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THE END IS HERE!--By Father David       DO 906       1 May 1980

       1. WE'VE DONE A PRETTY GOD JOB! We've reached & preached to virtually the whole world. We haven't won them all, that's sure, but they've heard! There're very few people in this world that haven't heard about us! Even many far countries in the Orient & behind the Iron Curtain have heard about us! And if they've heard about us, they've heard about our doctrine! If it hasn't been anything but the love of God through sex, or the love of God & sex, they've heard about us, one way or the other!

       2. JUST WHEN THE NOVELTY OF THE JESUS REVOLUTION BEGAN TO WEAR OFF & the Lord needed something else to hit the headlines, He raised up the Family of Love & the sex message, & boy, that made a sensation! That hit the headlines all over the world! So they've heard about us! The Lord doesn't let them forget about us nor our message, so they are responsible & they are guilty!

       3. ONCE THEY'VE HEARD, ONCE WE'VE WITNESSED & THEY HAVE HEARD, OUR JOB IS DONE! We don't have to win the whole world! We don't even personally have to be in every single country! But when this Gospel of the Kingdom shall have been preached in every nation, then shall the End come!--Mat.24:14. He doesn't say in that Scripture in Matthew every tongue, tribe, etc., like He does later in Revelation 14 when the angel preaches it to everybody just before Jesus comes.--That's the angel's job, not ours! That'll be the last thing, & then everybody will hear it!

       4. JUST THINK, IN THOSE LAST HORRIBLE DAYS OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION, God's going to get to the point where, since most of the church didn't & maybe we couldn't, He'll send the angels of God to preach it! I don't know what kind of megaphones & PA systems they're going to use, crying from the Heavens to the whole world, but it's in Revelation 14! Read it! In the very last days just before the Lord comes, at the end of the days of the Great Tribulation after the fall of Babylon the Great--America!--then comes the coming of the Lord for us His saints! PTL!

       5. BUT IN THE MEANTIME OUR RESPONSIBILITIES ARE FULFILLED AS LONG AS THE WHOLE WORLD HAS HEARD. If we have reached this generation, preached the Gospel to this generation & this age, this world, to all nations, as Jesus Himself said in Matthew 24:14, "Then shall the End come!" He gave all these other signs, but He said in verse 6: "But the End is not yet." There shall be wars, rumours of wars, earthquakes, famines, pestilences, & all kinds of things, but He said, Don't worry, the End is not yet.

       6. BUT THE FIRST SIGN HE GAVE THAT THE END WAS NEAR was where He said that when "this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the World for a witness unto all nations, then shall the End come!"--Mat.24:14. What do you think about today?--With radio, television, shortwave, the Worldwide press--& the Church & us! Have all nations heard?--Yes! HCJB preaches the Gospel on shortwave that reaches the whole world, every nation on the face of the Earth! Look at even little Monte Carlo, preaching the Gospel all over Europe & North Africa & the Mideast on radio & television!

       7. IF THERE WAS EVER A DAY IN WHICH IT LOOKS TO ME LIKE EVERY NATION HAS HEARD THE GOSPEL, IT'S TODAY! Maybe not every tongue & tribe yet--that'll come at the very End, Revelation 14. But in Matthew 24 He says every nation. You read it! "Then shall the End come!" I'd say every nation has now heard the Gospel!

       8. NOW REMEMBER "THE END" IS NOT A PARTICULAR POINT, a certain hour or a certain second of a certain day of a certain month of a certain year. In fact, what is spoken of by the prophets as the Endtime or the "Last Days" spoken of by Daniel & others, encompass the space of almost 2,000 years!

       9. THE ENDTIME AS SPOKEN OF IN THE BIBLE COVERS THE SPACE OF NEARLY 2,000 YEARS BETWEEN THE TWO COMINGS OF CHRIST! The Endtime began with the first coming of Christ. Paul says in Hebrews 1:2 that they were already living "in these last days". It will end with His Second Coming! So it's already here, the End is already here! The World's been in it for nearly 2,000 years! Some people get all excited when I say "The War Has Begun!" or "The Crash is Here!" (See Nos. 869 & 854.) My Lord, the Crash has been here ever since the first Depression! But I have to shock'm a little bit to shake'm up to make'm get out & get ready! Ha!

       10. SO I KNOW THAT'S WHY THE LORD MUST HAVE GIVEN THAT "40 DAYS!" (See No.280.) Boy, it shook a whole lot of fruit off the tree there in America & got'm out in a hurry! I think "The Crash" & "The War Has Begun!" has helped get them out too! About 500 of our people left the United States within one month after they got those Letters about the Crash & the War! So now after this one they're going to be getting out again! They get lackadaisical & lazy & indifferent & they drift back again. "Oh well, it hasn't happened yet." Like they said in 2nd Peter 3:4, "All things continue as they were since the days of the fathers"--the Father's warnings! So they go back home again. So then the Lord has to give them another shaking up to get them out of there again!

       11. (MARIA: I THINK THE LORD'S USING THE U.S. GOVERNMENT TO HELP DO THE JOB TOO, since Carter's saying, "All boys between the ages of 18 & 21 have to register for the draft!") Yes, can you imagine the nerve of this guy writing me, "What shall we do about the draft?" My God, I wrote what to do about the draft ten years ago! (See Nos. 121 & 318.) ...

       12. BUT ANYWAY, THE END IS HERE! It just takes a little bit of time to finish! The difficult He does immediately, the impossible takes a little longer! So it's lasted nearly 2,000 years already, & it's going to last a few more probably, but it gets closer all the time!--And it certainly is hotting up right now with another war!

       13. I DO NOT SEE HOW THIS COMING WAR CAN POSSIBLY BE ANYTHING BUT THE LAST ONE BEFORE CHRIST'S COMING FOR US! Because this next one's going to partially destroy the Earth!--At least one-third of it, the Bible says so!--Read Revelation 8! This is not the war in which Jesus comes back after the Rapture & the Wrath of God & destroys the Antichrist, but this is the one which prepares the World for the Antichrist & makes such a mess out of it that he has to pick up the pieces & put it back together & make a new World Government--the false Millennium with the false Messiah!--Before Jesus comes for us!

       14. BUT THE END WILL PROGRESS DAY BY DAY AS IT IS & AS YOU READ THE PAPER!--I have to read it, that's part of my job--to warn you that it's getting closer all the time. Every day it's a day closer! Like "With every heartbeat, you're one heartbeat closer to death!" With every day that passes, every moment, you're a moment closer to the End! One more moment, one more second, hour, day, month, year--till the End!

       15. THE END IS COMING, & IT'S GETTING MIGHTY CLOSE! The Gospel's been preached to every nation. We've done our particular job to reach this generation, the youth of the World, & through them the rest of the System, even through FFing.--And now there's not a nation on Earth that hasn't heard the Gospel through us or somebody else.

       16. LOOK AT THE MERCY OF GOD, EVEN GIVING THE U.S.A. A LAST CHANCE through TV shows like "Rex Humbard" & that "Praise the Lord Club"! Frankly I don't have that much patience, & I personally don't think I'd have given them another chance! I thought they'd enough chances!--But look at the mercy of God! After all, there are a lot of young children & teenagers who weren't there when we were there. Even some of our own children are now becoming teenagers! Think of it! So God's trying to give everybody a chance--even some of the stupid idiots that never got the point when we were there! Now as they see things getting really bad, then they start getting scared, & that's part of God's way.

       17. IF GOD CAN'T LOVE'M INTO HEAVEN, HE'S GOING TO SCARE'M INTO HEAVEN! The U.S. is now entering a very serious recession & on the brink of war! They try to belittle it & minimise it & pooh-pooh it, & the peace prophets say, "Oh well, it'll be very mild & not very serious, blah blah!" Well, everything on God's Earth & in economics & the true prophets have predicted it, & everything points to it, that this will be probably the beginning of the worst recession the United States & the World ever had!

       18. THE ONLY WAY THEY'VE ALWAYS MANAGED TO PULL THEMSELVES OUT OF IT IS WITH ANOTHER WAR!--And that's what they're working up to right now, & it's always been the Democratic Party that has gotten us into each war for that purpose, to pull us out of each depression!!--Because they're for the labouring man & the poor & wages & full employment, & the only way you can get that in a capitalist system is with a war!

       19. THAT'S ONE THING THAT WORRIES ME ABOUT CARTER & puzzles me: How can he be such a good Christian when every single decision he has made--unless it's his wife & his counsellors who are telling him to do it--has been a political decision? He pulled this ill-fated rescue attempt only a day or two before the Michigan primary! He had to try to convince those people that he was trying to do something.

       20. I WOULDN'T PUT IT PAST HIM TO START WHAT HE'D HOPE WOULD BE A MINOR WAR IN ORDER TO MAKE SURE HE GETS RE-ELECTED! Because the U.S. has never changed Presidents during a war. It's been their slogan: "Don't change horses in the middle of the stream!--Don't take a chance on someone else at a time of emergency like this!" So that one of the surest guarantees that a President could have that he is going to get re-elected is to be right smack-dab in the middle of a war!

       21. THE PEOPLE ARE AFRAID TO CHANGE PRESIDENTS DURING A WAR. It's like a new job, & a new President's gotta learn a new job. They don't want any amateur in there without any experience trying to run the country right in the middle of a war. This is what a lot of people suspect him of, that he's trying to get the U.S. into a war-scare war-fever war-psychology so he can scare people into voting him back into office!

       22. WHY THE HELL HE WOULD WANT TO BE PRESIDENT I DON'T KNOW, CONSIDERING WHAT A MESS HE'S MAKING OUT OF THINGS! But that just shows how dumb he is, especially President at a time like this! But he & Rosalynn think the U.S. is the greatest!: "The U.S. is the most wonderful, the most Christian, the most honest, the most righteous System, & Communism is the worst & Russia is horrible, blah blah!" It's a "Crusade for Christ!" They had a big rally in Washington just the other day, 175,000 people saying,

       23. "WE'RE GOING TO GET BACK TO GOD!"--All those church people! Where the hell have they been? Huh? It's true! I'm almost embarrassed for them that they are dumb enough to confess they haven't been with God all the time! All those churches & church people!--"We're here to get back to God! We're trying to get back to God!" My Lord, where have they been? They're confessing, openly confessing before the whole country & the whole World that they haven't been with God! I mean it's pitiful, really pitiful! The church is so pitiful! I mean it's pitiful! It is so dumb & so far behind the time & so blind! The other day when asking God how they could make so many mistakes, I got:

       24. "THEY BE BLIND LEADERS OF THE BLIND!"--Mat.15:14. Carter's blind & the whole nation's blind! He's a blind leader of the blind, & they are all going to fall into the ditch, right in the pit of a horrible war! But the Lord usually slowly graduates it & things get a little worse & a little worse, & trouble gets a little bigger & a little bigger, to give us time, give His own children time to obey Him & flee the city, & get out!

       25. FLEE THE COUNTRY IN THIS CASE, MAYBE EVEN FLEE THE CONTINENT! So pray that the Lord will lead & guide your leaders & our plans & preparations & investigations & our information as to what's the best way to go & where--that it'll be God's choice, not just our own logical natural carnal reasoning--although God can show you plenty by pure common sense & God-given wisdom!

       26. IF YOU HAVEN'T GOT ENOUGH SENSE TO KNOW GOD, then you can just look out there at His creation & know that there is a God! Just logically & reasonably, anybody in their right mind should know there's a God! "Only the fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God!'" (Ps.14:1). In other words, only a fool actually believes there is no God! All these people saying they don't believe in God, they know there's a God but they just hate Him! They're fighting Him, that's all!

       27. SCIENTISTS ARE DAILY DISCOVERING ALL THESE MARVELLOUS THINGS ABOUT HIS CREATION, more & more all the time, more & more marvels of His design & plan, His amazing balance of Nature, everything about the creation that couldn't possibly have happened by accident, & they know it! Yet some lie to the people! They know it, yet they lie to the people, because they're of the Devil, trying to keep the people from believing & knowing!

       28. THIS SHOULD SHAKE A FEW MORE OF YOU GUYS UP & GET YOU OUT OF NORTH AMERICA!: THE END IS HERE! We've had "The Crash Is Here!", "The War Is Here!" (Nos. 854 & 869) now "The End Is Here!" But God's Ends sometimes take quite a little while. So please pray for this month that it won't be this month, we hope!

       29. I HOPE THE LORD'LL GIVE US AT LEAST MAYBE THIS SUMMER to make our plans, & if we can make'm, well enough, fast enough, good enough & make sure it's the Lord, we just may not be here this coming Winter! Don't count on it.--And again we might be, I don't know--only the Lord knows. But I'm not worried about it, are you? I think I'd almost enjoy a change of scenery & a different continent for a change & a different language! Amen?

       30. IT WOULD BE VERY DIFFICULT TO MOVE AFTER THE WAR COMES. It may even be impossible! Transportation, communication, money & everything will be very difficult. I lived through one World War, so I know. Shipping, travel, communications & everything was restricted, & there was censorship & rationing & all the rest. So it's better to do it now! With all the people we have to move & on such a major move, such a big move so far, we could hardly stand it all at once, like in one month.

       31. WE NEED TO START MOVING NOW LITTLE BY LITTLE, gradually, a little here & a little there. Those who can start moving now & can continue their work in their new home should do so as soon a possible. We should be scattered out in a number of countries, gradually trickling in, dribbling in through the back doors & cracks & crannies & knotholes unobserved & unnoticed & inconspicuous as possible, a little here & a little there, & a few here & a few there, in different places. That's the way we have always survived, by keeping on the move, & that's what the Lord has always shown us, right?

       32. SO "THE END IS HERE!" SOON IN THIS PARTICULAR LOCATION! But it's not going to happen all at once. Our Exodus from Europe is possibly coming also, so you in Europe need to start working on it if you want to avoid the War & stay alive to serve the Lord! But it will probably occur gradually.


       34. BUT I HAVE TO TELL YOU! As the Lord said, "I've told you these things because you are My friends." (John 15:15.) I try to tell you everything that we do & are going to do, at least as much as I can safely tell you. So you will need to bear this in mind as you analyse your baggage & your things & your own plans etc. At least you should be getting ready.

       35. DON'T BE LIKE THE WATCHMAKER who was still fixing watches when the order came to go to the front lines! We need watches, but we also need to make plans & be prepared to go or go now, so that when it happens we don't get caught short & unprepared!

       36. WE'VE BEEN PREACHING THIS FOR A LONG TIME! We've been warning you, we've been proclaiming it, even warning the World! But we ourselves have not been practising it enough & are not prepared enough!--Neither for survival nor for fleeing nor prepared as to where to!

       37. (PRAYS:) AMEN, LORD, DO GIVE US ALL WISDOM. We ask Thee to give these wisdom here in what they say & what they do, to give no hints of any direction anywhere to anyone that may be too much, more than they can bear or more than they can share. Lord forgive me if I have said too much in any way. But I have felt that I need to explain to these folks so they can start preparing their own hearts & their own things for the transformation that's coming, & that we will be prepared for it.

       38. WE THANK YOU LORD FOR THAT WAR SCARE in which You convicted me that we had not made sufficient plans & were not sufficiently prepared to be on our way--not just on our way from this community, Lord, nor just from this country, but very likely in the long run even from this continent! So help us Lord in all of these investigations, plans & preparations, Lord, to do what You know is best in the way You know is best & the mode & method You know is best, from the place You know is best by the means You know is best to the destination that You know is best. In Jesus' name, we ask it for Thy Glory.

       39. HELP THESE TO BE WISE & CONTROL THEIR TONGUES, BUT PREPARE THEIR HEARTS & THINGS, to pray that we may do this effectively & successfully to preserve Thy leadership, Thy work, & Thy worldwide Family, Lord. In Jesus' name, TYL! Amen! PTL! PTL? Amen? Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! (Sings:)

         I know the Lord will make a way for you!
         If we trust & never doubt,
         He will surely bring us out,
         I know the Lord Will make a way for us!"

Amen? PTL? Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! (Dad weeps:)

       41. PRAISE THE LORD! YOU'VE NEVER FAILED LORD. You've always made a way, if we would obey & do it Your way. Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! You've always made a way of escape. Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!--That's His promise!--Isn't that wonderful! He's always made a way of escape, so don't worry about it! I'm not telling you to make you worry--that's the last thing I want you to do!

       42. I'M TELLING YOU TO ENCOURAGE YOU THAT WE KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING & we're planning to be prepared, but I want you to prepare too, get your things ready. Get rid of things you don't need, sell, swap or give'm away! Burn or destroy files you don't need. I've told you this time & again every move, but every move we accumulate more! I don't know why it is, but we just do! We're like magpies! We just need to really get ready!

       43. I WANT TO WARN YOU--HERE & NOW--WE'VE GOT MOVING RULES! Maybe you read it in the old "Revolutionary Rules Sheet": You should only carry one suitcase, three inches of hang-up clothes, camera, tape recorder, guitar, Bible & a few things like that, & that's all!

       44. IF WE'RE LATE, IT'S NOT GOD'S FAULT! He's got a lot of other things to attend to besides us! He's got the whole World to think about & all the things that He's working on & all the keys He's playing & all the information He's feeding into His computer & everything working up to a certain point, the direction He wants it to go!--And my Lord,

       45. HE CAN'T JUST STOP THE WHOLE WORLD JUST FOR YOU! Well, sometimes it looks like He has & He might, & He could--I shouldn't say He can't, for He could. But why should He hold up His whole plans just for you? You know what He finally had to do with that rascal Lot? I mean it had come time, & the fire & the brimstone was about to fall!

       46. GOD JUST COULDN'T WAIT ANY LONGER! He had warned him enough, told him time & time again to get out! He'd been through bad experience after worse experience already, & he still wouldn't move out of that damn wicked city of Sodom! He even got captured with'm by their enemies & taken far away, & his Uncle Abe had to go after him & rescue him, but he still didn't have enough sense to move! He went right back home & stayed with those wicked relatives again!

       47. YOU SEE, IF WHEN YOU'RE WARNED & YOU DON'T GET THE POINT & YOU DON'T OBEY, THEN YOU ALMOST HAVE TO SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES! When we've been warned time & time again by the Lord to be prepared, but we don't obey, then sometimes we have it tougher & harder! So the Lord finally had to yank Lot & his wife & two daughters out of town by force! The angels had to drag him out of town by the hand!

       48. AND EVEN THEN MRS. LOT STILL DIDN'T WANT TO GO, so she looked back & turned into a pillar of salt! She not only looked back, but she looked so long, she stayed standing there so long watching the downpour of fire & brimstone & salt which buried Sodom, that it caught her too!--The Arabs still point out a big salt pillar there that looks like a woman, almost a statue, & say that's Lot's wife!

       49. SO DON'T DRAG YOUR FEET! I'VE WARNED YOU! If we should suddenly have to say, (Bams hands together real loud!) "Now's it! Embark!! Immediately!! We have to clear out of here tonight!", would you be ready? Some of you people in the U.S. are still sitting around waiting for me to tell you what I've already told you, so you're without excuse! Get your stuff ready, get packed, get out!

       50. (PRAYS:) LORD, GIVE THEM WISDOM & HELP THEM TO GET BUSY & GET READY TO ROLL! Because it may come sooner than we think, it may be later than we think! But You have warned us! You warned me the other day, & now I've been discussing it with the leadership & we have been making plans & preparing & sending out feelers & investigators to know where to go, & now we've got to tell the Family to start getting ready to go too!

       51. HELP THEM, LORD, TO BE PREPARED! One thing we do know for sure Lord, we do have to move out of this place soon, so it certainly won't hurt for us to start getting ready right now in case it happens to be sooner! Thy will be done, have Thy way, Lord. You asked us to pray for kings & presidents, & they certainly need it right now, the World's rulers, those that have the rule over us, magistrates & all!

       52. GIVE THEM WISDOM LORD & help them to have the common sense to try to stay the hell out of this hell-on-Earth-of-a-war they are contemplating, as long as they possibly can! Give us time, Lord, as long as You possibly can, to get us out of here & to someplace else that's less likely to be in danger & where we're more likely to be able to stay awhile longer & continue to minister to Thy children & Thy sheep until the End of the End! In Jesus' name we ask for Thy Glory, in Jesus' name, amen. PTL!--Are you ready?--OK! Let's go!--See you there, Lord willing!--Or you'll die with the wicked!

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