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YOU CAN TAKE YOUR CARAVAN TO RUSSIA!--By Father David       DO925       14 July 1980

       1. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! THANK YOU LORD! HALLELUJAH! AMEN! THIS IS A FASCINATING DREAM! It's 7 o'clock in the morning July the 14th, 1980, & Maria just woke me up during a very interesting dream! She crawled over me to go to the bathroom & woke me out of a sound sleep in which I was dreaming this beautiful dream, a cheerful encouraging dream! Well, I think I'd already dreamt most of it anyway, because it couldn't go very much further. I'm sure that that's why the Lord let you wake me up, so I could remember the dream, because it seemed I wasn't finished, & I was sure disappointed because you woke me up!

       2. I WAS REALLY ENJOYING IT, IT WAS SO PLEASANT & NICE, BECAUSE I'VE NEVER BEEN TO RUSSIA, SO I WAS REALLY ENJOYING THE TRIP! Well, I guess I was there in a way, I was there in spirit with Ivan & Alex (see No.279). What's this cold thing?--Not on my bare tummy! I don't sleep with a secretary, I sleep with a tape recorder!

       3. ANYWAY, THIS IS A CORKER! THIS ONE TAKES THE CAKE! The funny part about this dream was that I heard the title in the dream! It was just like I was on a guided tour & the tour guide was lecturing like she was reading it out of a tour guide book from a travel agency! It was just like she was reading it or dictating it to me & expected me to write it all down!--So we are!:

       4. "YOU CAN TAKE YOUR CARAVAN TO RUSSIA!"--she began. I'm now waiting for you to recover from your faint!--And I'm waiting for you, typist, to recover consciousness after that title! "You Can Take Your Caravan to Russia!" I mean it was just as clear as anything! I heard this voice just like she was reading it to me, like she was reading me a travel article! It was just as clear as that!

       5. AND I WAS SEEING THESE PICTURES OF RUSSIA THE WHOLE TIME!: "YOU CAN TAKE YOUR CARAVAN TO RUSSIA!" It was really beautiful! The voice just went on & on describing how beautiful Russia was in the Summertime--good roads, friendly people, lovely boat rides on the lakes & rivers, the great broad rivers of Southern Russia, beaches along the Black Sea, Caspian Sea, fishing & swimming, etc.

       6. IT SOUNDED LIKE A TOUR GUIDE giving a travel talk about the advantages of taking your caravaning vacation in Southern Russia during the Summer! I'm sorry that this good news probably won't reach most of you Europeans until Summer is nearly over, as I certainly wouldn't advise going to Russia in the Wintertime!

       7. SO MAYBE THE WORLD WILL LAST ENOUGH FOR YOU TO TAKE YOUR CARAVAN TO RUSSIA NEXT SUMMER. She was describing how friendly the farmers are & that they don't mind if you stop by the highway & pick some fruit off the trees, & how friendly & helpful the people are, but warning you however that away from the big cities you'll hardly find anybody that speaks English.

       8. SO YOU'D BETTER BRUSH UP A LITTLE BIT ON YOUR RUSSIAN! (Maria: They'll need a year at least to do that anyway.)--Ha! So maybe that's how you can spend this coming Winter, preparing for your Russian caravaning vacation through Southern Russia! You could even take your caravan to Moscow, I suppose, but I sure wouldn't want to be there during the Olympic Games, & I sure wouldn't want to get caught up there during the Winter, that's for sure!

       9. THIS VOICE WENT ON JUST AS CALMLY & LOVELY AS A SALES TALK FROM A TRAVEL AGENT! She said, of course, you need to travel light. Empty out your caravan of heavy things that you don't need, leave them behind or store them in somebody's garage or attic. If you don't have a home base of your own, you can even rent a garage & store your stuff there cheaply.--Leave all your heavy stuff like Winter things & any furniture left over from your last house in case you plan to get another one later. You can always keep your heavy junk, books, library & all that heavy stuff & Winter clothes & bedding in a rented garage or a friend's garage or a Home's garage or some place like that.

       10. LEAVE YOUR HEAVY THINGS AT HOME, empty out your caravan as much as you can, particularly because it will save you problems crossing borders so they won't have to look through so many things, & you'll obviously seem to be vacationing tourists & not permanent Gypsies, who are not too popular in Russia although there are millions of them there, about two million! Most of them are Russian Gypsies, of course, & they speak Russia which you probably don't.

       11. BUT IF YOU'RE GOING THERE, YOU'D BETTER LEARN SOME RUSSIAN! In fact, if you're going to survive in the coming new World order, you'd better learn some Russian! (Maria: You can get "Russian Made Simple", published by W.H. Allen & Company, Ltd., 44 Hill Street, London, W1X 8LB, England.) After all, it's a very good idea to know the language of the rulers of the coming new World!--Especially if you're going to spend your Summer caravaning in their country!

       12. YOU MIGHT GET FOLLOWED A BIT BY THE KGB (Russian Secret Service) or have some interested parties on your trail to see what you're up to, especially if they might suspect who you are. But normally they shouldn't bother you if you're very careful about crossing the border & what you have with you. The voice was very kind & very encouraging & cheerful, & was saying that of course you can't take any lit with you.

       13. LEAVE YOUR LIT BEHIND, ALL OF IT! Don't take any of it with you, not one piece! If you do, they will find it, so don't try it! A lot of dumb people have, & some of them have landed in jail for it or been given a big hassle for it, trying to smuggle lit into Russia!

       14. AFTER ALL, IT'S THEIR COUNTRY, & they have a right to pass whatever laws they want, & if they don't want you in there proselytising & trying to win souls when they're pretty anti-religious, at least officially, then that's their business--& don't you break'm!

       15. UNOFFICIALLY, MANY OF THE COMMON PEOPLE ARE STILL VERY RELIGIOUS-MINDED, as believe it or not, God is still quite popular in Russia amongst the common country people particularly!--And out in the country is where you'll want to go, because that's the prettiest part where you'll have the easiest opportunities of camping, etc.

       16. I DON'T KNOW A THING ABOUT TRAVEL IN RUSSIA! I don't know a thing about caravaning there, & I never even knew that you could take a caravan to Russia! All know is I had this dream! (Maria: I read that you could. I had a book that talked all about how you could go caravaning in to the East Bloc countries, even Russia! You have to make good advance preparations, get visas, etc., & you have to tell them your itinerary, or they tell you beforehand. But then you can go.)

       17. SO, IT'S ACTUALLY POSSIBLE!--MY DREAM WASN'T JUST A PIPE DREAM! (Maria: No, they do have camping there.) Well, how about that! Well, that was the title! It was introduced just like it was going to be a lecture:

       18. "YOU CAN TAKE YOUR CARAVAN TO RUSSIA!" But it went on saying not to even bring in a new Bible, but your old well-worn personal Bible might not cause you any trouble, if it's obviously your own for your own personal use only. You can take a Bible into Russia as long as it's not to be distributed or sold or given to someone else. (Maria: Any other books?)

       19. IT DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT A SMALL PERSONAL LIBRARY. No. I'm sorry, but the voice didn't say anything about a small personal library. I can only tell you what my dream said. (M: What about a well worn set of Basic MO Letters?) The Lord, Maria, is trying to give the Family some advice on what we should take into Russia.--She didn't say anything about MO Letters! (M: I'm just saying that if you could take a well-worn Bible why couldn't you take a well-worn set of MO Letters?)

       20. YOU COULD PROBABLY GET BY WITH A FEW NORMAL ORDINARY BOOKS, but I certainly don't know that I would recommend taking along a set of MO Books! Maybe you might be able to take one well-worn personal MO Book. (Maria: Yes, if you can take your Bible.)--But I didn't get that in the dream, so I don't know.

       21. HONEY, IT WOULDN'T HURT'M TO SPEND A COUPLE MONTH'S SUMMER VACATION READING THEIR BIBLES--which is about all you could take in Russia--two or three Summer month' vacation just reading your Bible for a change! (Maria: Honey, they have to have some MO Letters!) Well, I am telling you what the voice said to me, & I'm not going to vary from it!

       22.--IT JUST SAID A BIBLE, THAT'S ALL! (Maria: They didn't even think they had to say anything about MO Letters.) Yes, of course they didn't!--They think you have enough sense that of course you shouldn't take MO Letters! (Maria: Really?) Into Russia? Oh, don't be ridiculous! (M: It's only a book! If you can take a Bible why couldn't you take your MO Book?)

       23. THEY'D PROBABLY WONDER WHAT YOU'RE TAKING A LIBRARY ALONG WITH YOU FOR ON YOUR VACATION ANYHOW! (Maria: Oh, everybody reads on their vacation! Most normal tourists, most normal vacationers take books along in their caravans, because that's all they do is lie out in the sun & read.) OK, so this is Maria giving the Lord advice on how to spend your vacation in Russia! (Maria laughs: I'm just trying to find out for sure whether we can or not.)

       24. THE VOICE SAID JUST AS CLEARLY AS ANYTHING, "A WELL-WORN PERSONAL BIBLE", obviously well used & only for your own personal use, would normally pass inspection as long as you're not carrying lit & other books which could arouse suspicion.

       25. IN FACT, JUST CARRY AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE, BECAUSE THE DISTANCES ARE LONG & the country is great & the gas stations are few & far between, & you don't want to carry too much with you when you're just going in for a short vacation for perhaps a couple of months. But anyhow,

       26. THE VOICE JUST WENT ON & ON DESCRIBING THE BEAUTIES OF RUSSIA & ITS FRIENDLY PEOPLE, & now if you behave yourself & don't try to do any strong witnessing or litnessing, you could get by. It even said what you could do sitting around your campfire at night: You could take out your guitar & do a little personal singing, as long as it was obviously just for your own personal family benefit, & if others happened to overhear you, well, that's fine! You're not going out preaching & having public meetings in the parks, & I certainly wouldn't advice cafe singing!

       27. "YOU CAN TAKE YOUR CARAVAN TO RUSSIA!"--NOT YOUR WHOLE MINISTRY! The voice was describing the possible inconspicuous ministries. You couldn't act like you're putting on some kind of a show or you're street preaching or cafe singing or holding public meetings in a park!

       28. BUT IN A CAMPGROUND OR A CAMPSITE, YOUR LITTLE FAMILY COULD DO SOME QUIET EVENING SINGING just like we used to do back home in the U.S.A., where it's getting almost as dangerous to witness as it could be in Russia!--Or at least it was in those dear old protest days of the 60's when Nixon & those guys were trying to stamp out the Youth Revolution!

       29. WE'VE GONE TO NATIONAL PARKS & CAMPGROUNDS & stayed in parks & places like that, & paid our fee to get in & choose our campsite, build our fire & cook our meal & then sit around afterwards singing & laughing & enjoying ourselves obviously just as a family. Often other young people who come over when they heard the singing & the guitars, & they would listen, & you can do a lot with just singing.

       30. YOU CAN GET A LOT OF MESSAGES ACROSS WITH MUSIC, LIKE WE DO WITH "MUSIC WITH MEANING", JUST BY SINGING IT! Music hath charms, & the commercial corporations have discovered that if they even sing their ads as musical jingles they can groove these into people' minds so that the will never forget their message nor even the tune, & they will always think about that little commercial jingle & its commercial message to buy their product.

       31. SOME OF YOU CAN STILL REMEMBER "PEPSI COLA HITS THE SPOT! Five-ounce bottle, that's a lot!--Lah, dah, dah, dah, dah, de doo!--Pepsi Cola is the drink for you!"--And then Cola-Cola wants to make the whole World happy! How does their song go?--"I want to teach the World to sing a happy melody, I want the World to learn to live in perfect harmony!"--Something like that.

       32. SOME OF THOSE JINGLES ARE SO POPULAR & have become so grooved into people's minds, that I heard that a very popular orchestra in the States was making them one of their features, one of their numbers! You know, orchestras play these sets of several songs together, & then they take a break.--And one of their sets was composed entirely of commercial radio & television jingles, as they were so popular because everybody knew them, so everybody would join in singing them all together, singing all these commercial jingles about all the popular products of radio & TV, etc.--Ha!

       33. SO YOU CAN REALLY GET ACROSS A MESSAGE WITH A SONG or a jingle, & if you keep repeating it, people memorise it automatically unconsciously involuntarily. It just wears a groove in their brain, & it's amazing what that human computer input will do! It will come back to them, come out again on the output, whenever the Holy Spirit pops it out & wants it to remind them of you & your happy smiling faces & your message & your songs!

       34. SINGING WAS PROMOTED IN THE DREAM AS ONE OF THE BEST WAYS THAT YOU WOULD BE ABLE TO BE A BLESSING & A WITNESS IN RUSSIA just through your example of joy & happiness & singing to yourselves, not purposely nor intentionally nor seemingly to others, but just the example of your spirit, your joy, your happiness & your songs & can be a witness to the dear people of Russia who are just as hungry for happiness & love & joy & even for God as anywhere in the World!

       35. THIS WAS PROMOTED IN THE DREAM AS BEING ONE OF THE BEST WAYS OF WITNESSING IN RUSSIA! You are just to go there as an example of His Love, to show them a picture of the Love of God, like Jesus did. That was the main thing, Jesus' main message was His sample of Love! By His example of kindness, His example of concern for the people, they knew that He must have something that was real & genuine & that Love did exist & God does exist!

       36. IF YOU CAN SHOW PEOPLE THAT LOVE EXISTS, THEN THEY CAN BELIEVE THAT GOD EXISTS, because God is Love! PTL! Hallelujah! So it was just beautiful! It was just like I was going with this little happy family, a young couple with several children & a fairly small vacation type caravan, small & light, so that you can take long distances without worrying too much about the load or the gasoline or the strain on the car.

       37. STICK TO THE NON-MOUNTAINOUS AREAS OF THE SOUTHERN PLAINS & VALLEYS OF RUSSIA, areas such as from the Ukraine to Georgia, the grain fields & farms of Southern Russia, the most pleasant & fruitful areas, & great river valleys like the Dniester, Bug, Dnieper & Volga. Avoid the mountains, cold Northern areas or the Steppes.

       38. TRAVEL THE LOW VALLEYS, THE WELL-WATERED RIVER & LAKE AREAS, THE BLACK SEA VACATION AREAS of Southern Russia, her most popular beach resorts & vacation spots, like the Crimean Peninsula, Yalta, etc. I sound like a travel agent, don't I? Well, that's what this voice sounded like!

       39. IT WAS LIKE A KINDLY TRAVEL AGENT TELLING US HOW WE COULD TAKE OUR CARAVANS TO RUSSIA, & all about the interesting places you could visit in Southern Russia, & the different kinds of people who speak many different languages, but of course have to learn some Russian to get by with the powers that be.--And the sunny Southern beaches!

       40. NOW MIND YA', I'VE NEVER BEEN THERE, SO I DON'T REALLY KNOW MUCH ABOUT IT, BUT THIS VOICE was really selling me on the idea of taking a vacation in Southern Russia! (Maria: Maybe take a tape recorder with personal tapes, too--that's very common in World countries with tape recorders.) Yes, I don't think a tape recorder would raise any eyebrows. Now I didn't get this in the dream but:

       41. I DON'T THINK A TAPE RECORDER WOULD NECESSARILY ATTRACT ANY UNDUE OBJECTIONS. They might want to play a few of your tapes at the border crossing to see what is on them, so I wouldn't advise any preaching tapes or MO tapes. But I think music & song tapes would be very acceptable for your personal entertainment. (Maria: Western music is loved!) Yes, but not necessarily by the establishment!--Ha!

       42. I WOULDN'T ADVISE TAKING TOO ELABORATE A RADIO, looking like you were trying to have some kind of clandestine two-way communication or something. Just take a small transistor or what the normal European tourist would normally take with his little caravan going on his vacation.

       43. WE WERE WATCHING ONE OF THE SUPER HIGHWAYS THE OTHER DAY as we sat out by a pool having a cup of coffee & watching some of the beauties of God's Creation. It overlooked a superhighway where the traffic was whizzing by. We were astounded by the number of caravans on the road!

       44. IT SEEMED LIKE ALMOST EVERY OTHER VEHICLES WAS A CAR & CARAVAN, even small cars & caravans. They were whizzing along just as fast as the rest of the traffic! The thought did occur to me, "I wonder where in the World they're going to park all those caravans, as scarce as parking places are in the Summertime!" I don't know--maybe that's why they were all whizzing by: They couldn't find a place to park!--Ha!

       45. BUT THAT'S ONE THING ABOUT EUROPE, AT LEAST THEY'RE MUCH MORE LENIENT ABOUT PARKING alongside the highway or in rest stops & public parks & things like that, as long as you are sanitary & you don't throw garbage & trash along the highway or let out sewage. They're really very lenient about campers.

       46. WE'VE OFTEN SEEN QUITE A FEW OF THEM JUST CAMPED ALONG THE HIGHWAYS, along the highway banks. Of course they're back off the highway, like along the fences of the farmer's fields. Camping is now quite common in Europe.

       47. CAMPING HAS ALWAYS BEEN VERY POPULAR IN EUROPE from the old days when I was a boy. I used to read "Boys' Life" Magazine--in fact I used to sell it, trying to get subscriptions for it, when I was about 10 or 12 years of age.

       48. IT HAD ARTICLES ABOUT THE YOUTH HOSTELRIES OF EUROPE & ALL OF ITS HIKING & BIKING TRAILS, & how you could carry your own sleeping bag or tent & travel these trails for almost nothing, cook your own little meals or get very reasonable cheap meals at the Youth Hostelries which furnished rooms or dormitories & very simple cheap meals for just a few cents in those days.

       49. SO HIKING & CAMPING SUCH AS WE DESCRIBED IN "CHANGE THE WORLD" HAS BEEN A VERY COMMON SPORT IN EUROPE FOR MANY YEARS, much more than in America. The automobile came a bit too soon in America, & camping is only now beginning to come into its own there. Of course, America's early pioneers knew what camping was like, & they did a lot of camping out in their pioneering days of crossing the West in covered wagons & wagon trains. It was all camping out, & they had their caravans then too--the covered wagon!

       50. BUT PERSONAL CAMPING, PARTICULARLY HIKING, BIKING, BACKPACKING & SMALL TENTING ON THE BACK ROADS & TRAILS HAS ALWAYS BEEN POPULAR IN EUROPE. The articles used to show maps of places to go on hiking or biking tours of Europe where the Youth Hostelries were, with cheap prices & all that sort of thing. So camping was very, very common & very popular in Europe for many years long before it became popular in the United States.

       51. BUT MODERN AMERICANS HAVE FINALLY TAKEN TO THE CAMPING TRAILS TOO NOW, but with their fancy campers & fancy trailers & big luxurious motor-homes & caravans. But now small camping caravans that you can even hitch onto the backs of Minis can fly away & are very popular, & there are literally millions of them on the roads in Europe in the Summertime!

       52. WE WERE JUST DUMBFOUNDED AT THE CONSTANT STREAM OF CARAVANS that was going by this hotel on their superhighway! Almost every other vehicles was pulling a caravan! Sometimes there were whole lines of them, a whole series of them, a number of caravans all going along together. Maybe they were friends, I don't know. But boy, if so, there sure were a lot of friends with caravans!

       53. SO SUMMER CARAVANING AS A TOURIST IN EUROPE IS VERY POPULAR & VERY COMMON. But this news I got in this dream that you can take'm to Russia was really quite a surprise to me, because I never dreamed you could caravan to Russia!

       54. I'VE HEARD IT'S POSSIBLE TO TAKE CARAVANS TO SOME OF THE EAST EUROPEAN COUNTRIES, but in the U.S. you're always propagandised & told how difficult it is to go to Russia & how particular they are & all that. But with proper advanced preparation, as Maria & our dream guide were telling us, you can even take your caravan to Russia for a delightful Summer vacation there! But as I was lying here thinking about that dream, I though, "Well, Lord!

       55. "SURELY YOU'RE NOT ADVISING US TO GO TO RUSSIA IN SPITE OF THE COMING WAR when Russia is apt to be wiped out along with America in the atomic holocaust!" This was almost as much of a shocker as the dream! But then the 18th Chapter of Revelation came to me where the Great Whore (U.S.A.) is destroyed in one hour! In one hour are all of her great riches destroyed! The merchants of the Earth will lament & weep over the destruction of America the Whore! (See Letter No.216.)

       56. SUDDENLY IT BEGAN TO DAWN ON ME THAT THE MAJOR DESTRUCTION OF THAT WAR IS APPARENTLY GOING TO BE AMERICA THE WHORE & NOT NECESSARILY RUSSIA! This was quite a shock, though we have sometimes before considered the possibility that no doubt America was going to get the worst of it & possibly even with a preventive preemptive strike by Russia, a first-missile strike that would knock America out before she could retaliate & destroy the rest of the World & Russia. (See Letters Nos. 279, 281, 216, 883, 911, etc.)

       57. SO I THOUGHT THEN ABOUT IVAN IVANOVITCH & WHAT HE SAID about how Russia was going to have to help rebuild the World & its buildings, etc., after the coming great war. He's a draftsman, apparently a designer or architect engaged in making plans for the rebuilding. (See Nos. 279, 163, 908.) Well, some of that could have been in Russia, of course; but it sounded more like even from what he said that America was going to get the worst of it.

       58. SO IT IS A POSSIBILITY ACCORDING TO THIS DREAM THAT MAYBE RUSSIA WILL BE SPARED! If America then is going to be the main destruction, then of course, America is the main villain & the one that deserves it the most--not the Russians!

       59. THE RUSSIANS HAVE NOT DONE NEAR THE DAMAGE TO THE WORLD THE AMERICANS HAVE, & the Russians are not nearly as dangerous a threat to the World as the U.S. missiles & atom bombs & their crazy politics & idiotic foreign policies! America is the big bad bully that God is no doubt going to see to it that this time gets what she deserves!

       60. APPARENTLY RUSSIA IS GOING TO BE HIS INSTRUMENT TO SOCK IT TO HER!--So often it has been the case throughout history & in the Bible that the enemies of God's so called people were the ones whom God used to destroy the most wicked of the sinners, the hypocritical religious self-righteous ones who knew better & were supposed to know Him & be examples of Him, but had failed the World & horribly led them astray, & had even become more wicked than the World around them!

       61. SO THERE'S A DISTINCT POSSIBILITY THAT AMERICA IS GOING TO GET THE WORST OF IT, as has been obvious for long time in revelations & Letters. But the rather amazing thing that began to dawn on me with this dream is that:

       62. POSSIBLY RUSSIA WILL NOT BE DESTROYED ALONG WITH AMERICA, but may much better & well survive the war by having struck first, & that Russia may be spared, or at least most of it! It's a big country, tremendous in size, stretching all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific & from the Arctic to the Tropics! Thousands & thousands of miles of great plains & mountain ranges, fields of grain & giant farms, from the Ukraine to the snows of Siberia!

       63. SO RUSSIA IS A PRETTY BIG TARGET, & the U.S. would certainly have to shoot an awful lot of bombs to destroy all of it, which is not likely. America is only a fraction the size of Russia & will undoubtedly get the worst of it, her populations being so concentrated in so many big cities, so that she's undoubtedly going to get the worst of the war!

       64. RUSSIA'S POPULATION IS THINLY SPREAD, scattered out for thousands of miles of farms & ranches & plains & mountains & deserts all the way from Europe to Alaska! It's a big country, almost a whole Continent, & there's undoubtedly going to be plenty of it left after the war.

       65. SO WHEN THE BIG ATOMIC WAR HITS, IT IS GOING TO BE FAR SAFER TO BE IN RUSSIA THAN IN AMERICA! So who knows?--It's possible that some of us might go to Russia & be on a nice Summer vacation there & still survive the coming horrible holocaust! All I know is, I had the dream & the voice said,

       66. "YOU CAN TAKE YOUR CARAVANS TO RUSSIA!" So cheer up folks!--You don't all have to go to South America or the Caribbean or Central America or Mexico! But you can even take your caravan to Russia!--And of course there are lots of other fairly safe places in the World, too, which we have mentioned, such as the Pacific area, the South Pacific, etc.

       67. YOU AUSTRALIANS LOOK TO ME LIKE YOU WILL BE FAIRLY OUT OF IT DOWN THERE, way down under! And there are areas like India, great giant India, which are not likely to be targets, & Indo-China & Southeastern Asia & many other places besides South America, where you could literally drive your caravans!

       68. PARTICULARLY YOU EUROPEANS WHO ARE ALREADY THERE & HAVE'M COULD DRIVE'M EASTWARD in through Russia & some of the countries on her Southern border & on in to Southern Asia clear to the Pacific! Some of it's pretty dangerous country with great long distances & it would be difficult, but it would not necessarily be impossible. Whereas, shipping caravans and cars from Europe to South America is almost impossible & very impractical & economically unfeasible.

       69. SO, IF YOU'VE ALREADY GOT YOUR CARAVAN IN EUROPE, CONSIDER DRIVING IT TO RUSSIA! I got this dream, & that's all I know.--God told me you could! It was a clear nice through sales talk, & it convinced me that it was a great idea to take a caravaning Summer vacation in Southern Russia across some of the most beautiful parts of that great country! Her Southern shores of the Black Sea, Yalta & the Crimean Peninsula are some of the most favourite popular Summer vacation resort spots of all Russia! So that is all I know.

       70. I HAD THE DREAM & IT'S QUITE CONVINCING! You just have to be careful not to take any lit or anything with you that would arouse any kind of objections at the border. Make good advance arrangements, get visas ahead of time, arrange in advance for car & vehicle permits, etc.

       71. I HEAR THEY PRACTICALLY PLAN YOUR TRIP FOR YOU, WHICH IS FINE! After all, they know their own country better than you do! They'll probably suggest where you're to stop & stay & how far you should drive each day, etc.--And you have to fill out & stay on your itinerary. So I think it would be wise to ask them where you should go & what're the best routes & what're the nicest places to visit, & let them plan your trip for you.

       72. SO, "YOU CAN TAKE YOUR CARAVAN TO RUSSIA!"--That's the big news! If you can't ship it to South America, at least maybe you can drive it to Russia!--How about that? Isn't that news? I though that was very encouraging, & I was very encouraged.

       73. I WAS GETTING DISCOURAGED ABOUT THE POOR EUROPEANS WHO HAVE CARAVANS but can't afford to ship them all the way to South America, & have no idea where to go & can't speak Spanish or Portuguese, although most of them speak several other languages, including Russia! But now you know!:

       74. "YOU CAN TAKE YOUR CARAVAN TO RUSSIA!" Hallelujah!--Better start soon--it's a long drive!--But there're lots of other interesting places & countries on the way!--And you've got all Winter to learn Russian & get ready & get your visas, permits, itinerary, etc.--as well as the funds! Don't expect the poor Russians to support you! Get your support at home before you go!--Then

       75. "YOU CAN TAKE YOUR CARAVAN TO RUSSIA!" Hallelujah! GBAKYAMYAB!--In Jesus' name, amen!--Amen?

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