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Grandma's Letter about Baby David!        Spring 1919        DO884

       (A copy of a handwritten letter to a girl friend (Clara Duncan) from my dear Mother about me when I was a baby!--How similar to some of yours her trials then with 3 small children & working husband trying to get back into God's fulltime service!)

Oakland, California
Spring 1919.

My Dear Clara:

       Is it possible that I can really sit down a minute and write!

       I BELIEVE THIS IS MY FIRST LETTER SINCE THE BABY CAME, & I just owe letters to everybody! I've been real homesick to write to you, Clara, but I don't have any time anymore since the little one came. At first he was a fat robust little fellow. But I overfed him (breast milk),--I had such a quantity--and he developed bowel trouble. Day and night he had the colic too, and I was just worn-out! I had no one to relieve me, and Daddy gone too. It was quite a trial.

       AT LAST I CARRIED THE LITTLE FELLOW TO A MISSION in the city where an elder I knew (that I had seen praying for the sick at the Alliance once) prayed for him, and the next morning he had the first natural bowel-movement since his sickness began and he has been alright ever since.

       HE WEIGHED ELEVEN POUNDS WHEN BORN, but went down to a little over seven. He is gaining nicely now and is getting strong rapidly. He is surely a dear little fellow--laughs all the time. How often I have thought of you and the other girls, of how you would enjoy the little fellow. And also many times when I was so tired I have wished for you and a helping hand to relieve me a minute from the little one--my back often ached. You see, we live at Melrose, quite a distance from friends and relatives and in fact are quite removed from everyone.

       WE ARE ALL WELL. I weighed a hundred and thirty-five not long ago but have been losing recently with the care of the baby. If I can remember, will enclose a proof of some pictures we are going to have made. It has baby on it. He is so fair with blue eyes, of course. Another little Swede you see.

       WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO VISIT US? I expect to go away quite a little this Summer, so wouldn't want to miss you. Am homesick for Pasadena. May run down there this Summer (Daddy also, on his vacation) or get near there where I can visit you all. We just talk of you all so much and have a real deep love for the dear ones we labored with. If I could have written all the letters I have planned and wanted to write, everyone would have heard from me at least once a week. Anyhow we just long to see everyone once more and I am going to try to get there. Maybe we could take that cottage at the beach again or some such plan. Have received a number of letters from there that I just long to answer.

       DADDY IS STILL WITH THE SOUTHERN PACIFIC RAILROAD. Have had a number of calls to churches back East and outside of California, but fear the old-line church will not accept our message. They would not at Santa Cruz, the last place Daddy preached. Oh Clara, people don't as a rule want a Gospel preached that bears down on self denial, life of sacrifice and separation.

       HOW WE LONG TO BE BACK IN HIS WORK FULLTIME no one knows, and we know He will open a door for us somewhere, sometime. This waiting time is really a time of preparation however. He has been taking out "the dross and tin" (as the Word says) and filling and fitting us for a greater and deeper ministry. He is faithful who also will do it. (Isa.1:25, 1Thes.5:24.)

       HOW IS IT WITH YOU NOW? I do so love to hear from you such newsy letters, and it is such a sweet spirit to show--to write whether I can or not. Your letters have been a real joy to us, and the children have written you a couple that I have never sent. Baby looks so cute in the little pink kimona you girls sent. He wears it most of the time. It washed beautifully--so soft and warm.

       HJALMER IS SO BRIGHT AT SCHOOL. Excellent in all his work. Can read most anything now. Loves to read his Bible. Virginia is a little wild-fire, restless and imaginative with a sweet disposition. They have grown so much.

       GIVE ALL THE LOVED ONES GREETING, won't you? There are many I intend to write to as soon as I can. Have much sewing, etc., to do, now that baby is better. Kiss "my girls" for me. How I do love them! Such good letter from the Hoffners and Lister Green. Will answer soon.

       ARE YOU GROWING SPIRITUALLY, Clara? I know that you are growing intellectually, I can tell by your letters, and in stature, but remember to "seek first". It should always be a case of "addition" in your spiritual life as the Apostle says "therefore, adding to"----see and read: (2Pe.1:5-8.) Guard against any little indifference creeping in, or any love of the world. "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world", for these are not of the Father. "Take heed, that no man take thy crown." Remember, it was the lukewarm Christian that your Master said He would spew out of His mouth. (1John 2:15-17; Rev.3:11,16.)

       WELL, DEAR, MUST HURRY. It is supper time. I would love to see you sometime. Give my love to your mother. Thank her for her good letter. Will write her when I can.

       MAY HIS LOVE FILL YOUR LIFE and control it and His power guard you and His Spirit lead you.

         Lovingly, Virginia

       (1325--52nd Avenue, Oakland, Calif.)--My Birthplace!

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