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GET OUT!       DFO805       7 July 1979

       1. WE HAVE SOME PEOPLE IN THE FAMILY WHO HAVE ACTUALLY DEVELOPED ASTHMA, tuberculosis & other lung diseases because of their over-devotion to their daily work & their failure to take proper daily exercise in the sunshine & fresh air.

       2. ALMOST ALL OF THESE PEOPLE ARE EITHER ARTISTS, bookkeepers, secretaries, photomen, layout men, who hover over a desk all day--especially artists--who cramp their lungs hunched over & leaning on both elbows, crunching over their desks, not breathing well, & as a result, have developed all sorts of illnesses & diseases.

       3. THESE WILL PROBABLY PROTEST THEY ARE TOO TIRED & haven't got energy enough to get out for a daily walk. But that's why they are tired! It will probably be hard for them at first because they are not used to it, but

       4. I CAN ALMOST GUARANTEE THAT EXERCISE IS THE CURE! Exercise in the fresh air & sunshine. It's been proven time & time & time again! A lot of times we are very tired & don't feel like going, but we know we have to.

       5. WHETHER WE WANT TO OR NOT, WE GET OUT & WALK, rain or shine. Doctors say if you even get 15 minutes of real vigorous exercise everyday, it will probably keep you in fair health.

       6. THERE HAVE BEEN QUITE A FEW WELL-KNOWN TUBERCULARS IN HISTORY--I think Robert Louis Stevenson was one--some of whom went to the mountains or the lakes or the woods or the south sea islands to die, after they were given up by the doctors as hopeless cases & doomed to death. I remember seeing a famous movie about a young English nobleman given up to die as a tubercular, lung trouble.

       7. SO SINCE HE HAD ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE THE WORLD & especially Canada, he decided that would be a good place to die, camping & fishing in the woods & the forests & the lakes & streams of Canada; in other words, on a permanent vacation, to die.

       8. INSTEAD OF THAT, HE FULLY RECOVERED & became of robust health from all that fresh air & exercise & sunshine & camping & fishing!--That's what he needed: To get away from the tension & worry & strain of business & all its complications & indoor confinement. He just went there intending to die, & instead got to enjoying the rigorous exercise of camping & fishing & hunting & hiking so much that it brought him back to health!--Camping is wonderfully healthful!

       9. YOU GUYS WHO THINK YOU CAN SIT, BENT OVER A DESK NEARLY DOUBLE, all day long & half the night too, working on your art or your books or your figures or whatever, you're just going to have to know you can't get away with that nearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week, like some of our workaholics.--Are you one?

       10. YOU HAVE GOT TO SET ASIDE A CERTAIN TIME EVERYDAY to get out, an hour or two everyday with fresh air & vigorous exercise, & sunshine if possible. I just insist that our whole local Family stop & go somewhere, at least once a day, for an hour or two, vigorous walks, swim, play ball with the kids, whatever, to get some good, healthful fresh air & sunshine & exercise.

       11. NOW THE IRISH FOR EXAMPLE, SEEM TO BE ABLE TO LIVE PRETTY WELL WITHOUT SUNSHINE & it doesn't seem to hurt them much. They have got awfully healthy cattle & healthy sheep & everything; it doesn't seem to hurt their health any, because they are out in the nice fresh air, even standing in the rain a lot, but they eat good natural food, grass, & get a lot of exercise & oodles of fresh air. How many tubercular cows have you heard about who were pining away & developing lung troubles in Emerald Ireland?

       12. IF I WOULD STAY IN A CHAIR EVERY DAY ALL DAY, & ALL NIGHT TOO, I'D SOON BE GONE! But you know what we do? We just determine that a certain time every day, we quit!--And we get out & we take our walk & go someplace, get our vigorous exercise climbing up & down the hills or whatever, walking to & from bus stops & train stations & running up & down the streets. You've just got to do it, that's all, whether you like it or not, whether you think you have time for it or not, & no matter how much work you've got.

       13. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET MUCH WORK DONE WHEN YOU'RE DEAD OR SICK IN BED, just like Sam Warner got down to, finally, sick in bed & coughing up blood & what good was he then? I just sent orders for him to get outdoors & start breathing fresh air & get some exercise everyday & get away from that desk for awhile & he soon snapped out of it, & he was doing fine the last I heard.

       14. (MARIA: SO, ANY KIND OF COUGH THEY DEVELOP, if you start a persistent coughing, it's a danger sign?) Yes--of pulmonary diseases, they taught me even that in school when I was in the 6th & 8th grade!--What's the matter with you people?

       15. --THAT NEARLY ALL TYPES OF PULMONARY DISEASES, lung troubles, asthma, tuberculosis & others, are aggravated, if not caused by inactivity, lack of exercise, lack of fresh air, lack of sunshine, & being cooped up inside a house all day because you think you can't do it & then can't get out of it, like some others we know. Now you're too sick & too weak, no, you can't take an hour's walk, an hour's exercise, you haven't got the strength.--Baloney!

       16. OF COURSE, YOU WILL NEVER HAVE THE STRENGTH IF YOU DON'T GET OUT & DO IT. I have nearly killed myself walking up & down that hill sometimes, but I knew I had to do it to keep up my strength & my heart. After you have done it for a certain period of time, then it becomes easier & easier all the time because you've built up your strength & your muscles & your whole body feels better. You're made to move!

       17. YOUR BODY WAS BUILT FOR ACTIVITY, it wasn't built just to sit or lie around all day. It was built for vigorous activity, & some of the people in the world who live the longest are those in that little mountain valley somewhere out in Asia or Russia, who live to be over a hundred!

       18. THEY LIVE REGULAR LIVES, operate by regular schedules, eat normal healthy natural food & work hard all day. Most of them, clear up & over 100, still work hard all day long at their usual jobs, plowing fields, sowing & reaping, or making things, working hard all day long, with regular vigorous physical exercise--maybe not too strenuous--fresh air, sunshine, good wholesome natural food, regularity & freedom from tension & excitement.

       19. THEY LIVE ABOUT THE SAME EVERY DAY & there's not much excitement & not much tension. They have a very high degree of security, they don't worry about where they are going to sleep that night or if they are going to have anything to eat or if they are going to be killed by the next passing truck, because they don't even have any cars or anything modern.

       20. (MARIA: I WAS AMAZED WHEN I WAS PREGNANT & at night would be so tired that I could hardly drag myself out & I would get headaches walking. But I found that the more we did it, the more energetic I would feel afterwards. I would just snap back energetically & strong & I'd feel great!)

       21. AFTER YOUR WALK & YOUR EXERCISE, or whatever form it takes, your swim or your jog or climb or games or whatever, you will have a natural normal weariness, tiredness, physical exhaustion. You'll maybe take a good nap, rest up, & like you almost always did, you'd come back & maybe take a little nap, wake up all refreshed & bright-eyed & bushy-tailed & ready to go all night!

       22. YOU GUYS WHO SIT CRAMPED OVER A DESK all day working on figures or books or drawings, words, layouts or whatever it may be, you've just got to determine that at a certain hour every day, regular, like clockwork, you're going to quit, knock-off & get out.

       23. OUR USUAL TIME IS 6 O'CLOCK. We get out & we go someplace, we walk or do something & then we eat dinner about 7 or 8 & then we walk again, & finally get home & we're tired, a natural, healthy, normal, tiredness, & sometimes we're so tired we just go straight to sleep, take a nap, then we wake up in the middle of the night & we work again.

       24. YOU SECRETARIES & TYPISTS & MAIL EXPERTS & bookkeepers & artists & printers & layout men just must realise you cannot hover over a desk scrunched up, bent nearly double over your work all day long & half the night, & nearly every day of the week, hardly ever know what day it is, & think you are going to get away with it.--You're not!

       25. SOONER OR LATER, YOU'RE GOING TO COME DOWN WITH ASTHMA, bronchial trouble, a cough, spitting up blood, tuberculosis, you name it! You just are not going to get away with abusing your bodies like that! It's abusing your bodies, something the Scripture is absolutely against! (1Co.3:16-17; 6:19.)

       26. AND NOT GETTING OUT FOR SOME VIGOROUS EXERCISE in the fresh air & sunshine or rainshine or whatever, every day, is abusing your body! You know I always go out, rain or shine! If it rains, we take our umbrellas, & walk anyway, still getting the fresh air & the exercise, that's the main thing. And we get a little bit of sunshine seeping through the clouds.

       27. EVEN WHEN IT'S CLOUDY, YOU STILL GET THE BENEFIT OF THE SUN'S RAYS through the clouds. Plants in Ireland grow beautifully, the Emerald Isle it's called, green as it can be, & the cattle grow like mad! No matter how wet or cold or rainy it is!--How come?--Because they are out in the nice fresh air, exercising & getting the kind of food they need & getting lots of fresh air, even if they never get any sunshine!

       28. I'LL TELL YOU, YOU JUST CAN'T GET AWAY WITH IT, you cannot abuse your body like that & not get any exercise or any fresh air or any vigorous regular activity every day, to exercise your muscles & heart & circulate your blood & flush out your lungs & your blood stream & keep in repair all you bodily functions.

       29. IF YOU ABUSE YOUR BODY & don't care for it properly every day, you're soon going to feel it, you're going to suffer for it. So stop! (Maria: Amen!) If I hadn't gotten some good exercise every day, I would probably be long gone! But I've been in better health in the last ten years of the Family than I was in the first 50 years of my whole life!

       30. --WITH LOTS OF GOOD, HEALTHY SEX, AS WELL, SEVERAL TIMES A WEEK! But if you don't get anything but sex & a desk & a bed, you're not going to be very healthy. And if you want to be any good to the Lord, you'd better stay healthy!

       31. THE RECIPE IS THE SAME AS IT ALWAYS WAS: Good rest, good exercise, good food & good living. If you violate these rules, then you're going to have bad health & bad living & quick dying!

       32. YOU LET ME KNOW THOSE GUYS' SCHEDULES that develop these lung diseases, & I'll bet I can tell you what's wrong with them! I bet you anything they don't get out for a couple of hours a day of vigorous exercise, healthy long walks, hikes in the fresh air, sunshine or not, every day.

       33. IF WE MISS EVEN ONE DAY, WE FEEL IT, right? (Maria: Uh-huh!) One day! And if we miss two days, we're nearly zonked! I mean, the next day we get out, we really feel it. It's like Paderewski, a Polish Jew & the world's most famous pianist, said about his playing:

       34. THAT IF HE MISSED PRACTISE ONE DAY, HE KNEW IT. If he missed practicing the piano two days, his friends knew it; if he missed three day's practice the whole world knew it! You miss one day's exercise, you'll feel it, & you miss two days' exercise, the whole Family is apt to know it, your local Family anyhow!--Many more & the world knows!

       35. YOU'RE GROUCHY & GRUMPY & YOU DON'T FEEL GOOD & blah blah. And you keep on missing exercise & the whole world will know it because you will be on the Death List & out of action & no more good to the Lord or His Work!

       36. YOU GUYS HAVE GOT TO REALISE THAT YOU ARE NOT YOUR OWN; YOU'RE BOUGHT WITH A PRICE (1Co.6:19,20.), & you can't do as you please! You just can't sit around doing the work you love to do all day long & all night & all week long, & never get out & take care of your bodies & get any exercise or fresh air.

       37. WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, whether it pleases you or not, you don't belong to yourselves, you belong to the Lord, to us, to God's work & the Family & you've got to get out! That's all!--If you are going to preserve your health & your bodies & your lives, you've got to get out !!!

       38. --AND GET AN HOUR OR TWO AT LEAST of good, strong physical exercise every day in the fresh air, whether it's sunshine or rain shine! (Maria: If you haven't been exercising for awhile, it's always a real fight at first.)--Yes!

       39. NOW DON'T EXPECT TO GET OUT & RUN TEN MILES for two hours the first day or you'll kill yourselves; just get out & work up to it gradually. Start out with half an hour & increase it a little bit every day, a little longer walk every day, little more, little further, & pretty soon you'll be able to take it.

       40. (MARIA: YOU KNOW, AFTER I HAD TECHI & was in the house for two weeks, when I finally started outside walks again I'd get a headache each time, but I just kept going & kept going & finally they just disappeared, but I guess if I had just given up because of this, I would have been in worse shape.)--Exactly!

       41. OR IF YOU HAD GIVEN UP JUST BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T WANT TO GO OUT today because you were tired, you'd have been tired all the time & tireder & tireder every day until you would have expired of being tired! (Maria: I'm always tired when it's time to go out.)

       42. NOBODY EVER REALLY FEELS LIKE IT AFTER A LONG DAY'S sedentary drudgery over a typewriter or a desk or a printing press or photo-laboratory--you are tired, & you don't feel like necessarily getting out & getting some vigorous exercise on top of it all, but that's what you need!

       43. THAT'S WHAT IT TAKES TO KEEP YOU IN HEALTH. (Maria: Or to get you back in health!) No matter how tired we are, we go ahead after a day's work, & about 6 o'clock we knock off & take off & get out! (Maria: Well, sometimes it's 8:30 or 9, but we still always go, no matter what!)

       44. SOMETIMES DUE TO EMERGENCY WORK OR CONFERENCE, we've knocked off at 10, 11, 12 o'clock at night & have gone out & taken our walk, if we couldn't do anything more than walk around the yard ten times! Even with prisoners, they let them have some exercise!

       45. IF THEY DIDN'T LET THEM OUT IN THE EXERCISE YARD to walk around some everyday, they'd all end up in the hospital!--Like some of you have! It's ridiculous, you people that think you haven't got time to get out & play & exercise & get some recreation & get away from it all!--You've got to!

       46. EVEN A WALK TO GO SEE A MOVIE is a help! (Maria: Timothy even used to dictate his letters while he was walking around the yard; at least he could stick the tape recorder in his pocket, wear an earphone & an unseen mike & dictate as he walked, & he got a lot of exercise that way.)--Yes!

       47. HE'D CLIP THE MIKE TO HIS COLLAR & put the tape recorder in his pocket & walk in the yard, & even if the neighbours saw him out there walking back & forth, talking to himself, they would probably figure he was just a little bit strange, that's all.

       48. AND IF THEY SEE YOU OUT IN THE STATES walking down the road like they used to see us in Oklahoma & Texas walking down the road while everyone else was riding in their cars or their motorcycles, they really think you're peculiar!--Nobody walks!

       49. WE USED TO GO BACK & FORTH TO THE GROCERY STORE carrying a big heavy bag of groceries or something when everybody else was riding, & everybody would look at us so peculiar. I mean, who in the U.S. ever walks?

       50. I WAS REALLY AFRAID THE COPS WERE GOING TO STOP US several times & inspect us & what we had in the bag!--Maybe we were out burglaring houses or something. I mean, nobody ever walks in the U.S.! (Maria: Well, they'll have to get used to it soon!)--Ha!

       51. YOU GO WALKING DOWN THE ROAD, with everybody else whizzing by in their cars & their motorcycles, & they wonder what in the world is the matter with you?--How come you are walking? There must be something very suspicious about you!--Ha!

       52. THAT'S ONE THING I'LL SAY FOR NEW YORKERS: I wondered how they could live like rats in their hovels & holes, like they do there, but I'll tell you something, they get a lot of exercise, they do a lot of walking.--And Londoners too!

       53. RUNNING UP & DOWN THOSE STEPS INTO THE SUBWAYS & walking along the streets & running to catch subways or buses or taxies or whatever, they do a lot of walking! They walk miles in those subways & tunnels & stairways & climbing up in their buildings & all the rest. They walk & walk & walk!

       54. WHEN I FIRST WENT TO NEW YORK, IT NEARLY KNOCKED ME OUT FOR AWHILE, I hadn't been used to doing so much walking. But those New Yorkers really get a lot of exercise & a lot of walking. They may not get much fresh air, but at least it's air!

       55. IT'S BETTER THAN NO AIR AT ALL, LIKE SOME OF YOU people hanging over your desks all day, probably in a poorly ventilated room where it is cold & you have to keep warm, so you've got heat on & maybe open-fire heat, eating up the oxygen, giving off carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide & poisoning your lungs & your blood stream & your minds, & my Lord!--It can kill you!

       56. HOW DO YOU EXPECT TO MANAGE TO SURVIVE THAT WAY? You just can't do it, if you don't get out at least once every day for an hour or two & flush the poisons out of your system & out of your lungs & out of your blood streams. Whew! There's another thing:

       57. I DRINK A LOT OF WATER & LIQUIDS all day, you know me, & that really keeps your circulation going & the liquids flowing & washing out the poisons & purifying your system & keeping you in good shape.

       58. BUT SOME OF YOU PEOPLE, you hang over a desk all day & you haven't got time to eat or drink or exercise or hardly go to the toilet, yet think you are going to be able to survive that way, living like mummies!--Or some kind of dummies!

       59. WELL, YOU ARE GOING TO BE MUMMIES, if you don't hurry up & get out & get some exercise in the fresh air & circulate that blood & those lungs & get rid of those poisons! You're going to wind up mummies for sure!--And I don't mean Moms!

       60. YOU'RE CERTAINLY DUMMIES FOR NOT DOING IT! So stop! Let's hope you'll take better care of your bodies. How many years have I been harping on this? Why do we have to have another one, huh?--Repeat, repeat!

       61. JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T OBEY! You don't think it is necessary. You put it off. You are always saying, "Well, I've got too much work today, I'll do it tomorrow." Then you'll never do it because tomorrow never comes!

       62. THERE COMES A TIME OF DAY THAT YOU HAVE JUST GOT TO DROP EVERYTHING & knock off. Now, some people can do that better in the morning, when they first get up, they feel more like taking their vigorous walk or their hike or their jog & get out & play ball with the kids or something, in the morning. That's fine!

       63. MARIA & I, WE STAY UP ALL NIGHT & sleep in the morning, so our time is in the evening. I like the evening, the twilight, dusk, my favourite time of the day. (Maria: We don't get sunshine that way but. ...) Well, we get a little sometimes in the day time through our windows, but

       64. YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE DIRECT SUNLIGHT necessarily to stay healthy; too much direct sunlight is not even good for you. Maybe five or ten minutes a day is all you need. But lots of plants grow healthy & strong just as long as they get daylight. There's something about the daylight that does it. It doesn't have to be direct sunlight, as long as it is light.

       65. BUT YOU GUYS HOVERING OVER A DESK WORKING BY ELECTRIC LIGHT, 50-60 cycles going off & on that many times a second, don't notice the effect on your eyes, but it does affect them, & you are not really getting nice clear daylight that is good for your eyes & good for your skin & good for your soul, working in that kind of light.

       66. NO MATTER HOW GOOD THE ELECTRIC LIGHT is, it is not daylight. You're far better off to work with a window & daylight if you can & not with just an electric light, because

       67. THE DAYLIGHT WAS MADE & DESIGNED BY GOD for your eyes & it is good for them. Electric light is a substitute which we often have to work by when it's not daylight, but, you know me--I sit by this window & I do most of my work by daylight everyday.

       68. WHEN THE DAYLIGHT STARTS GETTING DIM, I knock off! Now sometimes, during the night, I will wake up & I'll turn on my light & I'll work at night by electric light, but you know that I do most of my work my daylight.

       69. I THINK THAT'S WHY I STILL HAVE MY EYESIGHT & good eyes, thank the Lord, & I don't have any trouble with them. But of course, Sam Warner, he was going blind, developing tuberculosis & all kinds of problems from this close work & poor light & hunched over a desk all day, not getting out, no exercise or fresh air.

       70. IF YOU CAN'T GET SUNSHINE, AT LEAST YOU CAN GET DAYLIGHT which does something for you. The cows & the grass & the plants of Ireland grow vigorous & healthy in nothing but daylight & fresh air, even if they hardly ever get any sunshine!

       71. THERE'S NO EXCUSE FOR IT, just no excuse for it! If you obey God's laws & rules & my advice, you will stay in good health, just like Maria & I do, but you've gotta do it. You've just gotta get out every day whether you like it or not, whether you want to or not.--Just stop & get out!

       72. JOGGING AROUND INSIDE YOUR ROOM is not going to do it either, because that is not daylight! Don't think you are going to get all your exercise just because you run up & down the stairs 20 times a day like the housewife, taking care of kids & washing dishes & mopping floors & all that.--It's still not fresh air & sunshine!

       73. WELL, SHE IS GETTING A LOT OF GOOD EXERCISE, but she is not getting out in that pure fresh air, & nice daylight, & away from all that strain & the hard work. There is something relaxing about even getting out for a walk & away from it all in God's beautiful creation!

       74. AND IF YOU CAN POSSIBLY WALK where there are woods or trees or grass--plants that God made give off oxygen in the daytime--you'll get nice pure fresh air full of oxygen! Of course, if you live in the heart of a stinking city, you don't have much chance, but even the New Yorkers survive by all that running around they do in the subways & some air!

       75. SO, YOU'D BETTER GET BUSY & get your fresh air, sunshine, rainshine & oxygen & vigorous exercise or you're going to be sorry! You'll be worse than sorry! You're going to be dead!--Of no use, at least not in this life on this Earth, to God & the Family & your fellowman.

       76. SO GET OUT, DAMN IT! And exercise, darn it! Or you're going to be in it, 6-feet under! Whew! PTL! (Maria: Some people think they are managing & just getting by, but then when some kind of influenza or illness comes along ...) Or childbirth or anything else that is a very great strain on their body, then they can't make it.

       77. WHEN WE WERE FLEEING in those last few flights we made out of Malta, we had to carry some heavy luggage, & push those huge heavy luggage carts ourselves, me & Maria--& one little girl--up & down those ramps & through those checkpoints & for blocks & blocks through those long airports.

       78. IF WE HADN'T BEEN PRETTY WELL BUILT UP to it by our long walks, I'm afraid it probably would have killed us! Certainly it probably would have killed me! I mean, it exhausted me as it was, but if my heart had not been strong & really up to it from daily vigorous exercise, I never would have made it!

       79. IT WAS A SUDDEN QUICK STRAIN on us, & it was rugged, it was rough! When the sudden strain comes & the sudden test or trial comes & you've got to run or flee or put your body to the test or have a baby or whatever, if you are not built up to it & you haven't taken care of your body & kept up your strength,

       80. YOU MAY NOT MAKE IT! You're going to be 6-feet under & maybe several Heavens higher, but you are not going to be much good on this Earth. We need a few flesh-&-blood people in the flesh running around doing this work!

       81. YOU'D BETTER WALK or you are not going to be able to run! I don't think you have to get out & do all this strenuous jogging; that's pretty tough on your heart if you are not up to it. I don't think I could do it, I don't think I could make it, I think I'm doing pretty well to walk.

       82. WE WALK SEVERAL KILOMETERS a day, Maria & I, or climb up & down hills. I think that is sufficient at my age, & apparently it is for her, too. I think jogging, a few minutes of that, would probably kill me.

       83. YOU DON'T HAVE TO OVERDO IT & have strenuous exercise if you are not up to it & it is too hard on you, but just regular moderate exercise, temperate exercise, but daily, don't miss a day!

       84. CONSIDER IT JUST AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR WORK & just as essential to your health as eating, which it is, maybe more essential. I think maybe you might be able to get along longer without eating, & some of you it would do more good, than without exercise.

       85. (MARIA: OR EVEN ON POOR FOOD, if you get your exercise.) Right! Like lots of poor Third World countries where they don't have an adequate diet & food is very poor. What little they have maybe is normal & natural though, & therefore healthful.

       86. EVEN IF IT IS INSUFFICIENT, THEY WORK HARD & they exercise a lot & they stay very thin & skinny but wirey & tough & they are able to take it. Now, you put most Americans on that kind of a diet & with that much hard work, it would probably kill them the first day or within the first week!

       87. THEY SAY ONE AVERAGE AMERICAN MEAL is the equivalent of five meals that the Arab Bedouins in the desert eat! The Americans are digging their graves with their teeth! They overeat every meal, & they under exercise.

       88. --A SURE FORMULA FOR A QUICK UNDERTAKING, by the undertaker!: Overeating & underexercising, which a lot of our people I've noticed do if you don't stir them up & just drive them out. Even with our little local Home Family here, we have to drive them out practically, to get them to go.

       89. I HAVE TO INSIST THEY GO & then I have to insist on reports: What did you do today? Where did you go today? How long a walk? How long a swim? How much exercise did you get today? Our shoppers & people who have to run around town everyday, they get it in the line of their work, so we don't have to worry about them.

       90. ALFRED, HE'S WIREY & TOUGH & vigorous & as healthy as they come, because he runs around town all day. Even if it's in the stinking smog & dirty streets of the city & even if it is not out in the fresh air or in the woods in the green grass & the hills, at least he stays healthy, because of that vigorous exercise & plenty of air, even if it is not altogether fresh.

       91. THEY SAY BAD AIR IS BETTER THAN NO AIR at all, bad breath is better than no breath at all! Well, good breath is a whole lot better & if you get out & get some fresh air & dayshine & exercise, why you'll all be a lot healthier & stay healthy!

       92. BUT YOU'VE GOT TO DO IT EVERY DAY, every day, every day, regularly, & live regularly, & have good diet, good exercise, good hard work, good rest, good elimination, lots of liquids & water, keep the juices flowing, & keep going for God. PTL?
       GET OUT FOR GOD!--Or get in your grave!--Which'll it be for you?!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family