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NO LIT?--NO LETTERS!       DFO814       13 August 1979

Dear Family,

       Greetings in Jesus' name! PTL & GBY! We love you all very much & are praying for your continued success & happiness:

       1. SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE NRS REVOLUTION & THE WWMM-IRF-TRF REVOLUTION, THE NUMBER OF HOMES HAS DOUBLED!--which is good news, & you will be reading all about it in our monthly World Stats, which will now include several new items as well as the greatly revised FF Stats. An analysis & interpretation of these stats is coming out soon in the FN, God willing.

       2. HOWEVER, THIS HAS ALSO DOUBLED THE NUMBER OF REPORTS COMING IN, &, due to the SRS stringing out of the reporting days of some of you throughout the month, this has greatly delayed the compiling of our stats & the analysing of your Reports, so that our World Stats are now running about three months behind. This is still interesting, but too late to correct any situations which may arise as revealed in the Stats. By the time your Stats reach me, it is almost a post-mortem of ancient history:

       3. THE JONESTOWN-INSPIRED ANTI-SMALL-SECTS DRIVE HAS NOW PRETTY WELL PETERED OUT in the press in most places, & the Lord has given the System bigger things to worry about, such as the oil shortage, Jimmy Carter, Skylab & the coming Oil War.

       4. MOST OF YOU IN MOST PLACES CAN NOW REAPPEAR ON THE STREETS & LITNESS without fear of much persecution, & many of you have been doing so with good results, so that our Worldwide litnessing has increased steadily since the year's low of last February, & God has been blessing you for it.

       5. HOWEVER SOME OF YOU ARE STILL SO PARANOID OF A LITTLE PERSECUTION THAT YOU ARE HARDLY DOING ANY LITNESSING AT ALL! You are neglecting the Word of God, failing to "Go into all the World to preach the Gospel to every creature," & finding it easier, safer & more lucrative to support yourself with a System job. But you will miss the blessings of God & the fruits & rewards of soul winning & the final, "Well done, thou good & faithful servant" (Mt.25:21), if you don't get busy again for the Lord in preaching His Word to everyone.

       6. SO WATCH OUT!: GOD HAS WAYS OF SPANKING YOU FOR YOUR FAILURES TO WITNESS & LITNESS HIS WORD, & you may find your System job is not as safe & easy as you thought it was going to be, & may cost you more than it pays, if it compromises your testimony & reduces your witness! So you'd better get busy litnessing again, or you are going to be sorry! For the harvest truly is always plenteous but the real labourers are always so few! (Mt.9:37.)

       7. THANK GOD OUR ENEMIES DID NOT ACHIEVE THE RESULTS THEY HAD HOPED FOR IN THEIR ANTI-CHRIST, ANTI-CULTS CAMPAIGN, & they did not succeed in getting these smaller religious groups abolished or heavily restricted by law nor denied their freedom of religion, speech & press to believe as they please, & follow, teach, preach, witness & litness their beliefs freely in most places in most of the 100 countries where you live. So if you are failing to take advantage of these opportunities while they last, you're missing a great blessing!

       8. REMEMBER THAT FOR THE FIRST FIVE YEARS OF OUR FAMILY HISTORY WE GAVE AWAY ALL OF OUR LIT FREE & never expected anything in return! Later we were really surprised by the Lord to find that we could actually sell it, & therefore free ourselves to do more litnessing & not be so concerned & involved with other means of support. As a result, our litnessing skyrocketed to over 8 million copies a month!

       9. BUT SINCE THE RNR & NRS YOU HAVE SLOWED DOWN to only 1 1/2 million copies a month, which is deplorable, regrettable & a shame & reproach to you! It's especially tragic when you think of the millions of souls you are no longer reaching with the life-saving encouragement of the Message of His Love in these last sad days of the World!

       10. IT IS A HEARTBREAKING FAILURE! It is sad to look back & realise that you worked harder for tyrants than you do now for love!--Also the Devil has said, "BOO!" & scared you off the streets, so that many of you are using this as an excuse for doing little or no litnessing--or even worse, because you no longer need the income! Jesus said:

       11. "WHOSOEVER THEREFORE SHALL BE ASHAMED OF ME & MY WORDS in this adulterous & sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed when He cometh in the glory of His Father with the holy angels." (Mark 8:38.) Some of you have ceased being martyrs in the arena & have joined the spectators in the crowd!

       12. "WOE BE UNTO YOU IF YOU PREACH NOT THE GOSPEL!" (1Co.9:16.) Some of you saints are going to be raised to everlasting shame & contempt! (Dan.12:2) When Jesus comes you are going to wish you didn't have to face Him! Well, let me warn you that He is facing you right now & He is ashamed of you already!

       13. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU!--AND HE WILL, IF YOU'LL GRAB THAT LIT & GET BACK ON THE STREETS where you belong, even if you have to give it away & hold a full-time System job to support yourself! Many Christians have done that for centuries, so don't be so sorry for yourself!--Be ashamed of yourself if you don't! God help you to obey Him!

       14. "BEHOLD, TO OBEY IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE, & to hearken than the fat of rams! For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, & stubbornness is as iniquity & idolatry!" (1Sam.15:22 & 23.)--Does that sound like you? If so, you'd better repent in a hurry & get back out with the lit before the judgments of God begin to fall--on you!

       15. DO WE HAVE TO REQUIRE QUOTAS AGAIN TO GET YOU TO LITNESS? We gave you a chance to do it for love, but most of you seem to have failed. If I have to become a whip-lashing, slave-driving tyrant again to get you slothful, fearful, reluctant, excuse-giving servants to obey the Lord, I will!

       16. IF YOUR LITNESSING DOESN'T IMPROVE SOON, WE'LL GO BACK TO QUOTAS: NO LIT, NO LETTERS!--Money or no money! Which will it be? It's up to you! We relieved you of the tyrants & the Chains, & gave you freedom to do it for love. But now if you won't do it, I'm going to have to apply the rod again!: No Lit--No Letters!

       17. I'M NOT IN THE LORD'S WORK FOR THE MONEY, & you're not going to make that much money on the streets nowadays anyway. So I don't care how much you give to us, if you continue to disobey me & the Lord by continuing to fail to litness & witness as you should, I'm going to have to crack you with the rod to make quotas again, or you will get no more Letters or Lit from us, if your litnessing doesn't vastly improve very soon!

       18. IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY YOU MAKE at your job or how much you tithe or give, you can't buy yourself off the hook with God, if you fail at your biggest job of witnessing & litnessing! Either do it yourself or pay someone to do it for you!--And the results had better be better, or you'll not get any more Letters! Period!

       19. AND THAT'S THE WORD WITH THE BARK ON IT!--Or maybe a loud roar from your Old Papa Lion again! Maybe we ought to start using the Lion figure again to put a little of the fear of me & God into you! And if you don't do it, I will! My personal Worldwide Mail Ministry has shot up to where it is now our largest single supporter! PTL!

       20. --SO IF YOU DON'T GET OUT THE LIT, I WILL, if I have to do it almost single-handed through the mail! Thank God I don't have to do it alone, for we have a good team working on it, GB'M, & the Mail Ministry is booming! But a handful of us can never do by mail what thousands of you can do personally on the streets, door-to-door & person-to-person!

       21. I'M DOING MY BEST TO DO MY PART, & more than my share--I personally distribute nearly 150,000 pieces of lit to you every month through my team!--What are you doing through yours? Come on! Let's get back on the ball again, back on the streets again, & let's do the job God called us to do! "No man, having put his hand to the plough, & looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God!" (Luke 9:62.)

       22. WELL, PTL! ENOUGH SAID!--No, I could never say enough on that subject! But I wasn't expecting to preach you that sermon right here & now, but you certainly need it! What I was going to say to you was that:

       23. THANK GOD, MOST OF OUR MAIL HAS NOT BEEN TAMPERED WITH! We've had very few problems with the post worldwide so far because of your discretion, caution & obedience to the security rules. In fact, in test mailings to our own WS Units, we have been receiving our own Family News magazine as air-printed-matter in open-ended-envelopes, & have thus far had absolutely no difficulties with it whatsoever! TTL!

       24. SO WE WILL BEGIN TO SEND MOST OF YOU YOURS IN THE SAME WAY BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 1ST, God willing--with a few rare exceptions in very closed countries & situations of those of you who have clearly marked your Reports with a large "X" in the upper left hand corner indicating that you want to continue to receive yours completely sealed, & for which you are willing to pay the extra postage.

       25. WE ARE EXCITED WITH THE SUCCESS OF THIS NEW METHOD, & we believe that most of you will find it just as safe or even safer than the former sealed mailings. Postal authorities, we believe, have a greater fear of the unknown than of what they can see, & we are trying to make our new publications a little more milky & with a little less raw meat!--Ha! So even if they open it & read it--which they are not apt to, since it is already open--we feel that it would even do them good, & they might even like it if they try it--at least another soul will have heard the Message! PTL!

       26. SO WE BELIEVE ALSO THAT WE CAN NOW STREAMLINE & SPEED UP SOME OF THE SRS REQUIREMENTS FOR YOUR REPORTS. We still believe that your KQSs & Mail Ministries should continue to receive your Reports in as many different names & at as many different addresses as possible. But we believe that we must now resume the mailing of your monthly Reports on the 1st day of each month for all of you, beginning with your very next monthly Report, so that we may receive news of you & your field more quickly, & our World stats be totalled & sent to me more promptly, so that we may analyse them sooner to see how you are doing.

       27. SO YOU'D BETTER UP YOUR LIT &/OR YOUR GIVING FOR LIT PRETTY QUICK, or you may start losing some of your Letters!--And I mean business! This is no empty threat! I've cracked the rod before, & I can do it again if you don't improve your behaviour, as any father should with a naughty child! So be a good boy & a good girl now & get out there & do your work--the Lord's work!

       28. LET'S GET THE JOB DONE BEFORE JESUS COMES, SO YOU WON'T BE ASHAMED TO FACE HIM!--Or the millions of souls with whom you've failed to share the love of the Lord! Amen? PTL! God bless you & continue to make you a blessing to millions!--And I know He will if you will! Go in Jesus' Name, in the spirit & power & courage & strength & love of the Lord & souls!--In Jesus' Name, amen. I love you & pray for you daily!--Your loving spiritual father in the Lord,--Moses David

       29. P.S. PLEASE EVERYONE OF YOU CONTINUE TO SEND YOUR REPORTS TO THE SAME NAME & ADDRESS to which you've already been sending them, unless your KQS or the WWMM notify you otherwise! God willing, some of you will be getting,

       30. BEGINNING IN OCTOBER, THE NEW TRANSLATED FAMILY NEWS MAGAZINE in your local language from your LLIMM! Please pray for them & give to them as heavily as you can, to help get them started. At least half-a-dozen of you major-language LLIMMs, remember, are to send me your first sample printed copies by October 1st! You do not have to send originals for approval. We just want to see what you are doing, & that you're doing it!--And we believe it is going to be a tremendous blessing to millions throughout the World in the near future--& right now to our thousands who do not read English! So PTL & GBY!

       31. WE ARE ALSO VERY HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT YOUR TOTAL GIVING IS AGAIN BACK UP TO NORMAL, after drops of 15-25% during the past year. So thanks to the Lord & you, we will be able to continue nearly all of WS ministries to you throughout the World, God willing--& both you & He seem to be willing. PTL!

       32. A LARGE PART OF THIS HAS BEEN DUE TO THE INCREASE IN THE WWMM & ITS FAITHFUL TRFers & IRFers! God bless you for saving the day & helping to further our WWMM by sustaining your faithful giving to the Lord's work, & I know He will bless you, & probably already has! PTL! Again, God bless & keep you, & continue to make you a blessing to many! We love you & hope you keep on loving the Lord & us & souls for His Kingdom forever! Hal!

       33. --NOW, PROVE IT!--GRAB THAT LIT & GO! PG! Hallelujah! We expect to hear great things of you, whereof we are glad! (Ps.126:3) "The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad."--Love,--Dad

       34. P.P.S. REGARDING YOUR VSs: Because of WS's recent financial crisis, we have had to discontinue WS support of your VSs. So unless you & your KQSs can continue to help support their ministry, it may have to be dropped.--We hope not, as we feel you need the personal contact, fellowship & encouragement of their personal visits.

       35. HOWEVER, AS YOU ARE NOW SENDING IN YOUR OWN HOME CHECKLISTS Quarterly by mail direct to your KQS or WWMM, your VSs no longer have to help you on this, or act as inspectors of your Home or solvers of all your problems!--You're on your own, & how you want to live is up to you!--But we do hope you want to make your Home a good testimony & witness for Jesus! Amen? "Cleanliness is Godliness!" (Letter No.353.) PTL!--And GBY!--So please don't forget to send in your Checklist on the 1st of the 1st month of each Quarter (January, April, July & October) so we'll know how you're doin'--& you will too!--OK?--Thanks!--Love,--Dad

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