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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.


       1. FROM NOW ON, THE ONLY DISTINCTION BETWEEN OUR HOMES WILL BE TRFs & IRFs! The TRFs are the tithers who tithe 10% of their total income to World Services & use the new short Tither's Report Form (the TRF--pronounced "TURFS"--very Earthy!) The IRFs are the 10ers who give at least $10 a month or more to WS & use the very short Independent Report Form (the IRF).

       2. CATACOMBERS are those who fellowship with &/or are included in the reports of TRF or IRF Homes, but do not live in those Homes & do not send in separate Report Forms (either TRF or IRF) directly to WS or KQS. If the Catacombers send in their own separate TRF or IRF, they're no longer Cats!--They're either TRFs or IRFs!

       3. WE BELIEVE YOU TITHERS WILL LIKE THE NEW GREATLY ABBREVIATED TITHERS REPORT FORM!--We've cut it down to only half-a-page!--You'll be receiving it soon, we hope!

       4. REMEMBER TITHERS YOUR TRF & YOUR TITHE IS WHY YOU RECEIVE ALL OF OUR PUBLICATIONS, including DO materials, such as Stats, Want Ads, the new World News Reprints & Comments, special confidential DO-FNs, DO Letters & other inside DO info etc.!

       5. SO TITHERS, DON'T MISS YOUR DO'S BY USING ONLY THE IRF REPORT FORM! If you're a Tither, use the TRF Report Form & get the DOs you deserve!

       6. FROM NOW ON, THIS IS THE WAY YOU WILL ALL BE REPORTED IN THE STATS--TRFs, IRFs OR CATS!--No more so-called "live-ins", "full-timers", or "part-timers", for many of our Tithers & Teners are either full-timers or part-timers, & all live in Homes of some kind, even if it is a military base or a prison! So we are doing away with the old terms & classifications, & now you're either a TRFer or an IRFer or Catacomber!

       7. THE FORMERLY SO-CALLED "CATACOMB HOMES" SHOULD NOW REPORT DIRECTLY TO THEIR KQS OR WS AS EITHER TRFs OR IRFs, & can receive your lit directly at your Home, if you will give your KQS or WS your names & addresses.

       8. ALSO, YOU TRFERs MAY NOW SEND YOUR TRFs EITHER TO YOUR KQS OR DIRECTLY TO THE WS-WWMM address in Switzerland, whichever you prefer. If you prefer to send yours directly to WS & not through your KQS, first write: World Services WWMM, PF 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland, & ask them to which Swiss address you should send your TRF. You IRFers, please continue to send your IRFs to the Swiss address which you have already been given. Thank you for your cooperation in this Stat Revolution!

       9. YOU TRFs OR IRFs WHO WISH TO RECEIVE MORE LIT IN YOUR LOCAL LANGUAGE FROM YOUR LLIMM (Local Language Indigenous Mail Ministry--pronounced "LIMB"!--a branch of WS!) as well as the English copies which you are already receiving from WS, must send an additional tithe or $10 to your LLIMM-TCC for your local language copies!

       10. WHEN YOU ARE SATISFIED WITH THE AMOUNT & QUALITY OF THE LL LIT which you are receiving from your LLIMM-TCC, you may cancel your English copies & gift to WS for them, if you wish, & give your entire 10% Tithe or $10 gift entirely to your LLIMM-TCC alone!--If you can start now, it'll help your LLIMM-TCC get your LL Lit started!

       11. OTHERWISE, YOU TRFers WHO NOW GIVE 10% OF YOUR TOTAL INCOME TO WS FOR YOUR ENGLISH LANGUAGE EDITIONS, plus your percentage to your local TCC for your Local Language Letters only, will continue to receive all lit in English & only the MO Letters in your local language, as you do now.

       12. IN OTHER WORDS, YOU WHO WISH TO RECEIVE LOCAL LANGUAGE TRANSLATIONS of more or all lit in your local translated language are going to have to double your giving to your local TCC &/or LLIMM to make it possible.

       13. THIS IS GOING TO TAKE CONSIDERABLE SACRIFICE ON YOUR PART, & some time & hard work on theirs, before you will be receiving most or all of the lit in your local language. So you had better keep your English language copies coming until then!--Amen? Savvy? PTL!

       14. IT'S A LIT & STAT REVOLUTION!--And most revolutions take a little time to revolute! So please be patient & try to do your best to make this all possible. GBAKYACTMYAB!
       --Love in His Loving Service to bring His Love & Loving Words to Love the whole World!--M&M, WS & All.--Amen!--Dad.

       P.S.--Do you get the point?:
       --TRFs & IRFs send your gifts to WS & KQS & get your Lit in English from WS.
       --TRFs & IRFs who want translated Lit in your own language, not English, send your gifts to your KQS, LLIMM-TCC, or to WS & request Lit in your language if you do not know who your KQS or LLIMM-TCC are. We will pass your gift onto them & you will start receiving your LLLs (Local Language Lits) beginning in Nov., God willing!--They need a little time to get started!
       --In the meantime if you don't want to miss any Lit, keep sending your gifts to your KQS or WS-WWMM for English copies!--When U get your LLLs U can stop WS gifts for English Lit.--OK?--If U want both U'll have to send 10% to WS & 10% to your LLIMM!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family