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THE RONALD REAGAN SPIDER DREAM!--By Father David       DO 879       5 March 1980

       1. THAT SAME NIGHT, AFTER "THE NUKE GAME" (COMING SOON!) I HAD ANOTHER VERY STRANGE DREAM. The meaning of the "Nuclear Game" is pretty obvious, what's going on now & what will probably happen in the future. But this is really an odd one that I don't completely understand.

       2. I WAS AT THIS POLITICAL CONVENTION OR RALLY OF SOME KIND, & the room or hall we were standing in talking with friends & delegates apparently was our meeting room. It wasn't a very large room, however; it looked like it only seated a couple of hundred people with a table or desk up front, no rostrum--just the desk at almost floor level with a chair behind it & some papers on it.

       3. I WAS TALKING WITH SOME YOUNG FELLOWS, several of whom seemed to be waiters wearing typical white waiters' jackets. It seemed they were very good friends of ours who liked us very much, as we were chatting happily & gayly & laughing & in general having a good time.

       4. SOON OTHER PEOPLE BEGAN TO POUR INTO THE SMALL AUDITORIUM which seemed to be just one part of a hotel which had various meeting & committee rooms. There seemed to be some kind of political rally or convention going on. There was a lot of buzz & hub-bub, lots of activity. And all of a sudden it seemed to be centering on this room in which we were standing up front near the desk.

       5. OUR FRIENDS BEGAN TO BE SEATED, as even the waiters seemed to be attending the convention. I don't know whether they were off duty or what. They sat down--there were three or four of them--right on the front row in front of the desk. Then, surprisingly enough--although it seemed perfectly natural to me--I sat down behind the desk as though I was the chairman or MC of the meeting.

       6. I SAT DOWN & BEGAN TO LOOK & SHUFFLE THROUGH THE PAPERS. But all of a sudden I felt a little odd or strange, & there fell sort of a hush over the group. By this time nearly everybody was seated & there was a rather strange silence as though something was expected, & I looked up to see what it was.

       7. I DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING THERE AS CHAIRMAN OF THIS MEETING or why it seemed natural that I was leading the meeting. But as I looked up & around the congregation, I could see that some of them looked a little embarrassed or a little bit upset & as though something was happening that was ... I don't know just how to explain it ... like I wasn't supposed to be up there. And I looked over toward the back row--a little to my left, &

       8. THERE SAT RONALD REAGAN, THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR THE U.S.A. PRESIDENCY, looking at me with a cold stoney hateful stare, like "What are you doing taking my place & trying to run this meeting, anyhow?" I wasn't saying a word & he wasn't saying anything. Nobody was saying anything. There was just sort of a dead embarrassing silence as he glared & glowered at me. Right away I got the point that apparently he felt that he should lead the meeting, that he was supposed to be the leader.

       9. SO I IMMEDIATELY GOT UP POLITELY & BECKONED HIM TO THE FRONT to the chair behind the desk, & sat down on the front row between a couple of these waiters--there were about three or four of them all together. And immediately some politician took the chair behind the desk & began some long political diatribe, followed by one speaker after the other, apparently preparing to introduce Reagan. The meeting went on boringly, as most political meetings & speeches do. But it was the strangest thing:

       10. THE WAITERS SORT OF CUDDLED UP TO ME LIKE I WAS THEIR FATHER, & one had his arm around me across the back of my chair & the other one was sort of leaning up against me on the other side & I thought, "My! How these boys love me! I didn't realise that I was so loved by these young people." You know, they could represent the Family, huh?

       11. IN A WAY OUR FAMILY ARE WAITERS--they are waiting on the public & the people & serving, they're servants, servants of the Lord serving others. And I felt so good, so comforted to think that these dear boys loved me so much. It reminded me of some of those waiters in Tenerife who used to wait on us & loved us so much, stood with us & talked with us & sat with us sometimes.

       12. AND THE MEETING WENT ON & ON & REAGAN FINALLY TOOK THE CHAIR, & then he went on & on with his political tirades as a fanatical hard radical rightist, & after a long time the meeting broke up & they began serving lunch, or refreshments at least. By this time I had drifted towards the back of the auditorium & was standing there chatting with friends or some of the waiters, I think. All of a sudden I looked up on the back wall of the auditorium, & about head high on the wall beside some kind of meter boxes or light switches,

       13. THERE WAS THIS HUGE STRANGE SPIDER about as big around as a man's brimmed hat or as big around as a large floor lamp shade, very large! The body was round & greyish colour & about the size of an eight-inch ball & had these big ugly looking legs. He was sitting on the wall glaring at me, glowering at me just like Ronald Reagan had done!

       14. SUDDENLY I HAD THE FUNNY FEELING THAT IT WAS RONALD REAGAN! He had these typical big spider legs & knees sticking up. He reminded me a little bit of those giant tarantulas of Texas, except that he was not hairy like a tarantula is, nor black, but grey with thin legs. Grey, well, maybe that's symbolic of the fact that he's actually quite grey but dyes his hair because he is 70 & quite old. But he was on this wall to my left facing me, sort of sideways on the wall facing this way.

       15. HE WAS GLARING MALEVOLENTLY DIRECTLY INTO MY EYES JUST EXACTLY LIKE RONALD REAGAN HAD FROM THE BACK SEAT! I had the feeling that he was just about to pounce, & wanted to pounce on me! I do recall that Reagan was one of our bitter enemies in California & the one who sicced Black Lighting Ted Patrick on us and helped start the whole FreeCOG & deprogramming & all the rest of that terror of the Inquisitors! Reagan approved of it, supported it, was behind it, & he & his supporters fought us all the way. At that time he was governor of California, but

       16. HE LOST THE NEXT ELECTION DUE TO OUR DESPERATE PRAYERS, thank God! But of course, now he's running for Presidency of the United States, or at least he's running for candidacy of the Republican Party to be their Presidential candidate. Anyhow, he was sitting on the wall in the form of a giant spider glowering at me, his mandibles or huge jaws working back & forth as though they just couldn't wait to sink their teeth & bitter venom into me!

       17. I IMMEDIATELY CALLED OUT, "LOOK! LOOK!"--AND EVERYBODY LOOKED AT THIS GIANT SPIDER ON THE WALL! Everybody in the room turned around & looked at the spider in amazement, some in horror! I was just thinking about yelling at somebody to get a big stick or something to strike it with & destroy it or stop it, when quick as a flash, before I could get the words out my mouth,

       18. THE WAITER STANDING ON MY LEFT DASHED FORWARD & WITH HIS BARE HAND GRABBED THE TWO MANDIBLES & DUG THEM RIGHT OUT OF THE SPIDER'S FACE! The moment those were gone the spider was helpless! He dug those two venomous sort of fangs right out of the spider's face! The spider looked with astonishment as though he'd been suddenly frustrated in his evil designs & had been stopped from what evil he had intended to do, & he just hung there on the wall sort of weak & helplessly in astonishment, & as though now he didn't know what to do!

       19. HIS POWER WAS GONE, THE POWER OF HIS MOUTH OR HIS VENOM, I SUPPOSE COULD REPRESENT WORDS. I'm sure Reagan has spoken plenty against us, because he inspired Ted Patrick to fight us & had encouraged the FreeCOG Inquisitors & all the rest. All of a sudden he just hung helpless! His horrible venomous fangs or mandibles or jaws or teeth, or whatever you call them, were gone, & the waiters just sort of brushed him off the wall into a dustpan & carried him out!

       20. --AND MOST EVERYBODY CHEERED & WAS HAPPY, although some of them didn't like it. Most of the people however, seemed to be thankful & grateful & cheered the young boy that had such courage & bravery--the young waiter--who had rushed forward & dug out his fangs, & then went back to eating their refreshments. It was sort of a buffet smorgasbord type of thing where you go up to the main table & take what you want & put it on you plate & go back to your chair to eat.

       21. BY THIS TIME I WAS REALLY HUNGRY & my waiters all seemed now to be very busy working around amongst the people & taking care of the tables & the guests, & I was left alone. I went back to the table, & by this time it was pretty well emptied, but there were some last broken pieces & bits of an apple pie left, so I began scraping them onto my plate: It was a mess, but I was glad to get anything to eat.

       22. I ALWAYS LOVED TO DRINK A GLASS OF MILK WITH A PIECE OF APPLE PIE, & sometimes a piece of cheese or whipped cream or sometimes a piece of bread. But I always did like to drink a glass of milk with a piece of apple pie, a good all-American combination: Apple pie & a glass of milk! Well I got what crumbs were left of the apple pie but when I looked over at the milk pitcher, the milk was all gone except a few drops. I poured those in my glass & thought, "Well, as soon as I've drunk these, why, at least I can get some water to wash the rest of the pie down."

       23. --AND I WOKE UP HUNGRY! IT SEEMED LIKE I HAD BEEN SO BUSY TALKING, & the waiters were busy working, & I had just waited too long to go the table. But I was sure glad to get that apple pie, even though it was broken bits & pieces, & that last few swallows of milk. I was looking forward to at least getting a glass of water to wash the rest down, & I woke up hungry, & God bless dear Maria--she had thoughtfully fixed me nice cheese & crackers & left a cup of soup sitting here beside me on the table, & I was really thankful that I wasn't going to starve after all!

       24. THAT CERTAINLY WAS A PECULIAR DREAM WHICH OBVIOUSLY HAD SOME SIGNIFICANCE because I remember it so clearly & it was such a striking thing the way Ronald Reagan was sitting first on the back seat glaring & glowering at me like he'd like to kill me, & then sitting in the form of this spider on the wall still glaring at me malevolently with his evil little eyes!

       25. IT WAS QUITE OBVIOUS HE MUST NOT LIKE ME & HE DOESN'T LIKE US, & that's also quite obvious from his past history too, his dealings with us, & his encouragement of Ted Patrick who used to work for him, the most evil voodoo witchcraft zombie Devil-inspired demon, possessed by the Devil entirely, to fight the Lord's children!

       26. BUT PRAISE GOD, WE HAVE SURVIVED IN SPITE OF ALL THEIR PERFIDY & MACHINATIONS & EVIL DEEDS against us! Some of the weak ones didn't make it, people who went back & got trapped or even kidnapped forcibly incarcerated & imprisoned in their own homes, family homes or hotel rooms, & tortured until they couldn't take it & quit, those whose faith was weak & they weren't strong enough to resist these lies & doubts of the enemy proposed by the so-called deprogrammers.

       27. IT WAS QUITE OBVIOUS THAT REAGAN WAS INTENT ON DESTROYING OR ATTACKING ME with some kind of evil intent against me & my waiters. But this one young waiter leaped forward & with his right hand just grabbed both of those mandibles! He dug them right out of the spider's face, & then they swept him away & everybody went back to eating again.

       28. SO WHAT THE DREAM MEANS EXACTLY I DON'T KNOW, BUT OBVIOUSLY WE'RE TO BE AWARE OF SUCH EVIL VENOMOUS SPIDERS as Ronald Reagan who is obviously not God's choice for the Presidency, whether he gets it or not! I'm sure Mugabe wasn't God's choice for the Presidency or the Premiership of Rhodesia either, but he's won! The Devil is winning, as the Lord is allowing him to do in so many cases in this world today, as it seems he did in the "Nuclear War" or "The Push Button War."

       29. THEN OF COURSE, THANK GOD, THE LORD ALWAYS COMES TO THE RESCUE!--& in spite of seeming defeat, God then shows His miracle-working power & gets His greatest victories & wins the day in spite of our enemies & the enemies of God, like Reagan & Mugabe, Ted Patrick & others.

       30. IN SPITE OF ALL THEY HAVE TRIED TO DO AGAINST US, WE'RE STILL HERE, STILL GOING STRONG, stronger than ever in more countries with more Homes than ever & continuing to progress & accomplish more each year & win more millions of souls every year, thank You Jesus, praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You for the victory over him, although sometimes it looks like they have the victory.

       31. ALTHOUGH I HAD TO YIELD THE CHAIR, SO TO SPEAK, TO RONALD, THE ENEMY, TEMPORARILY, his malevolence soon resulted in his own destruction by one of our waiters, one of our brave young people, God's servants, who single-handedly with only one hand de-fanged him & rendered him helpless, destroying his power! Amen! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!

       32. IT JUST SEEMED SO EASY THE WAY HE JUST RUSHED OVER TO THE SPIDER & sank his hand right into his face & dug out those two jaws! You know, they work the opposite from our jaws, they work sideways. Did you ever watch a spider's jaws? I used to study insects a lot when I was a little kid with a magnifying glass--ants & roaches & spiders & others.

       33. HE WAS WORKING HIS JAWS THERE ON THE WALL just like he was angrily chewing & gnashing his teeth & just couldn't wait to sink them into me--or us!--But the brave young boy just rushed right up & dug them right out with one hand! Isn't that something? Isn't that an amazing dream!--So look out for Ronald Reagan!

       34. WATCH OUT FOR THE POISONOUS SPIDERS OF THE U.S.A.! Maybe he symbolised all of our enemies. Watch out for their venom, their poisonous words that can poison you & destroy you! Be brave! Just sink your hand in & destroy their jaws & their venom & their words with the power of the Lord & the hand of faith, & God will give the victory out of seeming defeat, in Jesus' name! Praise You Lord, Hallelujah, thank You Jesus, amen!

       35. I WAS AMAZED AT HOW THE PEOPLE, THE DUMB SHEEP, SEEMED TO BE STUNNED FOR A MOMENT when they saw the spectacle of what was happening, but the minute he was swept away into the dustbin, why, they just went back to business as usual & didn't even seem to miss him, as though, "Well, so, life must go on."

       36. ANYHOW, THOSE ARE MY TWO STRANGE DREAMS OF THE NIGHT. God bless you all! I love you! XXXXXXX! Amen. Goodnight & good morning. Sweet dreams. I hope you have sweeter dreams than mine! PTL! It's 7 o'clock in the morning & the birds are already beginning to sing, it's dawning, & I'd better get back to sleep, in Jesus' name, amen. I love you!

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