A MONTH, & THAT'S LOW for us! Some magazines would be happy if they had a million a month circulation, but that's very poor as far as we're concerned. Eight million, of course, was only a one-time high, but we used to keep up on a level of about six million almost continually for years. Now you're down to nearly a million!

       10. I HATE TO THINK OF WHAT THE LORD IS GOING TO DO TO US IF YOU DON'T GET BUSY & start getting the Words back out to the World! It's in the Bible, through & through: The people who withheld the Word & what happened to them! It makes me mad!

       11. WHAT'S THE USE OF THE LORD GIVING IT IF YOU DON'T GET IT OUT?--And just keep it selfishly to yourselves? Well, I'm doing my job, anyhow, & we're doing ours, & you'd better get busy doing yours or you are going to be in trouble! (Maria: Another thing about getting out the lit:

       12. (A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE BEEN AFRAID TO GIVE OUT LIT with drop-in jobs in selah places. They have been afraid to give out pieces of actual printed material. But now with your name off & no Family name, & the copyright by World Services, you shouldn't be afraid to do that anymore. That'll be a real boost...) No names, only copyright!

       13. THERE SHOULDN'T BE ANY REASON NOT TO GET OUT THE WORD! It shouldn't be too difficult for you to make it even more selah if you need to. We used to mimeograph, type up, print up even, lit to hand out personally ourselves. I even printed up little copies of things like the "Don Quixote" poem & so on with no ID, copyright, name or anything & passed them out to friends under Franco, in closed Spain:--But we were choosy whom we gave it to!

       14. WE GAVE THEM TO FRIENDS AS PERSONAL GIFTS, something valuable. We gave it to them & so got the Word out. If we can do it, why can't you?

       15. "CAST THY BREAD UPON THE WATERS! CAST FORTH THY BREAD UPON THE FOUNTAINS! CAST THY BREAD UNTO THE HUNGRY, & BEHOLD, IT SHALL RETURN UNTO THEE IN PLENTEOUS BOUNTY, more than thy wildest dreams--more than thy heart could desire! Cast forth! Pour forth, even as this tiny bottle hath given forth of itself only part of its spirit, yet through this I have given unto thee spirit without measure, & life more than thou canst contain, through the Words that I have given unto David, that hath opened his lips & loosened his tongue unto thee! Open now thy lips, & loosen thy tongue, & loosen thy purse, that thou mayest give unto them that have need of thee, in like measure as he has given unto thee."--Amen! (215:100.)--How much have U given TODAY?!

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