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(EMERGENCY NOTICE!:)--DIRTY HOMES!--Clean Up Your Mess!       DFO 836_1       23/9/79
--Or Don't Claim to be One of Ours!--By Father David

       1. BETTER NO HOME THAN A DIRTY ONE!--Let me see your Home, & I'll tell you what you are! We fired one of Rachel's top leaders for allowing some of the Homes in his area to become dirty & unkempt! (Read FN Vol.1, No.9!) There's no excuse for dirt!

       2. I HAVE GONE INTO LITTLE MEXICAN HUTS where they had nothing but a dirt floor, & yet it was clean as a pin! They had half-a-dozen squawling children running all over, but they were kept clean & neat, though only half-dressed! I've been in tiny Cuban cottages with beautiful potted plants & pretty pictures painted on the walls both inside & out, attractive & clean!

       3. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE FOR A DIRTY HOME!--No matter how poor you are! It doesn't take money to clean a house!--It just takes elbow grease & a little hard work! If you haven't got a broom, make one! If you haven't a mop, get down on your hands & knees & scrub it with a rag! If you haven't soap, use water!--It's a great disinfectant! The U.S. Health Department says it'll kill as many germs as Listerine! If you have no furniture, there's that much less to dust!

       4. THERE'S JUST NO EXCUSE FOR A DIRTY HOUSE! I nearly divorced my first wife for sloppy housekeeping!--But for the sake of the kids, I didn't!--I just cleaned it myself! If your mate's a dirty housekeeper, clean it yourself!--Or teach the kids to clean it!

       5. CLEANLINESS IS GODLINESS!--It only takes one bowl of water to clean yourself, & one bucketful to clean your house! Unless you're dying of thirst on a desert with no water, there's no excuse for being dirty! I can't stand dirty people or dirty houses! Even the poorest peasant or peon can keep clean!--Clean up, or you're fired!--The next dirty Home I hear of is gonna lose their Letters!--Why send'm if you don't obey'm?!
       --Very Mad Dad!!!

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