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THE NUCLEAR MONSTER DREAM--by Father David        GP916        12 May 1977

       1. PRAISE THE LORD FOR HIS VOICE & FOR HIS VISIONS! This is a dream I had on the morning of Thursday, May 12th, 1977, the day we were supposed to leave Madeira, but because they weren't able to get the house where we're going yet, they decided we'd have to stay over.--And maybe this is what for, for this dream, because it sure was one nightmare! It had a happy ending though, which nightmares don't usually have!

       2. NIGHTMARES OF THE DEVIL DON'T USUALLY HAVE HAPPY ENDINGS, you just wake up when you're either killed or about to die or stripped naked or being beaten or whatever happens. Usually nightmares of the Enemy don't have happy endings, they don't have any purpose or meaning & there is not really anything good about them. But this dream you can call the "Nuclear Monster", because that's what it was for sure! PTL! GBY! ILY! XXXXXXX!

       3. I JUST ARRIVED HOME TO WHAT APPARENTLY WAS OUR LITTLE FAMILY HOME, a modest little two-story frame house that seemed almost like it was in Southern California--very familiar, but I still haven't been able to quite place the house. It was in a small village, & right across from the house on this gentle sloping hillside there had been a large field of reddish soil, something like the soil in Texas & certain parts of California, good soil that had been used for growing crops.

       4. BUT WHEN I ARRIVED, AARON CAME TOWARD ME QUITE CONCERNED! He seemed to be full-grown as he is now with the Lord; he's been gone some years now working with the Lord in the Spirit World on our behalf. Therefore I'm sure that apparently this dream was brought to me as a message by Aaron, because he was always interested & concerned about these things. There are certain details that are a little hazy yet, as some of the background things of a dream are not as clear as the immediate action, but it might have even been on the Ranch in Texas.

       5. IT ALSO RESEMBLED THE LITTLE TWO-STORY HOUSE WHERE WE USED TO LIVE IN HUNTINGTON BEACH years ago, & across from which were some fields at that time. And then again, maybe it represents no place that we ever lived at all, although it resembled them, because I really don't specifically recall ever having lived in such a place, in this small village with this two-story house across from this field. So it could represent a specific place where this is actually going on now but where I have never been before except to visit in the Spirit with Aaron this morning!

       6. AARON CAME RUSHING TOWARD ME VERY CONCERNED & SAID, "DAD, LOOK, LOOK, IT'S RUINING ALL OF OUR FIELDS!"--and he pointed across the little country road. We were right on the edge of this little country village, & there, emerging out of what had been a lovely field of farm soil, were these huge gigantic immense pipes, some of them big enough for a man to crawl through! Some of them were about 18 inches in diameter & some maybe two or three feet.

       7. IT LOOKED ALMOST LIKE A WHOLE REFINERY COMPLEX RISING RIGHT OUT OF THE GROUND! The pipes seemed to be steaming hot & they were leaking water & a thick white fluid almost like a greasy white viscous oily kind of fluid about the consistency of molasses or maybe even a little thinner, like paint. It looked as though the pipes had gotten over-heated & were leaking out this strange light-coloured fluid; it wasn't all white, some was brownish, muddy-looking. It was running out of the joints & some of the valves of the pipes & was just covering the field, ruining the soil!

       8. AND AARON SAID, "LOOK, LOOK WHAT THEY ARE DOING, THEY'RE JUST RUINING THE SOIL! It will never be any good for anything!" I looked across & sure enough it was flowing down out of this great complex of pipes, draining down onto the field & totally covering the field with a thick covering of at least two or three inches, & in some places four or five, depending on the gullies & the ruts.

       9. IT WAS POURING DOWN ONTO THE ROAD into the ditch & even covering the road & beginning to come up toward the house, right across the yard! And eventually I remember when we finally saw we had to run for our lives, it was beginning to come right up into the house covering the floor, steps & everything!

       10. MEANWHILE AS WE WATCHED THIS AWFUL PROCEDURE, THESE PIPES BEGAN TO EMERGE MORE & MORE FROM THE SOIL where apparently they had been buried clear down below the surface somewhere before, but due to some malfunction it was as though this thing was about to explode & it was expanding & pushing its way upward right through the earth!

       11. THERE WERE SOME MEN RUNNING AROUND & I remember one man particularly who seemed to be the boss in a steel helmet, & other men in steel helmets were running around trying to shut off valves & open valves. They had some huge pipe wrenches that they were trying to tighten the great nuts with, huge lug wrenches, as though they were trying to save it somehow & prevent it from spilling over.

       12. I REMEMBER THE BOSS WAS ORDERING ONE NEGRO MAN TO LIE RIGHT DOWN IN THIS WHITE MUD & get ahold of one of the pipes with a wrench in order to hold it while he was working. I think he was sort of underneath the pipe holding the wrench to one end of the lug while the white boss was up on top trying to tighten the lug from the top, & this man was almost covered in this white hot mud!

       13. I LOOKED OUT ACROSS THE ROLLING LANDSCAPE & as far as I could see, acres & acres of this huge plant were emerging from below the surface of the earth like it was swelling up ready to explode! It sort of reminded me of a kettle that was boiling over & lifting its lid while so doing--all these huge pipes beginning to emerge from below the surface! And I suddenly had the strange feeling that it was a nuclear atomic reactor that had been built secretly underneath the surface of the ground where it couldn't be seen & no one would know it was there!

       14. THERE'S SO MUCH SENTIMENT AMONGST THE ECOLOGISTS AGAINST THE BUILDING OF THESE REACTORS, & there has been so much protest & demonstrations recently. Over 1200 protestors were actually put in jail in New Hampshire because they pulled a sit-down demonstration on a proposed nuclear reactor site there & wouldn't let the bulldozers come in & begin work. So apparently local authorities went out & arrested all of them, actually imprisoned them in a local armoury until they could get them all taken to court & sentenced to jail.

       15. THEY ALL REFUSED BAIL & INSISTED ON PLEADING NOT-GUILTY & made it as difficult for the authorities as they possibly could. It said it was going to jam-pack their courts for weeks to get them all through their trial for misdemeanor of trespassing & they were already fining some of them. I think they were sentencing some of them to 30 days hard labour when they refused to pay fines, in lieu of fines.

       16. SO THERE'S A LOT OF THIS SENTIMENT BOTH IN THE STATES & ABROAD AGAINST THE USE OF NUCLEAR POWER FOR ENERGY, generating electricity & so on, because of the dangers of possible leakage of radioactive poisonous materials, the difficulty of disposing of nuclear wastes which remain radioactive for they claim hundreds of years, although we haven't got that many left except in the Millennium!

       17. THEY ARE REALLY POLLUTING THE EARTH WITH THESE NUCLEAR RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS & atomic wastes, as well as the constant danger that one of them might go haywire, go wild & explode in one huge hell of an explosion bigger than any atom bomb!--And that is exactly the impression I had with this thing that was coming up out of the ground for it looked like almost miles, as far as I could see, all these pipes & towers & big round things!

       18. I'VE NEVER SEEN AN ATOMIC PLANT so I don't even know what one looks like, but if that's what it looks like, it sure is one big huge thing! Only, I had the feeling like it was the plant, the biggest one ever built, & this is why they built it secretly because they didn't want anybody to know it was being built! They did not want the protestors & all the big fuss made about it so they just simply built it underground.

       19. THEY HAD DONE IT ALL SECRETLY, BUT NOW THE THING HAD GOTTEN OUT OF CONTROL LIKE AN ATOMIC MONSTER! It was almost like it was stretching its limbs & its claws & rising out of the Earth like a gigantic demon ready to explode & destroy the Earth! The men running around trying to fix it seemed to be absolutely going wild, desperate! They were screaming at each other like they saw it was a hopeless case & finally began to say, "Well, we've just got to get out of here, it's useless, it's hopeless, we've got to make a run for it to save our own lives if we can!" So the people began running & screaming from the site!

       20. BUT I REMEMBER ONE STRANGE REACTION TO THIS RISING REACTOR WAS THIS WOMAN who saw this horrible awful sight of this monstrous horror rising out of the ground. All this thick mud-like stuff was running all over the place & burying everything, & it had run all across the road & up into our yard & was running into our house. The last thing I remember seeing before we ran was she looked at it & threw herself right down in it & just groveled in it & bathed in it like she was just going crazy!--Just like she was throwing herself down as a sacrifice to the giant monster as though it might appease its wrath! It was the strangest thing!

       21. WE SAW IT WAS HOPELESS & THERE WAS NO WAY TO SAVE THE FIELDS OR THE HOUSE--so we ran uphill into the little village. It was growing dark, & we ran through the street to warn the people. We were knocking on doors to tell them to run when a very strange thing happened: This one door opened & this man came out who looked like one of the workmen in a steel helmet. He reached out his hand & pushed against my shoulder & said,

       22. "GO AWAY! DON'T WORRY ABOUT US, WE ARE ALREADY RUINED, WE'RE ALREADY DEAD!"--And I looked down at his hand & it was the awfulest thing!--It looked like the claw of some kind of insect! And I looked at his face which was also seemingly strange & marred, & I looked at the people behind him & everyone in the house was some kind of a mutant, someone who had been scarred or damaged by an atomic explosion! I thought to myself,

       23. "I WONDER HOW THE PEOPLE IN NAGASAKI OR HIROSHIMA LOOK who went through some of those nuclear blasts, the ones who survived & they say have been in hospitals for years & are gradually dying, I wonder what it did to them, what do they look like?" It occurred to me then that it's strange we've never seen pictures of them. Apparently the U.S. & Japan have agreed never to let any pictures be shown to the public, at least I've never seen any, have you?

       24. I'VE SEEN STRANGE & HORRIBLE THINGS IN MOVIES ABOUT MUTANTS AFFECTED BY ATOMIC RADIATION, strange monsters that are created by the dislocation of genes through atomic radiation. But are they hiding the awful truth from us? Is that why we haven't seen any of these people or any of these pictures? We read about them in the papers & the news magazines, about how many thousands of them there still are, or how many thousands have lived for so long & then died after those horrible nuclear explosions!

       25. BUT I WAS HORRIFIED WHEN I SAW THESE PEOPLE, it was pitiful, it was awful, like looking into the house of the damned! He said, "Go away, leave us alone, it doesn't matter, we're already dead!"--The living dead! Well, first of all I just insisted, I thought, "These pitiful poor people, they've got to be saved too!" I just insisted that they come, they must evacuate!--But he pulled out a pistol & said, "Listen brother, nobody can make us evacuate! We want to stay here & die!" So, we left & ran on down the street.
       26. WE ALL HAD THE FEELING THAT IF THIS THING EVER BLEW ITS TOP it was really going to destroy everything within a huge radius, a long distance & everything around it! Who knows? Maybe something like that's going to break off the California shelf, maybe that's what's going to make California sink in the ocean one of these days! This has been prophesied by others many times, not me, despite the fact they accuse me of it! I never prophesied it, but I certainly wouldn't be surprised, considering how wicked that State is & how much they've had of the Truth & how much they've rejected & the way they've treated us!

       27. WHO KNOWS BUT WHAT SOME SECRETLY-BUILT HIDDEN-BURIED ATOMIC REACTOR COULD BE RIGHT NOW IN THE PROCESS OF BEING BUILT, or maybe it's already built somewhere there in California! Because that was the impression I had of where it was; although the place looked a bit like our fields in Texas, my first impression was that it was California. And if anything like that blew its top, it probably would be enough to shake up the whole State, if not sink it!

       28. SO ANYHOW, WE RAN!--And I don't know how long it was we were running when someone finally offered me a horse! It was not dark & someone brought me a large dark horse that looked like the thoroughbred we used to have on the Ranch, almost black but a sort of a cordovan brown. I give you all these details because sometimes they have significance, particularly if a dream is symbolic. Although this one certainly did seem absolutely literal, & I can't see any particular symbolic significance unless it's just a sample of what's apt to happen!

       29. I WAS VERY GRATEFUL & THANKFUL TO SOMEONE WHO OFFERED ME THIS HORSE, & I got on this horse & started galloping away! Something I don't understand is, why didn't they offer me a car?--But there seemed to be absolutely no cars on the streets at all! The streets were totally dark & deserted. That reminds me, all the lights were out!--There were no street lights even in the village or the other villages that I galloped through--no lights at all in the streets or in the houses, & no cars on the streets at all!

       30. I WONDER IF IT COULD HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE NEGATION OF THE MAGNETIC FIELDS! They say that the Russians, & American scientists too, have been working for years trying to develop a thing which will counteract the magnetic fields in such a way that all electrical activity would cease, such as motors, generators, lights, & everything, which would stop all the automobiles, cut off all the lights, stop all motors, generators, everything! It seemed like everything had come to a standstill!

       31. IT REMINDED ME OF THAT MOVIE, "THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL!" All the lights had gone out & everything had come to a standstill! There were no cars on the streets & all the streets were darkened & deserted! I remember how loud the horse's hoofs sounded on the pavement as I galloped down the pavement of some of those streets. If you've ever heard a horse gallop through a town in the middle of the night when it's all dark & deserted & quiet, the horse makes quite a clatter! So I kept trying to get further & further away from this nuclear monster emerging from the soil!

       32. FINALLY I SEEMED TO BE WAY OUT IN THE OPEN COUNTRY A LONG WAY AWAY, out in more open rolling hills & fields, & I saw this long narrow gorge, sort of a ravine or barranco. In fact the paved road on which I was galloping suddenly came out way out in the country & the villages were far behind. This pavement I was on, a small two-lane highway, suddenly ended in this little two-rut dirt road which descended into this ravine.

       33. I WAS REALLY GLAD TO GET OFF THAT PAVEMENT, it was hard on the horse's hoofs, & to get away from that loud clatter of the horse's hoofs onto the nice soft earth, & we continued to gallop! The horse galloped as fast as he could, like he was scared too & wanted to get away from it all, & we were really riding down this long winding twisting ravine!

       34. I REMEMBER THERE WAS ONE CAR HIDDEN WAY DOWN IN THE RAVINE, apparently some lovers had gotten stranded down there. It was kind of a lover's lane & they were just sitting there in the car sort of frightened as I roared by--frightened, surprised or interrupted, I don't know which--but they looked at me kind of startled as I galloped by! And on & on I rode! I don't know how far I rode, it seemed like it was just on & on & on!

       35. SOMETIMES I'D STOP & GIVE THE HORSE A LITTLE REST, stop just for a few moments while I'd get off & rest my derriere! You know how it is to ride a horse a long distance, if you ever have; your seat gets pretty tired & sore! And the horse had a little chance to eat a little grass by the stream that flowed down through the barranco & get a drink of water. It seemed like we galloped all night long until the next morning we came out into a small typical little California town!

       36. ODDLY ENOUGH IT WAS SUNDAY MORNING & THE CHURCH BELLS WERE ALREADY RINGING & they were having Sunday school! The horse & I just loped slowly down the street looking around amazed at all these people who didn't seem to be concerned about the situation & were just going to church as usual! The people seemed to be quite calm & content & happy, typical little small-town churches, everybody dressed up, kids all prettied up in their fancy clothes--pretty little girls in their pretty little dresses all going to Sunday School on Sunday morning!

       37. I LOPED ALONG THIS BEAUTIFUL LITTLE STREET LINED WITH TREES on both sides & beautiful little homes, & it reminded me so much of some of those California small towns. I was tired & my horse was tired, & all of a sudden from the side of the street or the sidewalk or one of the homes, maybe it was from one of the churches, or right across the street from a church, out from the curb stepped Lydia, of Caleb & Lydia, smiling & waving her hand at me & saying "Hi" as she usually does!

       38. AND OH, I WAS SO GLAD TO SEE HER & SHE SEEMED TO BE SO GLAD TO SEE ME! I jumped down off the horse & we embraced & she kissed me & said, "We're so glad to have you here! Where have you been?" & so on. She said, "I was just shoving the kids off to Sunday School, & my oh my, you must be tired!" We were chatting away as she was greeting me & she was so happy to see me & I was glad to see her, looking around still rather mystified at all these people going to church!

       39. ALL THE LITTLE KIDS LOOKED AT ME KIND OF STRANGELY, snickering & chuckling & laughing at this cowboy come to town, & I was just starting to tell her what had happened & what I was doing & what I was running from & why I'd come on a horse. By the way, it seemed to me like all the people were walking there too, there were no cars on the street at all & the street was totally deserted! Isn't that strange?--Maybe they'd all run out of oil by this time!

       40. ANYHOW, I WAS JUST BEGINNING TO START TO TELL HER MY WHOLE STORY & was standing there tired & all, & she said, "Well you must come in & rest & tell me all about it!" Just then the funniest little thing happened--the Lord surely has a sense of humour! All of a sudden as I was standing there talking to Lydia & gesticulating with my hand like this, my horse reached over & took hold of my thumb gently with his teeth & looked me straight in the eye & pulled on my thumb,

       41. "NOW LISTEN BUDDY, I'VE GIVEN YOU A GOOD HARD LONG RIDE & been of good faithful service to you; before you get tied up in any long chat, you better give me my oats & water!" That's exactly what he had in mind, I could just tell looking at his eyes, like "Come on, feed me first, then you can go have your visit!" So I turned to Lydia & said, "Oh, he's really hungry & thirsty, he really needs to eat & needs a rest too. Have you got any oats?" She said, "Well I've got some Quaker Oats in the old Quaker Oats box!" I said, "Well, that will be just fine, he can eat that, & he needs some water!"

       42. SO WE WERE JUST LEADING THE HORSE THROUGH THE YARD toward the kitchen & I presume I was going to tie him up there in the backyard while she fed him, when I woke up!--And that was the happy ending, I hope, of the dream!--Although I don't know how I could have possibly ridden far enough on a horse to get away from anything that looked like such a potentially big explosion, but who knows? A man can walk 20 miles in one day, & you can ride on a horse sometimes three to four times that far, so who knows?

       43. MAYBE I'D GALLOPED & RIDDEN AS MUCH AS A HUNDRED MILES, because I'd ridden all night long & half a day, so it's possible! But I'd gotten far enough away that I thought I'd be out of immediate danger at least. Maybe the way the people were going to church so complacently was to sort of illustrate how the church people are, they're still never perturbed no matter what happens, they go right on to church as usual, business as usual.

       44. THEY NEVER SEEM TO SENSE THE IMPENDING DOOM or the things that are really happening, they don't seem to be aware of the situation. It reminds me of what Jesus said to the scribes & Pharisees, He said, "Ye can discern the face of the sky, but can ye not discern the sings of the times?" (Mt.16:3.) The Christians seem to be hep on everything else except the really important things that are happening, & they don't seem to understand that things are changing.

       45. THE CHURCH JUST KEEPS ON GOING LIKE IT ALWAYS HAS, & they don't seem to realise that their days are numbered! Here was this tremendous impending calamity, or even impending doom, & the church people were going to church just the same as ever, business as usual. But anyhow, I was sure glad to see Lydia. She's not like that, no indeed, not at all, but it seemed like she was at least there; & I've got nothing against taking kids to Sunday School, I think it's great!

       46. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER THE WHOLE DREAM WAS REALISTIC OR NOT; the rest of it could have been, & I could have been shown what is actually happening or may happen in the future! On the other hand, that strange twist at the end with Lydia greeting me & sending her kids off of Sunday School made me feel almost like it was a little symbolic, perhaps, & maybe that part was, showing how that in spite of the fact that the World was about to explode, the church is still going on business as usual, & still doesn't seem to be aware of the World situation. I'm sure that dear Lydia was not like that, & she was probably just there trying to evangelise the town!

       47. BUT ANYHOW, SHE RECEIVED ME WITH OPEN ARMS JOYFULLY & I was certainly happy to see her! Maybe this is to encourage her to know that she's still a blessing to me & has always been an inspiration, encouragement, & always been a help to me & always received me with more than open arms, praise God! And she was about to take me in the house to encourage me & rest me up & feed me, & my horse, I'm sure, & love me up as she always has! Mmmm!

       48. WHAT THE HORSE REPRESENTS, WELL, HORSES USUALLY REPRESENT GOVERNMENTS, & we have a Kingdom, don't we? So praise God! My kingdom protected me by carrying me far far away out of danger! God bless all of you members of the kingdom of God!

       P.S.--Then again, maybe the end was like getting to Heaven out of Hell on Earth! Maybe God'll let the church people keep on going to church, which is what they like--& me go to bed with a sweet loving pretty woman, which is what I like!--That's what I'd call Heaven!--It sure beats going to church!--Ha!--ILY!

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