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MO-BILITY!--by Father David       Comp.       DFO No.870

       1. NEVER LOSE THE PILGRIM SPIRIT! Keep moving!--You'll live longer that way & go further & get more done!--Amen? (333C:19.)

       2. FROM THE EARLIEST TIMES, GOD'S MEN HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ON THE MOVE for the Lord: "These all confessed that they were strangers & pilgrims on the earth, declaring plainly that they seek a country...a better country, that is, an Heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God."

       3. GOD IS PROUD OF HIS TRAVELLING PILGRIMS on their constant pilgrimage for Him en route to that Heavenly City "which hath foundations, whose Builder & Maker is God ... for He hath prepared for them a City!"--Hebrews 11. Amen? Hallelujah! (150:3)

       4. "BY FAITH ABRAHAM, WHEN HE WAS CALLED TO GO out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed; & he went out, not knowing whither he went. By faith he sojourned in the land of promise, as in a strange country, dwelling in tabernacles (tents) with Isaac & Jacob, the heirs with him of the same promise," & they dwelt in tents all the days of their lives! Israel camped in the Wilderness 40 years!

       5. THE RECHABITES PROMISED GOD THEY'D LIVE IN THESE MOBILE HOMES, called tents, all their lives, & they kept moving & surviving; whereas the homebuilders got left behind under the heel of their conquerors! (150:8.) Because of their willingness to dwell in tents when everybody else was living in houses, they were able to quickly escape when the trouble came, & survived! (318:56.)

       6. GOD'S CHILDREN HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ON THE MOVE, never settling down more than temporarily, seldom building cities, because they know this world is not their home, they're just a'passin' thru' tryin' to get a job done for Jesus on the way! Amen? Hallelujah! Keep movin'! (150:5.)

       7. I & MY OWN LITTLE FAMILY BEGAN THIS WAY, first in a little 14-foot trailer, then larger ones as we grew, & I believe my own flesh & blood children can testify that they have lived in these modern tents, campers & trailers of today most of their lives. And I believe we can truthfully say, that as long as we kept moving, or at least prepared to move, God blessed us the most.

       8. AND ALTHO' SOMETIMES IT SEEMED NECESSARY TO SETTLE DOWN FOR A WHILE for a little rest & recuperation, for the patching of our tents & the feeding of our flock & the strengthening of our lambs, we soon had to move on again-always & without exception, praise the Lord! (318:62.) If there's anything I know how to do, it's travel & camp, because I've been doing it all my life--& I love it!--For Jesus! (150:2.)

       9. BY FAITH, HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS & YOUR OBEDIENCE, you can journey back into a Garden of Eden, a Heaven on Earth amongst the beauties of God's Creation, by travelling & camping for the Lord! As in every "Pilgrim's Progress" it is sometimes "a rough & a rugged road with a hard & a heavy load, & the people you meet aren't always kind." But most of the time, it's a smooth & a happy road, & He helps you to carry the load, & many lost souls you'll help to find! Hallelujah! (150:4.)

       10. IF WE DON'T OBEY GOD, GET OUT OF THE NEST, lift up our eyes unto the harvest, & go into all the world & preach the Gospel to every creature, we'll wind up just like the churches & old King Saul, so desperately busy trying to figure out some ways to survive that we go crazy & completely forget or find it impossible to accomplish the job we're here for! (318:23.)

       11. OUR GREATEST HANDICAP IS THAT WE'VE LOST THE PILGRIM SPIRIT, haven't kept up our campers, tents & camping equipment, & have settled down to the ease & luxury of more stationary & conventional housing in large, expensive Colonies! (318:58.)

       12. IN FACT, WE HAVE SPENT MORE TIME BECOMING STATIONARY & COMFORTABLE & more money repairing & maintaining, renting & equipping & furnishing stationary housing & paying huge utility bills to the neglect of our mobile equipment which has fallen into a sad state of disrepair, & in fact has become a veritable junkyard. So that when we did need them, they were not ready & we were nearly immobile & barely, narrowly escaped! (318:59.)

       13. SO WILL WE BE EVER LEARNING & never coming to a knowledge, or will we keep those tents, trailers, campers, trucks, & buses ready, so we can move at a moment's notice, or start moving teams out now, having the faith to obey the Lord & go into all the world!

       14. IF WE HAD SPENT THE TIME & MONEY ON CAMPING EQUIPMENT we've spent on housing, we would be ready!--But we're not! May God have mercy on us & give us a little more time to get ready & get out on the move & obey! Amen? (318:63.)

       15. ARE YOU A STRANGER & PILGRIM ON THIS EARTH of whom God is proud & not ashamed to be called your God because you desire a better country? Do you heed God's warnings & prepare to save your family, even if it means forsaking all & not even knowing where you're going? Are you willing to camp out in tents because you're looking for a better heavenly city? Are you willing to hide out unafraid of the system & suffer with God's people because you love Jesus more?--Then He's got a whole new world for you!

       16. WHY DON'T YOU START TODAY! The fields are already white unto harvest, but the labourers are few. Pray the Lord will send you now--and go! God bless you! (333C:24.)


Compiled by Elkanah from the Letters of Father David. (First published in "The Rechabite News"; England 1975.)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family