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It's Time to INVADE THE CHURCHES!--By Father David†††††††DFO834†††††††21/9/79

†††††††--We just received the following report from:

†††††††FRANCE--AMOS & WAYRA: WE ARE GETTING VERY CLOSE TO THE LOCAL PREACHER OF THE PENTECOSTAL CHURCH! The Letter "The Exodus" is great! PTL that the preacher is friendly! He's getting radical, little by little, & he says he doesn't care if he preaches to an empty house, but he's still going to preach the Truth!

†††††††HE OFTEN READS PARTS OF THE MLs or lets us read them at the Sunday afternoon meeting, not knowing they're "MLs," thinking they're either from us, or I tell him they're from an "old missionary"!--Ha! Some of the church members have eaten with us & gotten saved! (PTL! GBY!--See below!--Dad:)

†††††††1. NOW THAT YOU KIDS REALLY KNOW THE SCORE & have the right emphasis on witnessing & the End, I think you could probably stand to go to church! A lot of churches would be glad to have you, & you could really do them a lot of good!--We've got what the churches need!

†††††††2. ALSO, NOW THAT SO MANY OF YOUR HOMES ARE SO SMALL & off on your own, & in so many cases far away from other members of the Family, you could really appreciate fellowship with other Christians, even in the churches! I think some churches could provide it in some cases. It might do you kids good, & we could certainly do them good!

†††††††3. THERE ARE SOME THINGS THEY COULD TEACH US, & SO MUCH WE COULD TEACH THEM! In most churches, you would be like college graduates working in a kindergarten!--You're so much more mature than most Christians--in the Lord, His Word & His service!

†††††††4. IT COULD BE WORTH A TRY, AT LEAST, & particularly might benefit your children, especially in Sunday School & Vacation Bible School.--Our kids could learn the songs & hymns, use the study materials, enjoy the fellowship, participate in needed leadership, & their kids would sure learn a lot from ours about really serving the Lord & others!

†††††††5. WE COULD BE REAL MISSIONARIES TO THE CHURCHES--& maybe even get a little help & support for our missionaries on the fields! You could at least stay till you got run out for witnessing so much Truth!--Like Jesus, Paul & the other Apostles did in the Temple & Synagogues!--And a few might follow, as they did them!--And those could go on & infiltrate other churches until they exploded too! (See "God's Explosions!" No.69.)

†††††††6. SUCH EXPLOSIONS OF TRUTH INSIDE SOME CHURCHES COULD REALLY SET'M ON FIRE & START A REAL REVIVAL!--That the Pastor couldn't stop, even if he throws you out!--Or they throw him out! I know it can be done, because we've done it!--That was our first ministry:--"To the Jew first, & afterward to the Gentiles!" (Ro. 1:16.)--To the believers first, then afterwards to the unbelievers!

†††††††7. IT COULD & IS OPENING UP A WHOLE NEW (OLD) MINISTRY TO THE CHURCHES that some of you who have had to go home can really make fruitful in souls, workers & support! We used to do it with terrific results, & they're ready for you again! Why not try it?--You might You might like it!-- They need it!--Go selah!--Let us hear your reports on Church invasions & infiltrations!--But in real love! -- Amen? GBAMYAB! Love, Dad

††††††††††††††--You'll enjoy the old hymn singin' & Gospel choruses, prayer & fellowship.
†††††††P.S.--I was reared in church!--& I believe it did me a lot of good! I learned a lot there!--Of course, they were good spiritual churches that believed in real Salvation, gifts of the Spirit, healing, etc., such as Pentecostal churches--Assemblies, 4-Square, Latter Rain, Open Bible, Alliance, Nazarene, Holiness, Church of God, Adventists, Body, Charismatic gifts groups, Gospel Halls, spiritual Baptists, Wesleyan Methodists, primitive Presbyterians, Charismatic Catholics, etc.--If they really love Jesus & souls & have the Spirit, it'll do you good!--& U them!

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