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"ROAD MAIL" NOTICE!       DO 872A       4/80

Dear Mobile Ministers & All,

              BE SURE YOU ALWAYS CHECK THE BOX ON YOUR FORWARDING CARDS which says: [EDITED: "X"] "Forward First Class Mail Only" (which includes air mail), or you're going to pay a fortune for the forwarding of your newspapers, periodicals & junk mail! Tell your home base post office to please hold these for your until you return--if ever! Besides, this junk mail moves so slowly it will probably never catch up with you anyway!

              THANK GOD, WHEN TRAVELLING we always notified our home post office to only forward first class mail, as once after months of absence from home we returned to Miami, Florida, to find the post office patiently holding for us an entire postal dolly 4 feet long, 2 feet wide & 3 feet deep full of such mail for us, which would never have caught up with us anyway & would have cost us a fortune if it had! So be sure to mark all your forwarding notices: [EDITED: "X"] "First Class Mail Only"! I only hope you didn't get this notice too late!--Sorry!--Dad.

              P.S. HERE'S HOPE! If you forgot & it does come, you can always refuse it & refuse to pay the postage for it, & they'll simply throw it away!--Thank God!

              P.P.S. PLEASE MAKE CERTAIN with your P.O. that First Class Mail you request to be forwarded definitely includes your Air Mail Printed Matter mag mailings.

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