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THE ELECTRIC ANGEL & THE THREE GOLD COINS!--By Father David        DFO894        11 April 1980

       1. THIS IS THE MORNING OF THE 11TH OF APRIL 1980 & I HAD A DREAM DURING THE NIGHT that I nearly forgot! It was a real strange dream but very clear & I remember it in detail now. I woke up right after the dream & remembered it clearly, but you were asleep, so I thought, "Now, I'll just go over those three key words in my mind real carefully & repeat them over & over to be sure I don't forget them. And then I went back to sleep. And when I woke again just like Nebuchadnezzar I had forgotten it! All I remembered is that I had had the dream & a little about it, but the most important thing about the whole dream, those three words that had been so clear before, I had completely forgotten!

       2. IT WAS JUST LIKE THE DEVIL WAS FIGHTING ME, TRYING TO MAKE ME FORGET IT. And I was so disappointed, I just could have kicked myself for not leaving the recorder here by the bed so I could have at least whispered those key words into it. I tried & tried to remember but I couldn't remember. And then I really prayed desperately that I would remember them.

       3. AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT, WHEN I WORK UP A LITTLE WHILE AGO I REMEMBERED THE WORDS!--Isn't that something? Thank You, Lord! It was a real strange dream, I don't even know its significance.--Must be some kind of key to something, you know?

       4. IN THE DREAM WE WERE WALKING ALONG THIS BIG ROAD, SORT OF LIKE A HIGHWAY, WITH THOUSANDS OF REFUGEES carrying their belongings & everything they owned. They had no vehicles, no cars, trucks, not even wagons or horses or anything. They had nothing but some little push carts & wheel barrels. You've seen those pictures of refugees fleeing wars, you know, all the destitute people carrying stuff in their arms & on their carrying stuff in their arms & on their heads & backs & baby buggies, prams, etc.

       5. AND WE WERE AMONGST THE THOUSANDS OF REFUGEES who were crowding this highway moving slowly along. There was such a press, such a crowd that you couldn't move very fast. And it was dusk, a beautiful evening, my favourite time of day.--Sort of like twilight. Everybody was moving kind of slowly along, rather quietly, a little resigned & kind of weary & sad like refugees would be. Apparently we were trying to get away from something--wars, bombs, enemies or something.

       6. THERE WERE THOUSANDS JUST MOVING SLOWLY TOGETHER ALONG THIS ROAD, if you can picture it, way out in the country, fields on both sides of the roads, farms etc. And it was just after the sunset when the street lights & house lights usually begin to come on, & you can see them so pretty. But here there weren't any lights, well, no normal lights, at least. Maybe the electricity was off or something. Of course it was way out in the country.

       7. BUT ALL OF A SUDDEN IN A FIELD OVER TO THE LEFT OF THE ROAD, to everybody's startled amazement, there began to be some lights, about, I'd say, 100 yards away. About 15 feet above the ground there began to be these little bits of light, almost like little dashes o light, little neon tubing. Have you ever seen that neon tubing that seems to move along, you know, like one of these moving signs that move the words along?--Or the neon tubing moves along like bubbles in the tubing?--Well, that's almost exactly the way it was!

       8. IT BEGAN UP AT THE TOP, ABOUT 15 FEET ABOVE THE GROUND. They weren't round dots, they were little long dots, like the size of little capsules or oblong. And they started up at the top left & went toward the right gradually outlining a huge head & figure standing there, almost like you'd draw those old puzzles we used to have for the kids, dot-to-dot according to numbered dots, you know, till you'd finally wind up with the outline of a figure or something.

       9. WELL, IN THE DUSK, IN THE GLOAMING, THESE LITTLE DASHES OF LIGHT STARTED AT THE TOP LEFT & began moving around the head & down the neck out the shoulder & down each arm clear out to the hands, around the fingers, back up the armpit & down the side around the hips, down the leg, clear down to the toe, around each toe & then up. It seemed to be clothed but it completely outlined the figure down the next leg & around the feet & up the other side to the armpit & down the arm up to the fingers & around.

       10. WE ALL STOOD THERE, THE WHOLE MASS OF REFUGEES, IN DUMBFOUNDED AMAZEMENT, stunned, watching this strange, strange outline of this figure in moving lights! And everybody was silent, with only a little soft murmuring of astonishment amongst the people. "Ahhh, look!", that sort of thing. And we were just standing there with our little bundles of our belongings, eyes glued to the figure! People were setting their stuff down & watching this amazing thing!

       11. IT REMINDED ME A LITTLE BIT OF THE WILL-O'-THE-WISP, did you ever hear of that?--Strange glowing moving lights that sometimes appear at dusk, & science has never been able to satisfactorily explain it. They tried to explain it away but... I saw one once when I was a little boy, & I tell you'll never forget it! It was when we were driving along the highway, just such a highway in the dusk, in the gloaming, just after sunset through farm country out West in our old Model-T Ford. I was about three or four years old then.

       12. AND WE SAW IT, ALL SIX OF US!--MOTHER & FATHER & US THREE KIDS & OUR GOVERNESS, riding along in the old Model-T Ford! Off to the left of the highway, just about in the same direction & about the same distance as we saw this lighted figure, there appeared this bright little light dancing along through the fields & jumping over the fences & sometimes dancing right along the tops of the fences if the fence was parallel to the highway as we drove along.

       13. AND OF COURSE YOU DROVE PRETTY SLOW IN THOSE DAYS--usually you were driving fast if you were doing 25 miles an hour, or about 40 kilometers. But we weren't even driving that fast then. I think it was getting dark you know, so my Dad was driving pretty slow, only about 15 or 20, maybe 25 kilometers, &

       14. THERE WAS THIS LIGHT, KIND OF LIKE A SOFT PUFF-BALL OF LIGHT! I can't explain it, that's what it looked like...just dancing along through the fields & over things & jumping up over obstacles & dancing along the tops of the fences, like a happy little fairy! We were just fascinated, just amazed, & my Mama said, "That's Will-o'-the-Wisp! That's Will-o'-the-Wisp!" She said, "I've heard of them, but I've never seen one before!"

       15. AND WE MUST HAVE WATCHED IT FOR 10 OR 15 MINUTES WHILE IT FOLLOWED US ALONG THE ROAD over to the left side about 100 yards away. I mean it was really amazing, just like a little fairy dancing along! And it really thrilled and encouraged us, & we figured the Lord must have sent a little happy spirit to sort of lead & guide us & let us know the Lord was with us, because we had had a long hard journey across the deserts & the big wild West.

       16. THAT WAS ONE OF THOSE TRIPS WHERE WE GOT LOST IN THE DESERT. It was just like a sign from the Lord to encourage us that we were going to be all right, that everything was going to be OK, in spite of the hardships of the journey.

       17. AND THAT'S JUST HOW I FELT ABOUT THIS FIGURE THAT WAS BEING OUTLINED IN LIGHT! And the light kept moving & moving around the outline of the figure. You have seen these pictures they draw in movies or on TV, where you see the pencil drawing, or sometimes you don't even see the pencil, but the artist keeps drawing the figure & filling it in like that. That's just the way those lights did to fill in this figure, to draw this whole figure of this huge big angel, standing there!

       18. THAT'S WHY I CALL IT THE ELECTRIC ANGEL, BECAUSE IT LOOKED LIKE LITTLE ELECTRIC LIGHTS that were drawing the figure. And finally all the features were completely filled in & there stood this big huge mighty angel looking like it was at least 12 or 15 feet high, beautiful, all aglow with light & looking straight at me, not grinning or smiling foolishly or anything like that, but with a kind, pleasant, slight smile, sort of sympathetic, like he felt for our plight & our tribulations & our having to flee, being refugees, all these refugees on the road.

       19. HE LOOKED AT US VERY KINDLY & I DON'T KNOW WHETHER HE ACTUALLY SAID ANY WORDS OR NOT, but it's just like I heard him in my head say, "Come! Come!" He beckoned me, looking straight at me "Come! I want to show you something"--just me! And I left my stuff there (you could have been following along like you always do, you probably were, I don't remember exactly) & walked really slowly with fear & trembling, real awe, toward this giant angel standing there!

       20. I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT HE WOULD DO! But he had such a kind face & such a sweet expression, almost like the Lord. In fact, he looked a little bit like those pictures you see of Jesus, but it wasn't Jesus because later I took a good look at his face. He looked a little bit more like that actor who used to be popular when I was young, Paul Muni, with a rather dark face & sort of heavy features. You wouldn't remember Paul Muni, maybe you'd remember Edward G. Robinson. He looked a little bit like that, only younger. His face looked very human but huge & slightly dark-skinned.

       21. HE BECKONED ME TO COME TO THE RIGHT OF HIM, from my perspective, to walk across the ditch into the field & around him onto the other side of him. So by now his back was almost to the highway & most of the refugees. He had me walk around behind him like that & over to that side of him so that he was facing what would have been my left before I left the highway. And I was beyond him, you might say sort of like upstaging him, looking back at the people on the highway. He had me walk completely around him, almost like he was putting on an act for the whole audience to show them something.

       22. THEN AS I STOOD THERE, HE SAID, "WATCH! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!"--AND HE BEGAN TO JUGGLE THREE COINS with one hand, his right hand. A big gold coin, about as big as the old silver dollars, but larger than a Rand; & then a medium-sized gold coin that looked about the size of an old American quarter or a German mark or a French franc; & then a little coin about the size of an American nickel or a Spanish peseta.

       23. YOU KNOW HOW JUGGLERS DO, THEY KEEP THREE BALLS IN THE AIR WITH ONE HAND; he was juggling these three coins like that. Everybody was just watching amazed, wondering what was coming next; it was almost like a circus act! And then he caught them in his hand & said, "Here!"--I figured he was going to give them to me, so

       24. I REACHED OUT MY HAND & HE DROPPED THE FIRST, THE BIG ROUND GOLD COIN INTO MY HAND. And I didn't know what I was supposed to do, except that I knew he was going to give them to me, so I just held out my hand. That was what I figured I was supposed to do. And as he put the great big gold coin in my hand he said,

       25. "THIS IS A BUDRA!" It's almost like I could see it spelled: B-U-D-R-A.--Budra. And then next he put the medium-sized gold coin in my hand, saying, "This is a Grenada", & finally he put the small coin in my hand & said, "This is a Pfenning." He said, "Now remember that: It's important!"--And he vanished & I woke up! Isn't that amazing! Hallelujah! TYJ! (Tongues: "He gives your Daddy the chills with such thrilling things!") Isn't that some dream! (Dad laughs.)--Read Acts 2:17!

       26. HE WAS A GREAT BIG REAL LIVE ANGEL MADE OF LIGHT! Now isn't that strange, all these moving lights outlining this whole figure just like God was drawing a picture of him, then finally he was all complete & standing there, looking at us very kindly. (Maria: What happened then?) I woke up! (Maria: Right then?) Yes. He said, "This is important, remember, this is important:

       27. "THIS IS A BUDRA, THIS IS A GRENADA, THIS IS A PFENNING." (Maria: Those were the three words you forgot?) Yes. Those were the three words I forgot! See, the first time I woke up right after the dream I remembered them clearly. I kept going over them, "Now, I must go over these words, I mustn't forget them!" It was just like the Lord was telling me, "You better go over this, you mustn't forget them!" And I felt downright convicted because I didn't have a tape recorder here, you know, because you were sleeping soundly.

       28. (MARIA: YOU SHOULD HAVE WAKED ME UP!) No, Honey, I just couldn't I didn't have the heart to wake you up. (Maria: For something that important you have to wake me up.) Honey, it was so clear I didn't think I could ever forget it! It must have been like Nebuchadnezzar having that dream--how could he ever think he could possibly ever forget it? Yet when he woke up, he'd forgotten the whole thing! Look how specific it was: Head of gold, shoulders & arms of silver, bowels of brass, legs of iron, feet of iron & clay mixed--all those little details--& he forgot the whole thing!

       29. HE MUST HAVE REMEMBERED IT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT LIKE I DID, then woke up the next morning having forgotten it. I figured I'd never forget them, couldn't forget them, I went over every syllable, every sound, the way the word was spelled & everything. I said, "I can't forget these, I certainly will never forget them, it's important: Budra, Grenada, Pfenning!" I thought I'd never ever forget those words! And yet later on when we both woke up together, all of a sudden I realised I had forgotten the words! Oh, I was so disappointed, I was so mad!

       30. (MARIA: DID YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT KIND OF REFUGEES we were or where we were?) No, it could have been anywhere in the world. Well, it was farm land, fields you know. It was just a grassy field where he stood out there. And apparently he stood there deliberately so the whole crowd could see what was happening.--And said it loud enough so everybody could hear it.

       31. IT WAS ALMOST LIKE AN ACT, LIKE A STAGE PLAY OR SOMETHING. Like he put on this demonstration so everybody would hear, but especially me. I was the one he was giving the message to. Well, after all, I am a prophet & the messenger & he was giving me the message. Well, the only thing I can possibly think of is, each of those words must be significant of some country's coinage. I don't even know if there are such coins, except the Pfenning, which I think is the name of a German coin, but I've never heard of a Budra or a Grenada!

       32. IT'S SIGNIFICANT FOR SOME REASON, you know? I thought & thought about it afterwards, & was thinking, "Well, maybe these are special gold coins, & maybe they do exist some place, & maybe they're the kind our kids ought to buy if there are such coins--that they're the ones that are going to be valuable in an emergency when the Crash & the war & everything comes.

       33. "NOW REMEMBER THAT", HE SAID, "IT'S IMPORTANT!"--And then boom! Everything vanished & I woke up! So I don't know why they're important, but for some reason they're important & maybe one of these days we'll know why. He put each one, one by one in my palm, saying, "Now this is a Budra (the big one). This is a Grenada (the middle-sized one). This is a Pfenning"--& he dropped the little Pfenning in my palm with finality & said, "Now remember that! It's very important!"--And boom! Vanished! So I don't know what it means!

       34. IF ANY OF YOU, THE FAMILY, IN THE WHOLE WORLD EVER HEARD OF SUCH COINS I WISH YOU'D PLEASE LET US KNOW! I can't find them in my encyclopedia. I wonder what in the world a Budra is? It sure sounds Eastern European, doesn't it? Grenada sounds very Spanish or Latin. And Pfenning, definitely, I think there's a German coin by that name, although it might not be the gold one. If any of you know what those coins are, or what they could possibly signify, maybe the Lord wants you to interpret it for me, because I don't get it! XX! Love you! GBY!

       35. THAT'S "THE ELECTRIC ANGEL & THE THREE GOLD COINS!" Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn't it? Hallelujah! TYL! Well, it was evidently in some great time of emergency or great disaster or war or something. So apparently it's going to be very important at such a time as that. So be on the lookout for Budras, Grenadas & Pfennings! Hallelujah! TYJ!--WOW!


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