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An Answer to BBC!       4/12/79       DO 583

       (Typed copy of Roy Wallis' letter re: his BBC interview--with Dad's comments!)
       (--Underlining by Dad.) (Here's a good way to answer'm nowadays!--Dad.)

4 December 1979

Dear Path,

       Yesterday in London I spoke to the man from BBC's Nationwide programme who is interested in doing something on the way the Family has developed since they did a brief piece on a home in Scotland about 18 months or so ago.

       Their interest has been sparked again by a guy who has left the Family (Some do!) (Jeremiah Tartan?) but whose wife & child(ren?) stayed. (Many still do!) They realise that he has an axe to grind & they also feel is not altogether reliable & honest, but think it might be worth going ahead. If they did go ahead, they would want to talk to people in the Family as well as this backslider. (Good.--Let'm talk!--We've got nothing to hide!) I think they'd like to talk to their informant's wife to chew over the issue of whether she is staying without him of her own "free will." (--HA!--Will they ever believe us?)
       So part of what interests them is in the familiar "brainwashing" area, & it would be good for you to have a very large audience opportunity to Scotch that one again.
       They are also interested--who isn't--in the sex aspect. They have heard that the girls have been encouraged to go into such things as working for escort agencies. (Yes!--Why not?--Others do!--It's a living & a ministry!) In any interviews therefore this is an issue which would have to be faced, not ducked. They would be interested in interviewing a girl who is doing work of this sort. (They could read letters from them in {\ul \i FN}) I explained that there might not be anyone who was working in an escort agency or anything similar in Britain (Have we, Path?); but whatever the situation about that, this is clearly an issue they would want to pursue.

       My impression is that they were not "out to get" the family (--They were when I saw their show on us 5 years ago!--By an MP.), although in their questioning they would undoubtedly seek to put people on the spot (in the hot seat, or whatever the vernacular is!) (--They always do!--Why?--Read'm the "Guru" Letter!--Ha!)

       I suspect they don't have a lot to go on with so far, except the defector, if you decided not to cooperate they might just show his allegations or say that although they gave the family a chance to do so it would not answer the charges made. This probably would not be good PR, so I think that you might find it a good idea to face up to the issues squarely as you have in the past, & put over the best impression you can. (--Sure!--Why not? "All things work together for good!")

       Let me know what you feel is best, & if you decide to work with them, write to me as soon as possible with the name of someone who has responsibility now for this part of the world (Got a Ph. No. Path?--Ask Peter--or A/B.) & who could deal with the BBC (is it still Arthur & Becky?) (--Is it?) And of course I'd need information on how to reach them in a hurry. (--Amen. GBY!--Love, D.)

Best Wishes, Roy.

       (Path--19/12--You wanna answer like this?--Or send this back as is? It's up to you!--Hi, Roy.--Ha! (--I know what she'll do) GBY!--LY! Hope this helps!--I stay pretty much outta the limelite, administration, etc., now.--The kids're on their own since we disbanded in face of the persecution of sects this year.--All we do now is pub the FN {\ul \i Mag} which you read, so you know as much as I do!--Ha!--They still report, support & keep stats, but there's no other org.!--We're just a family who still like to witness & fellowship--mostly by mail now.--We fired 300 officers of the "Chain" in '78, including "Queen" Rachel, for mismanagement by some, no Org. since!--We've even ditched the KQSs!--Everybody's on his own!--We're just a "mail-order religion" now that keep in touch via the Mag only!--Mostly single families living in their own homes with jobs, but still witnessing, litnessing, & winning souls!--PTL!--So how could we "restrain" anybody from leaving?--Leaving what?--Only their own home or mate?--Ha! What a joke!--And whatever "brainwash" they get's via the Mag only!--Same as you--Ha! So whose fools are our critics? "Yesterday's Kids are Today's Parents!"--Responsible, independent, hard-working citizens!
       (--Please pardon this messy Letter, but I really didn't intend to write it!--Ha!--But now you've got it straight from the Ol' Horse's mouth!--And you can quote me if you like!)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family