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A Letter from Dad to the Pacific's Former Leaders!       DO 821       16/2/78

       1. Dear Ho, Caleb, Lydia, Joshua and whoever else it may concern: PTL! Greetings in Jesus' name! We trust you're all well and happy in Him.--Amen!

       2. You should have received your copies of the "RNR" by now, plus "Grace vs. Law," etc., by which you must have realised there were going to be some changes made. I'm sorry I couldn't deal with you in person, as I love you all very dearly, but we regret that from all reports from many sources--

       3. You Caleb and Joshua, have not agreed with some of my Letters and have discouraged if not actually forbidden some to obey them, as well as not following them yourselves. Lydia has already confessed how she erred in covering for you and not telling us all that was or was not going on out there. So we're very sorry to have to do this, but I'm sure you understand we cannot have leaders in such positions of influence who are not in accord with our Letters nor policies.

       4. So you, Caleb and Josh, as you may have suspected, are amongst the many who are losing their positions, along with the rest of the "Chain" which is no more. We have just had a conference with many of the new and old leadership who have agreed with us that these changes need to be made for the sake of the sheep and their future. So with this Letter--one which you must believe--comes Keda Sky whom we--and we believe the Lord--has been chosen to relieve you of your responsibilities, Caleb and Lydia, as the KQCs of the Pacific.

       5. We trust this will release you to return to pioneering, which you once did so well. Keda, I'm sure, will help you all she can in this regard. Please help her to assume your task as the new KQS of the Pacific and Asia by showing her the ropes of the Office, stats, finances, etc., including turning over to her the keys, funds, etc. I am sure your present office staff will be competent to carry on as usual in the present KQC office as her new KQS staff, performing the same functions.

       6. Lydia dear, whom I very dearly love, perhaps this will now give you more time to spend with your very dear family and children, as well as in any other capacity in which Keda might need you. I'm sorry you heeded the Dietrich Brothers more than me. It was probably a mistake you ever married Caleb, when in that first vision you were marrying me!--That was partly my fault for not having the faith for it then--and not until later. I tried to restore you awhile, but perhaps it was too late, as when you returned, you submitted to them again instead of leading them as I'd hoped.

       7. You may return to me now if you wish, and maybe there's still hope for our relationship. We could at least talk it all over face-to-face, because I still love you! Come if you can. Keda will help you.

       8. Ho, please give Keda all your cooperation as your new supervisor and work with her in all things according to paragraph 22 of the new "Advisory" which she carries and Section VIII, par. 2 of this Letter "Happy Rebirthday." I love you, Son, and you're doing a great work, but--

       9. You must be kept in check and not exceed your authority. I never authorised "national quotas" or your too low prices nor exceedingly huge productions, which may be difficult to pay for now. God help us! Please do what she says and nothing without her permission.

       10. We love you all and can never thank you enough for all your faithfulness and help through many years--and I hope many more to come! GBY!--Love, Dad. 16/2.

       P.S. Please keep in touch and let us know how you're doing and if you need help. ILY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family