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THE WOUNDS OF A FRIEND!       DO839       8/79

       --(Editing, Comments & Underlining by Dad.)

       --Dad scolds the Social Studies Dept. Head of a famous University for betrayal! He is very fond of us & has published much about us, but mistakenly gave the address of one of our bitterest enemies to an enquiring Japanese parent!

Dear Dad,       30/5/79

       IT WAS GOOD TO GET A MESSAGE FROM YOU, even though that message was a rather sharp rebuke! (You deserved it!--Dad.) It arrived in the same post as the very first copy of my book (Congratulations!--D.) which I am enclosing with this letter. (Thanks,--D.) At long last "Sex, Marriage & the Children of God" is in print. (--40 whole pages!--D.) It has already been read by hundreds of people in mimeographed form, but it is great to see it in print & available through any bookstore. (--Good for you!--D.)

              DAD, I KIND OF HOPE THAT THIS MAY BE PART OF AN ANSWER to your query. Writing about the Family in the way I have has brought me a lot of enemies too. There are many people who will have nothing to do with me, because they believe I am too favourable to the Family in what I write. (The Jews thought Pilate was too, & he did try to defend Jesus!--But!--D.) I have lots of letters from people refusing to see me because they think I am really a follower (Hope so!--D.) of yours & not at all an objective social scientist. I keep on telling people like that that I am not out to convert anyone to the Family, but just trying to be honest about it in my writings & in my dealings. (Pilate was honest too, but one day he had to make a choice!--Jesus said, "You're for me or against me!" Mt.12:30.--D.) Have I failed at that Dad? (--No, we believe you're trying to be fair & honest.--So was Pilate!--But when the Jews put the pressure on, he betrayed Him!--D.)

              LOOK AGAIN AT THESE TWO ESSAYS ON THE FAMILY (Chapters 4 & 5.) Chapter 4--which you remember I wrote & published before having any close contact with the Family & on the basis of material gathered almost entirely through Frampton & MacPherson, the Family's two bitterest enemies--still reads pretty fairly, doesn't it? (--Amen!--Very!--And a miracle after those two guys!--D.) And Chapter 5--going out in a book with my name on the cover so that its content will always be associated with me & will affect my entire career (--Yes, & the choice is up to you! God will bless those who bless us, & curse those who don't! Gen.12:3.--D.) one way or another in the course of time--doesn't that read like the work of someone who is trying pretty damned hard to give the Family a fair hearing? (--Yes!--So did Pilate!--D.)

       IN MY LETTERS TO THE HOME OFFICE, TO THE GERMAN MAGAZINE, etc., haven't I spoken out for the Family (Thanks!--D.) when I felt it was being wronged? I would have hoped that by these actions & my constant attention to the Family & to you over these past four years I would have proven my loyalty & friendship. (--It seemed so.--That's why we were so shocked you betrayed us!--D.)

              HOWEVER, TO DEAL WITH THE PARTICULAR MATTER YOU RAISED, you are quite right, I did give Frampton's address to a Japanese gentleman. (Sad day!--D.) There are a number of things that I would say about this.

              FIRST, I CAN ONLY SPEAK CONVINCINGLY TO GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS, newspapers, etc., about the Family if they can believe that I am, as far as I possibly can be, impartial. (--I believe you're trying to be, but "There Are No Neutrals!"--So I believe you're for us.--D.) That means that I do not accept everything the Family says at face value, but that I check it out, by looking for myself, or by talking to people who have left the Family, or even by talking to its bitterest enemies. Because I talk with them does not mean that I will therefore betray the Family to them, nor that I would cooperate with them in bringing any harm to the Family. So I do have contact with people like Frampton.

       WHEN THE JAPANESE GENTLEMAN WROTE TO ME I hoped at first to be able to see him myself but then found I would be away at the time. I had formed the impression from his correspondence that he was already an enemy of the Family, that he was already hostile. I doubted, therefore, whether he would really listen to me at all & since he probably only wanted to hear the negative, he might as well get it from Frampton. (--Too bad he didn't instead of from you!--D.) Now I may have misunderstood him, & whether I did or not, it was probably an error of judgement on my part to point him towards Frampton. (--Sure was!--D.) Dad, I can only apologise for that.

              IT DID NOT OCCUR TO ME AT THE TIME that this was something to which the Family would strongly object. I simply didn't see the implications (That contact can flood Japan with their anti-COG shit for the first time, an area that has been free from it & where we've been well liked & generally accepted!--D.) & I am sorry to have made such a mistake. (--Sure was!--D.) I ask you to forgive me Dad. (--Of course, but can't undo the damage!--Read the story about "The Pastor's Pillow"! (FC No.13.)--D.)

              MAYBE YOU WOULD AGREE THAT FOR AN OUTSIDER with a lot of sensitive material at his disposal, I haven't made too many mistakes, have I? (--Hope not!--At least, at last, it got you your own personal ML!--Ha!--But when that's necessary, folks don't usually like'm!--Ha!--D.) I see that this was one, & I have learned from it. I hope you will accept my apology, forgive me my error, & welcome me back (--We'll try--provided we hear of no more betrayals!--D.) to a trusted place in your confidence. This was a thoughtless & careless deed & I feel very bad about having been the occasion of your anger. Dad, forgive me will you?--Roy.

       1. (GLAD YOU KNOW IT & ARE SORRY.--Be sorriest for the poor kids in Japan who will suffer for it, & the poor Japanese parents who'll now be deceived & led against us by our enemies lies!--That's the sad part!--You can't stop it! God can forgive us for our sins, but it's hard or impossible to undo the damage they've done, & we often have to suffer & watch others suffer for them the rest of our lives!--And maybe after! Let's hope the good you've done may outweigh some of this evil!

       2. (IT'S HARD FOR ME TO FORGIVE FRAMPTON, PATRICK & THEIR ILK for torturing, destroying & even killing some of our kids!--Hell's almost too good for them! You'd do better to have nothing to do with them, except as a spy for us!--Ha!

       3. (MEANWHILE, UNTIL WE KNOW WHERE YOU STAND, you'll have to get your Family lit like everybody else--$10 gift a month for DFOs or 10% Tithe for DOs too. Sorry.--Write Box 241, WS-WWMM for more info.
       --With regrets,--Dad

       4. (P.S.--IF YOU CAN TAKE THIS, you're still a friend!--Pro.27:6 & 15:31.)


       (Excerpts from Roy's reply) 1/9

Dear Dad

              I REALISE MY CARELESSNESS & LACK OF WISDOM in the matter of the Japanese gentleman. The idea that I might have been responsible for a wave of publicity against the Family in Japan is just awful. It will I hope teach me to exercise more caution in all such matters in future. (--Amen!--Dad.)

              SAD TO SAY, DAD, I DON'T THINK MY FAMILY'S BUDGET is geared to a 10% tithe. I wish you could feel able to relent on this one.

              THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR HELPFUL & awakening rebuke! (--TTL!--Dad.)
       Best regards, Roy

       Dear Roy: --PTL! GBY! 1/9/79

       GLAD YOU GOT THE POINT!--Sorry to I had to scold, but you needed it.--OK.--Just send what you can.--They must be worth something!?--5 pounds a month?--Trusting you in His Love,--D.)

Dear Dad,       18/9/79

              YOU ARE INDEED A WISE & GRACIOUS MAN. I'll try not to fail you again.
       Respects, Roy.

       P.S. YOUR LETTERS ARE PRICELESS Dad, but I'll certainly send 5 pounds a month for them!

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