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THE CRASH IS HERE! DFO 854       5 January 1980.

Dear Family,
       Greetings in Jesus' Name!
       1. HOPE YOU'VE GOTCHER FOOD & WATER, FUEL & SHELTER like we told you. If not, you'd better buy, rent, beg or lease a refuge farm or camping spot away from the city with lots of food, wood & water, & move your trailer or camper there now, or be sure you have enough gas in your tank to make it soon, as the crash may bring on the War!

       2. IF THE BOMBS START FALLING, STAY INSIDE UNTIL THE FALLOUT CLEARS. It may take a week or 2, so don't drink open water until it's safe. Don't even go out until the air is clear. Hope you have a Geiger-counter to check it.

       3. WATCH OUT FOR ROBBERS AFTER YOU FOOD!--People will be desperately hungry! It might be good to have a weapon for protection & hunting food.

       4. BUY NEEDED EQUIPMENT NOW, such as cars, tents, trailers, camping equipment, emergency food, typewriters, xeroxes, mimeos, radios, TVs, videos, tapes, etc., as prices will skyrocket or items become completely unavailable.

       5. I TOLD YOU TO DO ALL THIS A LONG TIME AGO. If you didn't, I hope today's not too late! Do it quick before others wake up to what's happening & prices soar as scarcity begins from sudden runs on these emergency items!

       6. WE HOPE OUR PRINTER, PAPER & POSTAL SYSTEM WILL LAST as long as possible, so we can keep sending you the Mag as long as we can. But if there is a break in transmission due to an international emergency, please be patient & pray for us so we can resume as soon as possible, because we love you. So keep sending your gifts to keep us going if you can. We'll be back on the air as soon as possible--or meet you in it with the Lord!

       7. REMEMBER, EVEN WHEN I GO, MARIA WILL CARRY ON as long as she can, so please stand by her & help her all you can, so you can continue to get the words as long as possible.--There's still a lot you haven't heard that will be an encouragement to you in these trying times.

       8. SO PLEASE BE FAITHFUL TO HER & JESUS, & they'll be faithful to you. We love you! God bless you! Thanks. This may be my last will & testament to you all, & my final request. I love you, & I'll try to help you all I can from the "Other Side" if I can.

       9. DID YOU GET THAT DRIED FOOD? You might need it till He comes!--Otherwise, starvation's not so bad--it's really the easiest way to die. You just start fasting & praying, & soon you go to be with the Lord!--So don't worry: "All things work together for good to them that love the Lord"! (Romans 8:28.)--Amen? Hallelujah! TYJ!

       10. IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY GOTTEN YOUR DEHYDRATED FOODS, enclosed are some addresses where you might still be able to get'm. We hope you're not too late. If you can't get anything else but a sleeping bag & a mate to keep you warm, get'm now! Stick together!

       11. REFUGES, PLEASE SEND US YOUR ADDRESSES (P.O. Box Numbers only) so we can publish them for those in need. Otherwise, don't worry--starving & freezing are the easiest ways to go. Just wrap up good, snuggle up & go to sleep in Jesus!--See you at the Wedding Party! (Called the Marriage Supper in Revelation 19.) What a bash!--Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL!

       12. WE CAN'T LOSE FOR WINNING, DEAD OR ALIVE!--Either way, you're sure to survive! Hallelujah! TYJ!--& remember, the only point to survival is to help & tell others.--Otherwise, it's better to go quick, & the quicker the better!--Amen? PTL! TYJ! God bless you! We love you & are praying for you. His will be done.

       13. WHATEVER WE DO, LET'S STICK TOGETHER till & when He comes, & then we'll run things right, the way they oughtta be, & there'll be no more sorrow nor crying, pain, death nor tears! (Revelation 21:4.) Hallelujah!

       14. SEE YOU WHEN JESUS COMES! GBAKYAMYAB! We love you & hope you make it ok. So long until tomorrow!--When morning dawns with Jesus in His Heaven on Earth! Hallelujah! TYJ! Praise the Lord!--In Jesus' Name, Amen!

       15. GBAKYACTMYAB! Happy survival!--Love,--Dad.


       1. J.L. Priestly (Catering Service) Ltd.
       93, High Street
       Heckington, Sleaford
       Lincs. NG34 9QU
       telephone: 0529 60751
       Dehydrated vegetables, fruits, pie fillings, soups.

       2. Home Store Distributions
       16, Brookside
       Staffs. DE15 OAQ
       telephone: 0283 41721 or 33623
       Cereal drinks, wheat, dried milk, dried eggs, honey, oatmeal, dried fruit, grains, pasta, nuts, water containers, etc.

       3. Arnold Quick Dried Foods Ltd.
       Woodbridge Road
       East Road Industrial Estate
       Sleaford, Lincs. NG34 7JX
       telephone: 305000
       Freeze-dried vegetables, fruit filling, soup, milk (caters to campers).

       4. Oregon Freeze-Dried Foods Inc.
       P.O. Box 1048
       Albany, Oregon 97321
       They have dehydrated luncheons, breakfast, meats, fruit, vegetables, soups, coffee. Also offer Survival Packs (complete menu for 1 person for 14 days--$85--15 lb.). Also offer brochures on nutritional values of freeze-dried foods. Food storage booklets, etc. available at same address for $1 plus postage. (Seem to cater to hikers & expedition groups, so their goods are very light.)

       5. Simond
       74400 Les Bossons
       Chamboix, France
       They are importers for Oregon Freeze-Dried Foods, for France, Germany, Italy, Belgium & Switzerland, & thus have very good products.

       6. Macarvid, Denmark
       telephone: 08 98 18 35
       No address available, but they seem to be the Scandinavian distributor of Oregon Freeze-Dried Foods (see no.4).

       7. Spejder Sport
       Nr Sarimagsgade 39
       1364 Kobenhavn K
       telephone: (01) 12 55 22
       Freeze-dried foods, meats, vegetables, pasta, soup, milk, fruit, eggs.

       8. Beehive Supply Co.
       P.O. Box 1162
       Redlands, Calif.92373
       telephone: (714) 793 0084
       Dehydrated fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, flour, beans, milk, oats, rice, wheat, soup.

       9. Sam Andy Home Storage Foods
       2020 Algaroba Street
       Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
       telephone: 941 4000
       Dehydrated fruits, grain, milk, eggs, beans, vegetables.

       LOOK UP OTHER ADDRESSES IN YOUR AREA for freeze-dried or dehydrated food--which are good convenience foods, tho' expensive. Don't forget that you can stock up your camper with lightweight powdered milk, dried soups, instant powdered mashed potatoes, powdered eggs, juices etc. Which you can buy in grocery stores.

       YOU FOLKS WHO ARE NOT LIVING IN MOBILE VEHICLES where weight is a consideration can stock up on canned goods, dried beans, grains, flour, potatoes, apples, onions, garlic & such ordinary staples which keep for a long time in a cool dry dark place. (See next issue for more camping & survival tips.)

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