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THE RUSSIAN PEACE DREAM!--Current Events!       DO 908       10 May 1980
--By Father David

       1. WELL PRAISE THE LORD, THANK YOU JESUS, HALLELUJAH! THIS IS THE MORNING OF MAY THE 10TH, SATURDAY, 1980, & I JUST WOKE FROM A VERY INTERESTING DREAM! PTL! TYL! I had been sleeping very soundly most of the night except for awhile when Maria & I were awake making love, thank You Jesus! I guess I was pretty tired because we had been visiting our other Home visiting with the family & making love to the girls & enjoying each other having a good time, a good dinner with them, a few glasses of wine, & also sort of bade them farewell for a little while in case we have to move, & explaining to them why we were probably moving soon, according to the reason which we explained in "Americans Abroad" & "The End Is Here."

       2. SO WE FINALLY BADE THEM FAREWELL AFTER MIDNIGHT & journeyed home, & got home & in bed in time to listen to BBC & the usual bad news about Carter's blunders! This time it was about his not coming to Tito's funeral, completely leaving the field to Brezhnev of Russia, Hua of China, Eastern Europe & all the rest, showing that obviously the Russians & the Chinese & Eastern Europeans, Asians & Africans & all the rest of the World were far more interested in Yugoslavia than was Carter!

       3. AFTERWARDS I WAS READING IN THE NEWSPAPER how Carter had made a statement during his last election campaign when someone asked him the question, "What would you do if Russia decided to occupy Yugoslavia?" He said he would do nothing! He didn't think Yugoslavia was American's concern, & he would not take any action to defend any country that far from U.S. borders. He was quite calm & unconcerned about it at the time.

       4. IT SEEMS RATHER STRANGE THAT HE WOULD HAVE TAKEN SO LITTLE INTEREST IN A COUNTRY LIKE YUGOSLAVIA, so much more vital to the U.S. & European interests & closer to home, when since he has become President & in this present re-election campaign he's over-reacted & made such a big fuss about Russia occupying a much more distant & less important country like Afghanistan! He was quoted in his speech last night as saying the Russian occupation of Afghanistan was the greatest threat to World peace in 30 years!

       5. SO I WAS TRYING TO THINK OF WHAT HAPPENED 30 YEARS AGO that he thought such a big threat! That was about 1950 or so, about the time the U.S. exploded the first H-Bomb, & that was a threat to peace!--Or was it the Korean War?--Or maybe he meant 20 years ago & the U.S. invasion of Cuba?--Or the Cuban missile crisis? He seems to think that Castro's quite a great threat to World peace!--It's always the little countries or Russia or China--never the U.S.! Apparently he didn't think the Vietnamese War was a very great threat to World peace & the fact that the U.S. lost it! What a joke!

       6. THEN THERE WAS THE USUAL WAR NEWS & always the rumours of atrocities coming out of Afghanistan or Pakistan about what horrible things the Russians are doing! They are gassing people or they're bombing entire villages of nothing but women & children, wiping them all out! So I was wondering, "How could there be a village of nothing but women & children? If the men were all gone, they must be fighting the Russians!"

       7. BUT ALL OF THESE REPORTS OF ATROCITIES DURING WAR ARE ALWAYS SO COMMON that during WWII we got to where we could barely believe any of them!--We figured they were the usual Government propaganda! The Germans & the Japanese of course were always reported committing these horrible cruel & monstrous atrocities against women & children & defenseless inhabitants of cities! Of course none of them committed anything as great & monstrous an atrocity as the U.S. atom-bombing of Nagasaki & Hiroshima in which hundreds of thousands were killed & maimed & burned & doomed to a horrible slow death!

       8. BUT OF COURSE THE GERMANS & THE JAPANESE WERE U.S. ENEMIES, therefore of course they had to be monsters or they wouldn't be enemies of the U.S.! They were supposedly killing people needlessly in horrible cruel ways, & all these ridiculous stories always come from the Government during a war about the enemies of your country! You get to the point where you just hardly believe anything because so many of them are so ridiculous & so unbelievable!

       9. SO THERE ARE ALWAYS THE USUAL GOVERNMENT ATROCITY STORIES & RUMOURS, though they hardly ever give any real proof & seldom give any reliable sources or name names. They say, "A traveler told us," or "It was rumoured by someone who passed by," or blah blah blah! It's often just some faked story, & many times is proven totally untrue! But this is typical of war propaganda that nations put out against their enemies, & it's always very common in war time, so you just cannot possibly believe them all! In fact quite a few of them are quite unbelievable!

       10. SO ANYWAY, HERE IS A GREAT CIVILISED NATION OF RUSSIA with a former Christian background & culture, & intelligent enough to build a nation great & strong enough to now supposedly threaten the very existence of the United States & Western Europe, here they are going down into a supposedly innocent angelic little country that they're invading like horrible monsters & committing cruel acts of torture & atrocious crimes directed only against women & children & defenseless villages, & all these ridiculous stories about all the horrors they commit in wiping out these innocent defenseless helpless little people!

       11. IF ONE DIDN'T REALISE THAT THIS IS THE TYPICAL GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA PRACTISE OF WAR & anti-enemy propaganda, you'd wonder what in the world such a great & hideous & gigantic monster of a nation, like the U.S. portrays Russia to be, would want to be going out of its way to crush so many women & children & such innocent defenseless peaceful law-abiding tiny little primitive peoples! Well of course, the true story isn't exactly like that.

       12. THE AFGHANS HAVE BEEN NOTORIOUS FOR CENTURIES AS BEING SOME OF THE MOST CRUEL & BARBAROUS TRIBES OF ALL THE WORLD & IN ALL OF HISTORY, who have always been fighting & quarrelling amongst themselves. They can't even get it together themselves, so they are constantly in tribal wars, killings, tortures, etc. Talk about torture!--The Afghans are experts at it!

       13. ONE OF THEIR FAVOURITE WAYS OF TORTURING THEIR CAPTIVES IS TO FLAY THEM, or peel the skin off of them while they're still alive! They are such experts at slow agonising deaths for their enemies, that Rudyard Kipling wrote about it in one of his poems on the Khyber Pass--the Pass between Afghanistan & Pakistan which Britain was then trying to conquer.

       14. BRITAIN HAD CONQUERED PAKISTAN & WAS TRYING TO VALIANTLY CONQUER THE VICIOUS AFGHANS to secure the trade route to Europe which Afghans constantly plundered, slaughtering the travelers! So Kipling wrote a poem that was in one of the articles I sent you in a WND that went something like this: "If you're a wounded soldier, when you see the Afghan women coming to strip the slain or find the wounded, etc., be sure to put a rifle to your head before you allow yourself to be caught by these people!" Even the Afghan women are so vicious & cruel they torture the wounded left on the field!

       15. SO IT'S VERY DIFFICULT TO BELIEVE MUCH OF THIS ANTI-RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA that is put out now by the West, that any civilised nation with the Christian cultural Western background of Russia would be as ridiculously cruel & monstrously violent against such a supposedly innocent helpless little people! Well, they're not so innocent & they're not so helpless obviously, or the Russians wouldn't be having such a hard time conquering them!

       16. THE AFGHANS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN VERY REBELLIOUS & VICIOUSLY VIOLENT & NOTORIOUS AS BANDITS who robbed everybody who passed through! They've existed off of banditry & robbery & cruelty & murder for centuries! So all that to say this: I went to sleep thinking about how ridiculous some of these atrocity stories are!

       17. WELL, IT'S QUITE POSSIBLE THAT SUCH THINGS CAN HAPPEN OF COURSE. In war lots of terrible things happen, & when you're trying to stop rebels & subdue bandits, there are a lot of horrible things that happen, as war is hell! And you can't always sexually differentiate in conquering an area as to whether everybody there is fierce fighting soldiers or women & children or whatever!

       18. ANYWAY, I WENT TO SLEEP THINKING ABOUT HOW EXAGGERATED MANY OF THESE ATROCITY STORIES ARE! They come as "rumours of wars" (Mt.24:6), particularly in the press & the media & make great sensational news that stirs up & excites the people! These atrocity tales have particularly excited & stirred the people up against their traditional enemy now for 60 years!

       19. EVER SINCE THE COMMUNISTS TOOK OVER RUSSIA, THE U.S. & THE WEST HAVE BEEN PUTTING OUT VIOLENT ANTI-COMMUNIST, ANTI-RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA of every kind & description, & so much of it is so ridiculous & unbelievable as to be very likely untrue! So I guess I had gone to sleep thinking that, "Well, the Russians couldn't possibly be as horrible & as bad & as purposely vicious as they are being portrayed in the media!" And so I went to sleep.

       20. I WOKE ABOUT FIVE, HARD! I don't know how we got to making love, but anyway Maria snuggled up to me, & although by this time it had gone down some, she soon got it up again without much difficulty. And while she was jacking me up I was goosing her & she had a good go, didn't you Honey! (Maria: Uh-huh!) And then I got on top & we had a good fuck! It was really one of the best I've had since last week, praise the Lord! Then we drank a little wine & a little water & ate something. We went to the toilet & a few other odds & ends, & finally tried to get back to sleep.

       21. SOMETIMES WHEN I WAKE IN THE NIGHT IT'S A LITTLE DIFFICULT FOR ME TO GET BACK TO SLEEP, so she was scratching my back & scratching my head to try to put me to sleep. Like when I was a little boy, my mother used to pet my arms to make me go to sleep for my nap, & that's about the only way she could even persuade me to come take a nap! So apparently I've liked such sensual attention from my childhood. I guess I must have gone to sleep while you were scratching my head, huh? (Maria: Soon after.) Well anyway, we finally fell asleep about 6:30 A.M. Well, all that to say this:

       22. JUST A LITTLE WHILE AGO I FINALLY HALF WOKE FROM THIS STRANGE DREAM! I was still half asleep in that kind of dreamland between sleep & wakefulness. I lay there a long time with my eyes shut thinking about it. Because I've found if I stay still & quiet & don't wake up too much, I can without interruption think back over the dream & remember it very clearly, more clearly than if I wake up too much or allow any interruptions or distractions.

       23. IF I STAY IN THAT DREAMY SEMI-TRANCE-LIKE STATE BETWEEN SLEEP & AWAKENING, I can much more clearly go back over the scenes of the dream & remember them better, so that I can remember to relate them to Maria. Often I'll prayerfully go over the different scenes in the dream in order to better associate them & try to get what they mean.

       24. SO I WAS LYING HERE THINKING ABOUT THE DREAM & HOW STRANGE IT WAS & how interesting, how really it was a happy dream! It wasn't a nightmare, it wasn't bad. I had the general feeling of peace & goodness & sort of relief, because I seemed quite happy & satisfied all during the dream that everything was OK & everything was going alright & that I wasn't to worry, but this is the way it was going to be.--And that's amazing, considering the kind of news I had been listening to when I went to sleep, about the horrors of Afghanistan & the monstrous Russians & all that baloney!

       25. WELL, ANY WAR IS BAD, BUT THANK GOD WHEN THEY'VE OVER! I don't think there is anything worse than war. The Afghans would have been a lot smarter & a lot better off it they had submitted to their pro-Russian or pro-Communist Government! They would have been much better off right now without so much slaughter & killing & destruction, so that the Russians had to be called in to subdue them to enforce peace on that horrible country!

       26. THERE'S JUST NOTHING WORSE THAN WAR!--Not even living as a subjugated conquered people under a conquering power! As someone has said, "It's better to be a live slave than a dead hero!" And obviously the Lord agrees with that kind of philosophy, because that's exactly what He advised Israel to do in her last days! Through the mouth of His prophet Jeremiah He said, "Why will ye die, O Israel? Submit your necks to the yoke of the king of Babylon & live!" (Jer.27.)--In other words, it's better to be alive than dead!

       27. IT'S BETTER TO BE ALIVE & AT PEACE WITH YOUR ENEMY, THAN AT WAR & FINALLY DEAD! Babylon the World power was only demanding its due tribute, but those stubborn Jews refused to pay it! So of course, being the World Government, Babylon had to come & punish the Jews for their obstinacy, stubborness & rebellion! But even with great armies of great Babylon surrounding the walls of Jerusalem, they still wouldn't give in!

       28. THEY WERE JUST AS STUBBORN AS BEGIN IN ISRAEL TODAY, going his own way & doing as he pleases no matter what the World thinks about it, still subjugating & cruelly mistreating the poor Palestinians from whom the Jews stole their country!--A poor defenseless people indeed! Then the Jews go out of their way to also attack poor little Lebanon with infinitely superior Israeli forces, another pitiful little war-torn country that can't get it together because they've got so many different factions, so much strife! So while they are in that mess, the very strong powerful Israelis, who do stick together, attack them!

       29. THAT'S ONE THING ABOUT THE JEWS: When they're not fighting amongst themselves, if they have outside enemies they do stick together. So that was another thing I heard on the news last night, about how Israel was attacking poor little Lebanon again!--Not that that's any news, because Israel does it all the time, off & on. Israel repeatedly attacks that poor little country that is unable to defend herself at all, & has virtually no really effective army or defense! She is totally at the mercy of the cruel Israelis!

       30. THE ISRAELIS ATTACK LEBANON BECAUSE LEBANON HAS BEEN KIND TO THE POOR PALESTINIANS & given the poor Palestinian refugees refuge there! So the Israelis don't like that, & frequently attack poor tiny Lebanon for harbouring the Palestinians, always claiming they are only attacking Palestinian terrorists, of course!

       31. IF THE POOR THROW A LITTLE VENGEANCE BOMB HERE OR THERE & IT HURTS A FEW OF THEIR ENEMIES, THAT'S TERRORISM! But if you come in as a terrorising nation with planes & guns & ships & armies & multitudes of bombs & bullets, that is not horrible illegal terrorism, that's legal war! War is legal, world recognised! A whole nation can legitimately make war on a defenseless neighbour! But don't dare let that poor little neighbour throw a few little terrorist bombs or hijack a plane! That's horrible! That's atrocity! That's terrorism! That's terrible!

       32. WAR IS OK, ACCORDING TO THE RULERS OF THE WORLD, BUT TERRORISM BY A LITTLE TINY HANDFUL OF REBELS IS A MONSTROUS CRIME! War is legal justifiable defense of your country--but terrorism in personal self-defense is very bad! So anyway, that was the news!--And as I woke & lay here thinking with my eyes shut & reviewing the scenes of the dream, I was reminded of how different it was from the news!

       33. BECAUSE IN THE DREAM I was standing at an upstairs window about the second floor level--what the Europeans call the first floor. There was a small group of us looking out of this big window of this rather old dilapidated building at the sights & sounds & music & cheering & rejoicing of the people out in the street.

       34. IT SEEMED THERE WAS A BIG VICTORY PARADE GOING BY OF RUSSIAN SOLDIERS. The Russians seemed to be everywhere there in this big city that we were in. This seemed to be the main street of the city, a broad boulevard with a big broad sidewalk, & this big victory parade was proceeding down the street, bands playing & people cheering & everybody seemed to be happy! I was amazed, & I started to say that, seeing the bad nature of the news--all the bad news that you usually get on media--

       35. HERE WERE THE RUSSIANS AT LAST! They had apparently finally come & occupied the city, & yet everybody was happy! It was all over! Thank God! That's one time when everybody cheers & everybody rejoices & everybody shouts & everybody is almost drunk with happiness, as well as just plain drunk! When peace comes & the victory comes, no matter which side wins, everybody is thankful it's over!

       36. THERE'S HARDLY ANYTHING AS HORRIBLE AS WAR, & THERE'S HARDLY ANYTHING BETTER THAN PEACE! So everybody was happy & rejoicing! The children were running up & down the sidewalk waving flags & jumping & shouting, & everybody seemed to be very very happy! I was standing by this tall handsome middle-aged Russian official or officer, & I looked up at him--he was almost a head taller than me--& he looked down & smiled in friendly fashion. He had on one of these huge furry Russian hats that the Russians wear outside in cold weather, a long grey heavy overcoat, typical Russian military boots, just as you often picture Russian officers, or they are pictured in movies, looking a little bit like a Cossack.

       37. I SEEMED TO HAVE ON VERY WARM CLOTHING TOO, BECAUSE THE BUILDING WAS VERY COLD, so that even inside the building we had on our heavy Winter overcoats & hats & everything to try to keep warm. I presume the World had run out of oil by this time--at least certainly this town had! This old building was apparently totally unheated. So he looked down at me with a smile as though, "Well, we're all thankful it's all over!"

       38. AND THEN AS HE WAS LOOKING DOWN AT ME, HE LOOKED AT THE FEW LITTLE THINGS I HAD sitting there in the corner on the floor beside my feet, things apparently I had been carrying. It seemed that we were moving out of this building. We had apparently been living in it like so many of our Family have--old city buildings that they have cracked or squatted, & now we were moving out.

       39. WE DIDN'T SEEM TO BE A BIT UNHAPPY ABOUT IT!--In fact we were thankful it was all over & thankful that we had the freedom to move from here wherever we wanted, but we just had to get out of this particular building. The Russians had taken over the city & they were taking over certain buildings, & they needed this building for something, so we were moving out.

       40. SO HE LOOKED DOWN RATHER CURIOUSLY AT THE FEW LITTLE THINGS I HAD sitting there on the floor at my feet, the things that I had been carrying. I had been coming down the steps carrying these things, & then had stopped on the landing looking out the window at the big parade & all the rejoicing. There were several others standing there, strangers to me, people from the city, & a few Russians.

       41. THE LITTLE THINGS AT MY FEET were a little tiny printing press & some small office equipment. The press was like one of those little tiny calling-card presses, & it looked like there was a little projector there too. But it was obviously all office equipment & not just ordinary personal effects, so he looked at it rather curiously, like what was I doing with this stuff?

       42. I FELT A LITTLE BIT EMBARRASSED, so I just smiled sort of embarrassedly, because you know how we're used to being so Selah & not letting anybody know what we are doing in these homes & places we live, that we have a full-scale office operation going on! So I decided it was time to make my exit as quickly & as peacefully as possible, & I just sort of smiled & nodded & picked up my stuff & hurried on down the steps & on out onto the sidewalk. There was this big mob out there, people walking back & forth & the parade still going by.

       43. JUST THEN DAVID & DAVIDA RAN BY HOLDING HANDS, apparently following the band & the parade. They were laughing & playing & enjoying it & having a good time! But I wanted David to help me carry some of the things, so I called him quite loudly above the hubbub, yelling, "David!"--And he stopped very suddenly--apparently too quickly, for as he stopped & whirled around, he fell down on the sidewalk & skinned his knee!

       44. SO HE SAT THERE CRYING--you know how he does. He doesn't yell loudly usually, but sometimes he sort of over-reacts to small hurts, so he was sitting there holding onto his knee rocking back & forth crying & making quite a fuss! So I ran up quickly & grabbed a tissue & blotted the blood from his knee--it wasn't bleeding very much, just a little.--But oh my, he almost screamed then, because you know how it hurts, a skinned knee really does hurt because there's so much of the sensitive skin that's affected, & it's really tender. But I chided him for being so upset over such a small hurt. Anyway I said,

       45. "DAVID, I WANT YOU TO PLEASE COME & HELP ME." We'd blotted the blood & got it to stop bleeding. A skinned knee is not a major accident, & you're not usually going to die from it if you take care of it & disinfect it properly & bandage it good. So I said,

       46. "DAVID, YOU & DAVIDA PLEASE WAIT HERE WITH THESE THINGS WHILE I GO GET THE CAR. Just hold this tissue on your skinned spot until I get back with some bandage & I'll take care of it. But please watch these things here while you're waiting." By now they were both sitting right there on the sidewalk. "When I get back with the car, I'll pick you & these things up." I don't know where the rest of the folks were, but I guess you were all busy moving out, carrying things out of this old building.

       47. I THEN WENT BACK INTO THE BUILDING & there were a number of Russians & Russian officers around who were apparently checking up on things, & it seemed that this one particular little jolly Russian officer was in charge. He had on a heavy coat & a fur cap too, & he looked a little bit like Khrushchev, short & plump & jolly. He was evidently in charge of the operation to see that we were vacating the building properly. And I was showing him around & we were looking at the things we were leaving behind.

       48. THEN WE WENT DOWN INTO THE BASEMENT, which seemed to have been our quarters there, down underground, which could be significant--that we were living underground. And way back in the storeroom of the basement was a bunch of old furniture stored. I remember this one great big monstrous desk, which is something I never use, & it had been stored away because it was just too big & in the way & took up too much space. It was along with some other old rickety furniture & odds & ends that you often find in basements unused.

       49. SO I KIND OF JOKED WITH THE RUSSIAN OFFICER--I'll call him Khrushchev because he looked so much like him--a kindly jolly little fellow!--I said, "Ha ha! Now there's a man-sized desk for you!" I was trying to jokingly compliment him that he was a big important fellow, so he should have a big desk! He laughed & chuckled a little bit too, because he knew it was a friendly joke.

       50. THEN I SAID, "WELL, I'D BETTER LOOK THROUGH THE DRAWERS AGAIN to make sure nobody left anything in there." So I went through the empty drawers, & when I opened one of the drawers, the top drawer in the middle, there were some like little packages of papers there, & I wondered, "Oh me! Here he is practically looking over my shoulder, & here I've got to see what these papers are!"

       51. WELL ANYHOW, I SORT OF GINGERLY OPENED THE CORNER OF ONE OF THE PACKAGES to see what was in them, & it turned out to be nothing but some old papers of my mother's that we'd kept, some sermons or something harmless. So I figured, "Well, they're not too important, & we've carried them around this long without using them, so I guess we'll just have to leave them behind." So I said, "Well, that's not important, you can have them.--You can read them too if you want to!" And I chuckled & he laughed too, like he knew that was a jovial joke too, for him a communist to read sermons! Then I said,

       52. "BUT YOU'LL SURELY BE INTERESTED IN WHAT'S WAY BACK HERE!" And we went back into another even more remote basement room. I had the feeling like it was under the street, clear back under the street like a lot of basements of big buildings. They often hollow out clear back under the street for storage etc.

       53. YOU KNOW HOW THEY HAVE THESE STORE ROOMS UNDER THE SIDEWALKS where they have these little freight elevators that come up right through the sidewalk with big steel doors, little freight elevators that have a steel arch above them that comes right straight up out of the side walk with a bell ringing loudly from underneath the sidewalk to warn you that the two big steel doors are about to open! The doors are about four or five feet square, & open up as it comes up slowly with the bell ringing to warn the pedestrians to get out of the way.

       54. THEY COME UP RIGHT OUT OF THE SIDEWALK & finally clear up to sidewalk level so the trucks then can load the little elevator with boxes & things right there at the curb. It makes a very convenient way to deliver goods to stores. Then they sink gradually back down into the basement & the doors automatically close. Well, it was one of those basements back under the sidewalk or the street, & it was obvious we had a lot of junk there that he wasn't interested in.

       55. I WAS KIND OF SHOWING HIM AROUND TO KNOW WHAT WE WERE LEAVING, & I said, "But you would really be interested in this! Come back here, let me show you!" We went way back under into this last storeroom, very dark & remote, & here were stacked a lot of sleds & sleighs & snow sports equipment like skis etc. I particularly remember the sleds & the big old sleighs.

       56. "YOU'LL REALLY LIKE THESE!" I said, as though we were doing him a big favour leaving them behind. "Your children will love to go up into the mountains here where there's lots of snow! Your children will love to go up there & play with these sleighs & sleds & all this snow equipment!"--knowing they were Russians & used to snow. And he smiled & nodded, like, "Well maybe so." So it apparently was some kind of country where they had high enough mountains to have snow up in the mountains, like some places we've been.

       57. I PICKED UP A FEW MORE LITTLE ODDS & ENDS & CARRIED THEM ON OUT. This time we were on the backside of the building on a quieter street back there where we came out an exit in the back, & there was this smaller sidewalk & a narrow quieter street. I was walking with these few little things, apparently to rejoin the Family & get the car like I had promised David. Actually, all this took much less time than it's taking me to tell it to you now. But I have to take time to describe it & all these people & the events.

       58. SO WE CAME OUT ON THE BACK SIDEWALK OF THIS VERY QUIET PRETTY LITTLE TREE LINED STREET. I saw there that the Russian's wife was fixing him & his daughter a sandwich lunch. The cute little daughter about 10 years of age was sitting at this little card-table that they had set up temporarily out there on the sidewalk. I don't know why it had to be outside, but maybe it was because the weather was so nice & sunny though cold, & they were not used to such nice weather. Besides, they hadn't moved in yet, so they were apparently waiting for us to move out.

       59. ANYHOW, THE RUSSIAN'S WIFE HAD SET UP THIS LITTLE CARD-TABLE THERE & WAS FIXING A LITTLE LUNCH. Their little girl was sitting at the table while her mother was standing over it buttering her a piece of bread while her husband picked up a sandwich & began eating. They invited me to lunch, but I said folks were waiting for me, so I was saying goodbye & they were waving goodbye as I walked off across the street with my bags. It was all very friendly & very sweet & very nice, & everybody seemed to be happy & friendly & thankful that it was over, & we were all going about our business.

       60. AS I WALKED ACROSS THE STREET WITH MY THINGS, I OVERHEARD THE WOMAN SAY to the man, "They seem to be very sincere in their faith in God." And he sort of nodded his head a little bit noncommittally & said, "Well, we'll see, we'll see." And the little girl I noticed looked up at her mother when she said this, like she was really curious about "Who was God?" And then when her Daddy said, "Well, we'll see, we'll see," she looked at him & looked a little puzzled & really interested. I had a real good warm feeling like,

       61. "WELL, IF ALL ELSE FAILS, MAYBE OUR VERY ATTITUDE & OUR WAY OF LIFE & OUR SPIRIT IN ITSELF WILL BE A TESTIMONY TO THEM, that we are behaving ourselves & we're submitting & we're not acting like enemies or hating them or anything, but we're just yielding & realising that, well, somebody's gotta run the World!"--My God, it certainly would be in a mess if Carter was trying to run it--which it is right now! I thought,

       62. "AT LEAST SOMEBODY WITH A LITTLE SENSE & A LITTLE BRAINS & ENOUGH STRENGTH & POWER & FORCE TO ENFORCE IT IS AT LAST RUNNING THE WORLD!" We weren't objecting, we weren't taking any grumbling anti-Russian, anti-Communist attitude & all this blah the U.S. is always preaching! We all seemed like we were just thankful it was over, & thanking God that they, the Russians, had even taken over, so there was no more war! "At least they do know how to enforce the peace & subdue the rebels & run the World!" So as I left & overheard their remarks about us, I thought,

       63. "WELL, WE'LL JUST BE A REAL TESTIMONY TO THEM NOW! THEY'LL REALLY BE WATCHING US TO SEE IF WE REALLY HAVE REAL FAITH IN GOD & IF IT REALLY IS GENUINE!" She'd said, "They seem to be very sincere in their faith in God." He was munching on his sandwich & just nodded his head & said, "Well, we'll see, we'll see." Like he was a bit skeptical, but he was willing to observe & wait & see before making a judgment.--And that was the end of the dream! As I walked away, he said, "Well, we'll see, we'll see." But I woke immediately like I do after those message dreams, & it is still very very clear. My strong impression was,

       64. "WELL, IF WE SHOW THE RIGHT ATTITUDE AS CHRISTIANS & are loving & kind & friendly & obedient & not rebellious, not resistant, & we 'obey the power' & 'those that have the rule over us' & 'the officers of the law,' like the Scriptures say (Rom.13:1-8), we won't necessarily have such a hard time. They seemed to be fairly reasonable, kind & friendly people, & they seemed to be very human. Although we were having to move out of our building & they were taking over the city, it wasn't all that bad.

       65. AT LEAST THEY WERE GIVING US A CHANCE TO MOVE & TO TAKE OUR THINGS. They sort of eyed what we were taking, to make sure we weren't taking anything we shouldn't. But it was all in a very friendly fashion, & they were giving us the time to move & to get our things, & were really being very nice about it. I'd say they were pretty friendly enemies--if enemies at all!

       66. BUT AFTER ALL, IF COUNTRIES CAN'T RUN THEMSELVES & THE WORLD CAN'T GOVERN ITSELF, & it's just going crazy & haywire with horrible & monstrous wars & things that are almost going to wreck the Earth & blot out civilisation, the Lord has to raise up some kind of power to take over that can rule & control things & enforce peace & bring order out of chaos, & some kind of decency out of horrible destruction!

       67. SO I JUST HAD A REAL GOOD FEELING ABOUT THE WHOLE THING! I was very peaceful about it, thinking, "Praise the Lord! These Russians aren't so bad! They're quite decent people! They seem to be quite civilised & quite sensible & rational & calm & reasonable, even kind & friendly!"--As I walked away, that was my feeling.--And as I woke up that was my same feeling! And when I thought back about the news, I thought,

       68. "HOW RIDICULOUS TO MAKE SUCH A FUSS!--CARTER MAKING SUCH A FUSS ABOUT AFGHANISTAN, WHEN HE CAN'T EVEN CONTROL THINGS IN HIS OWN BACKYARD! He can't even make a decision, he doesn't even know how to run his own country, much less the rest of the world! He ought to go back to his peanut farm! Even at that he was a failure, his business failed, & no wonder!"

       69. SO I GUESS YOU MIGHT CALL THAT "THE RUSSIAN PEACE DREAM"! It was certainly interesting, & I felt real good! I just had a real peace, it gave me a real good peaceful feeling, like it was a message from the Lord not to worry: "Don't worry, things will even be better off when they do win & occupy, & they won't be totally unreasonable. Any conqueror wants their subjugated peoples to be content & happy, so they won't rise up & rebel again!"--Which was the advice God gave Jeremiah & Jeremiah gave the city:

       70. "SUBMIT TO THE YOKE OF BABYLON & LIVE!" He then gave them a second choice, that if they didn't want to submit, they could flee the city into the country & hide--which the poor did! But of course the rich wouldn't take his advice, because they never like to leave their riches nor have anybody else for their boss!

       71. SO THE RICH JEWS OF JERUSALEM FOUGHT & LOST THEIR LIVES, JUST LIKE THE LORD SAID THEY WOULD! "If you'll submit to Babylon, you'll have your lives for a reward." He said, "If you resist the punishment that I'm sending you, you'll die!"--Babylon was His punishment. He said Nebuchadnezzar was His "hired razor" with which He was going to shave Israel because of its sins & its wickedness, just like America! (Isa.7:20.)

       72. I BELIEVE RUSSIA & COMMUNISM ARE GOD'S JUDGEMENTS ON A WICKED WORLD! They are against this evil capitalist System, & His only recourse is a strong powerful tough nation which is clever enough to have gone from almost nothing in 60 years to a World power, & is now apparently the strongest World power!--While America is showing every sign of weakness! It now has the weakest leadership the U.S. has ever had in its whole history! Carter is just about the weakest most pitiful leader that America has ever had!

       73. SO THE RUSSIANS LOOK LIKE THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE TO TAKE OVER to have somebody with enough sense to run the World & get things organised, for Carter can't even make a simple decision!--And when he makes one, he usually makes the wrong one! So we all seemed to be happy & content that it was all over, & thanked God that we were getting off as easy as we did! Obviously that's the way we felt.

       74. I GUESS THE LORD WAS SENDING ME THAT LITTLE DREAM AS A COMFORT, THAT WE'RE NOT TO WORRY ABOUT THE FUTURE. If anything, the war will probably be the worst part! The aftermath & trying to survive for a while in the chaos that will follow may be in some ways even worse! But then when the Russians finally take over, there will be peace again & there will be rejoicing & there will be a return to some normalcy! I remember they used to speak about that after WWII, about the "return to normalcy"--that was a very popular phrase.

       75. SO THERE WILL BE PEACE ON EARTH AGAIN, & THERE WILL BE REJOICING & there will be thanksgiving when it's all over, & the new World power will not be all that bad, at least maybe not when things get straightened out & reorganised & the new World power that God has ordained has brought some new order out of this chaos! So it was really a comforting message, thank the Lord! So that's it! "The Russian Peace!" TYL! Amen!

       76. --ARE YOU A PERSON OF PEACE?--OR A WAGER OF WAR! God help us to be peaceful, useful, law-abiding citizens, whatever the Government!--And to show His love to all!--Amen?--Amen! GBAKY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family