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THE MOBILE MINISTRY!--Part 3 of "The Sinking Truck--By Father David       DFO 848-3       October 1979

       116. BUT I STILL THINK ONE OF THE SAFEST THINGS YOU COULD DO IS TO BE MOBILE WITH A TRAILER OR CAMPER, & go from city to city, because they always eventually reject you, the people & the churches. That's why we all stayed on the road that first year of the big Family, 1969! They always eventually reject you, & you have to move.

       117. THIS IS THE PRINCIPLE OF THE 3 P's WASN'T IT, OR 4 P's? You publish the Glad Tidings, & at first you are very well received & you are very popular. Then you reap the harvest, & then the Lord allows the opposition, persecution to arise, so that you are driven out & you have to flee again! (Maria: So the message will be spread.) Exactly! (Maria: So that's what's always going to happen if you are doing your job?) Yes!

       118. IF YOU'RE DOING A GOOD JOB, YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO BE ABLE TO STAY LONG IN ONE PLACE, not all the time. The prophets & Apostles were always on the move! They were constantly getting run out, kicked out, thrown out, driven out or stoned out of one city after another, including Jesus!

       119. (MARIA: BUT WHEN YOU'RE MOBILE, you can't have people come to visit you, you can't have meetings. You have to have your meetings elsewhere. So about the only thing you can do when you are mobile is to raise your own children, because you can't do much else!) (Oh yeah?--See next pages!)

       120. WELL, WHAT WE DID WHEN WE WERE YOUNG & MOBILE, YOU HAVE THIS: You find other Christians in the churches who are receptive, & you visit & minister in their homes, you park on their farms or in their lot or in their driveway! (Maria: Saves a lot of money, too!) Yes!

       121. YOU FIND PEOPLE WHO RECEIVE YOU BY GOING DOOR-TO-DOOR OR VISITING THE CHURCHES, people who welcome you with open arms & are receptive & responsive, & they'll take you into their homes & they'll feed you. Then you've got their large living room in which they & their friends will gather for classes & meetings for your message! We did this so many times!

       122. THEN AS SOON AS YOU HAVE GIVEN YOUR MESSAGE & YOU'VE WON A FEW & THE OTHERS HAVE REJECTED, YOU LEAVE! The rejecters always are the trouble-makers, & they see to it pretty soon, they tell you, "Well, get off the lot," or some such.

       123. WE'VE HAD WIVES WHO RECEIVED & HUSBANDS WHO REJECTED, OR VICE VERSA. That woman who came all the way to Texas to tell me I was "that David" of Ezekiel 37, her husband finally told us to get off the place. For about two weeks we were there with classes everyday, everyday, everyday, & the kids were all singing, & their children in the classes, etc., & she & the kids just drank it in. But he got more & more hard, he was rejecting it, so he finally told us we had to go. He claimed they were going on their vacation, or some excuse.

       124. (MARIA: BUT WITH OUR OWN FAMILIES, someone with a big house or a big room on their property could take several of our families in trailers.) Exactly! (Maria: And they could stay there quite awhile.) What we finally did was, we went & found a plot of land on an island, Key Largo, in the Florida Keys, & started our own trailer park as a Christian colony, & called it "Sharon Colony," after Jesus, the "Rose of Sharon," in the Bible (SoS.2:1), & the fact that we were a commune all sharin' everything!

       125. NOW WE'RE GOING TO HAVE ALL THESE PEOPLE WITH TRAILERS & everything, & some wrote wondering, "Can somebody help us? We've got a piece of property & we want to build a refuge. Could somebody help us?" The quickest way they can do it is to move trailers onto it! (Maria: But you should warn them to check out the zoning & regulations first.) Ah, yes!

       126. THEY BEGAN TO CLAMP DOWN ON US EVEN THERE with this restriction & that requirement & blah blah, until it became too difficult to stay. That's why I finally gave it up & sold out. (Maria: But with perhaps two or three on a shaded private country spot, with only two or three trailers, they might never even bother you, like out on a farm somewhere.) No, especially if it is way out in the country where it's not too near any neighbours.

       127 IT'S WHEN IT GETS POPULATED in or near the city that they begin to have all these health regulations: "You've got to have sewers & you've got to have this, that & the other, & you can only have your trailers so close together," & they make all kinds of restrictions.

       128. THEY BEGAN HAVING RESTRICTIONS IN MIAMI that you couldn't have a trailer parked within 300 feet of any major street or highway--they didn't want them to be seen, they wanted to hide them away.--And you couldn't have one within 100 feet of the nearest house. Now, that's quite a long distance, you know?--100 feet! (30 meters.) That's about one-third of a block long! (Maria: You mean a trailer or a park?) A trailer or a park!

       129. THEY HAD SO MANY RESTRICTIONS! You had to have sewers, the trailers had to be arranged just so many feet apart, & they had to approve your plans, etc., etc., etc.! They even restricted you on how many light bulbs you could have in your sign! Think of it! I went to the City Hall & protested & said, "This is ridiculous!" But it didn't do any good!--The System is the System, & nobody can change their minds!

       130. (MARIA: BUT FOR OUR OWN LITTLE FAMILIES, THEY COULDN'T BE TOO FAR OUT, because they couldn't accomplish anything, but maybe just outside in the suburbs of the city.) Honey, there are lots of places outside the city! Look at us there on the Ranch near Thurber, Texas at TSC!

       131. WE WERE 40 MILES FROM THE NEAREST GOOD-SIZED TOWN & 70 MILES FROM THE NEAREST CITY! That was one of the difficulties of that place--you had to go so far to witness! But of course, when we became so famous, people came to us! When we got so much publicity on the radio & TV & in the newspapers, then we didn't have to go to town anymore.--They came to us! We had scores of visitors everyday, so we had to have a Visitor's Room where we had several people working full-time just witnessing to visitors! The Lord solved that problem!

       132. BUT WHEN THE SOUL CLINIC WAS THERE, THAT WAS ONE OF THE BIGGEST PROBLEMS--THE LONG DISTANCE TO TOWN. What they finally wound up doing was, they just worked there on the ranch all week everyday until Friday evening, then groups would take turns going into town for the weekend.--About half the bunch would go in, about 25 of us, for each weekend.

       133. WE WOULD FIND SOME HOME OR CHURCH OR FRIENDS' PLACE where we could just roll out our sleeping bags on the floor at night & stay there all weekend & go out witnessing all day everyday--Friday afternoon & all day everyday Saturday & Sunday. Then we'd go home Sunday night. We'd spend three days & two nights in town, staying in the home of some friend or in some church who would receive us, & we had quite a few friends & folks on our mailing list that would take us in.

       134. THEN THE PROVISIONERS DID THEIR PROVISIONING ON WEEKENDS, TOO, as they had to do it in town. Then the rest of the week we'd take care of the children & the home & farm, etc. We also had a few provisioners who had to go in almost everyday, because 250 people's quite a few to feed!

       135. BUT DURING THE WEEK WE WOULD ALSO GO TO THE SURROUNDING FARMERS & SMALLER LOCAL COMMUNITIES, the smaller towns, & that was our chance to witness in the local surrounding area to the farmers & small villages, & we could reach them during the week. But on the weekend we would go into the big city. So there's the potential of a rural location.

       136. (MARIA: SO ONE FAMILY COULD JUST RENT A RURAL PLACE OR FARM & PUT TWO OR THREE OR FOUR TRAILERS on it with others of our families, & that way they could have their own trailer park! They wouldn't have to worry about trailer fees or parking spots!)

       137. WE SELDOM STAYED IN TRAILER PARKS when we were on the road. We almost always could find free parking. We would park in supermarket parking lots, Sears & Roebuck parking lots, truck stops, etc.--if we were just overnight.--Or we would aim for some friend's home where we could spend a week or two.

       138. (MARIA: --OR GO TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY & FIND SOMEBODY THAT WOULD TAKE US IN!) Yes, almost always somebody would invite us. We would consider it a very hard church if somebody there didn't at least invite us home for dinner! Churches always make a big fuss over new visitors, because they hardly ever have any strangers come to church.

       139. (MARIA: EXACTLY! THEY'RE SO GLAD TO SEE YOU, BECAUSE THEY'RE ALWAYS HOPING THEY CAN GET YOU PERMANENTLY! ...) Yes, of course!--And it's too late by the time they find out they can't! Ha! You've already "poisoned the people"! (Maria: Yes! See, with our kids, I think that's one of the biggest things with this camping thing, they're going to think:

       140. ("OH MY GOD, THE TRAILER PARK FEES ARE SO EXPENSIVE! How can we do it?") Well, there are State & National Parks & so on too, of course, & they are fairly reasonable. You usually only pay a single small fee to get in, & then you're allowed two weeks to a month to stay. Even at that Country Park where we tent-camped at Cheesequake, New Jersey, near New York City, it was only $1.50 a night! (Maria: But that's the States. All over the rest of the world I think they are quite expensive.)

       141. WELL, WE SELDOM EVER STAYED IN THOSE FANCY TRAILER PARKS! We just couldn't afford to. We found free parking places, mostly at the homes of friends. We often parked in church yards & things like that. There were a few times, you remember, when we were so tired we couldn't find anything else, so we just pulled over around behind some church in their parking lot for the night!

       142. THE PREACHER USUALLY DIDN'T KNOW WE WERE EVEN THERE UNTIL THE NEXT DAY, & THAT WAS TOO LATE! (Maria: And when he does, what can he say?--They're supposed to be good Christian people that "love thy neighbour"! We'd just tell them, "We're a little family of home missionaries on the road"--what can they do?) Yes!

       143. FREQUENTLY IF WE STAYED TOO LATE, pretty soon the next morning the custodian or the preacher would come out to our door & knock & very politely say, "Well, what are you folks doing here?" We'd just say, "Well, we're tired & we had to have some place to park overnight, so we just pulled in for the night." You can remember--we did that several times when you were travelling with us. (Maria: Yes, I know.--And what can they say?) Yes!

       144. CHRISTIANS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE "GIVEN TO HOSPITALITY"! (Ro.12:13.) So that is something we did a lot. (Maria: Oh boy, that's encouraging! Oh, that's going to really help the kids!) Yes, I've been telling them all about trailers, but they don't know about places to park. (Maria: Yes, oh boy, & the Lord will always lead you to somebody that has a place where you can stay if you pray!)

       145. WE SAW THAT LITTLE CAMPER DOWN HERE IN THE SUPERMARKET'S PARKING LOT a couple of nights in a row. They usually let you get away with it for a night or two before they chase you off. (Maria: Yes, until you find somebody in the city that will take you in!) And so we hardly ever paid for a place to park. Goodness gracious, yes!

       146. YOU CAN REMEMBER US PARKING IN A SEARS PARKING LOT A WHOLE WEEK! That was one of our favourite free spots!--Or some big supermarket or shopping center! (Maria: Yes, because in the big department stores & big shopping centers, they usually have very cheap prices, groceries & places to eat.)

       147. THE MAIN THING THEY HAVE IS RESTROOMS!--You don't have to use your own toilet! Because there are so few good places to empty your own potty, so that was one of the biggest benefits of parking in their lots!--Their public toilets! You had to buy your groceries anyway, so you were giving them business. We would buy our groceries there, or some clothes, auto supplies, so we were legitimately parked there giving them business!

       148. USUALLY, OF COURSE, IN BUSINESS LOTS WE WOULD ONLY STAY ONE OR TWO OR THREE NIGHTS, particularly on the road, until either we were going on, or we found some friends, or made friends, etc. (Maria: The churches can be a real avenue through which you can get a lot of help, too, for a short time at least.) That's the point!

       149. THAT'S WHAT I SAID ABOUT INVADING CHURCHES: If you can get in there just long enough to make a few friends! There are always some nice church people, a few nice church people, & one thing they pride themselves on is hospitality & welcoming strangers!

       150. THIS IS THE MAIN THING CHURCHES ARE AIMING FOR ALL THE TIME, TO GET PEOPLE TO COME TO CHURCH! So if they have new people like you come, that's a sensation!--Remember? There you are! That's a sensation! (Maria: And then everybody goes out of their way at first to be nice to you!) Yes!--And we would almost always get invited out to dinner the first Sunday.

       151. HERE'S THIS LITTLE FAMILY WITH FOUR LITTLE KIDS ... (Maria: --And we're travelling with our little trailer.) Yes, we're just travelling. (Maria: --And we don't have any place to stay right now.) Usually we would get invited out to dinner, & that would usually mean we would stay for the night, too.

       152. OFTEN THE PREACHER WAS GLAD TO GET OUT OF HIS JOB, & would offer to let us testify & sing & play a little bit before his sermon for inspiration, & the folks loved it! (Maria: Yes!--And he would even ask for help for us!) Yes! Sometimes they would even take up an offering for us, because we were a little travelling Family of Home missionaries.

       153. WE CALLED OURSELVES HOME MISSIONARIES, because that's what we were, Home missionaries, & we were working in this field, our home field. (Maria: To the Methodist you can be a Methodist, to the Baptist a Baptist, etc., ha!) Yes!

       154. AND YOU CAN GIVE THEM ALL KINDS OF MESSAGES! The kids get up & testify about all the witnessing they are doing, & then we would take their kids out witnessing to the burger stands and places where other kids gathered, & that was a sensation! They'd come back just thrilled to pieces about all the kids they had witnessed to & won, & they'd bring people into church, etc.

       155. OH, THAT JUST WARMED THE DEAR PASTOR'S HEART when they would bring these kids from the burger stand back to church! (Maria: And we didn't even have to use our own lit!--We would just say, "Well, where are your Gospel tracts? Give us some of your tracts, & we'll take your kids out witnessing, & they can pass out your own tracts!" We did that, remember?) Oh, yes!

       156. AND PIED-PIPERING! THAT'S WHERE IT REALLY GOT STARTED! Aaron used to go out with his guitar, & he said he wanted to show the church people how to do it. He'd say, "You can't get any young people in here? I'll show you how to get them here! I'll just go around this block & I'll come back with a whole group of young people!"

       157. SO HE'D GO AROUND THE BLOCK PLAYING & SINGING AT THE TOP OF HIS VOICE with our other little kids trailing along behind & they're all singing & playing loudly & joyfully, so of course kids come running out of their houses to see what's going on & follow them up to the nearby burger stand loaded with kids & stay there awhile singing & playing & witnessing to them all! Then he'd come back to the church trailing about 20 young people behind him into that little Italian Pentecostal church in Albany, New York! That's where Pied-Pipering all began!--Back in 1967 with only 6 of us!

       158. SO YOU CAN GIVE ALL KINDS OF WITNESSING DEMONSTRATIONS TO SHOW THE CHURCHES HOW TO DO IT! A lot of them just don't do it because they really don't know what to do or how to, so you show'm! All they ever heard of was passing tracts on the street corner, & even that is a very bold thing for most Christians to do!--Really bold! (Maria: That's really good!)

       159. AND ABOUT SOME OF THOSE EXCITING EXPERIENCES WE HAD IN OUR TRAVELS, MOTHER EVE COULD WRITE A LOT, IF SHE ONLY WOULD! That's what I wanted her to write, you know. (Maria: Yes, the practical experiences.--But she gets off on all this doctrine! ...) If she would just stay out of doctrine & stick to the experiences, then she would be fine!

       160. IF SHE WOULD JUST WRITE ABOUT OUR TRAVELS ON THE ROAD, IT WOULD BE REALLY WONDERFUL! Because she was the one that was there & was doing most of the active work with the kids during those days, & she could tell our other little mothers how she did it. Maybe if we would write & tell her that, she would be encouraged. (Here 'tis, Mom!--Do it!--Please?)

       161. THAT WAY, OUR MOBILE MINISTRY MET THE CHURCHES' NEED, & SATISFIED OUR OWN NEED FOR FELLOWSHIP! We enjoyed their little services & hymns & songs, & we'd cooperate with the preacher all we could. Whenever he said something good, we would say "Amen!"--And that was really an encouragement, you know? We were new people & refreshing, as churches don't see many new faces.

       162. --AND WE ADDED TO THE CROWD THAT NIGHT!--Six new people walked in! That's quite a big addition for the usual Sunday night crowd of only about 25 or 30! And that inspired the preacher, so he would really preach away! Sometimes he'd harp on his pet doctrine to try to convert us, but anyhow, we would just smile.

       163. THEN ALMOST ALWAYS HE WOULD AT LEAST INVITE THE KIDS TO SING. Aaron would walk in with his guitar & the kids, etc., & obviously we were Christians, so they would ask the kids to sing. Mother Eve was a great promoter! (Maria: Yes, you just have to go up & say, "Look, my children sing, & they could really inspire your young people!--Would you like to have us sing?")

       164. AND BOY! THEY WOULD GET UP & SING, & WHEW!--JUST STEAL THE SHOW! Before each song they would squeeze in a little testimony, "Well, I want to sing this song because of so-&-so," & then they would just preach away & steal the show! Why, the people were so roused up, the pastor was almost jealous! So, I mean, there are all kinds of ways of doing it.

       165. AND THIS WOULD ALSO SATISFY A CERTAIN NEED FOR FELLOWSHIP WITH OTHER CHRISTIANS. Then they'd take them out witnessing to show them how to do it, take them to the park or to the swimming pool or the burger stand, especially reaching young people which the churches can't reach. The teenagers particularly are the hardest for the dead churches to reach! They leave church when they are teenagers, usually. (Maria: And if you are in an area for a little while,

       166. (ONE OF THE BEST WAYS TO REACH YOUNG COUPLES IS THROUGH SUNDAY SCHOOL, teaching their little kids, because a lot of young couples just send their kids, if it is a fairly large church ...) Oh, we often got invited to perform in Sunday School! If we would get there for Sunday School, we were sure to have a chance to sing & testify either right there in Sunday School or later in church!

       167. MUSIC IS A GREAT WAY TO GET IN! Then almost always we'd get a little offering of some kind, even if they didn't take a special offering, the pastor or people would put gifts in our hands.--And then we were invited to dinner, which meant another place to park that night! Often the preacher would say.

       168. "YOU KNOW, SUNDAY NIGHTS ARE A HARD TIME TO DRAW A CROWD," so seeing what a hit we were with the people in the morning, he's ask us, "Could you come back tonight? OK? Let me announce it to the people! 'They're going to be back tonight, folks! Tonight we're going to give them the whole service, & you're going to have lots of music!'" etc., etc. And we'd say,

       169. "YES, WE CAN BE BACK TONIGHT, BUT WE REALLY NEED A PLACE TO STAY FOR THE NIGHT if we're going to come back!" So of course, somebody would invite us out to dinner, which then later included supper, & we would come back to church that night & put on our show & get an offering, & had a place to park for the night too! Then we'd be there the next day, too, of course, & usually we'd manage to hang on maybe two or three days more before we felt like we had to go.

       170. THE OLD ARAB CUSTOM THAT A GUEST SHOULD ONLY STAY FOUR DAYS as a guest, & after that he has to go to work, is not too bad an idea! It says, "Withdraw thy foot from thy neighbour's house, lest he be weary of thee & hate thee." (Pro.25:17.) We found that, unless they were mighty good Christians & really sold, we hardly ever could stay more than two or three more days.

       171. (MARIA: YES, BUT THEY WOULD OFTEN HELP US FIND A PLACE FOR OUR NEXT MEETING.) Yes! They would often recommend us to another church, & say, "You want to go there?--I'm sure they would like to have you too!"--etc. So we would go from church to church.

       172. WE ALSO TRIED NOT TO BE TOO CONTROVERSIAL THEN--WE JUST PREACHED SALVATION & WITNESSING & the Endtime mostly. I'd try to work in a little of the Warning Message, you know, & they would sort of take that pretty good, especially the kids would.

       173. (MARIA: AND THEN YOU PUT THEM ON YOUR MAILING LIST, & you can do even more through the mail after you are gone!) Yes, you get their names & addresses. (Maria: --That way you can get support & continue to give them the message at the same time!)

       174. MAMA EVE WAS REALLY GOOD AT GETTING NAMES & ADDRESSES! Sometimes the preacher would even be glowering at her! (Maria: Yes, I remember! Ha!) He could see that she was getting names & addresses. But she was nervy! I mean, she really had a lot of nerve & guts about it! She didn't care, she just went right ahead anyhow! Sometimes she was too nervy & we stayed too long in a place, & wore out our welcome! (Maria: At least if you have people's names & addresses, you can feed them with the more controversial stuff later through the mail! But what I was going to say is, when a family is going to be in a situation for a few weeks or months,

       175. (CHURCHES ALWAYS NEED SUNDAY-SCHOOL TEACHERS FOR LITTLE CHILDREN, & you can get in & teach'm & get their parents' names & addresses, contact their parents. Because a lot of them don't go to church,--And then you can go & visit them, & thereby get your doctrine across to the parents at home instead of in church!) Yes!

       176. --AND THEN PUT THEM ON YOUR MAILING LIST, & keep on adding addresses to your mailing list. Some of them, you're not only delivering your soul of the message so your hands are not guilty of their blood, but a lot of them really receive it & start supporting! So! (Maria: Yes, there are a lot of ways.)

       177. WE NEVER LACKED FOR ANYTHING, THE LORD ALWAYS SUPPLIED EVERYTHING! I mean, we always had a place to park, we always had something to eat, & the Lord always supplied every need. You know that, Honey--you were in that with us for over a year! (Maria: Yes, I know.)

       178. AND WE REALLY CREATED QUITE A SENSATION SOME PLACES! Of course, some places we actually got kicked out! But we had usually accomplished our purpose by the time they rejected us & asked us to leave or something, or said they were busy or they had to have the parking lot for some reason or blah blah!

       179. (MARIA: IT JUST REALLY TAKES BOLDNESS! But if you have it, the Lord will get you anywhere!) The churches like anything that will draw a crowd! We had our kids all singing & testifying, & that's unusual, as most church kids don't do that!--Also we used to show pictures sometimes. I'd say, "I've got a lot of interesting movies & colour slides on world events & our travels, etc.--Would you like to see 'em?"--And I'd stick in Bible prophecy & the Coming of the Lord & "You'd better get busy witnessing & working for the Lord, for He's coming soon!"

       180. THEY ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO HAVE SOMETHING NEW & to have a little change in program, new voices. The people get tired of hearing the same old preacher every time, & so they're really refreshed.

       181. THE CHURCHES CALL IT "EVANGELISM," & that's one of the main ministries of the church evangelists, to have something new. But I wouldn't say it's really evangelism. It's more a revival than evangelism, because you're not getting out winning souls, but you're reviving the churches.

       182. BUT PAUL & HIS DISCIPLES DID THIS A LOT. They went back to see the brethren, "to see how they do" (Ac.15:36.) If you can get them out witnessing, then of course there's lots more of them than there is of us, & you can really get the ball rolling!

       183. AND THERE ARE ALWAYS AT LEAST TWO OR THREE PEOPLE in the average church of about a hundred members who just fall in love with you, invite you out, you get their names & addresses, & they turn out to be solid faithful supporters, & you have encouraged them to get out witnessing too! You usually glean a few, but that's a few more real workers!--And they are also supporters! (Maria: Hallelujah! That's exciting!)--Amen! PTL! And if all else failed, I used to use the Scripture that says,

       184. "TO THE JEW FIRST, & THEN TO THE GENTILE." (Ro.2:10.) So we would go to the churches first--they're the modern Jews--& if they didn't receive us or we couldn't do anything there, we'd go to the park or a street corner downtown or a {\ul café}, etc., & play & sing & testify outdoors to the World! I remember one church where they were so mean & cold they just turned us out! They wouldn't even let us park on their church property, but kicked us out when we went there one night or one Sunday morning.

       185. SO, WE JUST WENT OUT IN THE PARK & our kids preached & sang, & then we stayed in this little trailer park & sang, & a guy gave us $50! When the kids sang, they always won hearts! (Maria: You have so much more freedom if you're mobile & on the road & don't have to stay in one place!) Oh yes! (Maria: It's so much better!) Yes, yes, yes!

       186. --AND YOU'RE FREE TO SERVE THE LORD FULL-TIME! You don't have to worry about slaving away for the System! (Maria: Yes, your kids can even take school correspondence courses, like yours did. That would be the best thing for our older kids. Because the parents just can't sit down individually with every little child & spend hour after hour after hour teaching them themselves!) Yes!--That's the way we did our kids!

       187. WE HAD TWO OF OUR KIDS IN SCHOOL CORRESPONDENCE COURSES from that University of Chicago, whatever it was called. They read the books & took the tests & they got their graduation papers in each course! Their papers were even sent back graded & everything! What's the name of that school?--Mama Eve would remember. Faith would remember. The one in Chicago, that was the most famous, an extension of the University of Chicago.

       188. (MARIA: BUT YOU HAVE TO BE ON THE ROAD TO DO THAT, because otherwise they're going to force you into their System schools!) Well, most U.S. States will even allow you to stay up to 90 days as a tourist without having to put your kids in school--& even more than that, if they don't find you or catch up with you!--Ha!

       189. WE JUST KEPT MOVING AROUND in places like California or Texas or Florida. We would be there sometimes maybe a year, & travel to all the different churches, so what were they ever going to do? They'd never even know we were there or how long we were there! So you don't have to put your older kids in school if you are on the road.

       190. WE JUST HAVE TO GIVE OUR FOLKS A VARIETY OF CHOICES & LET THEM CHOOSE WHAT THEY'VE GOT THE FAITH FOR! If all they've got the faith for is a System job & going to one church, well, that's as far as they can go, & they may just peter out! But at least we'll keep them on the mailing list & maybe at least they'll help support us if nothing else, & help support our missionaries.

       191. BUT YOU PEOPLE WHO HAVE GOT THE FAITH TO HIT THE ROAD, GO & MINISTER in a Mobile Ministry! Praise God! Amen? Thank the Lord! GBAKYAMYAB!

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