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More on the Spirit of God!DO82020/9/78
From a Talk by Dad

1. Timothy found that the Hebrew word for "spirit" used throughout the Bible is feminine--only feminine! Also, several people have written in and said, "We've got a great revelation!" They ran across a passage in the Scripture that helps confirm what the Lord gave me about His Spirit being female:

2. "Let us make man in Our Own Image," it says in Genesis, the first chapter. "And male and female created He them." (Gen.1:26,27.) Do you get the connection? "Let us make man in Our Own Image," God said. "Male and female!"

3. What is God saying "Our Image" is?--Male and female!! That's a shocker, huh? I thought that was pretty good! About three different people who have written in about that said when they read that, it suddenly dawned on them what God said.

4. Now, I've read that passage all my life and almost knew it by heart! I've taught it to my kids! I've taught it to my students! I've gone over that first chapter of Genesis--it's one of my favourite studies--verse by verse, word by word, explained everything to new students.

5. But unless the Holy Spirit reveals something to you, enlightens your mind, you can be totally blind to certain truths that have been right there in front of you all the time! Think of it!

6. I'm sure that the church and the evangelicals and the fundamentalists and probably even the Catholics are calling us absolute wild, fanatical heretics by this time for depicting the Holy Spirit as a female!

(llustration by Philippe La Plume from "Spiritual Communications," No.341--CB by Father David.)

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