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SOUTH AFRICAN SURVIVAL!--By Father David       DO 926       12 July 1980

       1. APPARENTLY, FROM WHAT THE LORD HAS SHOWN US, the Whites are going to continue to have the upper hand in South Africa for awhile at least, & Blacks aren't going to take it over yet.

       2. NOW IF I WERE THE WHITE RUSSIANS with an actual Christian background & a European culture, what would I do? They are extremely racist at home in Russia, actually anti-Black. They allow hardly any Blacks to come into their country except for guerrilla training.

       3. THEY'RE ONLY USING THE BLACKS TO HELP THEM CONQUER THE WORLD. But when they've got it conquered, they certainly aren't going to have the Blacks telling them what to do!--Just like I think they would like to preserve Europe if they can. They'd even like to preserve North America if they could, but knowing that North America would otherwise destroy them, they have to destroy it first.

       4. IF I WERE A WHITE RUSSIAN LEADER I THINK I'D WANT TO PRESERVE SOUTH AFRICA! Maybe they'll make a deal to [DELETED] try to preserve some White civilised rule there to help them rule Africa. It may sound crazy, but now that the Russians pretty much have Black Africa under control, having finally taken over Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), that's about all there is left--South Africa!

       5. RUSSIAN ARMS & AID RULE MUGABE, & they always have. He's always been admittedly an open Marxist. Now he's trying to pretend that Nkomo is more Communist than he is! But this is all part of his very smart, clever disarming strategy, the very strategy that put him in power!

       6. HE'S TOLD THE WHITES THEY HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT, nothing to fear from him--he's going to be good to them & everything is going to be all right, because he knows he needs them to run the country--it's economy, industries, agriculture & all--even its government, its army & everything.

       7. HE MADE SURE THE BRITISH STAYED THERE UNTIL THEY PUT HIM IN POWER. He didn't want Lord Soames the Governor to leave until he was sure of victory. He didn't want the British to leave until he was securely in control. And he doesn't want the Whites to leave & toss him to the wolves[DELETED]!

       8. HE DOESN'T WANT EQUALITY, HE WANTS BLACK SUPREMACY, but he needs the Whites & their know-how to achieve it. He needs their guns & their arms & their army & their money & their technical know-how & economic know-how to be managers for his businesses & his industry--he needs their wisdom & intelligence in order to succeed.

       9. THAT'S THE FUNNY THING ABOUT ALL THESE LITTLE BLACK AFRICAN GOVERNMENTS: THEY CAN'T SURVIVE WITHOUT THE WHITES! They don't know how to govern, they don't know how to run the business & industry, they can't even run the utilities & the transportation without the Whites. So they need the Whites as their servants or slaves to help them survive.

       10. SO THEY ALWAYS TRY TO ENCOURAGE THE WHITES TO STAY, & in the end they try to protect them from their own people & pay them higher wages to stay there & literally run the country while [DELETED] the figurehead leaders & get all the glory.

       11. SO MUGABE IS TERRIFIED OF THE THOUGHT OF BEING DESERTED BY THE WHITES & tossed to his own wolves, because he knows he would be devoured & go down under the very rabble that he roused to defeat the White government & put the Blacks in power. They need the Whites, they can't survive without them.

       12. NEARLY ALL OF THOSE BLACK GOVERNMENTS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA ARE ECONOMICALLY DEPENDENT ON SOUTH AFRICA & its economy & transportation & business & technicians & utilities--almost everything. None of them can survive without South Africa, its food, its railroads, its products, & its stability.

       13. I'M SURE THE RUSSIANS KNOW THIS, who helped put these Black African governments in power, that they would completely collapse & go totally back to the jungle if it were not for the help of Whites & South Africa & its strong economy, industry, utilities, transportation, food, technical know-how, etc.

       14. SO IT CERTAINLY BEHOOVES RUSSIA TO HELP SOUTH AFRICA SURVIVE. [DELETED] Russian Communist Black African propaganda is all viciously anti South Africa & has been for years, & has turned World opinion against South Africa ever since the formation of the UN & WW2, & has invoked sanctions against South Africa & embargoes & every kind of political, propaganda & economic tool they can think of against South Africa.

       15. BUT WHEN IT COMES TO THE SHOWDOWN, if their little Black African Marxist & Communist [EDITED: "governments"] are going to survive, they need South Africa & its strong economy & its technical know-how, with its efficient transportation & abundant food production, to help them survive.

       16. OTHERWISE, THESE [DELETED] GOVERNMENTS WOULD HAVE PERISHED LONG AGO. They would have starved to death to begin with, their industry would have ground to a halt, their trains would have stopped running & their lights would have gone out, their utilities off & they would have gone totally & completely bankrupt without the help of South Africa--& they know it & the Russians know it!--And so does the World!

       17. SO IT IS CERTAINLY TO THE ADVANTAGE OF THE RUSSIANS & THEIR [EDITED: "AFRICAN LEADERS"] TO KEEP THE WHITE SOUTH AFRICANS ALIVE to keep themselves alive & to literally help them continue control of Black Africa until such a time as the Black Africans learn how to work & how to think & get smart enough to run their own countries & industries & governments & food production & all the rest--which they never yet have.

       18. (MARIA: WHY THEN DID THEY LET MUGABE CUT OFF RELATIONS WITH SOUTH AFRICA?) Because of the Russian Communist political line, they have to follow a certain propaganda line which is militantly & vociferously anti-White-South-African, as it has been for almost 40 years. South Africa is portrayed as the big bad wolf, the vicious white villains of all Africa, the epitome of White colonialism, White repression & White minority rule, & all the rest.

       19. SO WHEN SOUTH AFRICA GETS A BIT BOLD & INVADES ANGOLA & wipes out several guerrilla bases there of the Black Communist guerrillas of Namibia or Southwest Africa, then of course all these little Black Red [EDITED: "regimes"] have to put up a big scream, a great outcry against South Africa as the big bad villain who is stemming the tide of Black African self-rule & nationalism, meaning really Communism.

       20. SO THE BLACKS HAVE TO PUT UP A BIG SHOW OR PROTEST PUBLICLY as these Black pro-Communist governments of Africa have been doing for years, while actually under the table & undercover their lives depend on South Africa & they know it. Though publicly they have to scream & protest against South Africa; literally under the table & undercover they know they're dependent on South Africa, so they don't really do much about it, they just holler.

       21. THIS CUTTING OFF OF DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS BETWEEN ZIMBABWE & SOUTH AFRICA IS A GREAT PUBLIC SHOW OF MUGABE that of course he has to show that he doesn't approve of South African opposition to Southwest African guerrillas. It's really quite an amusing game that they're all playing.

       22. THESE [DELETED] GOVERNMENTS SCREAM TOGETHER AT SOUTH AFRICA for its colonialist repression & all that stuff, whereas all the time they know that their economies are totally dependent on South African efficiency, food, transportation, utilities & a little bit of everything.

       23. (MARIA: SO RHODESIA WAS NOT THAT IMPORTANT TO THEM? Rhodesia was not that kind of place that South Africa is, it wasn't that important to keep it going & not let the Blacks take it over completely?) No. (Maria: Because Rhodesia was not as important to the rest of Africa?)

       24. NO, RHODESIA WAS VERY IMPORTANT AS A PROPAGANDA SHOWPLACE to show that the Black Africans should take over & run their own countries & subdue the Whites. They talk about kicking them out & all that, but they don't really want to, because they need them & they have to use them, or their whole governments & economies would totally collapse!

       25. SO A LOT OF IT IS JUST PUBLIC SHOW FOR PROPAGANDA PURPOSES, that they want to control their own governments & destinies, blah, blah, when all the time they know they literally cannot do without the Whites or they wouldn't survive!--At least their modern civilisations wouldn't survive.

       26. THEIR [EDITED: "LEADERS"] WOULD LIKE TO HAVE WHITE CIVILISATION CONTINUE, because despite their protests against White colonialism, what they really want is Black equality when it comes to the same type of civilised White luxurious living. They want what the Whites have, & they don't want to lose all that, so they have to keep their Whites to keep it. That's just what it amounts to.

       27. SO IF THE LEADERS [DELETED] want to survive & have viable economies & secure governments, they know that they certainly cannot turn their countries over to [EDITED: "the guerrillas"], because they would wreck it overnight, as they already have in several new African countries where the egotistical Black African leaders foolishly kicked out all the Whites & all the technicians & all the businessmen & industrialists & so-called colonialists, their so called repressors, & the [EDITED: "people"] just simply went back to the jungle!

       28. THIS IS NOT WHAT THE NEW EDUCATED BLACK LEADERS WANT: THEY WANT WHAT THE WHITES HAD! They don't really want to go back to the jungle & go back to their thatched huts & living off the land. They want power & luxury & everything the Whites had with one difference: They don't want to work for it like the Whites did!

       29. THEY WANT THE WHITES TO HAND IT TO THEM ON A SILVER PLATTER! They want the Whites now to do the work, & say the Whites now owe them a living, & they think their former colonial powers should now support them, & their [DELETED] guerrillas figure that this is what they've been fighting for. They certainly have not been fighting for the right to work or to go back to a commonplace, workaday-world existence!

       30. THEY THINK THAT THEIR NEW REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT & THE WHITES & FORMER COLONIAL RULERS NOW OWE THEM A LIVING. They won the war, they won the revolution, so now they think they should be living like kings, fed by the government, supported by the government, housed by the government & not have to work any more as they used to have to do under the Whites.

       31. THEY SOMEHOW HAVE THE IDEA THAT NOW THE WHITES OWE THEM A LIVING even though the Whites no longer control things, & think their former colonial powers like Britain, France, etc., now owe them a living & should support them like they once supported the colonialists. Whereas, some of these former colonial powers like Britain are now going bankrupt & cannot even support themselves, much less their former colonies, because they've quit working!

       32. SO ALL THESE [DELETED] GOVERNMENTS, AT THE BEHEST OF RUSSIA & THE COMMUNISTS, PUBLICLY SCREAM & denounce the former colonialists, & particularly South Africa which they hate the most of all: Because the South African settlers were not colonialists but literally independent free Pioneers of South Africa! They are more native to South Africa than the Blacks themselves!

       33. THE BLACKS NEVER WERE ABLE TO SURVIVE IN THIS PART OF SOUTH AFRICA WITHOUT THE WHITES, & NEITHER CAN THEY NOW. Their new Black governments know it, that without South Africa they'd blow it, & certainly Russia knows it. They certainly don't want to kill the goose that laid the golden egg if they can help it, & South Africa lays quite a golden egg every year!

       34. WITHOUT SOUTH AFRICA'S STRONG ECONOMY & TECHNICAL KNOW-HOW, engineering genius, food production, transportation, communications & everything else--even strong white government--these new revolutionary Communist Black [DELETED] governments could not survive.

       35. THEY KNOW IT, SOUTH AFRICA KNOWS IT, & RUSSIA KNOWS IT! So, although they publicly scream, protest & denounce South Africa, it behooves them to let South Africa survive--or they won't!--That's the fact! The smart Black African leaders & the Russians both know that their [EDITED: "people"] will never be [EDITED: "able"] to run the industries, factories, plantations, etc., much less the transportation, communications or even armies & governments of Black Africa.

       36. THEY'VE ALWAYS HAD TO HAVE WHITE HELP, whether it be the East Germans or the Cubans or the Russians or even the White South Africans! Besides, they no longer want to work, since they figure they've won their independence, which means to them a living without working--they just want the Whites to work for them.

       37. THE SMART BLACK AFRICAN LEADERS & THE RUSSIANS KNOW THIS, that they couldn't possibly keep things going down there without the Whites, & this means a strong White South Africa. So this could logically mean therefore, that having now conquered most of Black Africa & put their [DELETED] governments in power, they now need the Whites to help them run their countries.

       38. THEY CANNOT DO WITHOUT THE WHITES, ONLY NOW THEY WANT THE WHITES TO BE THEIR SLAVES! And so therefore it behooves Russia & the smart Black African leaders to keep the Whites there & a strong Africa as long as possible to help them survive.

       39. OTHERWISE, AFRICA WILL ALL GO BACK TO THE JUNGLE WITHOUT THE WHITES!--And the smart Black African educated leaders know it & so do the Russians. So it wouldn't be surprising if Russia may now privately take the heat & pressure off South Africa so that it may continue to help Black Africa survive.

       40. ALTHOUGH THEY MAY CONTINUE TO SCREAM & protest loudly & publicly against South Africa, they may take the pressure off privately, as they need South Africa to continue to survive in order to help them survive. And without them they could not survive, & the Russians know this; so therefore now, having conquered most of Black Africa with their [DELETED] guerrillas, they're probably going to put a little quietus on some of this fanaticism & try to cool things down to where they can manage to run their economies & survive.

       41. BECAUSE A VICTORY WITHOUT SPOILS IS A VERY EMPTY VICTORY, & a victory in Black Africa for the Blacks over the Whites which means merely a return to the jungle is not what these Black Africans want, nor the Russians. They know they need the Whites to give them the kind of luxury that the Whites had, that's what they want, but without working for it. Their idea is, "Let the Whites do the work"! But of course, this isn't possible, because White luxury is dependent on Black labour as well as White know-how.

       42. SO IT'S THE OLD CONTROVERSY BETWEEN LABOUR & MANAGEMENT: If labour wins & throws out the management, the company goes bankrupt & everybody starves. So it's not to anybody's advantage to totally annihilate the management, & the smart Black African leaders know it & so do the Russians.

       43. SO I'M CONVINCED THAT THEY MAY TRY TO HELP THE WHITES SURVIVE with some kind of White continuance in South Africa, without which their new [DELETED] governments could not survive. So this may be the answer & the reason why there's a possibility that South Africa may survive & be permitted to remain the lone bastion of White rule in Southern Africa! So who knows?--God does!

       44. SOUTH AFRICA MIGHT BECOME A REFUGE FOR WHITES IN SOUTHERN AFRICA! It might survive [DELETED] the flood tide of Black Africa independence & rule, to try to get themselves together, keep themselves together as a matter of survival. The Blacks, Russians & the Reds know that they need South Africa to survive.

       45. SO THEY MAY FIND EXCUSES FOR PERMITTING SOUTH AFRICA TO CONTINUE until after the coming war, in order to hold themselves together purely as a matter of survival.

       46. THIS MAY MEAN THAT SOUTH AFRICA IS NOT GOING DOWN THE DRAIN AS FAST AS SOME PRESUME, but may be preserved by both her White Russian friends & Black African enemies through the coming holocaust, in order to preserve themselves. This is seemingly a strange enigma & contradiction, but nevertheless it's just plain common sense. They need South Africa, & South Africa knows it & the Blacks know it & the Russians know it.

       47. SO IF THEY'RE SMART, THEY'LL HAVE TO LET SOUTH AFRICA SURVIVE IF THEY WANT TO SURVIVE! So it could be one of the survival areas of the World which may escape the war!--Don't knock it!--You may need it!

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