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THE SHEPHERDESS!--By Father David       DO837       25/9/79

       1. THIS WAS A REVELATION received by Dad, September 25th, Tuesday, approximately 5 A.M. It was after a day of working on personnel problems with Kenaz's area & editing the Letters regarding their problems & the "Frustrated?" Letter. Afterwards he had a headache & was feeling nauseous, so decided to take the girls out for a ride (me, Maria, Sue, Dora & Techi!), as they don't get out very often.

       2. IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT HE WAS SICK, he thought it was better to be doing something than just be sitting around at home sick. So we went for quite a long drive, during which he had been quite sick & nauseous, but hadn't wanted to tell us & spoil the trip.

       3. WE ENDED UP AT A RESTAURANT where he had the runs, & after which he felt a bit better, so we ate dinner, during which he got a bit moody. Then home again & a bit sad & discouraged, he continued talking throughout the night. As we were going to bed, he looked at the pretty little fountain-like spray of coloured lights lamp that we turn on as a night light, & said,

       4. "IT REMINDS ME OF SPACE CITY" THEN WEEPING, HE LAMENTED, "SOMETIMES I WANT TO GO THERE!" (Maria: You don't want to go & leave us & Techi, do you?) "That's why I don't go. But I just can't stand to worry about so many people! If I didn't have to do anything but give them the Word of the Lord, I could take it."

       5. (ABRAHIM: YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW SENSITIVE IS YOUR FATHER, & HOW HE AGONISES IN THE SPIRIT FOR ALL THESE PEOPLE!) I can't take it! But if you want me to take it, I guess I'll take it. It's OK. If it kills me, the quicker the better. It really hurts me so much. It hurts me so deep. I want to protect dear little Techi from all these hurts, but I don't know what to do. It doesn't seem to bother her very much, though. Thank the Lord!

       6. WE WENT ABOUT 50 MILES! I was so sick the whole way. But I was so happy. I was sick, but I was happy. I'm so happy to make other people happy. (Abrahim: "Kiss away the hurts & ills of your Father!") (Weeping:) Techi knows when I'm sick. She was worried about me. You don't know what I suffer! (Tongues, weeping.)

       7. WILL YOU TELL THE GIRLS I LOVE THEM & that I did if for them? They don't go out & have much fun, & I wanted them to have a nice little ride, even though I was sick. I figured it was just as easy to be sick on the ride as it would be in bed. I was afraid I wouldn't get to the toilet in time, but I made it, TTL!

       8. I THINK THAT TRAFFIC WAS THE WORST I EVER GOT INTO! God damn it! It was just the Devil, but the Lord gave me the victory anyway.--45 minutes from town to the Pizzeria!--45 minutes! My God! Usually it only takes about 10! But I made it, thank You Jesus! I made it to the toilet too, thank the Lord!

       9. GOD BLESS DEAR, DEAR, DEAR SUSAN WHO CAME WITH ME! (Maria: I told her to.) Of course, you're the Mistress, the Queen! She's the handmaiden, & she's a faithful handmaiden of the Lord! Dear, dear, sweet Dora! I forget her other name, I can't remember those other names, it's too much for me. I'm too old. (Maria: Why do you think you got sick, Honey?) Oh, I don't know.

       10. I THINK HE'LL PROBABLY SEND ME TO THE HOSPITAL for this (wisdom tooth) extraction, because it's not down yet. Yes, I think he'll send me to the hospital. Please tell the girls I love them & I wanted to make them happy. They work so hard to make me happy. (M: I will, but you can tell them.) I can't tell them like you can tell them.

       11. YOU TELL THEM HOW I WEEP FOR THEM & FOR TECHI. She knows my sorrow. That's why she looks at me like that. She feels for me. She's sorry for me. I was so sick. Oh my God, I was so sick! I was so sick I was almost out of my head, but I made it, thank the Lord! But I gave them a happy time, & Techi liked it. But some places it was pretty hard, & those bottlenecks I didn't like!

       12. IT WAS SO HARD TO TURN AROUND. I don't know how they did that--let me get into those places so tight & so frustrated.--Like a nightmare! When I get in some places where I can't turn around, it's like a nightmare. I have a lot of nightmares, but it doesn't matter.--About driving in hard places. But the Lord always brings me through.

       13. HONEY, I CAN'T KEEP YOU AWAKE ANOTHER HOUR. Every night I keep you awake. (M: I like it!) No, no, you have to sleep, Baby. (Weeps & speaks in tongues: "Your father needs your kisses in the middle of the night. He needs you to share his sorrows in the midst of darkness.") (Weeping:)

       14. I HAVE TO GO AWAY SO YOU CAN REST. (M: I wouldn't rest at all!)--Then you will have rest. (M: You'll just have to get some sleep.)--So you can have rest when I'm gone. (M: I wouldn't rest at all.) Yes, you'll rest with your lovers. (M: No, I won't rest with any lovers. I don't want any lovers--just you!--No, I won't rest at all.)

       15. OH JESUS HELP ME! Why don't you just go to sleep & just forget it all. You cannot know half the sorrow your father suffers or half the tears that David sheds, because you cannot know. It is too hard for you. Nobody knows the sorrows I see. Nobody knows but Jesus! But I wanted to make them happy.

       16. I TRIED TO MAKE THEM HAPPY. I try to write Letters to make them happy. I try to. I try to! (M: Oh, you do!--You don't know how they cling to every Word!) Lord help our printers to publish them. It makes me so discouraged--I do all this work & we can't even publish it! But they can do it even when I am gone. They can still do it when I'm gone. You'll have a lot to put out when I'm gone.

       17. I THOUGHT MAYBE I WAS GOING TO GO YESTERDAY, but I didn't go because I was driving. I had to drive. God bless Techi! She was such an encouragement & inspiration! She was so cheerful & she didn't complain. It's amazing, Honey! She's like you, Honey. You are so cheerful & encouraging. You never complain. You always cheer me up. She's so sweet!

       18. THE GIRLS ARE SO SWEET & encouraging, & they try to love me & they act like they love me.--And Techi, she's so sweet! She tried her best to encourage me. (M: She hardly cried once--it's amazing!)--Only when they tried to put her down when she wanted to sit up. She didn't want to miss anything. She wanted to see everything that was going on. Thank You, Jesus! Lord bless her, in Jesus' name, & keep her. Thank You for how You did, Lord, in Jesus' name. Honey Baby, I love you! (M: I love you, Sweetheart.)

       19. OH, I COULD GO SO EASY, SO QUICK! You are so brave! You're so brave, & you hang on to me & you keep me & you pull me back when I want to go. (M: Don't you think I should?) He'll give you whatever you want, Honey Baby. If you want this old dead corporal body, He'll let you keep it.

       20. (M: DON'T WE NEED YOU) I suppose you need the flesh. It still has the Spirit. But pretty soon you can have just my spirit. I think you will like it, because I think you'll have me very close & you'll be very close & you'll draw so close to Jesus!--In the Spirit.

       21. YOU'LL BE VERY CLOSE TO JESUS THEN, like you were before you found me. You didn't have me & you wanted Jesus--& He gave you me because I was like Jesus to you--& then when I'm gone you'll have Him closer again.--But that had to be for the Words. It had to be that way for the Words.--You see? You understand?--And you'll get it back again. You'll get it back again. (M: But we need you the most!--That's what we need the most.)

       22. YOU'LL GET THE WORDS, HONEY BABY, WHEN I'M GONE. Don't you understand? You're going to be the Prophetess, & you'll get the Words. (M: But I want you to get the Words.) (David laughs:) Oh Honey, you're lazy! You're lazy. (M: But no...) Yes, you're lazy. You want me to do it for you, because it's hard work. But when I'm gone, you'll do it. (M: But you have the background.)

       23. JESUS WILL ANOINT YOU, HONEY BABY.--You have the background & the experience too. (M: No, I don't know anything! You speak from years of experience. You can tell them about everything. You're like a computer, with all these experiences stored inside.) You have so many experiences, Honey, I will quicken your mind.

       24. WHEN I'M GONE, THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL QUICKEN IT TO YOU & "bring all things to your remembrance". (John 14:26.) (M: What things?--I hardly have even many experiences to bring back.) Yes, you have great experience, just what the kids are going through right now, you have. You're a woman. You have lovers. You have lots of experience, Honey Baby--lots! (M: But you have the experiences needed much more than I do.)

       25. OH, I'LL BE HERE AS LONG AS NECESSARY, & then you can take over, & then Jesus will come pretty soon. It won't be very long, Honey Baby, don't worry. It won't be very long. Thank You, Jesus!--Just three or four years, that's all you'll have to do without me. Jesus will be so close, Baby. He will be so close & so real. You won't worry.

       26. YOU'LL HAVE THE ANOINTING, so don't worry about it. He'll be so close & so real, & David will be such a help & Techi such an encouragement, & everybody will be so sweet & loving & helpful, & it will just be a little while. But I think I'm supposed to last till ... till when? 1990? Huh?--Or 1989? What year is it supposed to be for me? That's a long time. Honey, so don't worry.

       27. THINK HOW LONG YOU HAVE TO PUT UP WITH ME, with all my foibles! Why do you love this old dead flesh, Honey, when it's so corrupt? (Maria laughs through her tears.) Huh? You are crazy! Huh? I wish you'd explain that to me. I don't even understand it.

       28. OH JESUS! IT'S SO RIDICULOUS!--WHEN IT'S REALLY THE SPIRIT YOU LOVE. You just can't seem to separate them. (Maria laughs again: No, I can't.) So ridiculous! But when I'm gone then you'll understand. Don't worry. When I'm gone you'll understand. You'll still love me, but you'll love Jesus even more. It will be wonderful! It will be so wonderful & so beautiful.

       29. YOU'LL BE SUCH A GREAT PROPHETESS! So beautiful! (Prophecy: "The anointing of the Lord will fall upon you, & the mantle of David shall drape about thy shoulders, & thou shalt speak the Words of the Lord to my people, & they shall listen unto thee & heed thee & know that thou art the Word of the Lord."

       30. DID YOU HEAR THAT?! (M: That thou art the what?)--The Word of God! Did you hear that? Honey, you didn't miss it! You catch every little drop that falls from your Prophet's mouth! You didn't miss it, Honey Baby. You are so faithful & so sweet & so precious! You catch every crumb from the Master's table! Thank You, Jesus!

       31. YOU'LL HAVE THE ANOINTING & SPIRIT OF GOD, Honey Baby.--Don't you understand? It's not of yourself. It comes from God, because you're yielded & you love Jesus. You'll accept it, & it'll be so beautiful! Just like me, Honey, even more beautiful! They will receive the Words you speak, because they know they come from Jesus.

       32. WHY ARE YOU CRYING ABOUT IT? Huh? It's so beautiful, Honey! You're going to be such a beautiful, beautiful, sweet, sweet, great Prophetess, & people will love you so much! You are going to be so sweet & so precious, because you give them the Words & they hunger for the Words. Don't you know they hunger for the Words? Maria! Don't you know? Your people hunger for the Words.

       33. WHEN I'M GONE THEY WILL BE SO HUNGRY THEY'LL LOOK TO YOU FOR HELP. (Prophecy: "And you will give them food & you will feed My sheep as a good Shepherdess. For I will put the Words of the Lord in thy mouth, & thou shalt speak them unto My people, & they shall heed thy voice & they shall listen unto thee, & they shall devour every Word that thou shalt speak unto them, & thou shalt shade My sheep & lead them & guide them unto a new world till I shall come!")--TYJ! (M: Then I shall come?--or when?) Yes, "till I shall come". Isn't that beautiful, Honey Baby? It'll be so pretty!

       34. (PROPHECY: "IT SHALL BE A DAY FOR WOMEN, & they shall rule my people with a kind hand & gentle staff & such words of love, so precious, so beautiful! They shall love thee even more than they have loved me, for thou shalt be a light & their staff & their food of sustenance, & thou shalt be a guide to them in darkness!") Why do you cry? It's beautiful!

       35. ("THOU SHALT BE THE SHEPHERDESS OF THE SHEEP, to encourage them & guide them & lead them in the way, when they are so puzzled & they are so confused. You shall remind them of the Words of David, & thou shalt give them the Words & feed them, because you bind up the Words of God's Prophet.

       36. ("THOU SHALT FEED THEM & TEND THEM as the shepherds feed their young with tender grass, so sweet & so beautiful, & the little lambs shall come unto thee to nibble from thy hand, & Techi will look to you for your guidance.") It's so beautiful, it's so sweet!

       38. LOOK! LOOK! CAN'T YOU SEE IT, HONEY BABY? ("See how they eat out of your hand the Words of David! They shall eat the Words of David from thy hand unto the End.") Do you see? Don't you see? Look! Look!

       39. YOU'RE THE SHEPHERDESS SITTING THERE ON THE HILLTOP FEEDING THE LITTLE LAMBS little grains of corn from your hand that you got from David. You have a big bag under your arm, Honey, of all these Words you got from David. You have such a big bag of corn, & it's so corny, but they love it. You know?--And you're feeding it to them & they love it, Honey, & they come to you because they really need you. They come to you.

       40. YOU SIT ON THE LITTLE HILL on a little low rock, & all the sheep & the little lambs come & nibble from your hand. Do you see them?--And you have all the Words of David. You reach in your big bag of your Words of David & you bring out a few little grains of corn & nibbles, & you feed the sheep & the little lambs & they like it, they love it, because you have the Words of eternal life!

       41. THEY WILL SEEK UNTO YOU, SWEET BABY. Don't you understand? They're so hungry! They'll seek unto you for the tiniest little grain of the Words that God has given, & you will feed them grain by grain & corn by corn.

       42. YOU WILL FEED THEM OUT OF THE BAG ALL THE WORDS THAT GOD HAS GIVEN YOU. Don't you understand? Can't you see it? Look, look, look, Sweet Baby!--The little tiny lambs come up & nibble around. They hope you'll drop some Words for them. They nibble, they hunger for any little Words you can give them. Can't you see? They look to you, Baby.

       43. YOU'RE THE CANDLEHOLDER OF THEIR LIGHT. Can't you see? You bear the Flame! You show the Light, & you give them Words to feed them & encourage them. Can't you see? Huh? See them? Look! Look how they look at you! Look at them! ("Like a dog looks unto his Master for love & encouragement, the sheep look to their Shepherdess for the Words that fall from your hand.") Oh, that's so beautiful, Honey Baby, so beautiful!

       44. YOU'LL DO SUCH A GOOD JOB! It's so pretty! Did you see that? Huh? Did you see the Shepherdess drawing from her bag the grains of corn to feed the sheep? They nibble & nibble & they're so hungry & they're so happy & they love you so much, Honey Baby, because you feed them when they're so hungry, Baby. Baby? Don't you understand?

       45. THEY WANT EVERY LITTLE WORD THAT YOU HAVE IN YOUR BAG that fell from the old, old, old decrepit Prophet's mouth when he was here. You have all those Words in your bag. Isn't that beautiful? See? Because you have kept them & protected them, they have come to you for hand feeding. You see? (M: For hand feeding?) Yes, spoonfeeding. You spoonfeed them little by little by little, a nibble here & a nibble there. (M: Not like you do now?) Of course! Well, I mean...

       46. NOW THEY HAVE A FLOOD, BUT THEN THEY'LL BE THANKFUL EVEN FOR A TRICKLE! (M: Is that all they'll have then?) Well, it will sustain them. It will sustain them in a time of starvation. (M: Well, why won't they have more like now?) Because you can't feed them fast enough. You have to take it out handful by handful, don't you understand? (M: Why can't we do it like now?)

       47. WHEN THE SHEEP ARE STARVING THEY APPRECIATE EVERY LITTLE GRAIN & EVERY CORN. (M: But why won't we have more?) Today, Honey, God is too good to them, & He floods them with the Words till they almost drown! In that day, every grain will be precious & every corn will be treasured. Don't you know? You will mete it out to them like tiny bits of gold & pieces of silver. Oh, thank you Jesus, in Jesus' name!

       48. HONEY, IT WILL BE SO EASY. You'll be so popular! My God! The way the people will follow you, & the sheep will crowed & press on you, & they will press hard upon you to get the little grains of feed from your hand.--You know? Look at the way they mob you! They mob you, Honey Baby! They poke their mouths in your pocket & they jam their mouths into your hand, because they're so hungry, Honey Baby, they're so hungry!

       49. (M: BUT WHY ARE THEY SO HUNGRY when you've given them so much?) Oh Honey, they gobbled it all up, & then they forgot it--just like you do food. (M: But then they have it still, don't they? Do you just have to go over it all again?) Again & again & again & again! (M: But then there are a lot of people who have it now.) They'll help you.

       50. YOU'LL HAVE LOTS & LOTS OF UNDER-SHEPHERDS. Thank You, Jesus! Thank You, Jesus! Honey, you're going to be so happy to feed them the Words of David! They're going to be so precious, so priceless, & you're going to be so happy to give them the Words!

       50. --YOU KNOW THAT? YOU ARE GOING TO BE THE STEWARDESS OF THE TREASURES OF THE WORDS. The sheep will come to you & beg of you, & insist on being fed.--And you will be so thankful to be able to give them something to eat. I love you, Sweet Baby. Oh, thank You Jesus! Don't you understand? Look! Look at the way they press upon you, Sweet Baby. Maria! Awake! Look! Maria! Maria! (M: Yes, I'm here.)

       52. LOOK AT THE SHEEP, HONEY BABY! Look how they press on you & they gang up on you! They're trying to get something to eat, & they nibble from your hand & from your bag, & they poke at you because they are so hungry. You have to feed them as fast as you can! (M: Will we do like we're doing now?) Oh no!

       53. NOW THEY HAVE A FLOOD, & THEY DON'T APPRECIATE IT. But then they will treasure every tiny little golden morsel, because then they will be starving & there will be a famine for the Word of God, & they will be so, so appreciative, so hungry! It's sad, but that's the way it is.--You know? You understand me?

       54. (M: MAYBE WE WON'T HAVE ENOUGH.) Oh yes, there's always enough. There's a famine, but there's enough to keep them alive. There will be. Oh Sweet Baby, I love you! I could tell you more, but I need a little drink because I'm so dry. Thank you, Sweet Baby, you're so faithful to all the needs of your Prophet.

       55. (M: BUT HOW ARE WE GOING TO DO IT?) It's beautiful, can't you see it? Don't you see the big bag? Well, you just reach in the bag & you pull it out & you feed it to them. It's so simple! (M: But why can't you stay here & do it?)

       56. OH HONEY, I'M SO TIRED & this old flesh is so rotten & corrupt & tired! Will you please give me a little more drink to assuage my sorrow & drown my pain & take away my misery. Jesus! In Jesus' name, help her to help me! (M: I don't know what we're going to do without you.)

       57. YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BE WITHOUT ME, HONEY--YOU GOTTA WHOLE BAG FULL OF ME!--Ha, ha! (M: But it's not like you're being here.) Oh, they're going to be more starved, more starved than ever before for every Word! It's going to be better. Now they have a flood, & they swim & they drown & they don't even appreciate it, but then they will be starving, & they'll come to you & besiege you & annoy you & poke at you for every little tiny grain!

       58. THEY'RE SO HUNGRY, SWEET BABY!--Do you see them? Look at the sheep on the hill! Look how they besiege you for every little tiny grain! They even try to steal it out of your pocket, Honey. Would you give me a little joy juice to assuage my pain? (M: Will we still print the Words?) Of course, my God, you couldn't possibly give it all spoonfed!

       59. (M: WILL WE STILL BE ABLE TO PRINT THEM & MAIL THEM?) We have to! You'll mail them & send them & pass them. Honey, you don't have to worry about that, because they're going to come to you begging for the Words. Oh, so beautiful! So pretty!

       60. YOU MAKE SUCH A GOOD SHEPHERDESS, HONEY! It's so beautiful! It's even prettier than the shepherd, you know? I think shepherdesses are prettier than shepherds. (M: You would!) Much more pretty! Look! Can you see how you hand out the grain, nibble by nibble from your big bag of RD's? (Rough Drafts.)

       61. (M: BUT WHAT WILL WE DO FOR THE EMERGENCIES?--I mean, the old stuff is good, but you have to have new things too.) Oh Honey, it's all good forever! (M: I know, but you have to have things for the new situations too!) Forever, O Lord, Thy Word is settled in Heaven!--New & old, it will come.

       62. YOU'LL FEED THEM, & YOU'LL TELL THEM HOW TO APPLY OLD PATCHES TO NEW SORES. It's the same, it's the same. It's never changed. It's still the Love of Jesus. I'll always help you. (M: You're going to help me?--How?) By my spirit, like I always do. (M: It was beautiful!) Of course it was, Jesus gave it, about the Shepherdess & her bag & all the corn.

       63. (M: ARE YOU ENCOURAGED?) Well, you're a little bit stingy & slow, but it's better than nothing. (M: Why am I?) You're lacking in confidence & faith, & so you don't give it out like you should. (M: Well, how can we remedy that?) To have more faith to feed the sheep faster. Just grab it with two hands instead of one, & feed the sheep fast, & don't worry about what it says.

       64. DON'T WORRY.--IT'S GOD'S WORD! It doesn't matter whether you understand it or not, as long as they eat it up. They have to have food, Honey Baby, even if they don't understand. Does Techi understand the chemical constituency in vitamins & the technical scientific constitution of every bite of food that she eats?--No!--She's just hungry! (M: Yes.) She gobbles it up!

       65. SO DON'T WORRY.--JUST GIVE IT TO THEM. Don't worry if you don't understand it or you don't know what it means. You just give it to them anyway, because they're hungry & they need it. (M: So am I going to be stingy?) Well, a little bit, because you are so concerned about everything being perfect! It's so ridiculous!

       66. (M: BUT I DON'T WANT TO BE STINGY!--Is it going to be that way?) Well, you're stingy already. You want everything just so, & I try to tell you it doesn't matter, you have to get it out quick! They're not going to be so particular. When you're starving, you're not so particular what kind of food you eat. You're just thankful for anything, & you've gotta give them the Word quick!--Please!

       67. JUST LIKE I NEED A LITTLE DRINK RIGHT NOW. Please, I don't care what kind of bottle it comes out of or what it is, I'm just dying of thirst, I'm so hungry & thirsty! Don't you understand? So you must not be so stingy. You just give them whatever comes. You reach in the bag & grab a handful & you hand it to them. You don't know which handful you are going to grab, do you? You don't know what is in your hand, do you? But you know it's God's Word, huh? Well, reach, reach! Grab, Honey!

       68. I NEED A RIVER OF WINE--THE WORD! My heart is so strong in the power of the Lord! I overcome more than most men. I mean, I could have died a long time ago & they could have killed me. But I'm so strong because God is strong! He strengthens my heart. Jesus, precious Jesus! So don't worry.

       69. LORD, IN JESUS' NAME, ABOUT THIS TOOTH, will you please have your way? Whatever is best, please give the dentist wisdom & skill, divine from above, not according to his natural understanding, but according to the will & Word of God, in Jesus' name, amen. The tooth is old & it is rotten & it needs to come out, so will You please show him how to do it, how to pull it out without too much trouble, in Jesus' name, amen.

       70. THAT'S SUCH A PRETTY, PRETTY PICTURE! Can't get it out of my head!--Of you on the little hill feeding all the lambs & His sheep out of your big bag. Honey, why are you so selfish? (M: I don't want to be.) Why are you so stingy? (M: Do I have to be?)

       71. WHY DO YOU JUST GIVE THEM LITTLE TINY NIBBLE BY NIBBLE BY NIBBLE? I think you like that. I think you like to do that.--To come & give one grain by grain by grain, in tiny little nibbles. But I think that's pretty selfish, Honey Baby. I know you're rich, & I know the grains are very precious, but do you think you should give them such little tiny bits? (M: No, does it have to be that way?) No, of course not!

       72. YOU CAN REACH IN YOUR BAG WITH TWO HANDFULS & HAND THEM LIKE THAT. (M: Well, will I do that?) If you will, if you feed them according to the will of David, you will reach in & grab two big handfuls & feed them like that. They'll all rush up & nibble--nibble, nibble, nibble! (M: Well, that's what I want to do then.) Yes, good girl, good girl!

       73. YOU FEED THEM WITH TWO HANDS, HONEY BABY, TWO THINGS--GIVE THEM TWO LETTERS AT ONCE, OK?--When I'm gone, all right? (M: All right, I'll try.) You have such a big bag! My God! It's so big! A leather jerkin. How could she have such a bag & be so stingy? Honey Baby, I don't think it's right for you to be so stingy. (M: I said I don't want to be stingy.) Then why don't you get it out, when your poor, poor, poor pitiful girls hunger for every Word that falls from the Queen's mouth?

       74. YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL WITH YOUR BIG BAG!--So big & leathery. But why are you so stingy? You just give them little tiny tiny handfuls & nibbles. (M: I hope I won't be.) You need to take both hands & take it out & spread it out before the sheep, throw it to them. They will feel so hungry & so satisfied, Honey. Take both hands, please, & throw it to them.

       75. THERE ARE SO MANY! There are hundreds & hundreds & thousands & thousands who are so hungry! Maria! Don't you understand? They're so hungry, thousands & thousands & hundreds & hundreds! Don't just give them a little tiny pinch! You have to give them two big double handfuls every time you reach in the bag. (M: All right.) OK?

       76. HONEY, THE WORDS ARE JUST AS GOOD EVEN IF I'M DEAD. The Word of God lives on, don't you understand? (M: But won't you give me some more?) I'll give you all I can. I've given you more already than you can even publish. (M: But can you give me some more after you're gone?) Of course. (M: Are you sure?) Of course. It depends on how faithful you are with what I've already given you.

       77. IT DEPENDS ON WHETHER YOU FEED THE SHEEP OR NOT, WHETHER I FILL YOUR BAG OR NOT. It depends. If you empty & feed them, then I refill. (M: If I empty the bag & feed them, then you'll refill it?) Oh my God, Honey, you've got such a big bag already, it's so full! It'll take you from now till Jesus comes to empty it!--You know that?

       78. YOU HAVE ALL THESE WORDS STORED UP IN YOUR BAG & you could give so many many people help, but you say, "Come back tomorrow, come back tomorrow." (M: Well, if I'm going to do that, I shouldn't be the one to give them, should I?) Of course you're the one, Honey Baby! (M: Someone else should.) Of course you're the one, because you love the sheep.

       79. YOU'RE JUST A LITTLE BIT SLOW that's all. You're a little bit slow & a little bit selfish in getting them out. (David speaks in his language, & Abrahim says: "This stupid woman who can't understand the simplest Arabic tongue!") (M: Is there more? What's the rest?) What's the rest? There is no rest--except in David!

       PTL! GBY! ILY! I hope this was an inspiration to you as much as it was to me! -- It made me cry! -- You couldn't know a more unselfish, self-sacrificial one than Maria! -- But we can always do more, amen? -- She loves you! -- Dad

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family