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THE SECRET!--By Father David       DFO845       13 April 1978
There are a number of things that are pretty controversial along the line of Timothy not being allowed to have any love for his flesh wife etc.. I'm not sure of the legal implications so I marked them.
--(10 months before Timothy Left!)

       1. (MARIA: WHAT WERE YOU SAYING ABOUT LOVE?) I said God is Love. Love is God & God is Love. He's always said that a long time, the Bible says it! God is Love, Love is God. The greatest commandment is to love.

       2. (MARIA: AND LOVE IS AN EMOTION.) And love is an emotion. An emotion. Something which causes you to move out into something good--love--an emotion. So I don't like people that are ruled by their cold calculating cruel minds.

       3. I LIKE PEOPLE WHO ARE RULED BY EMOTIONS, like me. I'm ruled by emotion, my love, desire, sex, affection, sympathy, love. That's me. I think so, isn't it? Isn't that me? (Maria: Yes, it definitely is. That's the greatest thing.)

       4. I DON'T LIKE THESE COLD CALCULATING MENTALISTS. Mentalists are mental-less. I want emotion, I want emotion. (Maria: So you think that's the best way then? So being sexy really is good because it's being emotional.) It's being honest. (Maria: But some people just aren't that way.)

       5. NOT TO BE SEXY IS NOT NATURAL. God made us to be sexy, He made us to be emotional, He made us to be loving & kind, emotional. We're creatures of emotion, & love, desire. The Devil is Satanically intellectual, he is a god of knowledge.

       6. INTELLECTUALITY BRINGS PRIDE. Knowledge brings pride. Love & emotion is humiliating & humbling. Sex is humbling. Love is humbling. All these other God-damned things are of the Devil--pride, intellectuality, knowledge, power--they're cold icicles!

       7. (MARIA: WHY THEN THOUGH WOULD THE LORD HAVE MADE WHOLE GROUPS OF PEOPLE under different sunsigns with those particularly strong traits?) For balance, for balance. (Maria: Is it still of the Devil?) No, no. But the Devil rules & reigns more over certain signs than others.

       8. (MARIA: BUT YOU COULDN'T SAY THE DEVIL RULES & REIGNS MORE OVER AQUARIANS than some other signs?) It depends on what Aquarian. Some Aquarians are cold, cruel, calculating, proud, fame-seeking Aquarians. In every sign there is a good side & a bad side. A positive side & a negative side. In every single sign there's good & evil. And it all depends on which side you choose, whether you choose to be good or be evil.

       9. YOUR SIGN IS EITHER POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE. You can choose the positives or the negatives, the good or the evil. You can choose the good & eschew the evil. That's what God has left up to your choice. And that's the evil the Devil brought into the garden, the choice of the knowledge of evil.

       10. YOU CAN TAKE YOUR PICK. You can either live up to your good side of the positive things of your sign, or you can live up to the bad side, the negative things of your sign. You know that. (Maria: But now it becomes a decision as to what is good & what is bad.) Yes, that's what we're here for.

       11. YOU'RE HERE TO MAKE THE CHOICE, you're here to make the decision, whether you will choose the good & eschew the evil, or choose the evil & eschew the good. (Maria: But sometimes it's difficult finding which is the good & knowing which is the evil.) No, no, never, never! It's never difficult.

       12. THE DECISION IS SO CLEARCUT you can never ever ever ever have any problem finding the difference. (Maria: I think some might say that it's difficult.) Only the problem cases, only the problem cases who are hanging in the balance, who have a lot of pride & a lot of selfishness,

       13. ONLY THEY HAVE ANY PROBLEM FINDING THE DIFFERENCE. (Maria: Even myself I wondered, well am I attacking Timothy too much with sex? He can do without it so

       14. (WHY SHOULD I IMPOSE A LOT OF SEX ON HIM?) To humble him. To humble him. To humble him down to Earth & show him he needs it whether he likes it or not.

       15. (MARIA: HONEY, WHY DID I HAVE A MISCARRIAGE, why didn't I continue?) Because you didn't want it. (Maria: I really didn't mind that much.) You did. Very much, you fought it. In the spirit. In the spirit world you resented it very very strongly. (Maria: In my own natural mind I didn't realise that I really resented it that much.)

       16. YOUR OWN NATURAL CARNAL MIND RESISTED IT & fought it & hated it & didn't want it. And you fought me & you argued against me & you said no, no, no, no, I don't want it! And so God delivered you.

       17. (MARIA: WELL IS IT THE LORD'S WILL THAT I HAVE IT?) Of course, Honey. (Maria: Well then will I have it now?) You're going to have Techi. (Maria: Am I ready now?) And you're willing. (Maria: OK, I'm willing.) And when you want her. (Maria: Well Honey, I never really wanted Davidito, but I got Davidito anyway.)

       18. DEAR LITTLE TECHI, HONEY, SHE WAS SO SWEET, she was so beautiful, she had such cute little brown curly hair. (Maria: Did she look like. ... Oh, you didn't see her.) Yes I saw her, of course I saw her! (Maria: She was sort of in the shadow you said.) It was pretty dark in the room. She said, "My name is Techi, I'm 5 years old, I'm Davidito's little sister!" Beautiful!

       19. (MARIA: WHAT IS HER REAL NAME? What is Techi a nickname of?) Well ... something about Atichofa. ... Atichofa. ... Atichofa. ... Atichofa. ... It's a very long name. (Maria: Who was she?) Techi? (Maria: No, Atichofa.) She's your little girl, Honey. (Maria: I know but is Atichofa a Guanche name?) Of course! (Maria: Why are we supposed to name her that?) Because she's going to be known in Tenerife.

       20. (MARIA: SO IS TIMOTHY GOING TO WANT TO HAVE THIS BABY?) Oh, he is going to want this baby more than any baby he ever had, because he is going to love you more than any love he ever had, & going to want you to have his baby more than any baby!

       21. (MARIA: REALLY?) Of course, Honey! (Maria: Is that just your wishful thinking?) No! What are you talking about, Honey? He loves me. He wants me. He wants you more than any woman he ever had. He wants you to have his baby more than any baby he ever had, & me too, & he knows it. (Maria: What do you mean, & you too?)

       22. AND ME TOO, BECAUSE I WANT IT. [DELETED] He's got to work hard & he'd better work, & you'd better work too.

       23. (MARIA: SO HIS INTELLECTUALITY GETS IN HIS WAY, huh? His mind gets in his way?) Oh, his carnal mind, his carnal intellectuality, so stupid & ridiculous & idiotic, it makes me sick! The spirit is so much more beautiful. (Maria: Don't you think he's...) He has the spirit, he has some spirit & he'd better yield to it or else I'm going to clobber him!

       24. I'M GOING TO CLOBBER HIM WITH THE POWER OF GOD! Beat him over the head with you, the Spirit of God, he can't resist. He has to fuck & fuck & fuck & fuck & fuck until he gives me some seed. Because I don't have hardly any seed anymore.

       25. (MARIA: BUT HONEY, A LOT OF TIMES IT SEEMS LIKE HE HAS A LOT MORE OF THE SPIRIT & he knows how to make decisions & he really gets answers from the Lord a lot more than I do.) More than what? More than me? (Maria: No, more than I do.) Oh, Honey, you're the Queen, you're the consort of the King. The Queen, the Queen. So forget it. The King rules by the divine right of kings. God rules over all.

       26. IT'S A VERY IMPORTANT DISCUSSION. (Maria: Why Honey?) So you can know the truth, & the truth will make you free. So you can be free of Timothy & he can be bound to you. You must be free but he must be bound. [DELETED]

       27. HE WILL BE SO BOUND TO YOU, he's not going to be totally free, he's going to have a battle. But that's what they must know, he loves you the most. He knows you love him the most. (Maria: Not more than you, for sure!) No, no, no, no, of course not! (Maria: Yes, but you said "the most," you mean more than Rachel or Deborah?) Yes!

       28. HE'S GOT TO LOVE YOU MORE THAN THEM, or he's not fit for the kingdom. He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me. He that loveth anyone else more than me is not worthy of me. Don't you understand? He that loveth wife or sweetheart more than me, meaning you in this case, is not worthy of me. Do you understand?

       29. (MARIA: I KNOW HE LIKES ONE OF THE GIRLS A LOT, she does a lot for him.) So what! He had better not like her more than the Queen. He had better not like her nor [EDITED: "anyone"] more than the Queen. We're going to teach him a little lesson who is really the Queen. That's what we're going to do.

       30. SHE'S NO LONGER QUEEN UNTIL SHE EARNS IT & deserves it. Proves it. By her fidelity & loyalty & faithfulness to you. You are the Queen, don't ever forget it. I want to warn you of something.

       31. YOU'D BETTER FINISH YOUR CHARM. You'd better finish your charm. What do you call it? You'd better finish your enchantment before they come, finish the process of enchantment. (Maria: It's not finished yet?) No, no, no, (Maria: I only have a few days.) Another showed him what sex is, what flesh is tonight, to show him it doesn't compare with you, that you have the spirit & charm.

       32. YOU'VE GOT THE REAL ENCHANTMENT, & you'd better really pour it on really strong for the next few nights till they come. So that when they come, he doesn't want anybody but you. So he's sick of everything else & everybody else. (Maria: That would be a little difficult for him to live with Deborah every day, not wanting anybody but me.) Yes, but it's gotta be!

       33. HE CANNOT HAVE ANYBODY ELSE TAKING PRIORITY OVER HIS QUEEN. He cannot have anybody else that he would rather have than you, so you'd better spread it on thick. You understand me? OK. Turn it on, Honey. Use you eyes, your mind & your spirit & your body & your charm, so he'll never ever want anything else, nothing better than you. (Maria: I'll try, Lord helping me.)

       34. [DELETED] Take him, Honey. Because if he doesn't, I don't want him!

       35. IF HE'S NOT TOTALLY CAPTIVATED BY YOU, I CAN'T USE HIM. If he wouldn't rather have you than [DELETED] anyone else, if he doesn't know that by then, just forget it. Do you hear me? OK. Turn it on, Honey, you can do it.

       36. BECAUSE YOU'RE GOD'S WITCH. You're God's witch, & he can't resist you. OK, run quick & get me my swallow, I love you. He has to love his Queen & his King, his Queen more than any woman in this whole world, don't you understand?--Or it's treason!

       37. IF HE DOESN'T LOVE YOU THE MOST, IT'S TREASON! If he loves [EDITED: "others"] more than you, that's disloyalty, don't you understand? (Maria: But it has to be the Lord that gives the love.) Of course! The Lord's trying to give the love. (Maria: So he's just got to be yielded to it?) Of course, he's got to receive it.

       38. MY GOD, YOU ARE GOD'S LOVE! You're giving it to him. You're giving him God's love. I mean, he's got to either receive it or reject it. Thank God, so far he's received it. But he's got to love it more than theirs, or it is treason. We cannot have a man who loves anything or anyone else more than you, & me, & the Lord.

       39. [DELETED] Do you understand? OK. To love anyone more than you, therefore, is treason.--And idolatry. Understand? Huh? (Maria: Yes.) Do you understand? (Maria: Yes.) Look at me!

       40. BURY YOURSELF IN MY SPIRIT! Unite yourself with me. OK? So whithersoever he goeth he cannot escape our spirits. He dare not trade for another. You're part of me. Yes, see? You see? You're mine!

       41. HE CANNOT HAVE YOU WITHOUT ME. (Maria: Amen, that's for sure!) And he cannot have us without God. And he cannot have God without us. And he cannot have those ridiculous little foppet muppets of his past! Those other women. He cannot have them above you.

       42. TO HAVE THEM ABOVE YOU IS TO HAVE THEM ABOVE ME. And he'd better learn real fast where his priorities are! Do you understand? A little sex, a little flesh, a little more fucking of the penis, & he'd better learn to recognise that you're the best, or he's going to be gone! Comprendé? A little sex, a little flesh & a little more fucking with the penis, & he had better know there is nothing better on this Earth than you!

       43. IF THAT'S ALL HE WANTS, LET HIM HAVE IT. If he can be satisfied with less than the best, let him have it. In that case, God has someone else, someone who would rather have you & me than anyone else in this whole world. You know?--If he's not going to put you & me & the Lord first. If he's going to put [EDITED: "anyone else"] first, then let him go.

       44. THEY'RE ALL FLESH, TOO FLESHLY, & TOO SELF-RIGHTEOUS! (Maria: What is self-righteous?) His own righteousness. (Maria: How is his self-righteousness manifested?) Self-righteousness is of the flesh & the Devil & exalts itself above God, above God Himself & above love & above all things.

       45. SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS SAYS, "BEHOLD, I AM LUCIFER, the Archangel of Light, & behold, I will become as the Most High! I will exalt myself above the heavens & become as God Himself in my righteousness! I am right! I am God!"

       46. AND THIS IS THE GREATEST OF ALL SINS. This is the worst of all wickedness, the most damnable of all despicableness! (Maria: But how does it manifest itself in Timothy?)--In self-righteousness.

       47. (MARIA: I MEAN, HOW IS HIS SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS MANIFESTED?) In any any any attraction to the loves of the past! His allegiance must be totally unto thee & you must be his supreme love. (Maria: Why would that be self-righteousness, to love the loves of the past?)

       48. BECAUSE IT'S DEFIANCE AGAINST THE WILL OF GOD! (Maria: Ah, & that's self-righteousness?) Of course! To put your righteousness above the righteousness of God is the ultimate sin! To put your will above the will of God is the ultimate sin!

       49. TO SAY THAT YOU KNOW BETTER THAN GOD, that you would prefer [EDITED: "some other lover"] above your Queen, the anointed of God, you--is the ultimate in wickedness, the ultimate in self-righteousness, the ultimate in horror, horror, absolute horror! I love you, Sweet Baby. (Maria: I love you, My Love.)

       50. (DAVID SPEAKS IN A RUSSIAN-SOUNDING LANGUAGE.) (Maria: What is it?) That's what it is--you don't like it? (Maria: Yes.) You like it? (Maria: Yes.) (Sings a little Russian song.) Do you remember me? (Maria: Yes, Ivan?) Si! (Maria: Why are you here now?)

       51. I'VE COME TO SING TO YOU. To sing to you, to sing to you. (Maria: Are you the one that's been telling me about Timothy?) No. (Maria: Why did you come then?) Abrahim tells you about Timothy, I'll tell you about Abrahim! Ha, ha!

       52. (MARIA: OK, WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ABRAHIM?) He's an old rascal! I knew him way way back in the Urals, he's an old old rascal! (Maria: Did you know him in Russia, Ivan?) Of course I knew him! (Maria: Were you old drinking buddies?) Yes, we were old drinking buddies, along with what's his name, in the bottom of the boat?

       53. (MARIA: ALEX?) ALEXANDER! (Maria: All three of you together?) Alexander. Yes!--And our nice sweet soft-sucking girlfriends. [DELETED] [EDITED: "I"]t was such a nice hot comic! My God, those Italians, they're going to have a lot to trouble because they give us a lot of trouble!

       54. DON'T WORRY ABOUT ABRAHIM, Honey. (Maria: Where is he right now?) He's right here! He never ever leaves me! (Maria: Well, how come you said he was going to be Visiting Servant to all those countries?) When I'm sleeping--but I'm not sleeping now.

       55. (MARIA: JUST WHEN YOU'RE SLEEPING HE GOES?) Yes, of course. (Maria: How can he leave you when you're sleeping?) Because then I don't need him. (Maria: Why don't you need him?) Because I'm asleep! (Maria: But what's the difference?)

       56. YOU DON'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE? My God, you don't know the difference in when you are awake & when you're asleep? (Maria: Yes, but why do you need him now & not five minutes later when you go to sleep?) Because he's my guardian angel, Honey, You know that! You're so silly & ridiculous! How can you be so stupid!

       57. HE'S MY GUARDIAN ANGEL. When I'm awake, he has to be here to protect me from you. (Maria: From me? What would I do to you?) You might steer me wrong somehow. Or you might love somebody else too much. (Maria: So what would he do about it?)

       58. HE HAS TO KEEP YOU HERE & make you love me more than anybody else in the whole world. (Maria: He's doing that?) Of course he's doing that! (Maria: He's making me love you more than anybody else in the whole world?) Of course he is, Honey! (Maria: Abrahim?) Yes! He's my guardian angel. He doesn't dare let you love anybody else more than me.

       59. (MARIA: OF COURSE I WOULDN'T!) Yes, you would! You would, yes you would, you would love a young strong virile sexy big strong penis man! You would, you would, you couldn't help yourself, you would want some nice young man instead of your David.

       60. (MARIA: NO, NEVER, HONEY!) So Abrahim's got to stay here & protect David & make you love him more. (Maria: I don't think he has to make me.) Oh, he does! But he does anyway, whether you like it or not, he makes you love David above all the rest anyway.

       61. HE MAKES YOU LOVE HIM & fuck him & fuck him ... want to? (Maria: OK.) No, no, we don't need to, I'd rather talk about Abrahim. Do you want to hear about Abrahim? (Maria: Yes!) We were talking about something else, what happened?

       62. (MARIA: WE WERE TALKING ABOUT TIMOTHY, then we were talking about Ivan, you were singing, & then we were talking about Abrahim. But that's all the wine & you have to go to sleep.) No, that's not all. I know where there's some more! (Laughs loudly!)

       63. I'M A PROPHET, HONEY, don't try to kid me! Ha, ha! (Maria: No more, Sweetheart, no more.) I can, I can. I can because, you know why? Because you love me! (Maria: I love you so much I don't want you to drink too much.) And Jesus loves me. And I love.

       64. AND ABRAHIM LOVES ME & Alex loves me & you want to have some fun, & you want to learn some more about Abrahim & Alex & Ivan Ivanovitch & Timothy & Rachel & Deborah, & if you give me a little more wine to lubricate my tongue, I'll give you some information, some very very very secret information you would like to have about Timothy.

       65. THAT HE HAS TO MAKE YOU HIS FIRST LOVE above all other loves. He must love you the most, more than Rachel & more than Deborah, more than everybody. He has to love you. (Maria: You already told me that, so that wasn't secret information.)

       66. IT WAS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION, what are you talking about? (Maria: Don't you have any secret information?) What kind of secrets do you want? That's very important, that he must love you above all other women. That's the secret! That he has to love you above all other women. Above Deb, above Rachel, above what's her name? (Maria: Deborah?) Deborah. Above Sara. Above Sue.

       67. EVEN IN SOME WAYS HE NEEDS TO LOVE YOU OVER ME. You got a lot of information tonight, Honey. I think you're getting more information than you paid for.

       68. (MARIA: WHAT'S GRANDFATHER DOING RIGHT NOW?) Oh Honey, you know what Grandfather's doing! (Maria: Is he here with you?) No! I mean we have very good communication, but he's over there. Look, see right over there? You know what that is? That is Jungfrau Mountain! It's right over there.

       69. (MARIA: WHAT'S HE DOING?) He's waiting for us to come see him, Honey. I want to go & see him. (Maria: Why doesn't he come over & see us?) Honey, he's here anytime he wants to be, but he wants us to come see him.

       70. (MARIA: WHERE'S HEIDI?) Honey, you must be crazy! You're Heidi! (Maria: I'm Heidi?) Of course! You're Heidi! You have Heidi's spirit. You have Heidi's spirit, don't you remember? (Maria: So I can't be there if I'm here?)

       71. HONEY, WHEN YOU'RE IN THE SPIRIT YOU ARE BOTH PLACES. I'm here, & I'm there, with dear dear dear Grandfather in his cave he liked so much he burned up the whole hotel because he didn't like them! (See "Heidi," No.206.) Now do you know the secret?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family