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AMERICANS ABROAD!--Dad's Fast-Day Warning!DO 9051 May 1980
--Yankee Go Home? But Where?
--The Worker Is More Important than the Work!

1. THE LORD GAVE ME A SERIOUS WARNING through the recent war scare, that when war comes there are things that do happen that are not just shooting & bombings. Even before war comes there are all kinds of restrictions that governments have that they start tightening up.

2. TAKE FOR EXAMPLE THE UNITED STATES BEFORE WWII, long before the U.S. got into the War at all, they had alien registration & all kinds of rationing--tire rationing, gasoline rationing, food rationing, & they began to tighten up on all those things. The war was already in progress for two whole years before the U.S. got into it, so shipping was already a problem. The Germans were sinking Allied ships with their little pocket battleships, planes & submarines & whatnot almost as fast as the U.S. could build them!

3. MY BROTHER WAS A NAVY LIEUTENANT COMMANDER on three different ships that got sunk under him in the War--great big transport ships with hundreds of troops on them going to the South Pacific. His Naval Unit was called the Armed Guard which protected the convoys running huge transports across the Pacific, & he said during the early days of the War that the joke got to be that the motto of the Armed Guard was: "Sighted Sub, blub blub!" because they got sunk so often!

4. THE GERMANS & JAPANESE CONTROLLED THE ATLANTIC & PACIFIC both for a long time; for about the first two years of the War they had almost complete control of the sea lanes & sank ships right & left, & things were really going their way. In fact, Hitler really thought he had the War won by 1940, until the Japs got the U.S. into it with Pearl Harbor in 1941. If he could have kept the U.S. out, he would have won the War! Sometimes I wonder if it hadn't been better if he had!

5. BUT ANYWAY, THERE ARE SOME THINGS WHICH WE HAVE TO PREPARE FOR IN CASE THERE IS A WAR SCARE serious enough to cause a clamping down by governments with all kinds of restrictions etc. We don't have to worry about it, but we have to make plans & preparations for the certain eventualities of such things, for definitely sooner or later those things are going to happen.

6. SO THAT'S ONE THING TO PRAY ABOUT FOR THIS COMING MONTH, this is the month of May, & Carter has threatened to use force if they don't release the hostages by the middle of May--the 18th to be exact. He's set a deadline. He already attempted a rescue operation that fizzled miserably, with a loss of eight U.S. lives! It was a "Mission Impossible", but he went ahead & attempted it anyway. He said, "It wasn't a military action, it wasn't violence, it was just a rescue operation." Well, you can't very well take prisoners away from armed men without violence, which would surely have meant war!

7. THANK THE LORD, IT MUST HAVE BEEN THE LORD THAT MADE SO MANY THINGS GO WRONG & PUT A STOP TO THE WHOLE THING, or they would have gone on racing into Tehran & there would have been plenty of violence! Smaller incidences than that have frequently in past history erupted into full-scale war!

8. THE RENDEZVOUS POINT where they were supposed to meet all the trucks, busses & Iranians that were going to help them turned out to be an unfinished airbase which apparently they didn't know was now occupied by 200 Iranian guards! How they expected to go to the embassy & get everybody out without any violence is ridiculous!: "So sorry, excuse us please, but would you kindly hand over the hostages? We don't want to have to shoot you!"

9. DEAR CARTER IS AMAZING! He's absolutely the most amazing President the U.S. ever had! How could anybody ever be so dumb, so vacillating, so weak & indecisive! He's pitiful! He can't seem to make a decision, but even if he does make a decision, then he backs out of it, just like he did this one! Anybody might have known a vacillating Libra rarely makes a decisive leader! Hardly anybody believes he backed out just because of mechanical failures. A lot of people think he should have gone ahead & finished it while he was at it, regardless!

10. SO THERE ARE DANGEROUS POSSIBILITIES, & THE DAYS AHEAD COULD BE GREAT DAYS OF DECISION which could bring about some significant changes in our Family operations. So don't put down too big a deposit on a place to live or invest too much abroad, so that if you have to leave, you don't lose too much! This having to move frequently is good security, but it is costly, & you lose money every time you move! It costs a lot of money, but the men are worth more than the money to the Lord--the workers are worth more than the work! God's concerned about you & He wants to spare you & keep us all going as long as He can.

11. I ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT WAS A FAIRLY WISE CATHOLIC CHURCH POLICY ON MOTHERS & BABIES in hospital operations: They try to save both if they can, of course, but if it comes to a choice whether they have to save the mother or the baby, do you know what the Catholic policy is?--They save the mother! Why? Because she's also the wife & her husband needs her, & she probably has other children to take care of who need her, & she can also have more children!

12. SO THAT ALSO APPLIES TO US!: THE WORKER IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE WORK! So if sometimes you can't even get the work done because you've got to take care of the worker, then that's the most important thing to do--take care of the worker! You're more important than the work! Because even if you aren't able to work for a little while, if you're saved you will be able to work again & produce more work.

13. SO IT BEHOOVES YOU TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR HEALTH, BECAUSE WITHOUT HEALTH YOU CAN'T WORK! So the worker is even more important than the work, because as long as you take good care of the worker & he stays in good health & operational, he'll get a lot more work done.

14. BUT, YOU SAY, I THOUGHT WE WERE ALWAYS SUPPOSED TO PUT GOD'S WORK FIRST!--"Seek first the Kingdom of God & His righteousness & all these other things will be added unto you." Well, you are the Kingdom of God! You are subjects of His kingdom, & to seek first His Kingdom, you've got to first of all take care of yourself!

15. IF A MOTHER DOESN'T TAKE CARE OF HERSELF, HOW IS SHE GOING TO TAKE CARE OF HER BABIES? Her first duty is to herself, to take good care of herself & stay in good health so she'll be able to do the work, right?

16. I'VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT CARTER LATELY, WHAT A POOR LEADER HE IS & how poorly he takes care of his people & how bungling he does everything! I prayed to God that He wouldn't let me be such a fool & make so many mistakes & take such poor care of you! I want to try to protect you & keep you, but only the Lord can do that! But I try to make sure you have a place to live & food to eat & are protected & kept safe to do your work for the Lord.

17. SO WE NEVER KNOW, BUT THE LORD DOES THOUGH, & I'M SURE HE'LL WARN US! But He did warn me that when the time comes & the war does begin, there will be much tighter restrictions on us in every way, primarily in three ways:

18. NUMBER ONE--ALIEN REGISTRATION & TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS! The U.S. had Alien Registration for two years before they even got into the War! They started it after the War began, after Germany invaded Poland. They saw then they were going to get in the War, so they started Alien Registration.

19. MY FATHER HAD TO GO DOWN & REGISTER AS A SWEDISH ALIEN & report his whereabouts every month! My mother then discovered she was an alien too under an old law because she had married him!--Ha!--But she was a red-white-&-blue native-born U.S. Virginian! Ha! So she had to go down & register as an alien too!--And when we were in evangelistic work during the War, she had to report everywhere we went! She had to go down to the Post Office & make out a little card to report where she was every month--in her own country, native born!

20. NUMBER TWO--THEN THEY BEGIN RATIONING. They began rationing in the U.S. sometime before we actually got into the War. They began with car tires, because the rubber industry was virtually at a standstill. That's when they invented & developed synthetic tires because they couldn't get anymore rubber, because they couldn't get it across the ocean--the rubber floated but the boats didn't, & the Germans kept sinking them! Then the gasoline got short, so gasoline was rationed too.

21. YOU CAN SEE THE PROBLEMS OF ALIEN REGISTRATION: If you're a stranger in a strange land & you're required to register & report your whereabouts every month, you're not going to get away with staying any place very long! But even if you survive that, they are not going to want to share their ration cards & ration stamps with strangers & aliens! They're going to say, "Listen! If you want something to eat, if you want gasoline, you go home & get it! Why should we give you some of ours?"

22. FINALLY--OF COURSE WHEN WE REALLY GOT INTO THE WAR--THEY BEGAN CENSORSHIP! Every publication & every radio broadcast was censored & all foreign mail was monitored. So that could even make it more difficult for our correspondence via the post, even the publication & dissemination of our Magazine!

23. SO TRUST THE LORD & DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT, BUT WE DO NEED TO PRAY ABOUT IT, since the Lord gave me that warning that when it happens those things are going to tighten up & we had better start preparing now!--My first reaction the moment Maria walked in & said, "The Marines have landed in Iran!" (ha!) I thought maybe that was really it! I thought,

24. "OH MY GOD, THE WAR'S BEGUN, & WE'RE NOT REALLY PREPARED FOR IT!" Not only do we not have sufficient survival food, which is something we've been telling everybody else to do, but we haven't practised what we preached! We've got water enough to drink here, thank God, but if they ration food, we'll have to eat what we've got, & we might not be able to get any more!

25. MANY AMERICANS WERE FORCED TO GO HOME WHETHER THEY WANTED TO OR NOT DURING THE DAYS OF WORLD WAR II by the travel restrictions, alien restrictions, rationing, censorship etc. We certainly don't want that to happen & we're going to do everything we can to keep from it, God willing, as long as we can. But we have wondered if we got forced out of where we are--where we might go.

26. WE CERTAINLY WOULDN'T WANT TO GO TO THE MIDEAST, BECAUSE THAT'S PROBABLY WHERE IT'S GOING TO START! We certainly don't want to go back to the United States, unless of course you would like to get it all over with quickly & not have any more worries & hope that you get a direct hit & don't survive! Ha! And I don't think Asia or the Orient would be very safe, nor Russia either, because they're probably going to get a bombing too.

27. IT'S ALL GOING TO HAPPEN, IT'S ALL IN THE BIBLE, & THE LORD'S WARNED US TIME & TIME AGAIN, so we shouldn't be surprised when it happens! Only, I'm reminded of the fellow who said, "It seems like when you die, it always comes too soon!" Well, maybe that's the way he felt, but we don't have to feel that way. We're in the Lord's hands, & He said He would not allow us to be cut off before our time. But we may feel like no matter when the war happens it's come too soon! You didn't get everything done & prepared & finished & you weren't ready for it.

28. WE CERTAINLY WOULDN'T WANT TO GO TO AFRICA! Between the militant Muslims who are trying to get rid of the Christians, & [EDITED: "some of the"] Blacks who are trying to kill off the Whites, that wouldn't exactly be the safest place in the world!

29. THERE MIGHT BE A FEW PLACES IN THE FAR EAST that might be safe for awhile & wouldn't be involved soon, but if it gets bad enough, China might try to grab off Japan & Korea--& maybe the U.S. too if they can beat the Russians to it! The world-famed prophetess Jeane Dixon saw the Chinese pouring into California & the Blacks running along the tops of the government buildings with machine guns in Washington ruling the country!

30. SO WHEN THE TIME COMES when the superpowers are busy destroying themselves, the birds of prey will descend & gobble up whatever they can! When the carcass is almost dead & dying like the U.S., all the vultures will come & grab whatever they can.--Read Rev.19:17 & 18.

31. IF THERE'S A FULL SCALE WAR, I CERTAINLY WOULDN'T WANT TO BE IN EUROPE, because now Europe has been dumb enough to follow the U.S. & take its missiles & everything in spite of my warnings (see "The Meek" & "America the Whore", Nos. 205 & 216), so it's going to be partially wiped out real fast! I don't think the Russians want to wipe it out, they'd rather conquer it if they can, & they've got the means to do it quickly.

32. GERMANY WILL GET IT FIRST, OF COURSE, & may become an atomic desert! The last place I'd want to be is Germany or the U.S.!--Both governments have fought & persecuted us, led by both [EDITED: "ACs"] & Christians! Germany's right on the firing line, with Russian tanks only 130 miles from Bonn!

33. ANY PLACE IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE, NORTH OF THE EQUATOR, WILL BE DANGEROUS TO BE IN BECAUSE OF THE ATOMIC BOMBINGS & FALLOUT! All the major powers that are going to be shooting at each other are in the Northern Hemisphere! The North is rich, & they're the ones who are going to be warring! It's the South, the Third World south of the Equator, that's poor.

34. "WHAT ABOUT AUSTRALIA?" some people ask. But Australia is already tough to get into for Americans now, with very tight immigration restrictions. You've got to have visas to get in & some good reason to be there or some special skills they need to stay. Considering the few Americans we have in Australia, it's already hard to get into, so that's virtually out.--And New Zealand too.

35. SO WHAT HAVE WE GOT LEFT? Europe's out, Asia's out, Africa's out, Australia & New Zealand are out for Americans, & the Orient may only be safe for awhile. Only the South Sea Islands of the Pacific, there might be a refuge!

36. TAKE A LOOK AT THE MAP OF THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE: The U.S. & Russia are going to be shooting across the North Pole at each other--that's the way the missiles are going to go! For America & Russia to shoot directly at each other, all the shots go straight over the Arctic Circle! They're not going to be shooting as much over Europe's head as at Europe's head, & the rest over the North Pole at America!

37. SO THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE IS POSSIBLY GOING TO BE ABOUT THE SAFEST PLACE TO BE! But I've already discounted by the process of elimination Africa, Asia, Australia etc., so that leaves only what?--South & Central America--& perhaps the Caribbean! Remember Madame M. saw us going to South America? I used to tell Maria, "That's one thing she sure was wrong about!--We will never go to South America! I'm never going to go to South America--not with all those U.S.-supported dictators! I don't want to go to South America!"--Isn't that funny? Ha!

38. SOUTH AMERICA IS REALLY THIRD WORLD--IT'S MOSTLY POOR! They don't have any big missiles nor huge armies nor anything that's apt to be involved. Now, when there is a World War, every place is involved in some ways. But since they won't be actual targets & actually in the line of fire & probably not directly involved, they'll probably declare themselves neutrals & stay out of it as much as they can, as they did in WWII to make sure they're not shot at, which is plenty smart!

39. SWITZERLAND & THE SWISS DID THAT TOO, & THEY ARE GOING TO GO UNDERGROUND, but they're going to say, "Well buddy, I'm sorry--there's room for us in these bunkers, but who are you?" The Mormons of Utah have got the hills honeycombed with enough food & shelter to house all the people in the State for years! But if you are not one of their citizens, "Why should we move over & let you in to eat our food?"

40. LATIN AMERICA--& THE FURTHER FROM THE U.S. THE BETTER--WILL PROBABLY BE ONE OF THE FEW AREAS OF THE WORLD THAT MAY BE SAFER FOR AWHILE to carry on as long as we can. Latin America is a big place about 8,000 miles long!--That's one-third of the way around the World & a long way from the War! Some place there is probably where many of you could flee. Does that surprise you? Does it scare you or amaze you or worry you?

41. AFTER BEING IN THE FAMILY FOR AWHILE, YOU SHOULDN'T BE SHOCKED AT ANYTHING! One thing you can always be sure of in the Family--that's what our first Revolutionary Sheet warned: Constant change! That's one thing you can be sure of! But it's better to have it & not need it, that to need it & not have it! It's better to be planning now, than not be prepared later!

42. SO YOU SHOULD START INVESTIGATING DIFFERENT LOCATIONS IN LATIN AMERICA AS POSSIBLE PLACES TO FLEE. All down through history & through the Bible, God has always given His own children considerable advance warning to give them time to get out before it happens!--Every time!--And He's given us a lot! So you should be now at least making contingency plans so that you'll be ready the moment you see it is really getting serious & hotting up--which might be the middle of this month!--Or better yet, if you're not already gone, go now!

43. I HOPE YOU'LL AT LEAST HAVE YOUR PLANS READY & BE PREPARED & KNOW WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO DO & how you're going to do it & where you're going to go, so that you can keep working for the Lord as long as you can, amen? So you & I may go someplace we've never been before! We've always loved the Latins & many of us already know Spanish & can speak it!

44. OF OUR OVER 7,000 FAMILY POPULATION, ONLY 25% ARE U.S. AMERICANS, & all our North Americans only about 30%! So the total North Americans in the Family is only around 2,000. The total of those who are already back in North America may amaze you!--About 1,500!--Of a little over 2,000 altogether! So we've only got about 500 North Americans still abroad!

45. OF OUR TOTAL NUMBER OF HOMES, NEARLY HALF OF THEM ARE ALREADY IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE, North & South America. But we have almost as many Homes in North America as we now have in Europe! In the rest of the world outside of the Americas & Europe there're only about 300 of our Homes. So when it comes to Americans possibly having to evacuate Europe, actually there aren't as many as we were afraid there might be!--TTL!

46.--BUT OF COURSE I'M SURE WHEN YOU HEAR THIS STORY, YOU EUROPEANS WILL WANT TO EVACUATE EUROPE TOO!--Ha! Of course you Europeans are already at home, but you may not want to stay there under the circumstances!--And many of you folks out on the other mission fields of the Orient will be better off where you are than coming home to Europe or North America! So you'd better stay put, especially if you are already in Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific, Orient etc.

47. SO IT LOOKS TO US, AS FAR AS WE CAN SEE--& we've studied & prayed quite a bit about it--that those are the only general areas in which we North Americans might be able to stay awhile without being forced to return to that horrible place of North America! That would be the worst resort if you're forced to flee from where you are! If God made us go back there, I'd say He was ready for us all to go home to Heaven, if He's gonna sink the ship with us on it!--And you never can tell what the Lord may do!

48. AFTER ALL, WE'VE BEEN ON THE MISSION FIELD FOR TEN YEARS NOW, we've saturated the world with our doctrine, with billions witnessed to, we've reaped a tremendous harvest of 3 1/2 million souls saved & we've sent at least 10,000 people to the mission field, with thousands of them still there! We've even got more people who have been in the Family & are no longer with us, we've got more of those still witnessing in the World today than there are of those of us still in the Family! So the total of those who have been in the Family & those who still are is probably closer to 15,000 or 20,00 all together!

49. EVEN IF YOU WERE ONLY MISSIONARIES FOR A FEW YEARS, A SHORT TIME, IT WAS WORTH IT! It certainly wasn't time lost! That's probably at least one part of your life that God'll give you credit for!--Amen? And it looks to me & from all we have gotten & everything the Lord's ever showed us, that we certainly can't expect to go on much longer in this World as it now is!--Not the way the World is now going, especially under wartime conditions!

50. THAT'S ONE GOOD THING ABOUT THIS COMING WAR, WHEN IT FINALLY COMES TO A CLIMAX IT'S GOING TO BE OVER IN A HURRY!--"In one hour all these riches have perished!"--the rich said in Revelation 18:17! If you want to see a picture of the final hour of Capitalism, read Revelation 18, the whole Chapter! So it's going to be over in a hurry when it gets that far, but it'll take a little time to work up to it.

51. WORLD WARS NEVER START ALL AT ONCE. You can hardly ever pinpoint the exact beginning of a great World War any more than you can pinpoint the day when Rome fell! Rome was falling for about 200 years, like the United States! These big wars gradually work up to it through incident after incident as they grow hotter & hotter.

52. THEY SAY WE'RE GETTING INTO THE COLD WAR STAGE NOW. Well, if this is the Cold War with the possibility of things getting pretty hot in the Mideast soon, it looks to me like the Cold War is warming up a bit & it could soon move pretty fast! But there are usually first a series of events & incidents over a period of time in which people get madder & madder & work themselves up into a war-pitch frenzy to where they are really mad enough to strike!--And the Americans seem to be getting there!

53. BUT FIRST THERE'S A SINKING HERE & A BOMBING THERE, assassinations here & there, & a whole string of little things that always work them up to it first.--Like in that NATO General's book called The Third World War.--Nixon's also written one called, The Third World War Has Begun!--Maybe he read my Letter, "The War Has Begun!"--Ha! (No.869.)

54. THERE'S A BUILDUP OF INCIDENCES, minor incidences, a sinking in the Oil Gulf, this & that, little things that begin to add up & build up, until finally one of the Super Powers has had enough & pushes the button! First usually the little powers start fighting each other, the little boys get into a fight, & then the big bullies come behind them & push them & help them, until finally the big bullies start fighting between themselves.

55. SO LET'S HOPE IT WILL STILL TAKE A LITTLE WHILE for that gradual buildup to the real big thing, & let's hope that will give you time enough to make your preparations & plans & get out & go some place else so that you're not around for the big event! I'd just as soon not be around for the Great Event of the Extinction of the U.S. & Western Europe--or Eastern Europe either!

56. BY THAT TIME YOU MIGHT EVEN BE SAFER IN THE JUNGLES OF AFRICA!--But I doubt it, because [EDITED: "some of"] the Africans would be after you! Because it's quite obvious that they are going to be on the other side that's winning, especially the side that sympathises with the poor, like communist Mugabe. In spite of all the pious peace platitudes they have been proclaiming.

57. "OH, THE RHODESIAN WAR IS OVER & IT'S ALL SETTLED NOW!" the Whites don't think so, & they're giving up & leaving, lots of them! Mugabe's already started to enforce strict censorship on radio & television & the papers. He's got men right in their studios to make sure that nothing goes out or is published that he doesn't want published, which means that you can no longer hear the whole truth of what's going on in Rhodesia!

58. BECAUSE WHAT HE'S PLANNING TO DO, HE DOESN'T WANT YOU TO HEAR ABOUT, because it'll be totally contrary to what the wonderful White Western civilisation predicted, that if they gave the Blacks the vote & put them in charge of their own country, everything would be fine! ... Everything's not fine! They are reverting to savagery in various degrees & various stages already! So God help us to stay out of there! (See Nos. 726, 874, 875 & 898.)

59. I HAD JUST THOUGHT ABOUT THE OLD U.S. COLONY OF LIBERIA being a nice old-fashioned possible place to escape, when the Lord slammed that door! Now they've got a radical ferocious pro-Communist government, & all the things are happening there that have happened in other pro-Communist places!

60. LIKE ALL OF A SUDDEN THE NEWSPAPERS OF RHODESIA are all full of the speeches by people you never heard of before in Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary & other Eastern European Communist countries--all communist news--with newspapers mostly "Black, White & Red all over"! You hear the same stuff on Russian radio, news that means little to most of us, building up & bragging about their great people, great leaders & great Soviet accomplishments! Suddenly in these newly Communist countries, Western news is not news anymore!--It's non-news! Only the Eastern news counts, Russian news particularly--& this is already happening in Rhodesia!--So you can see where they are at!

61. SO, IT'S MERELY A MATTER OF TIME! Mugabe came in in sheep's clothing & stole the vote & the country, pretending to be a sheep, but he is a wolf at heart, & you will see it more & more! The poor wishful-thinkers of Europe & the U.S. said, "Oh, the dear poor Black people! We need to give them their own country! After all, they're in the majority"!

62. IF THE LORD WANTED THE WORLD RULED BY THE MAJORITY, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A HELL OF A MESS A LONG TIME AGO!--Because the majority of the World are heathen, pagan, demon-worshippers, devil-worshippers, idol-worshippers, non-Christian, anti-God & anti-Christ violent savages like the U.S.! The Lord has never been in favour of majority rule, because the majority are always wrong! So this is ridiculous!

63. GOD IS NOT IN FAVOUR OF DEMOCRACY AT ALL!--Because the righteous are always in the minority, & He always wants the righteous to rule to try to keep things civilised as long as they can!

64. BUT THE WORLD HAS OPTED OUT AGAINST RIGHTEOUS RULE & FOR THE MAD MAJORITY RULE INSTEAD! That is the Devil's own doctrine!: One-man-one-vote majority rule! Because that way he can guarantee that he is going to get in control!--And that's what he is doing!

65. AMERICA, THE GREAT "CHRISTIAN" NATION, "protector of the poor & the protector of the rights of man & human rights & democracy"--that's where they were wrong to begin with--in preaching democracy! They should have been preaching the Gospel & preaching Christ & not democracy! Because God is not for democracy! He's for Theocracy!: Rule by God & His people, a dictatorship of the Lord! That's God's program! Therefore, it's the Devil who preaches democracy, the rule of the wicked majority!

66. BUT THE U.S. GOT ITSELF OUT ON A LIMB AS THE WORLD'S GREATEST PROPONENT OF DEMOCRACY! So how could she back down when all these [EDITED: "people"] start screaming for self-rule!: "I want to vote & run my own country! Kick out the Whites, kick out the Christians, kick out civilisation! Let in the Devil, demonism, savagery, the whole works ... !"--And that's what's happening! (See 898!)

67. SO WE ARE FLEEING, you & I & God's children, His Family, are fleeing before the onslaught of the forces of the Enemy & savagery which are winning & taking over temporarily. We're fleeing now, but soon there won't be any place left to hide! But one of these days they're going to be fleeing from us, Praise God!

68. BUT THE LORD IS ALLOWING MAN & THE DEVIL TO RUN THE WORLD TEMPORARILY. He's been holding the flood of evil back long enough to give us a chance to preach the Gospel & get the job done of witnessing to the whole World, & I would say our Family has done a pretty good job of it! So it looks like now things are going to get worse & the war's bound to come.

69. THE CRASH HAS ALREADY BEGUN. The U.S. has already entered into severe recession, the auto industry is going bankrupt, the housing industry is going bankrupt, the steel industry is going bankrupt, the banks are going bankrupt! The 23rd largest bank in all the United States & the largest bank in all Philadelphia is going bankrupt, & the U.S. is trying to bail it out--another big top bank of the Federal Reserve System, one of the biggest U.S. banks!

70. SO WHAT DEAR ERDMAN SAID IN HIS CRASH OF '79 IS NOW HAPPENING, but just a little bit slower & later than he expected. The gold price shot up a lot higher than he expected & a lot sooner, & the dollar went down faster than he expected. But all these artificial, superficial Band-Aids the Government put on managed to stall it off a little longer. But now it's already happening in the United States, & most of the economists say they see a serious recession coming in the U.S. & involving perhaps the whole World!

71. HE SAID WHEN YOU'RE PERSECUTED IN ONE CITY, FLEE TO ANOTHER! (Mt.10:23.) So if you do a good job, you are going to frequently be persecuted & constantly fleeing! That's just our life! We can be thankful we haven't had anything more serious! But as the World gets worse & fires of Hell get hotter, we're going to have to keep fleeing, until one of these days there's no place else to go, we're going to go straight up to be with Jesus! Praise the Lord!

72. SO KEEP YOUR FLEEBAG PACKED & your gear cut down & eliminate stuff & keep packing, as you never know when you may have to run! We hope it won't happen too soon & "pray that your flight be not in Winter"! (Mt.24:20.) I even hope it won't be this Summer, for that matter, but see that you're always ready.

73. WE'VE PREACHED SO MUCH ABOUT ALWAYS BEING READY TO GO & ALWAYS MOBILE, FLEEBAGS READY! But do we practise it & are we ready & are we continuing to eliminate all our junk & books & papers & files & all the rest, so that we could pick up at a moment's notice? The Lord has given us so many warnings!

74. THE LORD ALWAYS WARNS HIS OWN AHEAD OF TIME TO GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO GET OUT, if He wants them to, & I'm sure He wants us to survive as long as we can to feed the World & encourage them & enlighten them, so I'm sure He will take care of us. After all, it's His business. ...

P.S. --We've just received our latest Stats!: We now have only 420 "Americans Abroad" in Europe & 1886 of our folks in North America, so at least 2306 of you need to move South! Latin America here we come!

The rest of you may be able to stay put for awhile, the 1412 in Asia, Africa & the Pacific, & the 1336 in Latin America, but the rest of you'd better be moving soon if you don't wanna get caught in the War!--Including the other 2459 non-Americans in Europe!

THAT'S A GRAND TOTAL OF YOU NORTHERNERS OF 4765 IN EUROPE & N. AMERICA WHO NEED TO MOVE SOUTH OUT OF THE WAR ZONE NOW!!!--I & the Lord started telling you this way back in 1972 with "802 South"! (No.187, Vol.2, pg.1545) But only 2748 of you have done it! The other 2/3 of you are still in the doomed North!--WHY?!?!?!?!?

GOD'S WARNED YOU FOR NEARLY 10 YEARS TO MAKE YOUR "GREAT ESCAPE!" (No.160-1972)--to "Flee the City!" (No.379-1974)--the great cities of the North--& in many other Letters! You are without excuse! I have delivered my soul! Your blood will not be on my hands but your own!

WHY WILL YE DIE, O FAMILY! FLEE NOW ERE IT'S TOO LATE! Why should He have to destroy you & your little ones with the wicked?! Why do ye not obey & save yourselves from this wicked generation!--May God help you obey!
(Did you know you can drive or ship your car & caravan on a boat to South America?!)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family