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THE KQL REVOLUTION!--By Father David       DO832       10 September 1979

       1. HALLELUJAH! IT'S ANOTHER REVOLUTION!--THE KQL REVOLUTION! THERE'LL BE NO MORE KQSs! You've seen the last of the Chain! Now there will be only KQLs, or the King & Queen's LLIMMS (or LIMBS!), the right arms of your majesties M&M, working closely with your local LLIMMs & helping them to succeed!

       2. IT HAS NOW BEEN NEARLY TWO YEARS SINCE THE RNR abolished all the rest of the Chain, leaving only the KQSs & changing most of them, & since we first encouraged you to work very closely with your TCCs, to share with them, cooperate with them, help them & even move in with them if necessary to help them make it.

       3. SOME OF YOU HAVE DONE VERY WELL in helping some of them get out some of our lit in local languages to some of the Family. But it has not worked as well as I had hoped, so that many of the poor TCCs have been going downhill & virtually bankrupt because of lack of sufficient help, inspite of some from the KQSs, WS & the local Homes.

       4. SOME HAVE BEEN SUPPORTING THEM as best they could, but some have not, & some have not given their fair share for the cost of the local language lit which would have made this possible. So that local language printings have been rather few & far between & not nearly sufficient to supply the urgent needs of those of the Family who do not read English.

       5. NEARLY ALL OF THE LETTERS & KOMIX HAVE BEEN TRANSLATED into their languages, but very little if any of the other literature, including the extremely important Family News, Childcare Letters, etc. So our non-English-reading Family members have been missing a lot because of this failure.

       6. WE HAVE BEEN TRYING TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM by doing everything we can to help your local TCCs, including insisting that you Homes help to support them by a small percentage of your income, & not requiring of the TCCs their usual tithe to World Services.

       7. IN RECENT LETTERS, WE HAVE CHANGED THEIR NAMES TO LLIMMs to try to emphasise their great need for a wider Mail Ministry of their local language lit, which would broaden their ministry & further the Message, as well as increase their support. We have even promised to donate 10% of our World Service income to these LLIMMs to try to help them to get on the ball & start a wider ministry with more faithful publications of more of our literature in the major local languages of the various areas of the world. We have also offered to sacrifice their tithe, which they now give to World Services for English lit, to the local LLIMMs in order to help them get started printing more of our literature in their own local languages.

       8. SOME HAVE ALREADY SENT US THEIR FIRST COPIES OF THE NEW FAMILY NEWS MAGAZINE IN THEIR OWN LOCAL LANGUAGE, including German, Dutch, Scandinavian, French & Spanish, but we have yet to receive our first copies in the other major languages which we listed in our last LLIMM Letter. But we are sure they must be on the way, as we know you'll not fail us nor your people nor the Lord in this vitally needed Local Language Ministry.

       9. WE HAVE HAD OUR WORLDWIDE MAIL MINISTRY SEND YOU INSTRUCTIONS on how to handle a Mail Ministry & a Mailing List, & how to service its correspondents, etc., & we have published testimonies of other very effective & successful Local Language Mail Ministries, such as the French Mail Ministry & even some individual Mail Ministries, to encourage you to take the plunge--whatever the cost--to start your own Local Language Independent or Indigenous Mail Ministry (a LLIMM)!

       10. WE'RE HOPING THAT THIS IS GOING TO ENCOURAGE YOU ALL TO OBEY THE LORD & "PUBLISH GLAD TIDINGS," according to the "Birthday Warning," in the language of your Land. Some of you KQSs did pitch in & try to help your local TCCs, but so far, these are the first copies of other lit, besides the Letters & Komix, that we have seen in the local languages, since we put this emphasis on the LLIMMs in the two recent LLIMM Letters, & since World Services has offered to help support them.

       11. WE HAVE EVEN WITHDRAWN OUR WORLD SERVICE SUPPORT FROM SOME WORLD SERVICE UNITS & missionaries in order to turn this support toward the desperately needed Local Language Ministry, to help get out the Word in the languages of the lands, as being our most important duty of all.

       12. BUT SOME OF YOU KQSs DID NOT SEEM TO GET THE POINT that this was to become your most important duty from now on, that you were to even move in with your local TCC if necessary, to share facilities, utilities, equipment & income, in order to help them succeed in this tremendous task. With all of you it has been faithful business as usual, but with some of you very little was done to help the TCCs succeed in getting more of our lit into the language of the land.

       13. VERY FEW OF YOU MOVED IN WITH YOUR TCCs, as I suggested, to share with them your income, facilities, equipment & common utilities, such as telephones, etc., in order to save funds, concentrate activities & make both of your operations much more efficient & the TCC's better supported & supervised. Some couldn't, of course, but this particularly should have been possible in the major language areas where you have only one or two major languages & only one major TCC, now to be known as LLIMMs.

       14. OF COURSE, SOME OF YOU HAVE A NUMBER OF TCCs or LLIMMs with a number of languages in your area, so you could not possibly move in with them all. But you could have moved in with or close to or very closely co-operated with at least your major language TCC to help it succeed in printing more of our lit in the Local Languages.

       15. HOWEVER, UNTIL I PUT THE EMPHASIS RECNTLY UPON THE LLIMMs, I have not seen much Local Language lit other than the Letters & Komix printed for the Family. Therefore, we are now going to insist that you KQSs take a greater interest in your local LLIMMs by even changing your titles to KQLs, to remind you of your major job from now on, & we are going to relieve some of you of all other office duties & administrative burdens in order to give you the time & strength to concentrate all your efforts upon the all-important task of helping your local LLIMM.

       16. IN ORDER TO DO THIS, WE ARE GOING TO COMBINE SOME OF THE FORMER KQS AREAS into single reporting areas reporting to a Combined Reporting Office (CRO) with only a small, efficient & economical staff to handle all of your former reports, stats & funds, & to be responsible directly to World Services under our immediate supervision & on a set minimum WS budget to cover the actual expenses of that office & its personnel only--usually not more than two to four adult staff members. If WWMM's small staff can process 600-700 WWMM Reports a month, an even tinier CRO should be able to eat up a mere 200-300 with ease!--Ha!

       17. THIS WILL SET SOME OF YOU FORMER KQS's FREE TO BECOME FULL-TIME KQLs fully in charge of your local LLIMMs, to try to insure their success in translating & publishing all of our lit in the local language, & for which you will receive all of the LLIMM income, except for World Services 10%. There seems to have been some confusion & misunderstanding on the part of some about this new plan, so I'm trying to make it very plain:

       18. YOU FORMER KQSs, WHO NOW BECOME KQL MANAGERS of your local major LLIMM, will receive all of its income for its lit & Mail Ministry to support both you & the Local LLIMM, & only 10% need be sent to World Services as your regular tithe.

       19. WE ARE ALSO GIVING YOU all of our Family members who formerly sent their tithes to World Services for the English editions, who will now send their tithe only to you & your local LLIMM for your local language editions instead, if they prefer.

       20. WE THINK THAT THIS IS EXTREMELY FAIR & even somewhat sacrificial on our part, as it will probably mean a considerable drop in World Service income, as these will order their Local Language lit from you now, instead of their former English language copies from us. Since English is the native tongue of only about half of our present Family, there is now a possibility for you to develop a terrific LLIMM ministry with considerable support from those who prefer your LLIMM lit in their own language.

       21. SOME OF YOU DID NOT SEEM TO UNDERSTAND THIS, & asked that, with the LLIMM tithe now going to World Services, what was going to happen to the other 90%?--I'll tell you what is going to happen to it: You're going to be there at the LLIMM working hard to deserve it & receive it & use it for your united expenses in getting out all our lit in your local language! We only ask that you send just the tithe of this total LLIMM income to World Services. The 90% will all go to you & your LLIMM for your local services to the Local Language area!

       22. THIS IS OUR LAST-DITCH DESPERATE EFFORT TO GET OUT ALL THE LIT IN THE LANGUAGE OF THE LAND!--It's do or die!--If this doesn't do it, World Services may have to take over the job itself! We don't like such concentration of effort, & we would far prefer that you do it locally. But if you soon prove that you cannot do it, & you are unable to serve your language community as you should, even with all the help that we & they are giving you, we are going to see that it gets done even if we have to hire translators & do the printing & mailing ourselves! So it's up to you, if you want your local LLIMM & yourselves to survive in this ministry!

       23. SOME OF YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE A TREMENDOUS JOB in getting the Letters & Komix into the Local Languages & out to your people. But very few, if any, have translated & published all of our lit in your local major language. So we are now going to see to it that it gets done & now, for if you can't do it, we will! For if you cannot do the job, then there is no more job for you to do! No more KQSs, no more KQLs, no more LLIMMs!--And there'll be nothing left but World Services & its Worldwide Mail Ministry in all languages!--So this is your last chance!

       24. YOU WILL ALL SOON BE NOTIFIED WHAT your new CRO is--Combined or Central Reporting Office--& which of you KQSs are to become KQLs, which will have a change of ministry, & which will remain as you are now, perhaps along with this Letter. Remember, this is your last chance to make your LLIMMs work or be cut off, with nothing left but the Body & the Head! We surely hope this won't be necessary, but this is up to you!

       25. LET'S GET IN THERE NOW, KQSs, & BECOME GOOD KQLs & MAKE IT WORK!--Or we'll have to take it over directly from World Services. You'll be given the details of these changes as quickly as possible, perhaps with this Letter. Meanwhile, carry on as you were, only give more help to your LLIMMs, & prepare to move in with them or take them over to get the job done! We haven't much time left: Do it today!--Tomorrow may be too late!

       26. GOD BLESS YOU & HELP YOU TO MAKE IT! We'll help you all we can--even if we have to put you LLIMMs on a minimum World Service budget & eliminate the KQSs or KQLs entirely! This is my final warning! Tomorrow will be too late!--You KQSs become KQLs & get with those LLIMMs now, or you're out of a job!

       27. AS YOUR FIRST SAMPLES CONTINUE TO COME IN during October, we'll see who's making it & who needs a change, & we hope to have this transition completed by the end of October, God willing--& you working! God bless you & help you to make it! In Jesus' Name, amen.

       28. THAT'S IT! NOW IT'S UP TO YOU!--LONG LIVE THE LLIMMs! Or the Head will have to take over! We need everyone of you, & hope that none will have to be cut off, but it's better to save the Body & Head than a lame, crippled useless LLIMM! For if God spared not the natural LIMBs, neither will He spare you if you remain fruitless! Come on now! Show us you can do it! We're waiting!--Let us know soon how you're doing, OK? TKs! WLY!--Love,--M & M.

       29. P.S. --THIS MEANS THAT MOST OF YOU FORMER KQSs WILL SOON BE RELIEVED of most of your office, administrative & supervisory duties to concentrate on your job as KQLs, so you'll have no other burdens nor distractions to prevent you from developing a good strong LLIMM that can really do the job of getting out all the Words that Work to the Whole World in their own local languages!--Amen? PTL! GBY!

       30. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT, KEEP THE FAITH, BUT FINISH THE COURSE!--And there'll be a crown laid up for you! (from 2Tim.4:7 & 8.) Hallelujah! We're gonna do it yet!--We're gonna "preach the Gospel in all the world to every creature"!--With your help!--Thanks!--Love,--M & M.

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