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THE BLACK NIGHTMARE!--By Father David       DO 875       3 February 1980


       2. [DELETED] It's really something how the Russians are willing to co-operate with & side with & help the Blacks where they want to get control. But when they do get control, it certainly won't be the Blacks that are running things!--It will be communists! They are probably going to do it undercover from the outside, which is smart--a whole lot smarter than the West & the British & the American Whites!

       3. [DELETED] It's like that revelation prophecy we got way back yonder when we were in Texas with Grandmother & she got the "Warning Prophecy." (See No.655.)

       4. WE GOT THIS PROPHECY ABOUT HOW THE LORD WAS GOING TO GIVE THE GENTILES INTO THE HANDS OF THE JEWS, & they were going to sell them to the Blacks, & Memphis was going to bury them! It's in that Scripture about "Memphis shall bury you." (Ho.9:6) And it certainly did corroborate & confirm right along with the "Warning Prophecy" about how "Out of Memphis shall come the Great Confusion." It must be that, just like the Lord considers Jerusalem so important to His World Government of the future, so the Devil considers Egypt extremely important to his coming world government of the future--& even of the past for thousands of years! They will sort of center their spiritual governments there. Because it says out of Memphis will come the Author of the Great Confusion, & "Memphis shall bury you."

       5. IT'S AMAZING WHAT POWER THOSE SMALL MINORITIES CAN GAIN IF THE MAJORITY SURRENDERS! They can't do it by force.--They haven't got the power nor the weapons, but they do it by talk! They literally talk people into surrendering, just like they talked Rhodesia into surrendering. And of course by all kinds of economic pressure & powerful propaganda-media control. [DELETED]


       THE BLACK NIGHTMARE (Cont'd)       3/2/80

       9. I HAD A DREAM DURING THE NIGHT. I really feel like I've had the same dream before it was very familiar, not exactly the same, but similar. (Maria: What did you dream?)

       10. I'M IN A CROWDED TRAIN STATION OF A LARGE EUROPEAN CITY. It must be a suburb or something, because it's very small. But there's a big crowd there waiting for the train to the city, & they won't give us any information or won't tell us when it's coming or where it is or what track it's going to be on. I'm desperate to catch this train & so I'm determined to find out where it is.

       11. I GO TO THE STATION MASTER'S OFFICE & the door's open & he's sitting there busy, & I say, "I'm sorry, but I've got to catch the train to the city, it's urgent!--You must tell me what track it's on!" He roughly barks, "Track One!" And I say, "But which track is that?" And he won't answer, but just goes on with his work, like he's said enough.

       12. SO I GO OUT OF THE STATION REAL QUICK & here are about five tracks & all these trains parked on them.--Every track full with a train. And none of them have engines--at least not on the end where the station is. They just have an open-ended car, you know. So I figure, well, Track One must be the first track, so I leaped into the end of that car, & lo & behold, inside the car is this fashion show all set up to display dresses & furs & all kinds of elegant things!

       13. THERE IS A JEWISH LADY THERE WORKING ON THE DISPLAY, a little short blonde Jewish lady, very pleasant, who looks up rather startled. I'm walking through on these fine carpets, real thick deep-pile white carpets on the floor of all things, & me just jumping out of the dirty station! I said, "I'm sorry, but I'm looking for the train to the city. Is this train going there?" She said, "Yes." I said, "Is this the express train?" She said, "Yes." "Well," I said, "OK, thanks a lot."

       14. I ALMOST RAN ON THROUGH THE CAR, BECAUSE I FIGURED THERE MUST BE PASSENGER CARS at the back end of these special cars. But as I go through the car, the next car is set up like that too.--Another kind of fashion show. Car after car is full of these exhibits & shows, just like a clothing fair. So I know I'm not supposed to be in these cars, so I'm just running now through the cars for fear somebody will stop me or catch me or throw me off the train.

       15. AND SUDDENLY, AFTER RUNNING THROUGH ABOUT FOUR OR FIVE CARS THAT WAY, suddenly, as I come to the end of the last car, I'm running so fast I don't even realise that there's not another car there & I'm suddenly sailing out through the door into open space! Thankfully I land on my feet right-side up, after quite a big leap down from that last car!

       16. AND I'M THANKING GOD THAT I WAS SO ATHLETIC IN MY YOUTH that I was able to take that kind of a jump now! So then I realise that I had reached the end of the train, & if I'm going to get to the city I've got to get back on that last car. But I turn around just in time to see the car moving slowly away! Apparently, during the time that I had run the length of the cars they had hitched up an engine to the end that I had got on & now they were pulling out.

       17. SO I RAN LIKE MAD TO TRY TO CATCH IT, BUT I COULDN'T CATCH IT! Isn't it funny how that's all so clear? I don't have any idea what it could possibly mean. Oh me! We've hardly even ever been to that city but a couple of times. According to the schedule, the express for the city was supposed to be on Track One & leave at that time. But apparently a big fashion show had taken over the whole train. And they evidently weren't going to take any passenger cars. They were in a hurry or something, & they just pulled off without the passenger cars.

       18. IT SEEMED LIKE ALL THE PEOPLE WERE CONFUSED, they didn't know where the train was. The officials were definitely keeping it a secret, because they knew the crowd would get mad if they knew they had turned the train over to this fashion show. So nobody knew. I guess the station master wasn't required to tell anything more but that it was on Track One.

       19. SO SURE ENOUGH, IT WAS TRACK ONE ALL RIGHT & THAT WAS THE EXPRESS but it obviously wasn't planning to take any passengers. It had successfully kept that a secret & pulled out before they found out, because they would have had a stampede or a riot or something otherwise. So, oh, I'm really discouraged & disgusted.

       20. I CATCH A BUS INSTEAD & THEN I FIND MYSELF OUT ON A COUNTRY ROAD in a crowded bus. I had sort of been lying down on the seat or platform of the bus or somewhere--& all of a sudden my wallet fell out of my pocket! I looked around just in time to see it sort of teeter-tottering on the edge of the platform of the bus--this bus had sort of a back platform--I've never even ridden on such a bus!

       21. AND I SEE THE WALLET SORT OF VIBRATE OR SLIDE OVER ACROSS THE FLOOR TO THE EDGE & it is sort of balancing right on the edge & I start to grab for it, but it falls off onto the ground! So I yell at the bus driver, "Stop! Stop!" And by the time he stops & lets me off, I see a bunch of little kids gathered around my wallet way back on the road. And as they see me coming, they scatter & all run home!

       22. BY THE TIME I GET BACK TO WHERE MY WALLET DROPPED, THERE'S NO WALLET! Some of the kids must have gotten it & run off. It's gone! I have no idea which way to look. It seemed like they all have run home & everybody has kept quiet. It was sort of a little country village & all the houses seemed to be real quiet, almost like there was nobody home. And I thought, "Oh well, it's hopeless! Somebody stole it."

       23. I CAN'T GO AROUND FROM DOOR TO DOOR asking who has my wallet! Oh boy! Lost all my identity papers! Haven't got a thing! And my suitcase is still on the bus! By this time, the bus driver was impatient & got fed up & took off without me! So there I was without my suitcase or my wallet wondering what to do! (Thank God all these years I travelled, that never happened to me!)

       24. SO I STARTED WALKING BACK TO TOWN. I was just coming to the edge of town & I had come to this Negro section with all these Blacks sitting around glowering at me. ...

       25. SO I WALK ALONG THIS PATH BY THE ROAD & these Blacks are sitting alongside the path glaring at me very menacingly. I'm very scared that one of them might jump me & try to steal something or rob me, thinking that I've got something. No use trying to tell them that I didn't have my wallet, that I had lost it & that I didn't have any money. They'd jump me for my watch anyhow.

       26. ALL OF A SUDDEN THERE IS THIS ONE REAL EVIL-LOOKING BLACK GUY sitting there alongside the path. He looks at me & then I can tell that he looks at somebody behind me & gives sort of a signal of some kind, almost with his eyes. This guy behind me runs up behind me & he makes some kind of an "X" mark on my back with a piece of chalk or something, like I'm marked for whatever!

       27. WHEN I FEEL HIM DO THAT I KNOW THEY ARE AFTER ME, so I take off & start running like mad back to the station! It must have been a suburban station or tiny town, because it was so small & right close to the country. And I finally get to the station, beating him there, & I run fast to the Station Master's office because I'm worried that the people standing around won't help me, because most people nowadays try to stay clear of robberies & muggings & trouble.

       28. THEY JUST PASS ON BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT TO GET IN TROUBLE EITHER, or get attacked--especially in the big cities they do that. And I don't quite reach the Station Master's Office when the guy catches up with me, so I just yell, "Station Master!" real loud. But nobody comes. Probably even if he heard me he was too busy to worry about it. There were just some people looking out the window of the station restaurant that is sort of on the platform & they're looking sort of astonished & surprised, like they would, you know, if they were watching a mugging.

       29. THIS COLOURED GUY WITH THIS REAL EVIL FACE almost like an animal grabs me by the neck & he raises what looks like a hypodermic needle right above my neck poised & ready to plunge into my throat. His face is evil & demonic, almost snarling like a dog. And he has me there in a vise-like grip with his needle raised & poised to plunge into my throat!

       30. I DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT OR WHAT THEY'RE UP TO or what they're trying to do. But suddenly I wake up! (Maria: Boy, that was a nightmare!) Isn't that the craziest thing? I missed the train, lose my wallet & my suitcase, then get attacked by this strange mugger that's apparently part of this gang.

       31. THEY WEREN'T TRYING TO KILL ME or even rob me apparently. I think one thing that flashed through my mind was that, well, they wanted me. They were going to knock me out with this needle evidently. I suppose they wanted to kidnap me or something, see? Now why they would want me I don't know, except I've been exposing some ... [EDITED: "people"].

       32. {\b \ul THEY WERE FIGURING OUT SOME WAY TO PUT A STOP TO MY EXPOSÉ}. I sort of had the feeling like that's why they had it in for me because I was exposing ... [EDITED: "some"] Blacks & what they're up to. They're not just for Black equality.--They want Black supremacy! And they're getting it, too!

       33. I WAS ASTONISHED WHEN I SAW THAT FASHION SHOW BEING PREPARED IN THOSE CARS on the express train as I was running through the cars thinking how desperate it was for me to get there. Here they were busy with a fashion show instead! I thought, "My God!" And it seemed like all around, the whole situation was explosive or desperate or something. There was this big mass of people desperately trying to get a train, & it seemed like it was in a threatening atmosphere of some kind.

       34. I DON'T KNOW WHY WE WOULD WANT TO BE GOING TO THE CITY. It seems like we would want to go the other way. Maybe we were fleeing some enemy or something. But I felt the fright in the very air, & it seemed like these Blacks were part of the danger. You know, when a catastrophe or trouble happens--like the blackout in New York--why, the first thing that happened was the Blacks just attacked the stores, robbing & looting & attacking people & everything right & left!

       35. THEY JUST WENT CRAZY! So when it was all over, the people, the Mayor couldn't believe anything so savage could have happened in modern civilisation, the way they attacked people & stores & looted everything! They just ran wild! The minute they had a chance, they were like beasts let out of the cage! There was this threatening feeling as I walked past all these Blacks, & it was horrible! I just knew they were awaiting their chance to jump me!

       36. I REMEMBER THINKING TO MYSELF AS I RACED THROUGH THESE FASHION SHOW CARS, "How can they possibly be concerned with anything so silly & such vanity at a dangerous time like this? How could they actually be going on like all things are the same just as they were, blah?--Kind of business as usual at a time like this! How can these rich people still be going on with their fashion shows when there's such danger in the air?"--Sort of like Nero fiddling while Rome burned!

       37. THERE WAS SOMETHING URGENT. Why I had to go to this city, I don't know. Why everybody else was trying to get there I don't know either. Seems like in a time of emergency they would have been trying to flee the other way. But I had the impression they were all looking for the same passenger train to the city.

       38. I DON'T KNOW WHAT MEANING THAT COULD POSSIBLY HAVE, EXCEPT TO SHOW HOW SOME PEOPLE WILL STILL GO ON, BUSINESS AS USUAL, no matter what is happening. As some in the days of the Apostles said, "All things continue as they were since the days of the fathers. Where is the sign of His coming?" (2Pe.3:4.) In other words, "Everything's the same. There's not any danger. Business as usual."--And just like Jesus said, that they builded & they planted & they married & were given in marriage & knew not until the flood came & swept them all away!

       39. HE SAID, "SO SHALL IT BE WHEN THE SON OF MAN COMES AGAIN." (Mt.24:38,39.) For the wicked, that will be a total surprise, they won't be expecting it! It seems like disaster, catastrophe, emergencies like that are always a surprise to the wicked. Isn't that funny?--They never seem to be expecting it, you know? They are warned & warned: "Get out of the city!"

       40. THEY ARE WARNED TO STOP THIS & STOP THAT OR DO THIS & DO THAT, but they never do & they are never prepared. They are never prepared, they never expect it, they don't believe the prophets. They don't believe you. So they are always caught napping & caught by surprise & unprepared. Even though the Lord usually gives them some warning, you know.

       41. EVEN THEY COULD ESCAPE IF THEY BELIEVED, but of course if they believed they wouldn't be wicked. But it's the wicked who don't believe. That's what makes them wicked, their unbelief. The Lord doesn't hold you as responsible for even your deeds as He does for unbelief, you know? All mankind, let's face it, is wicked & sinful. "We've all sinned & come short of the glory of God." (Ro.3:23.) We're all sinners.

       42. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN US & THE SO-CALLED "WICKED" IS THAT WE'RE SAVED SINNERS because we believe, because we've received Christ. See, if they had believed the word of the prophets, they too could have escaped. But then of course, they would have been believers. But the really truly wicked are the ones who won't believe & won't heed, & that's what makes them so wicked.

       43. THAT'S WHAT THE LORD WILL HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR--that even in His mercy He warned them to get out or flee or be prepared or whatever, but they wouldn't believe. And so they get caught in the flood or the fire or the explosion or the volcanic eruption or the earthquake etc. Look how many times California has been warned about earthquakes there, impending gigantic earthquake! Even the scientists are warning them.

       44. SOME SCIENTISTS EVEN BELIEVE THAT MAYBE WHOLE HUNKS OF THE STATE ARE GOING TO FALL INTO THE OCEAN! They have been told this for years! But do they believe it? No! And how the Lord continues to warn them by even sending one every few months, little warning shocks! Well, some of them are pretty severe warning shocks, where whole buildings were destroyed & everything! They still don't believe it!!

       45. IT SEEMED IN MY DREAM LIKE THE NEGROES WERE PART OF THE TROUBLE, like some kind of war or uprising or something chaotic was happening or about to happen. But the rich were going on with their fashion show like nothing had happened. All through the Bible & even in history since the loyal prophets, in warning the people of impending disaster, war or whatever it was, have told them to flee the city.

       46. SO OFTEN THE WARNING WAS TO FLEE THE CITY! That's again & again in the Bible. The vast majority of the people wouldn't listen, didn't pay attention, or if they did, they just laughed. From the times of Noah on, they just wouldn't listen until they got caught in it--which is what they deserved for not believing & not heeding God's prophet or prophets.

       47. IN ALL THOSE CASES YOU READ IN THE BIBLE & HISTORY, VERY FEW PEOPLE HEEDED THE WORDS OF THE PROPHET & fled or did whatever he told them to do, & therefore, the vast majority of the people got caught. Even at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 A.D. a prophet of God warned the people--Christians, Jews & all--of the coming destruction. He gave them the Word of the Lord to flee to the other side of Jordan into the wilderness & they would be saved. And about 2000 of them, all Christians, believed him & fled across the Jordan to the other side & were saved.

       48. BUT THE FALSE PROPHETS OF THE JEWS SAID, "FLEE INTO THE TEMPLE, the house of God, & there you will be safe!" So about 5000 Jews crammed into the Temple & the Romans came along & burned it to the ground--5000 Jews & all! They were burned alive in the Temple, & then the Romans, after it cooled off, dug the gold decorations out of the cracks between the rocks by throwing all the rocks on the ground & all the stones of the building, so there wasn't one stone left standing on another, just like Jesus had warned them! (Mt.24:2.)

       49. YOU KNOW THAT WAILING WALL THEY ARE ALWAYS TAKING ABOUT: It's not part of the ancient temple at all! It was yards from the ancient building. It was just the retaining wall, the earth fill. When they leveled off the top of the mountain they filled it in around so it would be a big flat space with lots of room to build all the temple buildings on, just like they clear a big level place for a whole subdivision housing development.

       50. TO MAKE IT BIGGER THEY USED WHAT THEY SCRAPED OFF THE TOP TO FILL IN THE SIDES & they retained that with this huge monstrous retaining wall of gigantic blocks of stone to give it a good foundation. But it was not the foundation of the temple at all! The temple was built about 100 yards from the wall on the inside. The wall went around this huge big space which is about one-half a mile square. The temple was comparatively small & placed in the middle on this clearing.

       51. THAT RETAINING WALL, KNOWN AS THE WAILING WALL TO THE JEWS, IS NOT PART OF THE TEMPLE & never was & never will be! Every time they claim that that was a part of the ancient temple, they're lying! But the Devil promotes that lie to try to promote the doubt in what Jesus said, that not one stone would be left standing on the other. You always are given a picture of the wall with all the stones standing on top of each other, & told it is part of the remaining temple.

       52. JESUS SAID NOT ONE STONE WOULD BE LEFT STANDING ON ANOTHER! But the Devil tries to keep showing that picture: "See?--Ha ha! It didn't happen! Here's still some stones standing on each other--our dear Jewish stones of our Jewish temple! Ha!" So they didn't heed the warning & the flood came & swept them all away. In the case of those temple Jews, it was a flood of fire!

       53. THE LAST TIME THE LORD DESTROYED THE WORLD HE DESTROYED IT BY WATER. This time it's going to be worse, destroyed by fire! And first of all, man is going to almost destroy it by fire. But we tell'm, & tell'm, & everybody tells'm, & the scientists tell'm, & the nuclear prophets warn them. The anti-nuke prophets warn'm & everything else, but it's no use, they won't listen. They refuse to listen.

       54. MOSTLY TODAY JUST THE YOUNG PEOPLE ARE LISTENING. After all, it is not the kids who perpetrate & initiate the wars, it's their parents! But then the parents send the kids in to fight them, isn't that something? Think of that! By the way, Carter wants to start the Draft again. Can you imagine anybody even being that stupid & to have that much nerve to want to grab the next generation now of kids & stick them in the battle & have them slaughtered too?

       55. IT WON'T BE JUST ANOTHER WAR, IT'LL BE NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST! ... They are preparing a holocaust for the whole world, & the parents are ready to stick their kids right back into the furnace again, just like they used to burn them in the fires of Moloch in the days before the flood!

       56. THE PARENTS ARE READY TO SACRIFICE THEIR OWN CHILDREN to their own lusts & their own greediness & selfishness! My God, why don't they let the Russians have Afghanistan? Why perpetrate a world war over that little bandit country? Ha! It's ridiculous!

       57. AMEN LORD, WE'VE WARNED THEM! We've done our best to prepare the Family. We've been preaching at this for ten years! So Lord, if they get caught, it's their own fault, & their blood is not going to be on my hands! I've delivered my soul, even to the public. The prophets of Doom had to give the public a chance to believe.

       58. NOW HELP US LORD, ESPECIALLY OUR LITTLE FAMILY & OUR UNITS, TO GET PREPARED, Lord, to heed the warning & be ready, in Jesus' name! These cities are going to be chaos, absolute mayhem, bedlam, murder, anarchy, savagery of the worst kind when the time comes! My Lord, deliver us in Jesus' name, amen!

       59. WELL ANYHOW, PRAISE THE LORD! It's not good to think on these things much. Paul says whatsoever is good & pure & of good report, think on these things. (Phil.4:8.) But we need to warn the people & really shake them up. Sometimes you can almost scare them into obeying by telling them how horrible it's really going to be! How awful!

       60. THE WORLD IS GOING TO EXPERIENCE THE WORST SAVAGERY THEY HAVE EVER KNOWN! Savagery of the jungle will be nothing compared to the savagery of the asphalt jungle! And I have been warning them for years! I sometimes wonder if maybe the nuclear scientists figure it's just better to wipe out the population than have an economic crash or something!

       61. IF CARTER CAN SEE ANYTHING AT ALL, HE CAN SEE AN ECONOMIC CRASH COMING! And there's only one thing that ever pulls them out of that--an economic crash--is getting into a war! And did you know that the Democrats have always been in power every time the U.S. ever got into a war? It was the Democrats that got them into war, & only the Republicans that ever brought peace!--Not that the Republicans are any saints or anything!

       62. THEY ARE JUST AS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WARS REALLY AS THE DEMOCRATS, but it's always been a Democratic administration in power when the U.S. got into war, & a Republican administration in power when they got out! And I have a feeling that the Democrats don't want to be in power when there's a major economic crash, because then they'll get blamed. They would rather use the Russians in Afghanistan & another war as a decoy & as the scapegoat to focus the nation's attention on some other kind of trouble!

       63. THE U.S. HAS ALWAYS DONE THAT!--THEY WOULD RATHER GO TO WAR THAN SUFFER ECONOMICALLY, because war always brings booming business & monumental government spending & jobs & money & fortunes!--That is how the North first got rich with its big cities like New York & Chicago, through the Civil War! Fortunes were made overnight! By the horrors of war!--And the broken bodies of their own brethren! War is hell! Horror!

       64. BUT MAN HAS NEVER CEASED TO GET INTO IT, OR EVEN HARDLY HESITATED TO GET INTO IT whenever he felt like it! And it looks like that's what Carter's preparing. My God, it would be better to let the Russians have the oil & to go without! So far, I would say that they have done a better job of running their part of the World than most of the rest of the World has!

       65. EVEN IF THEY ARE SLAVES, AT LEAST THERE'S PEACE & ORDER & control & no unemployment! Everybody's working & everybody's busy. Everybody has to behave. There aren't any gangs of hoodlums in Russia! They don't have muggings & rapings right on the street & everything like they do in New York & all the big ... cities of the U.S.! My God!

       66. RUSSIA IS MORE CIVILISED THAN THE REST OF THE WORLD! Whew! At least they brought some order out of chaos! It takes a tough government like that to rule a tough people like the Russians! Hum! Well, PTL! Enough of looking down. We need to look up, for our Redemption draweth nigh! (Lk.21:28.) Thank You Lord! Hallelujah!

       67. --AND THANK GOD FOR THE MILLIONS OF GOOD CHRISTIAN BLACKS throughout the World who are civilised, peaceful, hard-working, law-abiding citizens & not murderous, uncivilised, anti-Christ savages!

       P.S. --By the way maybe me running toward the city was to show how much trouble you can get into in a city!--Ha! I shoulda fled the city!--Amen?--Have you?

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