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"NO MO' MO FO' DFO!"--By Father David        10 April 1980        DFO887

       1. EVER SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE NEW MAGAZINE we have had many requests from our Family all over the world that we put all of the MO Letters in one section of the Magazine so that they can be easily removed from the rest of the Magazine & saved in their own MO scrapbooks without the other material which they do not always have room to carry with them everywhere they go.

       2. PARTICULARLY NOW WITH OUR NEW BIG MAGAZINE RUNNING FROM 132 TO 164 PAGES TWICE A MONTH, this weight, space & portability problem is becoming crucial, since we usually have a good deal more DFO material than DO material, & quite a bit more than MO material. So those who only want to save the MO Letters for preservation & future study really do have a problem unless we make our format a little easier for them to separate the MO Letters from the rest of the Family News.

       3. EVEN IF THEY CUT THEM ALL OUT OF THE MAGAZINE, they have been located in so many different places with other material on the backs of some of the pages that it has made it quite difficult for them to separate the MO Letters from the non-MO material. It's all good Family News & I'm sure you're all quite interested in reading all of it, particularly you TRFers who get everything including DO.

       4. BUT IT IS NOT NECESSARILY NECESSARY TO KEEP IT ALL or to carry it around with you everywhere you go. You may want to store the other material at your Home Base, & keep it for future reference in your files or on your book shelves. But on trips & on a Mobile Ministry you may not be able to carry a whole stack of Magazines, when you could get all the MO Letters only, into a much smaller space with much less weight in your briefcase, suitcase, fleebag or camper.

       5. SOME OF YOU PROBABLY DON'T EVEN CARRY ALL THE MO BOOKS WITH YOU everywhere you go, & I don't blame you, `cause they're sizeable & heavy. But you keep them at your Home Base on your Library shelf or stored in your trunks or wherever, & perhaps you only carry one copy with you to read & study on a trip, or you may want to carry just the most recent ones with you that you haven't yet read or for review.

       6. WE HAVE HAD SO MANY REQUESTS FOR A SPECIAL MO SECTION IN THE NEW MAG with MO only, that we now consider this problem to be urgent, & the only way we can figure out to solve it is to put all of the MO Letters in the DO section which can be easily unstapled & removed from the rest of the Mag.

       7. WE REGRET THAT THIS MEANS THAT YOU IRFers WHO GET ONLY THE DFO MAGAZINE WILL NO LONGER RECEIVE ANY MO LETTERS except the Komix, but you will continue to receive the vast majority of the Magazine including the Dito & Techi Letters, Childcare material, Komix, Family News etc. You are not now presently getting the Want Ads or the World News anyhow, so that will be no loss to you, & you will be getting all the rest of the Family News Magazine which you have before, with the exception of only a few DFO MO Letters which you have been receiving up until now.

       8. MORE & MORE OF THE MO LETTERS HAVE BECOME DO anyhow, & you IRFer-DFOers don't get those anyway, so those you won't miss. But to please & try to help & comply with the many requests we've had from the vast majority of you who are TRFer DOers, tithers & who really deserve it, the vast majority of our population who want this separating MO section, we are going to have to make this accommodation for their sake at the expense of you DFOers who may miss a few DFO MO Letters as a result.

       9. AFTER ALL, YOU IRFers ARE ONLY ABOUT 7% OF OUR POPULATION or only about one out of 15 of our members. Therefore, it is only fair & right that we should try to please the vast majority of the 93% TRFers who want a special removable MO Section in their DO section.

       10. SO WE'RE SORRY THAT YOU IRFers WILL FIND "NO MO' MO FO' DFO!" in this present issue that you are now reading! But you will find plenty of other juicy news of the Family, lots of good Childcare material, Dito & Techi Letters, exciting Komix for you & your kids, & oodles of Family News & other material which has already comprised most of your DFO Magazine anyhow.

       11. FRANKLY, I DOUBT IF YOU IRFers WILL MISS THE LITTLE BIT OF DFO MO that you have been getting, since obviously you're not that interested in obeying the Word of God's Prophet in the MO Letters, or you would be tithing & getting it all, including all DO material. And since you IRFers are "not doers but hearers only" (Ja.1:22)--not doers nor DOers either one--& therefore apparently do not intend to obey the Word of the Lord & tithe, we doubt if you'll miss hearing it when it just makes you feel all the more guilty & more convicted & therefore more responsible. As the Word itself says,

       12. IT'S BETTER THAT YOU HAD NEVER HEARD THE WORD, THAN TO HAVE HEARD & REJECTED IT & DISOBEYED IT! 2Pe.2:21: "For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them!" God help you to repent! So we're really relieving you IRFers of the awesome responsibility of hearing the Word of the Lord with the dreadful & fearful quilt of disobeying it by not fully serving Him nor tithing!

       13. ACTUALLY IRFING WITH DFO MATERIALS SHOULD ONLY BE A TRANSITIONAL STAGE any how, leading you into greater service & faithful tithing & serving God's Work, changing from IRFers to TRFers. It should be a merely transitional stage in which you are coming in closer & truly entering in & pressing in & serving the Lord better, toward fully obeying & tithing rather than being just half-hearted or less!

       14. BUT A TRANSITIONAL STAGE MEANS YOU ARE EITHER COMING IN OR YOU'RE GOING OUT! You're either progressing, pressing in, or you are backsliding & getting further away all the time! You cannot stand still! It is impossible to stand still in Christian life! It is impossible to stand still as a member of this Family! You are either making progress, going ahead, climbing upward everyday a little further, accomplishing more, serving more faithfully, giving more, or you are slipping backward the other direction & you are on your way out, & you will soon not be interested in getting the Magazine at all, since you're not interested in obeying nor serving God fully nor tithing & getting all His Word you can!

       15. SO YOU HARDLY EVEN DESERVE DFO MATERIAL! God is putting the pressure on you in a number of ways of late, such as the warning in "IRFers Beware" & several other emergency notices that we have made which are pressing you to serve the Lord better, tithe more faithfully, or you're going to lose out!

       16. I HOPE THAT YOU IRFers WILL REMAIN WITH US, getting the DFO Magazine even if you no longer receive any MO Letters, except the MO Komix--but we hope it will be as TRFers instead! Nevertheless, if your loss of MO Letters causes you to desire to no longer receive the Magazine, that decision it between you & the Lord & we will accept it accordingly.

       17. FRANKLY, WE THINK THERE IS VERY LITTLE POINT IN YOUR CONTINUING TO BE IRFers or even receive DFO material unless you are willing to repent & obey what Word you get, & follow through & forsake more for the Lord in serving Him more faithfully & in obeying Him more diligently by tithing at least! So really you will not be missing very much more than you are already missing, which is most of the boat!

       18. THEREFORE, TO MORE FAITHFULLY SERVE & HELP THE 15-TIMES-AS-MANY TITHING FAMILY MEMBERS who need MO & deserve MO & want MO & prefer to obey MO & tithe mo' & to keep only MO, we are going to make this change in our format & place all MO Letters in the center of the DO section which will be removed from your Magazine, & you will from now henceforth receive only the DFO material without MO!

       19. "NO MO' MO FO' DFO!"--SORRY.--But that's the way it's gotta be. May God bless you & continue to make you a blessing by hereby encouraging you to no longer be a shirker irker IRFer, but a shaker make'r-or-breaker TRFer!

       20. TRANSFER YOUR MEMBERSHIP FROM IRF-DFO STATUS TO TRF-DO STATUS & GET THE WHOLE COUNSEL OF GOD as a reward for your faithfulness in serving the Lord more faithfully & tithing fully & diligently to His Work!--Amen? Don't you think that's fair? Well, we hope you do, & may God bless you & help you to no longer be an IRFer but from henceforth a TRFer, to receive the Whole counsel of the Lord & obey it!--In Jesus' Name, amen!

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