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SEX JEWELS!--By Father David       DO 919       Complied May 1980

       1. I GUESS I LIKE TO BE SHOCKING! It helps crack your bottle, limber you up & humble you, & I know it sure humbles me! That's one thing about sex, it really helps keep you humble!
* * *

       2. I GOT A NEW SEXY PARODY ON AN OLD HYMN, "THE DOXOLOGY"! We had just finished making love & I was lying there appreciating Maria, still petting & thanking God for her & her beauties & her assets when the funniest little thing began to come to me!--But it didn't exactly turn out the way they sing it in church!:

       Praise Him, O penis, down below!
       Praise Him above for titties too,
       Praise God for kisses & love so true!"

I don't know who that came from, but it just came out like that! Well, it's true, why not be thankful, amen? Well now, let's sing the Orthodox one, shall we?:

       Praise Him all creatures here below.
       Praise Him above ye Heavenly Host!
       Praise Father, Son & Holy Ghost!"

Amen! Instead of the Doxology we might have to call that first one the Sexology!
* * *

       5. IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE IN YOUR HOME WITH SPREADING SEXUAL DISEASES AROUND when making love, why not just choose partners & keep your sex only between certain couples?
* * *

       6. DAD LIKES "EVENING IN PARIS" PERFUME. Perfume should smell like flowers, not like any form of food. Women used flowers before they used perfume--the oil of crushed flower petals!
* * *

       7. I'D RATHER HAVE TOO MUCH FREEDOM THAN NOT ENOUGH! I'd rather have too much liberty than not enough! I'm sorry, I'm not in the Apostle Paul's category. He decided it was better not to have any than to have too much. If this is our last chance to show we can handle it & it will work, I think we need to be an example to the world, to the universe, to all history, that you can have freedom & love to the limit without being too excessive & going too far overboard.

       8. I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS EXCESSIVE & I don't know what's overboard, because I haven't gotten to that point yet! Do I ever get too much? Do I ever give you too much? I don't know, maybe you can tell me! How do you get too much sex? I don't know! I had lots of it last night & I hope to have more tonight! I can't always make it at my age, but I have a lot of fun! PTL!
* * *

       9. You really need to get vaginal infections attended to if you don't have the faith to get them cleared up.
* * *

       10. MARIA HAS TAUGHT ME TO BE HONEST ABOUT WHETHER YOU UNDERSTAND SOMETHING. It is better to be humble & confess that you can't hear, than to chance a misunderstanding.
* * *

       11. THOSE LETTERS JUST BREAK MY HEART when both boys & girls write that nobody will help them out & nobody gives them a tumble. I think we ought to make it a rule that they make love to somebody, in or out of the Family, at least once a month! We've driven some boys to backslide because our girls have been so selfish & don't want to help our single boys out.
* * *

       12. YOU DON'T REALISE WHAT AN OLD BOTTLE YOU ARE until you realise that your brain has been in a rut & you suddenly awake to the fact that it's an instilled inhibition & certain set ideas that have been drilled into you & drummed into you from the time you were a child: "No, no, don't show that! Sssshhh! Don't let anybody see that, tsk, tsk! No, no, you mustn't take your panties down & look at that, that's evil, that's bad!" They say sex is evil & your body is something to be ashamed of!
* * *

       13. NOW SOMETIMES WE ALMOST HAVE TO GO TO THE OPPOSITE EXTREME TO BREAK PEOPLE LOOSE, break their old bottles & get them started over again. We don't want to be extreme & get an over-balance in the opposite direction, but sometimes in a revolution you have to go to extremes & almost exaggerate to pull the rest of the people halfway to the norm. Nearly every revolution has done that.

       14. EVERY REVOLUTION HAS HAD ITS EXCESSES, but we live & we learn. And for God's sake if any generation is ever going to be trusted, if any generation of Christians is ever going to be trusted with total liberty & freedom & know how to handle it & control it & enjoy it, it looks to me like this is the last chance!

       15. WE'RE THE LAST GENERATION, there's not going to be any after us! Next comes the Millennium, then we'll know! So we might as well get used to the idea now. There's going to be sex in the Millennium, did you know that? There's going to be sex in Heaven! The angels of God saw the daughters of men were beautiful & fucked 'em & had giants as a result! (Gen.6:4.) So you can still fuck away in Heaven too, thank the Lord, & never get tired!
* * *

       16. WHAT MORE NATURAL SECOND WIFE COULD YOU HAVE BUT YOUR BABYSITTER?--Your childcare worker, the proxy mother of your children! Why should they want to cover it up and deny it and act ashamed of it? That's the kind of horrible hypocrisy that I hate, & I believe God hates it too!
* * *

       17. THE ONLY TROUBLE WITH WINE IS IT'S GREAT FOR WOMEN BUT BAD FOR MEN! It increases proclivity, but decreases our capacity! You may not be able to get it up, but you can always get it together! After all, that's the best part, the sweetness, the closeness, the fellowship & the love!

       18. IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT THAT SHOWS ALL THE MORE LOVE. She can show you more love & how much it's real love, not just because she wants a penis.--And you can show her more love too. If I can't make it, which happens quite often at my age, I try all the harder to please the woman. You don't have to have a penis to make women happy!--Ask Keda!
* * *

       19. I USED TO DO A LOT OF WEDDINGS in my days, & I still do!--Only now I marry all the brides myself!
* * *

       20. WHEN THE MOON WAXES, I WAX! When the moon is waxing, without fail I wake up hard every morning. Of course I wake up hard other mornings too! I used to wonder why it was, & then I started watching the relationship between that & the phases of the moon!
* * *

       21. IN ALL MY LOVE AFFAIRS I never wanted to hurt anybody.
* * *

       22. IT'S NOT THE NECKLINE I'M ADMIRING, IT'S WHAT'S IN IT! Well, why not? That's what the Lord said, "That men may see your good works & glorify your Father which is in Heaven!" (Mt.5:16.) PTL! God bless women, God's crowning creation! She was the last, she must have been the best! He saved the best for last! I don't always talk about sex, just most of the time!

       23. I LIKE TO ADMIRE THE BEAUTIES OF GOD'S CREATION, & that's why I like to live somewhere where I can see the mountains or the sea or the trees or the grass or something that God made. I remember when I was small we went to a restaurant & my sister looked at the menu & asked the waiter, "Don't you have anything God made?"--She meant like fresh vegetables or fruit.

       24. SO I CAN LOOK OUT THE WINDOW & ADMIRE ALL THE BEAUTIES OF GOD'S CREATION!--Then on my little desk I have a little array of all the pretty pictures the girls send me, & you should see some of them! So therefore I can either turn my head this way & look at the beauties of God's creation, or I can turn my head that way! I can see them in all directions, PTL! That's one of the things I like about the Lord!--He likes sex & beautiful women because He made'm, amen? Here's to all you beautiful women, and men too, God bless you, we love you!
* * *

       25. DON'T BELITTLE THE HANDIWORK OF GOD! I often tell girls they're pretty, especially when they're in bed with me. I tell them they're beautiful, & they are, because God made them that way. Very often they say, "Oh no, no, no, I'm not!" I say, "Don't you dare say you're not, because that's belittling the handiwork of God! God made you beautiful, & what you should say is, "Thank you, I'm glad you think so!" If somebody says you're beautiful just say, "Thank the Lord! Thank the Lord He made me this way!" Say it as humbly as you know how.
* * *

       26. WE WERE SITTING IN A RESTAURANT NEXT TO A TABLE OF HOMOSEXUAL MEN DRESSED AS WOMEN, & Abrahim spoke quite violently in tongues & interpretation: "These have not the kisses of your father! These are they for which Sodom was destroyed." What these guys don't understand is that an evil spirit gets into them. I am sure they are female devils who get into these guys. They don't realise they are playing with something more powerful than they are, the spirit world!

       27. I'M CONVINCED THEY BECOME DEMON-POSSESSED BY FEMALE DEVILS which makes them more female even than they expected to be, a total perversion that God has hated even from the beginning! This is why [EDITED: "Canaan, see "The Un-Cursed Sons of Ham!", ML #2928"] was cursed. [DELETED] May God deliver us from this sort of sickening delusion! Poor boys, I guess I should feel sorry for them, but it is a perversion. But God can help us. He's proved with even some of our boys who are in the Family today, He can completely deliver them of this kind of thing. So that's the way I feel about it.
* * *

       28. WE BELIEVE IN LIBERTY IN OUR FAMILY & IN OUR HOME. I really don't understand it when people come here & say, "Ah, we've never seen so much love! Never felt so loved! We've never experienced so much wonderful sweet love," & so on. Now I feel good about it in a way, but it really makes me feel sad & sorrowful to think they had to come all the way here to find the kind of love that I thought was existing in all of our Homes! That's really sad, it just almost makes me weep when you say that, to think you had to come here to find it!--That it's not in your Home, it hasn't been in your Home, you don't find it in others of our Homes, that's really sad.

       29. I THOUGHT THE WAY WE LIVE IS THE WAY YOU WERE LIVING. We have a little orgy now & then, we don't publicise it or do it in front of reporters, although we have had it in front of a few guests! As long as it's all in the Family, why not? I haven't hidden Davidito [EDITED: "see the new edition of The Story of Davidito book"], I have made him an example to the whole world! I haven't hidden all of our exploits in FFing & sex--I have told you about all of them. I don't think I've left any of them out, none! Why the hell are you hiding yours?

       30. I DON'T TRY TO HIDE IT, I DON'T DENY IT, & I encourage you to have the same freedom. I don't see anything wrong with it! I don't know why you think there's anything wrong with sex! God created it, He made every nerve that feels good! So why are you so timid & so hesitant & so ashamed & so bashful, especially with your own Family of all things? For God's sake, why do you think I would encourage your having sex with total strangers to win them to the Lord, if we weren't having perfect sexual freedom at home? I mean it!

       31. I THINK THAT THE MAIN MOTIVE SHOULD BE SWEET LOVE & FELLOWSHIP & to help & satisfy the desires of those who need it. Some have a great need, more than others, but I think we ought to try to make everybody happy! I suppose there are excesses, I don't know--I've never had too much sex yet! But maybe you can. If so, what a way to go! I'm not just kidding you kids; I'm being funny, but I'm serious!

       32. I BELIEVE THAT YOU & I TODAY ARE THE LAST CHURCH!--We are the ultimate, the last, & therefore we should be the best! Maybe not the most righteous in the world's idea of righteousness, but what is righteousness? It's being right!--Full of rightness! And if you're full of God's love & His grace & love for each other & love for others, how more right can you be?--If you're doing it in love. If you're not just doing it in pure disgusting lust or carnal craving, but where do you draw the line?

       33. SOME PEOPLE WOULD CALL ANY KIND OF SEX LUSTFUL, CARNAL & FLESHLY & fleshed out! Every time I wanted to fuck my first wife she'd say, "Why do you have to be so carnal & so in the flesh?" I said, "Well, for God's sake, I am, & I need it! I am in the flesh & I am carnal & I've got to have some!" Even Paul who was such a conservative & so fearful about orgies, even he said don't withhold yourselves from each other, but come together again. "Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time that ye may give yourselves to fasting & prayer; and come together again." (1Cor.7:5.) I don't know how long you're supposed to pray or how long to fast--I pray & fast between times!
* * *

       (While watching a mother nurse her baby:)
       34. ISN'T THAT BEAUTIFUL? THAT'S DOWNRIGHT SEXY! I was sucking those the other night myself!--And that milk was good, PTL! That's the first pleasant experience a baby ever has, that's the first pleasant experience we men ever have, & we never get over it, we still want to do it! I told you about the guy who said we spend 9 months trying to get out & the rest of our lives trying to get back into a woman!
* * *

       35. SOME OF THESE GUYS ON THEIR FIRST TIME WITH A GIRL CAN GET PRETTY SHAKEY! I would say it's more normal as a rule that my first time with a woman I can't make it, something about shyness or timidity or inhibition. I think it's mostly fear, because it's your first time, you want to make a good impression, you're so afraid you're not going to make it, so you don't make it, it's psychological. But it's nothing to be ashamed of, it's just perfectly normal & natural under certain conditions, & if at first you don't succeed, keep on sucking till you do!
* * *

       36. IT IS NECESSARY TO FALL IN LOVE WITH THE FISH, but the love is more like the love of a mother for a child. You can't switch their mothers until the fish are pretty well pulled through.
* * *

       37. I'M NOT SELFISH WITH MY WIVES, I GIVE THEM AWAY RIGHT & LEFT & share them with others who need help & need wives. I once had a little talk about five reasons God gives me my queens. One reason is you're linked in closer to me, it gives you a strong tie with me, & I hope it makes you love me more & be more faithful & loyal to realise you're one of my queens, & you go out to represent me. (Tongues) "This is that for which I have called thee, this is that for which I have raised thee up, to go unto the people to show them the love of thy Father David!" Hallelujah! TYJ! There it is, why should I say more, amen? I take you into my bosom to show you my love. I expect you to go out & take them into your bosom to show them my love & your love, God's love.
* * *

       38. IF YOU'RE STILL ASHAMED OF SEX THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU! If you're still ashamed of sharing sex there's something wrong with you. If you don't have liberty & freedom in sex in the Family, there's something wrong with you. Something's wrong! You're a weak sister, you're a weaker brother, & I suggest if you don't like it & you don't understand it & it's too strong for you, too strong meat, then I think you ought to get out & go someplace else. Go back to your weak churches that can't take anything!

       39. THE CHURCHES CAN'T STAND ANYTHING, NOTHING!--Not even witnessing or missionary work or anything! All they can stand is to go to church one time on Sunday & hear a ten-minute sermon & that's the end of it! "Put your little pittance in the basket & be done with it, you've done your little duty, your little favour to God & go back & spend 99% of your time & strength & money for yourself & the Devil!

       40. IF YOU CAN'T STAND GOD'S WAY OF LIVING & HIS FREEDOM, then as far as I'm concerned you can go to Hell where I think most of the church people are going! Well, there you have my opinion anyway. How can they call themselves Christians? A disciple is one who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ! He said, "Come follow Me & I will make you fishers of men!"--But if you're not following Him & fishing men, how could you be called disciples?

       41. IT'S HARD FOR ME EVEN TO BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE SAVED! Maria has said this to me about her own parents who have been preachers of the Gospel & in the churches for years! I just don't understand how they can really be saved when they claim to believe in Christ & yet don't obey Him, claim to belong to Jesus & then refuse to hear the truth! After all these years they're still really against us. Strange, isn't it?

       42. MY STRAIGHT-LACED, NARROW-MINDED, BLUE-NOSED, FLAG-WAVING, ANTI-COMMUNIST SISTER used to curse me out! A self-righteous holier-than-thou church member! Whereas my reprobate wicked sinful brother now blesses me & says, "I appreciate the good work you're doing!" At least the sinners appreciate us, even if the self-righteous, holier-than-thou hypocritical Christians hate us!--And for the same reason they hated Jesus, because He exposed them & showed that their love was phoney, absolutely phoney!

       43. THE HYPOCRITICAL SCRIBES & PHARISEES WERE A BUNCH OF PHONIES, they didn't have love. They did just like some of our old Chain leaders did, they put burdens on the people they were not able to bear, & yet they themselves were not willing to lift them with one little finger!--Jesus said so, not one finger! (Mt.23:4.)
* * *

       44. DID YOU KISS ME? It must not have been much of a kiss, I don't remember it! I like the kind to remember you by, TYL!
* * *

       45. MAYBE SOME OF YOU ARE GETTING BORED WITH SO MUCH TALK ABOUT SEX! It's a never-ending source of wonder to me, & I think God meant for it to be that way! I'm wild about sex & I tell the World about it! Amen?

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