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DAILY MIGHT #6--JUNE       GP 824

       June 1

       "Receive and believe, and My Words shall take root in thy heart and bring forth fruit unto Me!

       The Word, the life-giving seed, if received in your heart...will bring forth life and fruit and all the things God wants!--If you have the Word of God in your heart it brings you love and life!
       Those who receive His Word will be glad and rejoice and be happy and explode in an orgasm of love!--The seed of the Word of God, when conceived in responsive hearts, brings forth fruit, newborn babes into the Kingdom of God! Insert the seed in receptive soil, the Body of His Bride...the true Church...the genuine believers, receivers, repenters...and doers of His Words! These are they, conceived by the spirts of the Spirit-filled seeds of His Words in the womb of the Body of His Bride to bear Him children! Drop that little seed of the truth of God's Word into that empty hole of an empty heart, then cover it up with the loving warmth of God's love and trust God's Spirit, God's great warm loving sunshine of His love and the water of His Word, to bring forth the miracle of new life!
       Are you loving and sharing and wooing and sowing and conceiving with the seed that brings life?

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       June 2

       Continue to be faithful--full of faith and love in Jesus!

       The most important thing in our service to the Lord, the most important thing in the world for us, the most important thing to the Lord, is our faithfulness!--"One thing is required of a servant", as Paul says, "and that is that he be faithful"!--Faithful, first of all to Jesus and His Work, and to the others to whom you minister.
       If you will continue to be faithful to God's Work...God will be faithful to you.--The Lord, your employer, may not always pay you in cold cash, but He rewards you in many other ways!--You can look forward to eternal rewards and everlasting glory...genuine permanent accomplishment from a lifetime of investment in His Work that will reap eternal dividends hereafter!
       If you have real faith you'll keep on going for God even if it kills you!--The faithful people are people who are full of faith!--They have faith and vision, and determination, and the spirit of do or die, and they wouldn't think of wavering!--These are the ones who are faithful to the end, who attain unto the crown of life!
       "Well done, thou good and faithful servant! Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord"! That's the call we all want to hear one of these days!--And we will hear it if we're faithful!

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       June 3

       Keep your eyes on Heaven! Keep your eyes upon the goal!

       Moses endured as seeing Him which is invisible. Jesus endured for the Glory that was set before Him--endured the Cross, seeing the Glory beyond. Abraham looked at his own body as good as dead, yet he staggered not through unbelief, but rather gave Glory to God, knowing that God was able to fulfill the eternal, invisible promises!--You've got to keep your eyes ahead on the goal. By faith, by faith, by faith--they looked ahead, they looked forward. Our sufferings aren't even worthy to be compared with the glory we're going to enjoy!
       Eye hath not seen, and ear hath not heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for those that love Him!--But the Spirit hath revealed them unto us!--Only those who see with the eyes of faith in the realm of the Spirit shall see it!--Set...therefore your affections on the things ...which are above in the realm of the Spirit and the hearts of men--the Kingdom of God!
       The outlook for us in this world and our future here could hardly be any darker!--But the uplook could hardly be any brighter or more glorious!--For this time is but for a moment, and afterwards there is exceeding great reward!

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       June 4

       "Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us."

       Lord help us to be more loving, more forgiving, more patient, more kind to each other-- to have mercy as we want mercy, and to treat others in their errors as we want You to treat us in ours!--Help us to forgive others the way we ourselves want to be forgiven.--We're only going to be forgiven the way we forgive others and be shown the mercy that we show others.--"For if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father in Heaven forgive you your trespasses!"
       If you can't forgive, you can't possibly have real love or humility...or mercy, because love is forgiveness and mercy! For to forgive is love--divine love! That's all God does all the time--forgive!
       May the Lord help us to have...such tender love--to weep with them that weep, and pain with them that pain, and really lay down our lives for each other...in longsuffering and meekness forgiving one another even as God for Christ's sake forgives us!--The only way we can be patient with others is to know what a hopeless case we are ourselves!--Confess what a helluva mess you made along the same line, weep a little, cry a little, sympathise a little, and put your arms around each other, forgive each other, and try again.

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       June 5

       Only the Spirit brings life!

       Only the miracle-working power of the Holy Spirit of God can...cause us to be born again as new creatures, new citizens of the Kingdom of God!--The Spirit is love--the power of love! It brings life when there's death. It even creates life!--He makes the difference between lifeless clay and the alive, pulsating energetic body of a human being! It's the breath of God, the anointing and power of God,, that makes the difference!--The spire of His inspiration causes a spiritual orgasm which fills you with His Spirit in spurts of the Word of God! His Spirit gives His Bride the strength to conceive from the seeds of His Word and bear children unto God--the children of God!
       We are His candle--dead without His Oil of the Spirit...and the ignition of His Power. The greatest concern of the Heavenly Hands which tend and protect the flame...is the supply of oil in the candle itself which is constantly in need of replenishing by the Hand of the Candlemaker and Keeper of the flame.--You can't do it without Him, beloved. You'll never make it without His power!--Just open up your heart and let the sunshine in! Every place you open your heart, your spirit, His Spirit will flow in in all His Power.

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       June 6

       Blessings come from suffering--beauty for ashes!

       Godly hurt, sacrifice and suffering to help others are good for us.
       There's no crown without a cross, no testimony without a test, no triumph without a trial, no victory without a battle, no rose without a thorn.--It's going to cost something! As King David once said, "I will not give unto the Lord of that which hath cost me nothing!" You have to put something into it to get something out of it! You have to give to get; pour to receive; sow to reap; invest to profit; die to live; bury to resurrect!--Having once begun the life of Love...there is no stopping place, no limit and no end before the death of the cross.--Jesus got hurt on the cross, but He did it willingly and He did it of His own desire to save us. So it may hurt sometimes, in a way, because it is a sacrifice, but it's a sacrifice of Love!
       Sometimes...we feel we have to harden our hearts in order to bear it! But rather, cast thy burden on the Lord and He shall sustain thee!--"Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted". Blessed to mourn? More blessed to have problems and sorrows? Yes, because you will be comforted!

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       June 7

       Why "labour for the meat which perisheth", when you can earn immortal souls that will be your friends forever?

       You can't take it with you, these material riches of this Earth.--They'll be burned along with it!
       "Sell all that thou hast and give to the poor, and come follow Me", Jesus said to the rich young ruler, "And thou shalt have riches in Heaven!" True everlasting spiritual riches! Yet when Jesus gave him the answer of life and love and happiness in forsaking all for Jesus and others, he went away still full of the sorrow that riches bring. Rich as he was, he was still unable to pay the price of the joy of giving all!
       David Livingstone, the wealthy British missionary who pioneered the jungles of Africa and died there on his knees, said, "I never made a sacrifice." Although he gave his life, he'll reap eternal life and dividends in immortal souls, thousands saved forever!--You can't outgive God!--It's impossible to make a sacrifice for Him!--You're just going to be investing, and the dividends in souls are going to far surpass any sacrifice you could possibly make!
       When this life is over and the angels beckon you...if what you did was right, God will never forget it! You'll shine as the stars forever!

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       June 8

       If you're too busy to get alone with God and pray, you're too busy!

       There is nothing more important than finding out what God wants to tell you!--You have to spend time with the Lord if you're going to get what God wants you to give!--You can't do it without Him, beloved, you'll never make it without His power!
       You must learn to make contact, personal contact with the power of God! The Lord wants you to draw on the Word-- not only the recorded Word, but also the Living Word.--He's a Living God, a speaking God!--One Who still loves His children, Who still speaks to them. You can hear from God every day. Every day should be a new day, a new experience, a new listening to the Voice of the Lord.
       Ask the Lord by the supernatural, miraculous power of the Holy Spirit, to give you downright, outright, upright revelations, Heaven-right, straight from Him, to show you exactly what to do. Hear explicitly, specifically, the very voice of God, and do exactly what He says to do.--Get your instructions from the Lord...and you'll never go wrong! His plans never fail!
       Are you too busy? Is your work too important to stop for a few minutes...with the Lord?

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       June 9

       Are you on God's channel?

       God's Spirit is like a broadcasting station broadcasting all the time. All you have to do is throw the switch and tune in.--If you love the Lord, what you receive from Him is good and ministers faith, joy, hope, love and praise. The vibes you get from the Lord are all good things.
       But remember that not all voices are of God, and you must "try the spirits" to make sure that what you're hearing is of the Lord.--The Devil is just like another station.' He deliberately tries to come right in on God's frequency and jam God's station with his false signals and false impulses!--If it's not according to His Word or causes you to be discontented or bitter, dissatisfied or unhappy or critical of others--these things are not of the Lord!--If you're downhearted and cast down, it's because...you've got your antenna pointed down towards Hell instead of up towards Heaven. If you point your antenna straight up...all you'll get is God's channel!
       You have to play it by ear--and it better be your ear and the Lord's music!--You have to keep in touch with Him, keep your spiritual radio on, and follow His directions!--Stick up your little antenna and get the signals and follow!--Turn on, tune in, and receive...His messages dropped out of the Heavens!

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       June 10

       Come let's set the world afire for God and enlighten the hearts of men everywhere!

       Man's little day is coming to an end.--Like a dying candle...the lights of the world are soon to flicker out "and there shall be great darkness throughout the earth."
       We're like little rays of light in this world that's so dark.--We must keep on shining and lighting the world in the darkness.--Don't ever think because there's so much darkness that it's no use to have just a little light, because even one candle can be seen a mile away when it's dark! The greater the darkness, the brighter the light!--If you'll just get on fire for God, the world will come out to see you burn!
       The darkness is all around and seems much larger than the light, yet it cannot overcome the light! It cannot put out the light because the darkness itself is destroyed by the light!--Even if the Enemy shall pour water upon our fire, nothing can quench the fire of the Spirit of God, for it shall cause it to burn even more brightly--until it enlightens even the darkness!
       We shall set the world on fire by the power of His Spirit to burn away the wood, hay and stubble, the dross and the chaff, leaving only the gold and silver and precious jewels for His crown!

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       June 11

       Our wave is going to wash the shores of every continent, and keep on rollin' till Jesus comes!

       The Love Revolution has risen like a mighty ocean swell to a giant wave of witnessing which is sweeping the world like a gigantic ocean breaker, rolling across the countries and continents of the world until it thunders upon every shore...and floods the world with the Gospel.--The flood of the water of God's Truth rises--mounting higher day by day, thundering in a mighty crescendo--and shall cover the earth as the waters cover the seas.
       Our little splash has started a tidal wave. We are with it! And the whole World is under it! The Glory of God surrounds us and all Heaven and Earth lie before us!--Let the waves lift you up on your surfboard and ride right on top!--The surfboard...is the buoyant, exuberant, power of God that carries us high above the surface of the waters beneath, clearly visible to all, a living sample of the power of God and His ability...to lift you on high in a thrilling joyous existence that can carry you to the very shores of Eternity! Let's hold hands till we reach the shore! Don't let anybody falter or fail! Hold His Hand and don't look at the waves!
       Praise His Name forever! Aren't you glad you're riding it?

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       June 12

       Your happiness and your health and your blessings in this life depend on your obedience to God!

       When you obey the Lord, God will not fail you!--But God tests you first to see if you'll obey, and then He can bless you!--He helps you if you do your part and obey.--Here's the connection between obedience and faith: it's virtually impossible to believe God for anything if you're disobedient. But if you know you're doing your best to please Him and obey Him you can expect almost anything! Obedience...brings down the blessings and power of God.
       But without obedience it's impossible to have faith.--You can't have faith for God to bless you when you know you're not obeying Him. How can God bless disobedience?--Salvation is your right, and you can demand it, but the special privileges of His service and these other things are a privilege, a blessing, and a reward and can be withdrawn from you at any time by the Lord.--Blessings are...not necessarily permanent unless you obey.
       Obey the Lord and stay in the center of His Will and do what He wants you to do.--He never fails in one of all His great promises--if we keep the conditions and obey and are faithful!--He always has a happy ending if we obey Him and do His Will!

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       June 13

       If you do it the right way, the Devil will fight you!

       You can be almost as sure as shootin' that the Enemy doesn't start shooting until you start charging into his territory and attacking him! Then he really starts socking you back!--By the time the Enemy starts persecuting, it shows you have really gotten the message out!--This proves you are prophets. You have attained the ranks of prophets when you receive persecution for your prophesying.
       It's the witness the Devil fears!--The Devil can't get you back once you're saved...but he tries hard to keep you from serving God.--If the Devil can't keep you from being a Christian, he'll try to keep you from being a Revolutionary Christian!--If he can't destroy you, he'll try to destroy your testimony.--And the more important you are to the Lord's service, the harder the battles are!--The greater the Devil fights you!
       We must really be accomplishing a lot for the Lord, or the Enemy wouldn't be fighting so hard! We must really be doing God's Will or the Devil wouldn't be so mad!--We are the most powerful force of God and bear His truth, and Satan hates it but he cannot stop it.--Let's keep him trembling! Keep praying and obeying and you'll shake him clear out of his boots one of these days!

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       June 14

       Make a temple of your heart!

       Jesus said, "The hour cometh and now is when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship Him." God wants people to worship Him ... right where they're at all the time, in their own hearts and their own spirits in the truth of God and His Word.--You don't have to be in a church building or cathedral or some gorgeous material temple. All you have to do is get alone with the Lord! Ye are the temple of the Holy Ghost!
       When you feel like you need to get closer to the Lord ... retreat ... into your heart or into the Word.--Just open up your heart and let the sunshine in.--He likes to whisper like a lover in your ear in soft, sweet tones. He likes to woo you ... with His tender, gentle, loving Voice, whispering in your heart.
       If you live in the continual Heaven of His peace and joy, you get a lot of reward right now. You're already in Heaven in Spirit. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, so great is that reward of Heaven in your heart!
       Oh, how beautiful it is to dwell in the house of the Lord and to enjoy the pleasures of His chambers forever!

       191:20 -- 648:51,53 -- 191:17 -- 399:62 -- 73:1 -- 85:13 -- B:24 -- 395:40

       June 15

       He is our sun! We are His moon! We merely inflect His Light!

       Christ Himself...is likened unto the sun and His Bride the Church unto the moon, only reflecting His glory.--Jesus is the Light of the World! Only in Him is there Light.--Without the light of the sun we'd be in total darkness except for starlight, because even the moon wouldn't shine then! So...without the Lord we would be in almost total spiritual darkness.
       People...can't look at God, 'cause He's too bright: He blinds them! They have to look at us to see God in our reflection of Him.--The church reflects God's light over the entire earth like the moon reflects the light of the sun over the Earth.--It gives the message. In a sense, God is not going to communicate with the world. Instead, He'll communicate with His own children, and it's our job to communicate to the world, to reflect that light to them, the Gospel.
       Where should we reflect the light the most? When does the moon shine brightest?--At night when the sun is out of sight and the world can't see the sun, we must keep on shining and lighting the world in the darkness, reflecting His light!--So, "Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven".

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       June 16

       That's why we have so many victories: We have so many battles.

       God ... in the refining fires of His trials and testings ... puts you under the fire and He brings you to a boil.--He puts you through the fire to burn out the dross; and through the storm, to blow away the chaff; and through deep waters, so you can learn to swim.--The Lord keeps testing you with bigger battles, so that you grow and get stronger with every battle, and you win bigger victories all the time!--As thy day, so shall thy strength be! God gives you power for the hour, grace for the trial!--The more you win, the easier it gets, with His help.
       You have to have a constant battle to have constant victory!--It's a battle every day. The only way to get the victory is ... to keep fighting!--There's no crown without a cross, there's no testimony without a test, there's no triumph without a trial and no victory without a battle.--So keep fighting!
       The only way we can be conquered is if we stop attacking.--Keep fighting the enemy with the Word of God and your faith. Keep resisting the Enemy, keep raising up the standard of the Spirit, keep wielding the weapon of the Word, and you cannot lose if you keep fighting!

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       June 17

       "All the prophets dreamed of your day!"

       Now is the Endtime of which all the prophets spake!--God has been working through the centuries preparing us for this day!--We are God's last Church, the last step in God's progress toward total freedom for His Church.--It is given unto you to enter into this final and glorious promised land of spiritual victory over the world and the possessing of the total Kingdom--the Final Kingdom.--You are His children upon whom the ends of the earth are come, and the heirs of these promises!
       It is Christ that is working in you, and He is the same yesterday, today and forever and has only promised to do greater works in these Last Days through you because they will be needed to stem the tide of iniquity which is rising against His children.--This is the fulfillment of all generations to prepare the way of the Lord and to make His paths straight for His coming! This task has been reserved for you, that they without you could not be made perfect! You are going to finish the job!
       "Oh, how they would have loved to see what thy eyes have seen and to hear what thou hast heard and to know the things that thou wouldst know, and that thou hast heard from My Mouth and My Servant David!"

       156:36 -- 1:28 -- 302C:1 -- 64:11 -- 69:6 -- 146:5 -- 152:12 -- 64:10 -- 152:10

       June 18

       Pioneers must have vision--vision to see what no one else can see!

       Everyone that God has used throughout the history of the world has been anointed of God with...that divine spark of inspiration which ignites the fuse that explodes the bomb of their accomplishments--that special endowment of power from on High--that special insight, foresight, and divine Wisdom that causes them to stand head and shoulders above their brethren!--Men and women of...unlimited vision refuse to believe that God is dead or even sick, and explode into all the world to preach the Gospel to every creature with every method possible!
       The possibilities are as limitless as the Kingdom of God, as boundless as the needs of mankind!--But somebody has to dream of it before it can happen! Somebody has to have the inspiration, the vision.--There are an infinite variety of opportunities in God's Work: it only remains for a man to find and make them work! On the mountain with God you see the world in its proper perspective with range after range to be conquered and a world beyond the horizon of normal men!
       I've got to have something I'm willing to die for--something that could change the world, no matter what it costs!--I've got to have a spiritual conviction! I've got to see it in the Spirit! What do you have a vision for?

       B:5 -- 69:1 -- 176:5 -- 51:2 -- 31:17 -- 510:65 -- 8:5 -- 67:37 -- 66:47,46 -- 182:1

       June 19

       Pioneers must have faith--faith to believe things no one else believes!

       Nearly all of the prophets and leaders of God throughout the Bible and past ages were thought to be nuts by the rest of the world. But the captives of faith...are willing to die for the truth, they're so sure of it. They would rather die than stop trusting!--Faith never stops trusting!--When you take that stand of faith, you usually have to take it alone...with no guarantee but God, no warranty but His Word.
       With faith, believing is seeing!--You're only going to see what you believe.--A little mustard seed of faith can move mountains, but how many mountains fail to be moved for lack of that tiny seed of faith?--You must be willing to act by faith on what God has shown you, or it could never happen!
       "Faith is the substance of things hoped for." It's knowing God and that God is and that God is going to take care of you somehow, if you obey Him and do His Will and His Work.--Real faith knows and it happens: it never fails!--God is still the God of the faithful and the believing, and He's proven that it can still be done, that we can still do what He commanded us to do! God bless us with more faith!

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       June 20

       Pioneers must have initiative--initiative to be the first to try it!

       One man's foresight, one man's sacrifice, one man's faithfulness...can change the world. "Through one man's obedience many were made righteous!"--But somebody has to decide to trust God. Somebody has to be the pioneer! Somebody has to be willing to take that first step of faith, to take the initiative because of the vision, and to take it alone, if need be, regardless of cost!--We've got to do the obeying. We've got to do what we know God has told us to do!--We have to take a step in the direction He said to go, to find out what He's going to do--If we'll obey, He'll give us the faith!--When we obey the Lord, God will not fail us!
       Dare to be different. Venture to vary from the norm.--The guys that stay put and never go anywhere, just like everybody else, never change anything, never make history!--You never hear about the people who wait around to see if it can be done. You only hear about the people who either made it or died trying!
       Man says, "It's impossible! Tie up in port!" God says, "Launch out into the deep!" Man says, "Look at the waves! Look at the wind!" God says, "Look at Me! With man it is impossible; with God, nothing shall be impossible!"

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       June 21

       Pioneers must have courage--the guts to see it through!

       It's amazing what faith can accomplish if you are really in tune with the Lord and you've got not only faith but a lot of gumption and get up and go!--You've got to put some gumption into it! You've got to put some real "umph" into it!--Triumph is 10% "try" and 90% umph"!
       Keep going for God! Keep believing and obeying no matter what happens!--The martyr has...determination and the spirit of do or die, and he wouldn't think of wavering! He is determined to go blindly on by faith alone, because he has found the truth! He is of one mind, one heart, one soul, one spirit, one purpose, and will not quit until he's made it!--Maybe you haven't even begun to fight the ol' devil yet! Maybe you haven't yet resisted unto blood like Jesus did, even unto the death of the cross!
       Jesus climbed...Mount Calvary, Golgotha, and died alone for the sins of the world. That was a mountain that only He could climb for you and me--but He made it!--Even though it killed Him, only three days later He rose in triumph from the tomb! Even death itself couldn't hold Him down!
       Thank God for those that make it!--They're what this Kingdom is made of!

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       June 22

       I won't ask God why!

       Don't question the ways of God!--God loves to do things contrary to natural expectation, because that takes a miracle, and that shows it's God, and not man!--Sometimes God does far-out and unorthodox, unconventional things just to test our faith and see if we'll still believe no matter what, like Job did!--Whatever He wants to do, like He did with Job, it's our job not to murmur or complain but to just trust the Lord in spite of the tests and trials.
       It is the Devil's business to give you these tests and trials to try to convince you that God doesn't love you and He doesn't answer prayer! The Lord lets the Enemy do it in order to test your faith and see how much you really love the Lord and what price you're willing to pay to serve Him!
       The Devil can never win: The only way he can possibly get the victory is to persuade you to quit.--If you have faith you won't quit; you'll be tempted to doubt, but you won't doubt! The Devil will try to scare you, but you won't fear. He'll try to bully you, but you won't surrender!
       I will not doubt though all my ships come home with broken sails !

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       June 23

       "If thou shalt seek unto Me, the Lord thy God, and Him only shalt thou serve, it shall be revealed unto thee the mysteries of the Kingdom of God!"

       Many are called, but few are chosen!--Because they've chosen to follow Him above all! When Jesus went up into the mountain, the only ones who had the priceless privilege of hearing the World's most famous sermon--the only ones who really heard from Heaven that day were...the ones who followed Jesus all the way!
       God wants your love first of all, He wants you to put Him first!--The blessings don't precede obedience.--You have to take a step in the direction He said to go, to find out what He's going to do. Because if you don't go, He can't show! If you don't obey, He can't make a way! If by faith you don't be, you'll never see!--If you obey what God wants you to do, then He will show you more truth...and step by step, as you follow Him, He shows you more and more.
       "So shalt thou in the ecstasies of My love see visions and revelations of the things that I have in store for thee, and shall hear the sweet promises of the future of things to come!--Oh what wonders shalt thou yet behold as thou doest the words that I have given!"

       158:14 -- 314A:9 -- B:12 -- 697:52 -- 315:8 -- M:38 -- G:9 -- P:8 -- 185:61

       June 24

       If you really wanna knock the Devil for a loop, just start praising the Lord no matter what's happening!

       The Devil can really tell you a lot of truth about yourself that's horrible, not to speak of the lies he tells you. The Devil wants to persuade you to quit by all this barrage of doubt and self pity! If we don't keep our eyes on the Lord and our mind on His Word, we're doomed to defeat, doubt, discouragement and final failure.
       When you're discouraged, the Devil makes you mad at the truth because he's about to be defeated by it!--If you listen to the Devil's lies, you even forget the Words of God! If you spend your time singing his dirges, you forget God's praises.
       Rebuke the enemy in Jesus' Name when he tempts You with negative thoughts.--Start praising the Lord, and you'll often praise your way right out of the pit into which the Devil is trying to cast you!--Don't just stand there: do something--sing, shout, praise the Lord, quote Scriptures! Sock it to him with the Word! The Devil can't take the Word! He'll turn tail and run!--The power of our punch is the Words!--Darkness cannot stand the light and wrong cannot bear the right, and the big lie cannot tolerate the truth!--It turns tail and runs!

       56:10 -- 33:3,19,6 -- 599:180 -- 325:6 -- 83:15 -- 33:26 -- 536:27 -- 225:5 -- 399:65

       June 25

       "Behold, thou hast the words of eternal life, and there are no others to whom they can go for peace!"

       We are God's one answer to the total Hell on Earth of today!--We alone have the words of the kind of eternal life that Jesus means for People to live.--There is a way. There is another life!--We have the answer, and the only answer: the love of God! The whole world is desperately waiting for our answer! We have the answer, we have the solution, we have the Truth, we know the way and we know God and only we can give Him to them!--If they're not going to find it here, where are they going to find it? How can we turn anyone away who comes to us for help? To whom will they go?--They'll die if we don't get to them first with the love of Jesus!
       "They wait to be kissed of My Spirit and they wait for the words of My David that shall interpret it for them. How many more will die without the words of their father? How many will ye let die without the words of their father? Behold, how many will die without the words of their father!"
       "Oh Jesus, that Thou wouldst help them to find the words that Thou hast given unto David, that they may have life!"

       301C:8 -- 189:22 -- 54:49 -- 399:90 -- 315:15,18 -- 25:14 -- 47:50 -- 399:90 -- 232:40

       June 26

       There's Power in His Name!

       Some people ask, "Why can't you just leave Jesus out of it? Why do you have to use that Name?--Why can't you just say God, and speak of God's Love and do it in His Name?" "Well," I usually reply, "these are God's conditions!"
       Jesus is the One you have to approach God through, our Intercessor, our High Priest. Jesus is the only One who ever rose from the dead and can give you power to do the same! His Name stands for something, and neither is there Salvation in any other Name! We're to pray in His Name, heal in His Name, cast out devils in His Name, baptise in His Name, preach His Name!--Without that Name there is no power! Everything we have is in Jesus' name! "Whatsoever ye ask the Father in My Name (Jesus), He will give it you!"--Expect miracles!--And in Jesus' Name you'll get them!
       Look how much emphasis the early disciples in the Book of Acts put on the Name of Jesus! That's all they preached and talked about--Jesus! And that's the Name they did all those miracles in--Jesus! And that's the Name they won the world in--Jesus! And that's the only Name we'll win it in too--Jesus! It's Jesus that counts!

       143A:125 -- 686:31 -- 63:34 -- 686:32 -- 345:3 -- 255:103 -- 143A:125 -- 345:15,7,21 -- 717:49 -- 345:32,33

       June 27

       All you have to do is follow Jesus!

       God always knows best, even when we don't know what we're doing. As long as we're obeying Him and following Him, He'll lead the way and we'll soon see where we're going, just like the sheep with their shepherd.--True disciples are the little sheep who hear His Voice and follow Him all the way.--Stay close to Him and He'll never fail you.--He knows what's ahead!--He knows where the green pastures are, and where the mountain passes are, and where the cool waters flow! He knows where the folds are, where you'll be safe and secure. He also knows the danger spots, and you'd better stay close to Him!
       You shouldn't make a move unless you follow the guidance of the hand of God.--You cannot look to your own wisdom, you cannot rest in your own understanding, you must look for the supernatural miraculous and powerful leading and guidance of the hand of God!--If you follow the Lord, you'll never go wrong. He's right out there with you, and He knows exactly what to do.--Don't try to rush ahead of Him to show Him the way you want Him to go!--He's the One Who has got to lead because only He can! So for God's sake, follow God!
       Lord, I'll follow--show me the way!

       4:15 -- 326C:2 -- 122:26 -- 325:15 -- 47:24 -- 191:26 -- D:9 -- 4:4 -- 127:22 -- 56:11 -- 4:47,43 --155:42

       June 28

       We abide under the shadow of the Almighty!

       What wonderful security God's Kingdom has!--We can always call on the Lord and through Him have power over everything.--The Lord's child, if he is in the Spirit, will be in tune with His protective power and under the shelter of His wings. We don't have to worry or fear Satan's power because we are protected by the power of the Holy Spirit, which is far greater than the power of the Enemy. The Lord's protection is just like a force field around us...like an aura, a special kind of glory that protects us...and the Enemy cannot penetrate it!
       "Abide under the shadow of the Almighty in the secret place! Abide under the brilliance, under the Light underneath." God is overshadowing, but with Light! "Abide under the shadow of the Almighty!"--"He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty!" No darkness in that shadow! This shadow is Light!
       We fly to Thee, Lord, Thou art our shadow in time of trouble.--We have no other Saviour, no other Refuge but Thee!--We rest in You, Lord, we sleep in Thee, in the hollow of Thy arms, Thy hands, under Thy wings, Thy secret place. We are overshadowed, we are enveloped.--Your arms are about us, and we are one.

       341:65 -- 364:2 -- 710:58 -- 341:9,13,14,65 -- 214:42 -- 81:8 -- 252:5 -- 341:65,13 -- P:4

       June 29

       It's the hour of your destiny!

       God's chosen vessels fit for the Master's use all have had that divine supernatural fire of genius which burned like a flame, that dynamic force which spurred them on even in spite of themselves. It is a power of God which is almost uncontrollable! You feel you've just got to explode, to somehow fulfill your destiny, that there's something important that you're supposed to do, and You've just got to find it!
       After years in the making, preparation, and planning, you may only be a brief flare which lights up the landscape for but a moment in the heat of battle, that the victory may be won!--But that lifetime of preparation is worth it all even if for only that "moment of truth" and recognition by the Lord--that moment of usefulness that you were designed for.--And you'll have the perfect peace of knowing you're in the Will of God--the kind of peace you can have in the midst of storm--or even at the stake--that "joy unspeakable and full of glory", of knowing you're doing the Will of God and accomplishing His purpose.
       Watch and pray that ye enter not into temptation that might lead you astray from the straight and narrow way which leads to a higher crown and greater rewards!--Battle according to His signals--His directions--and you'll know you're fulfilling His Will--the purpose for which you were created!

       49:43 -- 69:1 -- 31:25 -- 28:5 -- 335C:33 -- 78:14

       June 30

       It's a battle of love for love!

       Ours is a war of the Spirit in faith and love to free men's minds and hearts and spirits from the bondage of evil and the soul--slavery of the Devil!--The only way to win the world is with the love of Jesus!--We must free men from fear with faith, we must free them from hatred with love, we must free them from sorrow with joy, we must free them from death with eternal Heavenly happiness!
       Love is the greatest force in the world, and the Word of God the most powerful truth on Earth!--We are armed with the power of the love of God, the Spirit and His Word, the power of faith which results in works of love, and they cannot resist it! It's an absolutely irresistible power!--"This is the victory that overcometh the World, even your faith", but it is "faith which worketh by love"! Love conquers all! We can't lose. It's impossible for us to lose, for "love never fails"!
       Whatever is done in His love will not fail. It's going to bear some kind of fruit!--It doesn't always happen right away: you have to keep loving and helping them.--And we'll keep on winning if we keep on loving them with His love!
       Your love didn't fail us, Lord; help our love not to fail others!

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