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THE KING'S LOVE!--By Father David       DO847       15 April 1978
--A Love Story!--A Year Before Timothy Left Us!

       1. IT WASN'T REALLY UNTIL AFTER JESUS DIED & was gone to be with the Father that His Words were really recorded & published. There's plenty of what the Lord has given me & what He's said that is still very very important & still will be a great blessing & inspiration to the kids when I'm gone.

       2. EVEN THOUGH I'M NO LONGER HERE, THEY CAN STILL HEAR FROM ME, Amen? You understand? And you, Timothy, will be a very great strength to Maria. If ever she needed you, Son, she's going to need you then. I don't expect to depart today or tomorrow--oh, I could, & sometimes I feel like it--but when I do,

       3. IF EVER SHE NEEDED YOU, SHE'LL NEED YOU THEN, & I'm grooming you for that, to be the help & the encouragement & the standby she's going to need when I'm gone. Now you need to think about that, both of you need to think about that, that I'm trying to get your hearts welded together now in real love & loyalty both to me & to each other & the Lord & make a good team of you.

       4. I'M TRAINING YOU FOR THAT RIGHT NOW. I don't know whether you see that or not, but that's what I'm doing. You're part of her job, to keep you happy & to bring you closer together & brainwash & indoctrinate, in fellowship & love, & solidify a union which is going to be necessary for the Lord's Work.

       5. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT DEBORAH HAS NO PLACE ANYMORE, & I hope you understand that. She is still your wife & the mother of your children & I want you to love her greatly & show her that your love for the Lord & His Work & even His Queen has not diminished your love for her.

       6. IN FACT, I HOPE IT MAKES YOU LOVE HER ALL THE MORE, but that you should consider your service to Maria, your love for her, your ministry to her even sexually, as a service to the Lord & His Kingdom, because she's His Queen.

       7. THAT'S THE ONLY REASON I NEVER OBJECTED TO YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH RACHEL because I knew, particularly as sexy as she is, that she needs sex & she needs men, & she needs especially really spiritual men & Godly counsel & genuine love in the Lord to lean on & fall back on, since it seemed to be difficult for her to lean on the Lord alone. (Poor Rachel!)

       8. SO THE LORD LET YOU BE HER CRUTCH IN A WAY, really, since she needed you. I don't think that Deborah will begrudge the sex that you & Maria have together, that you need to have.--For more than one reason, a lot of reasons, to unite you as one in His Work & His Kingdom, in heart, in mind, in spirit, in body. And because I think this is our last chance in some ways, unless it's going to be much later, I'm also hoping &

       9. I BELIEVE THAT OF THIS UNION IS GOING TO COME THE CHILD, the little girl that God has promised. I think she looked a little like you, she had blonde curly hair. Now, she could have gotten that from me, but it's not very likely now at my age. At my age I don't have an awful lot of semen anymore, it's probably very weak, but of course God could do a miracle, I'm not denying that.

       10. BUT GOD'S WORD SAYS, "ACCORDING TO YOUR FAITH BE IT UNTO YOU," & I have a lot more faith for you to do the job for me, & I want you to work hard at it, Honey, & I'll be disappointed if you don't score! I mean it! I wasn't doing all that in the Belair in Tenerife for nothing. I wanted results & I got them, thank the Lord, in Davidito! So please work hard with your hard!

       11. I WANT YOU TO GIVE MARIA THAT LITTLE GIRL, TECHI, THAT I SAW. And I believe you're going to love her. I think she's going to be very precious to you. Because you're going to know that she's not only yours & Maria's, but she's mine, the answer to my prayers. So that's one thing that ought to cheer you up & encourage you. Thank You Lord. Amen. Hallelujah!

       12. I THINK WE GOT HER WHOLE NAME, it must be Guanche or something, the other night, didn't we? It was really an odd strange name, but Techi for short. Hallelujah, thank You Lord! TYJ! Pardon that slight emotional interruption but I think as you've already found, that

       13. I BELIEVE IN CONTINGENCY PLANS. I believe in being prepared, I believe we should plan ahead. And if you'll read the Bible you'll find that with all the Patriarchs, they planned ahead, & God gave them time to set their house in order, plan ahead, commission their children, prophesy to them what each of them should do, & then

       14. THEY SIMPLY VOLUNTARILY YIELDED UP THE SPIRIT. They just said goodbye, & left. It was not, or didn't have to be, a sad occasion. It was well-planned & well-prepared-for, & it gives me great satisfaction to feel like I'm working out & preparing these plans for the future.

       15. SO, THANK YOU LORD! THANK THE LORD FOR WINE WHICH HELPS MAKE US HONEST. Honey, I need a little more, a little more honesty juice. Thank You Lord! They say that alcohol brings out the real you. Some people want to fight, some people want to murder, some people laugh & act crazy & foolish & clown & put lampshades on their heads. Some people want to fuck & have a lot of sex. (--I prophesy!)

       16. IT HELPS ME HAVE THE COURAGE TO BE HONEST. It releases me from my inhibitions & phobias & fears. Thank you, Sweetheart, I love you. Come here & kiss me, Honey, I'm not done loving you, Honey, I'm still here.

       17. MARIA'S NOT TAKING DEBORAH'S PLACE. Nobody could take Deborah's place. Deborah has, even like Mom, her place in History, & a place in God's plan. Only thank God Deborah's not as cantankerous as Mom. She's a part, I mean she's flowing with it & not fighting it, & she loves us, everyone of us. (--We thought!)

       18. I BELIEVE THE LORD IS GOING TO MAKE YOU THREE A MARVELLOUS TEAM, & I'm hoping in some ways maybe including Rachel & Emanuele, if they can make the grade, & I hope they do, I really hope they do. Because it would really be a terrible loss. I really love them & I want to see them make it. (We still do!)

       19. I DON'T WANT THEM TO FAIL. I think I would feel like I failed if they failed. That somehow I failed them, that we failed, we failed them. I know the Lord didn't fail, but if they don't make it, I feel like somehow in some way, we failed.

       20. SO WE'VE GOT TO DO EVERYTHING WE CAN DO, we have got to help them make it. And I think they're going to make it. Look at the things the Lord said about Rachel, they didn't sound conditional. Of course in a way, every prophecy is conditional that we must obey & we must follow the Lord & yield to Him. (--I still hope she will!)

       21. EVEN THOSE EARLY PROPHECIES ABOUT SAUL DIDN'T SOUND LIKE NECESSARILY HE WAS GOING TO BE A FAILURE, but he failed the Lord in the end. So I don't know, I don't know that much about the future, God hasn't showed me that. (Maybe she will yet--like Neb!)

       22. I THINK SOMETIMES HE SPARES YOU. The reason He doesn't show us some of the future is, He spares us from the agony & the pain. He knows we would suffer unnecessary by worrying about it.

       23. YOU'RE LIKE MARIA'S BABY IN SOME WAYS, Son. She's been mothering you & trying to pull you through, almost like the birth pangs, trying to pull you through into a new era, into a new age & a new place. You're almost being born again, & she has worked hard at it, I guess you know that.

       24. WELL, I BELIEVE SHE GOT PREGNANT LAST MONTH, BUT THAT SHE FOUGHT IT. She was a week late & she had extra little cramps & pains that she doesn't normally have, which is an indication of miscarriage. I was almost positive that I knew the very time that she conceived, because I was praying for it to happen, & I believe the Lord didn't fail me. (And He didn't!--PTL!)

       25. BUT THE LORD HAS TO MAKE YOU FOLKS WILLING ALSO, & He has to have your cooperation. He wants you to have the faith, He wants you to want it. Would you like to give a baby to Maria? (Tim: Yes.) Hallelujah! Honey, did you hear that? (--And they did! PTL!)

       26. SHE NEVER EVER REALLY WANTED ANY PREGNANCIES. The Lord just practically had to force them on her. Thank God she resigned herself to her fate, & look what a blessing Davidito's been! He's been a Childcare Revolution for the whole world! TYJ! PYL!

       27. MARIA, YOU'RE THE MOST MARVELLOUS WOMAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD! Thank You Jesus for this baby, in Jesus' name! I love You Lord, & I want this little baby so much in Jesus' name! Jesus has to give me this baby, or I'm going to be very unhappy. O Jesus, bless this womb & cause it to bear, & bless these paps & cause them to nourish, in Jesus' name! (They did, PTL!)

       28. MARIA, WILL YOU PLEASE PRAY WE HAVE A BABY THIS TIME? You're not going to pray against it, now? Come Sweet Baby, I really really love you.

       29. DON'T YOU KNOW THIS IS GOING TO BE THE MOST WONDERFUL BABY, she's going to be such a sweet blessing to me & to the whole world! (Maria: Why to the whole world?) Because she's going to become Techi & she's going to be a fulfillment of a prophecy! She's going to be my baby that I asked Jesus for, that Jesus gave you & Timothy!

       30. ISN'T IT WONDERFUL TO BE HONEST? I mean I needed to deliver my soul to you kids & tell you what I believe the Lord has in store for you. You're just what she needs, a right-hand businessman executive to carry out & handle the business & take that load off her shoulders.

       31. HER MAIN BURDEN & HER MAIN JOB & RESPONSIBILITY IS THE WORDS, & she's got millions of them to go! I mean there are things which the kids need & will appreciate until Jesus comes, really, if she never even heard another word from the Lord! But from what I have gathered from what the Lord said,

       32. SHE, WHEN I'M GONE, IS GOING TO HAVE MY MANTLE & BEGIN TO HEAR FROM THE LORD HERSELF. But in the meantime, I'm trying to get you young people geared & prepared & your hearts knit & welded together. In some ways, even though it's hard on me in a way & it hurts,

       33. I HAVE PRAYED THAT SHE WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU & I believe she has, & in some ways I have to almost ask the Lord during this preparation period that she will love you more than she does me. (Maria: No ... I don't.) Honey, well, for the moment. Now Honey, don't hurt Timothy's feelings.

       34. WELL, HONEY, I GUESS IT'S RIGHT WHAT MADAME M SAID, YOU'LL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER LOVE LIKE MINE. I hope you don't mind that, I hope it won't make you feel bad, that she'll probably always love me the most. But I am trying to get her to love you more. Maybe just for the moment she needs to love you more & she's had to neglect me a little bit.

       35. BECAUSE THIS IS FOR THE PRESENT, what is it Paul says, for the "present emergency" (1Cor.7:26). This is an emergency & she needs to love you a whole lot right now to pull you through & to prepare you for what you're going to have to face very soon. So, PTL, Honey, I love you Sweetheart, you can love me the most, Sweetheart. (Maria: I do!) Timothy doesn't mind, he knows you love me the most.

       36. THE LORD IS GOING TO REALLY WORK THINGS OUT, it's just wonderful what the Lord hath created! What is it He says, "is it marvelous in our eyes?" (Mk.12:11). In other words, why should we even marvel, why should we even wonder, when it's the will of God! Praise the Lord. Do you believe it?

       37. DO YOU LOVE MY MARIA?--You're going to take care of her for me? I believe it. I believe it, & she's going to be thankful that I made provision for her. Honey, I don't know any man in the world who I would rather take care of you than Timothy.

       38. I DON'T KNOW ANY OTHER MAN IN THE WORLD who would take better care of you than Timothy, because it's God's choice. Can you think of any man? In the whole world of all the men you've ever heard of on all the CQs, of all the men in the world you'd rather have to be your Consort, & help to you & love you, who would be better than Timothy?

       39. THANK YOU LORD FOR TEARS! They help wash your eyes & wash your heart, & they wash you mind & clear your thoughts. The Greeks call it catharsis, a purging or a purifying. That's why in their dramas they love tragedy, because they say tragedy was catharsis.

       40. SORROW WAS PURIFYING & EDIFYING & BROUGHT OUT THE REAL MOTIVES & the real values. And I think that's true in a way. Thank God He & His service are not all sorrow & tragedy, but He gives you a few trials & a few testings & a few hard things to go through to bring out the sweetness & the best in you. (God sure did!--Through Tim!)

       41. IF THERE'S EVER ANY TIME YOU EVER NEEDED TO WELD YOUR HEARTS TOGETHER, to melt together, to become one, it's now, before those folks (Deborah, Rachel & Emanuele) come. It's now, really. Look at her, Timothy. Always remember, she is a little girl, & sometimes you have to treat her like a little girl. Hasn't she got the most beautiful smile you ever saw, the most gorgeous bewitching eyes! She is wonderful, she is beautiful.

       42. I HOPE YOU APPRECIATE HER AS MUCH AS I HAVE--to me, the most wonderful woman in the whole world! I love you & I love all the rest of them, but there has never been a woman like her! (Maria: You must be a little crazy.) I'm not crazy, I have an extra eye! I'm the three-eyed monster who can see how wonderful you are, Honey. But don't kid yourself,

       43. BEHIND THAT LITTLE-GIRL PERSONALITY & FACADE THERE IS A BRILLIANT MIND & A STRONG SPIRIT & A TREMENDOUS DESIRE TO SERVE & PLEASE THE LORD & ME, & terrific managerial ability! I hope you don't mind this, but you'll never be the boss, she'll always be the Queen & she knows it, just like a typical Leo. But God ordained her for this.

       44. GOD MADE HER A LIONESS & A QUEEN, LIKE QUEEN ELIZABETH, SHE WAS ORDAINED FOR THE TASK & she will never be anything else, & nothing else will ever stand between her & the Kingdom! She will always put God & His Kingdom first, like she has been. So don't ever expect to receive all of her love, because we don't believe in that "all my love" business of Rachel!

       45. MARIA'S FIRST LOYALTY, PRIORITY & HER FIRST LOVE IS THE LORD & HIS KINGDOM & ME, while I'm still alive, which may not be long. I believe the Lord's only waiting for me to kind of get things organised to where you guys can run them & recover from the RNR. The Devil tries to bring defeat, but we're going to get a glorious victory out of this seeming defeat!

       46. AND I THINK THINGS ARE GOING TO BE BETTER, I really believe it with all my heart. Because I did what I thought was right, no matter what it cost, even if it sank the ship. But, like John Paul Jones said, "I don't think we've even begun to fight yet!" We're still fighting, & in fact things are already getting better, amen?

       47. I'M SO HAPPY, I PRAYED FOR YOU, SON! I really prayed for you. When I was in Tenerife I said, O God, I know I don't have much longer & I need someone to carry on, I need someone to take care of Maria, I need someone to help her execute the Kingdom, I desperately need someone. And it's amazing how it took me a year or more to find that one, to recognise who it was! (--And he did great for a year & begat Techi!)

       48. YOU TWO ARE BEAUTIFUL! You're going to make wonderful Consorts, a wonderful pair!--& the Lord is now preparing you, under me & I'm training you both. You cannot be the King, especially this kinky King, but you will be the Consort, which is almost like having the job & responsibility of the executive vice-president who does all the work while the president gets all the credit! But that's one of life's little idiosyncrasies.

       49. IF YOU DON'T GET THE CREDIT HERE, YOU'LL GET THE CREDIT THERE. The Lord is now giving you the authority that you're going to need, because they're going to not only see your signature on the Letters but also mine. Do you understand? Do you know what I'm talking about? I mean,

       50. THESE ARE VERY, VERY IMPORTANT THINGS & very big things. I know you're young now & it's almost beyond your comprehension, but all you need to do is just yield & obey & leave the consequence & results in the hands of the Lord? Do you understand? Just trust the Lord & have faith.

       51. SON, YOU HAVE GOT TO LOVE HER MORE THAN YOU LOVE ANYBODY ELSE. I mean it's got to be, because it's a spiritual thing. You have got to adore your Queen & give her obeisance & the first place in your heart besides the Lord. You understand that don't you? That's a simple thing. It does not mean that you will love Deborah any less,

       52. YOU WILL SIMPLY LOVE MARIA MORE, that's all. Do you think that's possible? If Rachel had been more humble, more appreciative, more grateful, more thankful & had thanked Deborah a thousand times a day for you & for your help, I really believe Deborah wouldn't have minded if she'd really realised that her sacrifice was appreciated.

       53. BUT THE HORRIBLE PART OF IT WAS THAT RACHEL ALMOST LIKE STOLE YOU WITHOUT PERMISSION, & commandeered you & ripped you off from Deborah without as much as saying thank you! See, that's the sin. As Shakespeare says:

       54. "BLOW, BLOW, THOU WINTER WIND! THOU ART NOT SO UNKIND AS MAN'S INGRATITUDE!" She ripped you off from Deborah almost by force without saying thank you, "Thank you Deborah, thank you for your sacrifice, thank you for sharing, thank you for helping me in giving Timothy!" Now this is what I think we have honestly done:

       55. WE HAVE TOLD DEBORAH HOW MUCH WE LOVE HER & how much we appreciate her sacrifice, & that we need you, we desperately need you, & it's not a desire for sex or anything, that's so silly! But,

       56. SEX IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF IT because you must become one flesh, one body & as one spirit, & it's a necessity. You need it, she needs it, & it's also a marvelous humbling factor, as they say, a leveler!

       57. ANYHOW, ARE YOU BEGINNING TO GRASP YOUR SITUATION, Son? Seriously, before the Lord, I want you to grasp your responsibilities, & I want you to look at her, & I want you to remember. Look at her, Son! She is your primary responsibility, amen?

       58. REALLY SHE IS NOT ALL THAT DEMANDING SEXUALLY. Her need for sex is expressed in a desire to please & make you happy & give you what you need. That's the way she's been with me, so she's not going to wear the penis off of you. But it's very, very necessary, because

       59. THE UNITY OF THE FLESH IS SYMBOLIC OF THE UNITY OF THE SPIRIT. I've said this before: Everything in nature, everything in God's creation symbolises something spiritual, & in this case you must be united, continuously united in the flesh, in order to manifest your unity in the spirit. Do you understand me?

       60. AND I AM SURE THAT DEBORAH IS GOING TO UNDERSTAND THAT & be thankful & grateful, because I believe she really loves me & really loves Maria & will willingly give you to the Kingdom. (She should've!) Are you happy?

       61. SON, YOU SHOULD BE THE HAPPIEST MAN IN THE WORLD! I am literally offering you the world on a silver platter with a string around it!--Maria & me! And I think Deborah--I know, I've watched, I've seen--she is thrilled about it! Because we are doing it the right way, God's way, with love, affection, consideration, appreciation. (But then Deb took him back!)

       62. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH TIMOTHY--if you were a woman I would fuck you because I love you so much, you're such a wonderful wonderful favourite son, & I'm going to leave you my whole kingdom! I'm going to leave you my whole kingdom if you'll promise to take care of the Queen. (But he forsook both!)

       63. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING CARE OF MY MARIA, because I love her so much! I love her more than anything or anybody in the whole world! It's so beautiful to watch him loving you, that is absolutely the most beautiful thing I think I ever saw in the whole world, to watch him make love to you! I want him to love you & love you & love you real good!--Because I'm too old & ugly now.

       64. (MARIA: I AM NOT GOING TO LET HIM LOVE ME ANOTHER MINUTE if you don't stop that, because that is just terrible, it's not true at all!) OK, I will take it back. Timothy, did you know that she is absolutely the most wonderful sweetest sexiest woman in the whole world? She is a witch of sex! She is really a witch of sex! She has sex charms! You have to love her all over with your mouth & your hands & everything, & especially with your spirit! Because it's the spirit that really does the work! (--And he did!)

       65. (--AND NOW WE HAVE TECHI! PTL! SHE'S WORTH IT ALL!--Amen? TYJ! Amen!--But Tim sold his birthright for a mess of pottage, & lost his crown to another!--"Many are called, but few are chosen!" (Gen.25:31-34; Rev.3:11; Mt.20:16.)

       66. GOD'S CALLED YOU!--HAVE YOU CHOSEN HIS HIGHEST & BEST?--Or have you disappointed Him & failed Him like Tim & Deb, Rachel & Emanuele, & others.--May God help you be faithful to the end! "Be thou faithful unto death, & I will give thee a crown of life!"--Rev.2:10.--In Jesus' name, Amen!

       "AGAIN WHEN A RIGHTEOUS MAN DOTH TURN FROM HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, & commit iniquity, & I lay a stumbling block before him, he shall die: He shall die in his sin, & his righteousness which he hath done shall not be remembered!" (Eze.3:20.)

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