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GIVE US OUR SONS!--And We'll Give You Our Cities!       DFO 918         6/6/80
--By Father David

       1. WE HAD GONE TO BED EARLIER THAN USUAL LAST NIGHT because of a rather tiring two days of moving, when sometime early in the night I had this dream, because I woke up about 2 A.M. almost immediately after it & could still remember it very clearly like I do those significant message dreams.--And I lay awake for about two hours thinking & praying about it, because it was a very sobering thought.

       2. IT WASN'T A VERY LONG DREAM, in fact it was quite short, but very impressive & with a very serious message. Sometimes I have story dreams, sometimes I have funny dreams, some of the dreams are quite everyday & some of them are quite historical, yet many are very significant with an extremely serious message--like this one.

       3. THE SCRIPTURE SAYS IN ACTS 2, where Peter was explaining the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, that "This is that which was spoken of by the prophet Joel" about a thousand years before: "And it shall come to pass that in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh, & your sons & your daughters shall prophesy & your young men shall see visions & your old men shall dream dreams"! (Also Joel 2:28-29.)

       4. SO I GUESS THAT'S WHY I DREAM THESE DREAMS, BECAUSE I'M ONE OF GOD'S OLD MEN! It seems it's easier to get through to me in my sleep than in my waking hours when I'm usually very busy working on His work & even some of His dreams. Whereas, young men are sometimes inclined somewhat more to daydream or have visions in the daytime. Perhaps it's because when you're young you're a bit more disinclined to work & somewhat more inclined to let your thoughts wander afar, & perhaps drift off into the Spirit & receive visions at such a time.

       5. THE YOUNG ARE ALSO MORE INCLINED TO SLEEP very soundly at night, whereas we older men sleep lightly & briefly during the night hours, & our thoughts are more inclined to be wandering about with our spirits in the middle of the night. Maybe that's why your old men dream dreams! Anyhow, this old man does & did, & this is the one I dreamed last night--very short, but with a powerful message.

       6. THERE WAS A WAR ON & I was on the battlefield, not as a participant but once again, as so often, like a Heavenly observer hovering above the battlefield watching the action & the events. Behind me to my right was an army advancing towards this small city & apparently sweeping everything in its path victoriously.

       7. THE CITY'S ARMY WAS EVIDENTLY LOSING THE BATTLE, with many of its soldiers casualties, wounded, dying & dead, & its army being gradually pushed backwards toward the city & destroyed by the advancing enemy. Whereupon, at this point the elders & leaders of the city, apparently seeing that they were losing the battle & their army and their sons, came out of the city under a white flag of truce or virtual surrender & called to the advancing enemy in a plea for peace, obviously suing for peace & a cessation of the hostilities as they cried out with a very loud voice--& that was the most impressive part of the whole dream & the message of the dream:

       8. "GIVE US OUR SONS & WE'LL GIVE YOU OUR CITY! Give us our sons, our wounded, dying & dead, & we'll give you our city!" And as I observed & as I heard, I thought, "How wise! If you're losing the battle as a city, as a nation, how wise to sue for peace before you are completely destroyed, both your armies, your cities & your sons!" "Give us our sons & we'll give you our city!" What a message! And I was also thinking,

       9. HOW OPPOSITE IS THE ATTITUDE OF SUCH COUNTRIES TODAY AS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Their call, their message, their challenge today to their enemies would sound more like this: "Give us our cities & we'll give you our sons! Let us keep our cities & we're glad to sacrifice our sons, willing to send them into battle to be slaughtered, wounded, dead & dying, rather than to give up our cities & our wealth & our selfish living & our own lives!

       10. "WE WILL HAPPILY SACRIFICE OUR SONS IN OUR STEAD, if you'll just let us keep our wealth & our selfishness & our cities & our nation! You may have our sons & devour them & destroy them in battle, rather than the surrendering of our cities & our freedom!" The cry of America today & the cry of some of the nations of the West is: "Give us our cities & you can have our sons!

       11. "GIVE US OUR CITIES & WE'LL GIVE YOU OUR SONS!" But the wise cry of these elders & leaders of this little city who came out to sue for peace against the advancing victorious enemy who was obviously winning, with many of their sons wounded & dying & already dead & their army destroyed & their city threatened, their cry & plea & appeal for peace was:

       12. "GIVE US OUR SONS & WE'LL GIVE YOU OUR CITIES!" What a difference! They were putting their children & their children's welfare & their children's lives & their children's future happiness & their children's safety & security & well-being, their children, who are the future, as their first & primary concern, rather than themselves & their own lives & their own cities & their own things: "Give us our sons & we'll give you our cities!"

       13. HOW FAR BETTER IT WOULD BE FOR AMERICA TODAY if she would cry that to her advancing enemy who is obviously winning the World while she weakens & retreats & yet still threatens, "Give us our cities & we'll give you our sons in battle! We'll keep on fighting & sacrificing our own children in the maw of war & the horror of mutilation & destruction rather than give up our selfish living & our wealth & our cities, rather than sacrificing or even sharing some of it with the poor!

       14. "WE WOULD RATHER KEEP OUR CITIES & OUR WEALTH OUR FREEDOM THAN OUR OWN CHILDREN! We would rather sacrifice our children on the gory grisly bloody altar of the gods of war than to give up our own selfish living & our wealth & our wicked abominable sinful filthy cities! Give us our cities & we'll give you our sons!"--is their cry today!

       15. SO THEIR ENEMIES ARE TAKING THEM AT THEIR WORD & ARE CONTINUING TO SLAUGHTER THEIR SONS & destroy their armies, & will soon slaughter them & destroy their cities as well, so that they will lose everything rather than make peace, rather than surrender! God cried out to Israel, to the city of Jerusalem & its Jews as it was losing its battle to its Babylonian enemies--God cried out to them through the mouth of His prophet Jeremiah: "Why will ye die? Take the yoke of the king of Babylon & live! O why will ye die, O Jerusalem!" (Jer.27.)

       16. JESUS CRIED OUT TO JERUSALEM ONE DAY IN THE SAME WAY, saying, "Jerusalem, Jerusalem! O thou that killest the prophets! How oft would I have gathered thee to My bosom as a hen gathereth her chicks (for protection), but ye would not! Behold therefore cometh your own destruction!" (Mt.23:37.) But they cried, "His blood be upon us & upon our children!" (Mt.27:35)--And so it has been ever since!

       17. ONLY 40 YEARS AFTER THEY CRUCIFIED HIM & BEGAN TO PERSECUTE HIS FOLLOWERS, THEIR CITY WAS TOTALLY DESTROYED & their temple with it, & hundreds of thousands of their children, now grown & as wicked as their ... parents, were cruelly crucified on the very hills surrounding Jerusalem where their evil rebellious parents had slaughtered their own Messiah! They had virtually shouted, "Give us our city & our temple & our wealth & we'll give you our sons!"--Even their own Prophet, the Son of God!

       18. SO THEY FOUGHT BACK & RESISTED THE ENEMY, refused to surrender, refused to seek peace, so that they not only lost their sons but they lost their city & their own lives, & many were slain by the sword & by famine & by pestilence, & one-third of them--mostly their own sons & their own children--went into the captivity & slavery of the enemy!--They lost it all anyhow!

       19. THEY OFFERED UP THEIR SONS TO THE ENEMY IN BATTLE TO TRY TO SAVE THEIR OWN NECKS, their city & themselves, but instead they lost it all because they refused to seek peace! They refused to make peace with the enemy at any price or at any cost, refused to surrender to save their lives & their sons' lives & their children's lives & their little ones' lives!

       20. THEY FLATLY REFUSED TO SURRENDER OR TO MAKE PEACE or even do a simple thing like pay their taxes, pay tribute to the World Power of the day, the great dominating mighty Babylonian Empire which ruled the World like another great Empire is beginning to rule the World today--Russia! The United States of America is one of the last bastions of resistance, & a few nations of the West are refusing to yield, refusing to bow to the "king of Babylon," refusing to pay tribute & "honour to whom honour is due"! (Ro.13:7.) (Jer.27.)

       21. THE WEST WOULD RATHER SACRIFICE THEIR SONS & THEIR DAUGHTERS & THEIR CHILDREN & THEIR LITTLE ONES TO THE HORRORS OF THE HELL OF WAR that the U.S. is going to create because of their resistance & their stubbornness & their rebelliousness & their refusal to make peace, to co-exist, to continue détente, & to live at peace with their enemies at the mere price of surrendering their stinking cities & sacrificing their rotten wealth rather than their immortal children!

       22. BUT RATHER THE U.S. CRY IS, "GIVE US OUR CITIES & WE'LL GIVE YOU OUR SONS!"--In battle, in slaughter, in horror, in the hell of war, to selfishly save themselves! They refuse to share their wealth with the rest of the World & its poor, they refuse to yield to the power (Romans 13), the World Power that God has ordained to take over this World in its Last Days & punish its rich for their sins & their selfishness & their wickedness & their refusal to share communally with the rest of the World! The defiant challenging U.S. cry is,

       23. "WE'LL DIE FOR OUR CITIES & WE'LL SACRIFICE OUR CHILDREN RATHER THAN TO YIELD OR MAKE PEACE & TO SHARE to save the World from this hellish horror of the atomic holocaust! We would rather lose our children & our sons & our daughters & our babies to try to save our own necks & our own cities & our own wealth & our own selfish wicked living! Give us our cities & we'll give you our sons!"--That is the cry of America today!

       24. --AND THE RESULT IS GOING TO BE THAT THEY ARE GOING TO LOSE IT ALL!: Sons & cities & wealth & children & everything to the destroying power which will not brook resistance because God has ordained it! They'd rather lose it all than to plead, "Give us our sons, our wounded, our dead, our dying, & you can have our cities!" What a sad thought!

       25. HOW SAD THAT AMERICA TODAY REFUSES TO CRY THIS PLEA! She refuses to surrender her wealth to the poor of the World, refuses to share, but is selfishly luxuriating in all kinds of extravagance & opulence & luxuries--$10,000 bathtubs, $25,000 automobiles that guzzle the gas like mechanical drunkards, gorging themselves with food & throwing half of it away, wasting over one-half of the World's priceless resources while millions are starving!

       26. HOW FURIOUS GOD MUST BE AT SUCH SELFISHNESS & WICKEDNESS, AMERICA'S WILLINGNESS TO THROW AWAY HER SONS & her children & her daughters & their babies in a horrible holocaust of hell on Earth of atomic warfare rather than yield her cities & share her wealth with the poor of the World! No wonder God is going to destroy the U.S.!

       27. THEY'VE ALREADY DESTROYED MILLIONS OF THEIR SONS IN THE LAST FOUR GREAT WARS of this century, rather than give up their wealth & their cities, rather than make peace! They have gladly destroyed the Earth, destroyed the peace, destroyed the poor, rather than give up their own selfish possessions & luxurious wealth & horrible cities!

       28. "GIVE US OUR CITIES & WE'LL GIVE YOU OUR SONS!"--THAT'S THE U.S.' CRY TODAY! THAT THEY CRY, & SO THEY DIE! Whereas this wise little city in the picture God gave me last night, when they saw they were losing the battle--like America is today--& when they saw there were losing their most valuable possessions, their own children--they cried out for peace & were willing to surrender their wealth & their city for that which was far more valuable, their own children & peace! And so they cried, "Give us our sons, our wounded, dead & dying, & we will give you our cities!"

       29. WHAT IS YOUR COUNTRY CRYING TODAY? WHAT IS YOUR ATTITUDE TOWARD WAR? Considering the kind of war that threatens the World today, peace would be worth it at any price!--Certainly it would be worth suing for peace to save our children & our lives & our peace & security & some happiness, rather than to throw them all into the jaws of war, the atomic holocaust, the destruction of the Earth! How horrible!

       30. BUT THE CAPITALISTIC SELFISH RICH WEST CRIES OUT IN PROUD ARROGANT DEFIANCE AT ITS COMMUNIST FOES, THE FORCES OF THE POOR, to them the rich cry out, "Give us our cities & we'll give you our sons!" How far better it would be for them now to cry quickly before it's too late, "Give us our sons & we'll give you our cities!" God help us!

       31. BUT LIKE RICH BESIEGED SAMARIA OF OLD (2Kg.6:25-29), who were starving rather than surrender, who drank their own piss & ate their own dung & devoured their own babies like cannibals before they'd give in, America today is crying, "Give us our cities & we'll give you our sons!" (See also 2Kings 18:27 & Isaiah 36:12.)

       32. THEY HAVE ALREADY MASSACRED MILLIONS OF THEIR CHILDREN THROUGH WAR & ABORTIONS, the slaughter of the innocents, to selfishly save themselves!--How much longer can God tolerate such a wicked, selfish, destructive nation upon the face of the Earth that it threatens to destroy!?


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