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WARNING NOTICE! (Re: LIMs)       DO No.871       2/80

       WARNING: NOT ALL TRANSLATORS OR TRANSLATING CENTRES ARE NECESSARILY LIMS! LIMs are World Services-approved local language publishing units who regularly issue fairly substantial copies of the Family News Magazine as equivalent to the English editions as possible, & who conduct an extensive Mail Ministry in that language or group of languages, & who are qualified & authorised to do so by World Services & their local KQL!

       THE MERE PRINTING & PUBLISHING OF A LITTLE OF OUR LIT, such as a few Letters, Komix, etc. in a local language, does not qualify a local translator or Translation Centre for the official World Services title of a World Services LIM! Such local independent efforts are commendable, admirable & certainly to be encouraged by whoever can & wishes to do so, & we congratulate you & are sure that God will bless you for it. However,

       YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY TO CALL YOURSELF A LIM UNLESS YOU ARE CONSISTENTLY PUBLISHING FAIR REPLICAS OF EACH ISSUE OF THE FAMILY NEWS MAG, of which at least 1 sample of each is airmailed immediately to World Services, Pf. 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland, for continuous approval, along with the address of all Homes requesting bilingual mailings of the English copies from W.S. also, along with a monthly official LIM Report on all publications, finances, mail ministry, etc., as well as Your 10% tithe on all income, & 1/2 of all your income from bilingual Homes whom W.S. must supply with English copies.

       ONLY LOCAL LANGUAGE TRANSLATING & PUBLISHING CENTRES WHO MEET ALL THESE REQUIREMENTS ARE LIMS & are therefore officially approved of by W.S. & entitled to be called W.S. LIMs W.S. authorised branches of WIM, our World wide International Mail-ministry body, as their name LIM implies.

       YOU SHOULD ALREADY KNOW WHO YOUR LOCAL LIM IS by the fact that you are already receiving satisfactory copies of each edition of the Family News in your local language, & can therefore be confident in sending your tithe to the LIM from whom you are receiving a good magazine, & we shall be publishing as quickly as possible a complete list of all such World Services-approved LIMs, God willing.

       BEWARE OF THOSE WHO CLAIM TO BE LIMS, BUT ARE NOT DELIVERING YOUR TITHE'S WORTH! God bless all of you who are republishing the WWWs in your LL!--But please don't claim to be a LIM unless you are really delivering the goods, a satisfactory copy of every English language edition, & therefore deserve the full support of your LL Homes.

              LONG LIVE THE LIMS!--& ALL OF YOU WHO ARE REPUBLISHING THE WWWS IN YOUR LL!--But please don't call yourself a full-fledged LIM unless you're faithfully & regularly delivering a full-fledged W.S. approved Family News Magazine bi-monthly! Other translators & LL publishers are welcome to solicit Family support & even advertise your publications in the FN Want Ads, but please do not call yourself a genuine W.S. LIM unless you are faithfully & regularly meeting all the above requirements, & are therefore on the W.S. List of LIMs to be published in the next issue, D.V. Please help us avoid confusion!

              EACH GENUINE W.S. LIM HAS A W.S.-APPOINTED KQL PRESIDING OVER THEM overseeing their entire operation, participating in their burdens & benefits, responsible for seeing to it that their LIM or LIMs produce satisfactory LL copies of the English language FNs, are faithfully ministering to their Mailing Lists & are fully reporting to W.S. monthly on such activities. No other can be recognised as full-fledged W.S. LIMs. So please do not attempt to advertise yourself as a LIM & seek support as such unless you truly are!

       ALL OTHER TRANSLATING & PUBLISHING CENTRES ARE WELCOME TO ADVERTISE YOURSELVES & YOUR PRODUCTS BY SOME OTHER NAME, & SEEK FAMILY SUPPORT. But please do not call yourself a LIM without W.S. approval & recognition, which will be given officially before all the Family in the Next FN, God willing. Thanks, & God bless you for your continued cooperation.--In His loving service to all the world in Jesus' Name, Amen.--M&M P.S. If you have any further questions in this regard, please write directly to World Services, Pf. 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland. Thanks! WLY! GBAKYAMYAB!

       DEAR FAMILY: PLEASE DON'T FAIL TO SEND YOUR PERSONAL MAILING LIST ADDRESSES TO WIM (our Worldwide International Mail ministry), or local language addresses to the appropriate LIM, so your friends & contacts may receive an initial sample mailing & have the opportunity of being placed on the regular Family mailing list to receive our Family News Magazine twice each month.

       YOU ARE BEING SELFISH IF YOU HOARD THESE ADDRESSES & STARVE YOUR SHEEP by depriving them of the good food they could be getting in a regular & plenteous diet of the bi-monthly FN magazine, now increased to a huge 165 pages edition! If they are not ready for the full fare yet, WIM also sends out a Basic Course of milky lit for babes.

       IT IS NOT RIGHT THAT YOU SHOULD TAKE THE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR TRYING TO FEED THESE SHEEP YOURSELF ALONE when you cannot possibly give all of what they need for their full spiritual growth yourself only. We do not believe the Lord will bless you for withholding the WWWs from your sheep & their names from those who can supply all their food, with the thought that in so doing you can continue to receive all their support instead of sharing it with WIM so they can receive a full steady diet of all the WWWs.

       WE BELIEVE THAT THE MORE YOU SACRIFICE THAT OTHERS MAY BE FED, THE MORE GOD WILL BLESS YOU. Continue to feed your sheep personally via mail, send them your prayerletters, photos & stories of your personal witnessing & litnessing, & encouraging words of comfort & cheer & appropriate scriptures & quotes in your letters.

       BUT ALSO SEND THEIR NAMES TO WIM & ENCOURAGE THEM TO OBTAIN THE FN MAGAZINE EACH MONTH, as well as to continue to help you with your support. We believe if you are faithful to feed your sheep fully in this way by encouraging them to receive all that is available from WIM in the FNs, then God will pour you out more of a blessing than ever before, & provide your needs abundantly!


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