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GBY & GIJN! WE LOVE & PRAY FOR YOU--especially now as you diligently labour to build fruitful LLIMMs which minister & feed your sheep in the languages of your lands. It's what they have needed for years, & you're now helping to fulfill their desire to have all the words of David in their own language. God bless you for doing such a marvellous job! PTL!

ENCLOSED YOU WILL FIND AN ADVANCED COPY OF A NEW LETTER which will be printed shortly, Lord willing, called "Good News for Bilingual Homes!" In it, you will find the generous offer which we are giving to both the LLIMMs & all the Homes in bilingual areas: The Family News Magazine in both English & the local language for the usual 10% of a bilingual Home's total income, & each LLIMMs an even split of this WS 10% tithe to pay for it--starting December 1st!

WE BELIEVE THIS NEW PLAN WILL GREATLY ENCOURAGE YOU as well as the homes as they receive the needed Words in both languages which they need to be properly fed, as well as to have seed corn for printing GP lit for distribution.

THIS WILL CAUSE A DRASTIC CHANGE ON THE LLIMM LEVEL, as virtually every bilingual Home in non-English speaking countries will begin to report monthly to their LLIMM rather than to WS. So while you LLIMMs will be receiving a greater financial blessing of the shared 50/50 split, you will also be helping to relieve the burden from WS of reading Reports, compiling stats, handling finances & helping in the pastoring of the nearby local language Homes.

IN ORDER TO MAKE THIS NEW PLAN WORK, IT WILL TAKE THE UTMOST IN DILIGENCE & FAITHFULNESS ON THE PART OF EACH LLIMM in order to guarantee the Homes that they are receiving their bi-monthly mailings without fail, that their questions are being answered & the cord is being shortened between the local Homes & your reporting offices.

ENCLOSED ALSO WITH THIS LETTER IS A CLASS from WS explaining the different stats procedures, handling of address lists, finances, correspondence, as well as instructions on how to send WS half of the tithe from bilingual Homes, etc. Please study them thoroughly, as those who have written these classes have had years of experience, & by following them you should be able to set up an efficient well-running office.

YOUR KQLs WILL ALSO BE COUNSELING & HELPING YOU in setting up your office procedures as well as your Mail Ministry, as this is a joint effort between us all to help the Homes receive more for less & to bring about a closer, more untied, inspired Family.

DAD SAID, "WE'RE GOING TO DO WHAT I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO--TRY & PUSH THE JOB DOWN to the local levels where it needs to be done. Nobody can take care of them like a local pastor. We can't take care of them from the top. We can write letters, compile stats & funds, but we cannot sufficiently pastor them or produce the local literature or take care of them the way they can be taken care of by their local LLIMM on the local level in the local language.

IT HAS BEEN A DREAM OF MINE FROM THE BEGINNING, that each local language area should be able to take care of itself, its own Mailing Ministry, its own local literature, its distribution & now the stats & funds."

THE NEW 50/50 SPLIT OF THE BILINGUAL HOME'S 10% TITHE NOW REPLACES ALL OTHER PERCENTAGES. There is no longer the KQL/WS split, the TCC percentage, the OP2DM 1/2% or the special 10% donation from WS to the LLIMMs. Starting with the November Home Servants' Reports sent December 1st, the LLIMMs from then on will now only split the bilingual Home's 10% tithe 50/50 between WS & the LLIMMs. We hope you appreciate this new plan & the sacrifice that WS is making to help insure that your LLIMM can financially support itself in order to help to feed your flock.--U single-language Homes cont. 2 send your full 10% Tithe to WS or KQL for English, or LLIMM for local lang only.

ON A WORLDWIDE BASIS, WE ESTIMATE THAT WS WILL ACTUALLY BE PRODUCING TWO-THIRDS OF THE FAMILY'S LITERATURE in English at first, while the LLIMMs together will be producing only one-third. WS also has 186 people to support in the various WS Units around the world. But in order to guarantee that you LLIMMs will not only survive but flourish, Dad is willing to give this new 50/50 split to you, knowing that the Lord will always repay & supply our needs. PTL!--If you are faithful!--Amen?

THE NEW STATS & FINANCE HANDLING PROCEDURES ON THE LOCAL LEVEL will require that you find good, diligent office personnel, & it is up to you & your KQLs to make a talent hunt for those who have these abilities. Dad said, "They need to go around & find talent, who's really got the goods, who's got the pastor's heart, the shepherd's heart, & can really get down there & make that LLIMM work, & make that Mail Ministry work, & make that distribution work, & make the local pastoring work, & do the whole job right down at the local level!"

SO WE'RE PRAYING ALONG WITH YOU THAT THE LORD WILL RAISE UP THE NEEDED PERSONNEL, & we're sure He will, as "Where God guides, He provides!"--Amen?--Each LLIMM will now be responsible to collect your local LLIMM & bilingual stats & these Homes' 10% tithe, forwarding WS's half to your CRO, who in turn will check to make sure they are done properly & then forwarded to WS with the various LLIMM totals & the WS share.

THIS WILL MEAN MUCH MORE WORK ON THE PART OF THE LLIMMs, but also much more income for printing local lit, & should bring about a great indigenous ministry at the local level. Dad said, "Do you understand what I'm trying to do?--I'm trying to get rid of these top supervisory bigshots way up in Heaven somewhere & give the job to the little shots down at the bottom grass roots next to the little people!

"OF COURSE IT IS EASIER FOR THE PARENT TO DO EVERYTHING FOR THE CHILD. The parent knows how to do it, & could do it quicker & faster & more efficient & better than the child. But if the parent never trains the child & teaches the child how to do it, the parent will have to do all the jobs for all the kids for all their lives, & they will never learn how to do things for themselves & develop new leaders. You will never grow up, you will never be able to do anything for yourself or amount to anything.

"OF COURSE IT'S A TOUGH JOB, it is harder to teach you to do it than to do it ourselves. It is much easier to run a dictatorship from the top & do most of the work ourselves, it's more efficient, cheaper & certain. But we're never going to teach you anything & get your local language areas properly taken care of at your local level if we don't push the job down to your local level!"

SO THIS IS THE NEW LLIMM PLAN, & we hope & pray that you are all willing to accept this new challenge as we continue to revolute in the ever-changing kingdom of God! As Dad prayed, "Revolutions are not easy, Lord. They are difficult transitions to go through, but we trust each Revolution has been an improvement, so we reached a higher & better level each time.

"IT'S LIKE GOING UP STAIRS, LORD. Each step is an effort & causes a certain pull & strain. But as we pull ourselves up to the next step & arrive there, we are better off then than we were on the step below. It takes an effort, strength, strain, direction, motion & movement with each new revolution in order to make progress.

"IT TAKES SACRIFICE & CHANGES & all the new ways & things that are sometimes difficult. Changes of any kind are a little difficult to get used to. But we thank You, Lord, that Thy Family has been able to take them one by one, & sometimes in whole doses, & we have survived & come out better in the end!

"WE BELIEVE WE ARE DOING BETTER NOW THAN WE WERE BEFORE, in spite of many losses, trials & changes. It's been a continual purification, a purging, & each time a greater simplification of our whole organisation, methods & all, as we're constantly striving for new improvements to better reach the world with Thy Love. Help us to make it again, in Jesus' name, amen."

--WILL YOU DO YOUR BEST? Let's work together to make ours a better & greater & more effective Family for His service than ever before!--Amen?--We're counting on you!--And Him! PTL! GBY!--WLY!

Remember!: Homes who need only English lit continue to Report to your KQL or WWIMM as usual. Only Bilingual Homes who want both English & local language lit or only LL lit will now Report only to your LLIMM beginning Dec. 1!--If U have any questions, write WS in Zurich.

MGBAKYACTMYABTM! Much love & prayers in His service together, Peter Amsterdam, --Mo & Maria

"Because they have no changes, therefore they fear not God!" Ps.55:19. Changes help you trust God!--Amen?--And every change is a Revolution for the better! GBY! ILY!--Dad--The only alternative to centralization is responsible indigenuity!--Amen?

Peter Amsterdam & M&M
Your WS Servants for a better World! Hallelujah! GBYALL! Let's do it! NOW!
--In Jesus' name!--Amen!--You've done it before--you can do it again!--Amen?--It's an R. for J.!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family