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MEDIA CRUCIFIXION!--To Be, or Not to Be!--That Is the Question!       DO890       15/3/80

       (From Prof. Roy Wallis, Head of Dept. of Sociology, Queen's University)

Dear Dad,

       Happy Birthday for the 18th! Do you know I was born exactly a week after your birthday on February 25th? (Amen!--You're 7 days younger than me!--Ha!) It must be significant somehow!

       I have just seen {\ul \i FN} No.17 & I'm enjoying it as always. But I was shocked when I got to page 95 to find that the {\ul \i Sacramento Bee} were describing me as a critic of the Family. (That's good!--Shows you're impartial.) I can't imagine why they give me that label, especially when at the end of the article, on page 96 in the FN, they refer to my Society article as "one of the most dispassionate analyses yet made..."! (That's good!--Why not?--Then they'll believe you!)

       I hope the Family members will not get the impression that I am a critic & an enemy, especially on top of "Wounds of a Friend"! (--No, no! This is in the sense of an astute observer & analyst--not negative!) As you know, Dad, I certainly don't think of myself as a critic, most anti-cult activists see me as a "fellow-traveller" of the Family (Ha! Wish you would, but you're stuck!--Anyhow, you can be our Gamaliel (Acts 5:34-42).--Read it!--You should read the Bible more--fascinating Book!) & I hope that you see me at least as a good friend.

With all respect, Sincere regards, Roy.

       (--AMEN!--DON'T WORRY!--JUST TRUST.--Now you know what it's like to get interpreted by the Press!--Ha!--If I'd believed everything everybody said about me, I'd been gone long ago!

       (--YOU GOTTA HAVE A THICK HIDE IN THIS WORK!--Ha!--If we'd thought the article too bad, we wouldn't have re-printed it!--You ought to see what the {\ul \i Hustler} sex magazine said!--Good facts, but awful lies of backsliders!--It amazes me how they can outright lie to justify themselves!

              (--SO YOUR APOLOGY IS APPRECIATED, but unnecessary.--Thanks anyhow!--Good to hear from you!

       (SORRY ABOUT THE BBC & PHONE NUMBER MISUNDERSTANDING. We should have made it clearer we gave the Number to you only to contact the Home & discuss with them, & then notify BBC the results--not actually give them the Number!--Very poor security!

       (--YOU STILL DON'T YET REALISE HOW OUR ENEMIES HATE US ENOUGH TO KILL US!--And they have!--Like they did Jesus!--So please don't reveal such confidential information to outsiders.--Sorry, it was our fault for not making it clearer.--Better luck next time!--Ha!

       (AS FOR BBC, I DON'T BLAME THE HOME FOR BEING LEARY OF TV SHOWS!--Like Pilate's phoney trial by the Jews, they only want to crucify us publicly like they did Jesus!--"But He opened not His mouth." (Isa.53:7 & Acts 8:32.)--He knew it wouldn't do any good to give them the facts--their minds were already made up!--And the "neutralists" like Pilate haven't got the guts to buck'm!--Like the spineless political compromisers[DELETED]! God help us!--Thanks anyhow!--Love, Dad.)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family