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GO TO THE CITIES!--Where most of "All the World" are!       DO 927       15 July 1980
--And let them evangelise the villages, jungles & boonies!
--By Father David

       1. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR OLD LESSONS ON SOUL WINNING & God's plan to evangelise the World, the example of the Early Church, etc.?--What's happened to all those? Doesn't our Family know anything about them? Have they never seen them?


       3. IT WAS THE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH PLAN & POLICY & THE PLAN OF GOD TO SEND HIS MISSIONARIES TO THE MAIN CENTERS OF POPULATION, THE BIG CITIES, regional centers where they could reach the mass of people, including most of the people who come in from the jungle & backwoods on marketing trips & religious pilgrimages or to find work or for government business, & then for them to hear the Gospel & get saved & take it back into the little villages & the jungles.

       4. WE WILL NEVER IN THIS WHOLE WORLD EVEN BEGIN TO REACH THE WORLD WITH THE GOSPEL IF WE JUST STICK TO THE BACKWOODS! So it is not our plan or policy at all to ever under almost any circumstances spend any great time clear back in the heart of some jungle trying to learn the language to convert some aborigines in 20 or 30 years time! Our time is now!

       5. CHURCH MISSIONARIES HAVE WASTED GOD'S TIME & the Worlds' time & deprived billions of salvation by getting bogged down back in the heart of some jungle trying to convert some Indian chief & a handful of headhunters! They have to spend years just learning the language first, & lose a lot of missionaries by getting slaughtered by these wild savages instead of reaching the millions of masses that are already in the cities & intelligent & literate enough to know the major language to be able to hear the Gospel.

       6. YOU DON'T HAVE TO SPEND YOUR LIFE LEARNING THE NATIVE TONGUE! Get a hold of the guy who already knows it & let him go back into his jungle & preach it to his own people there in his own language. Burying yourself all your life in some jungle to learn the language to save a few natives is ridiculous! For God's sake, that is not our policy & never has been! (But learn the National language!)

       7. IT'S ALWAYS BEEN THE NEW TESTAMENT PLAN FOR THE EVANGELISATION OF THE WORLD TO GO TO THE MAJOR CITIES FIRST!--Like the early Christians & Apostles like Paul & all the Early Church did! They seldom ever went to some little boonie out in the sticks except on their way to someplace bigger!

       8. THE CONVERSION OF THE ETHIOPIAN EUNUCH BY PHILIP ON A HITCHHIKING JOURNEY was the rare exception & not the rule. He was just passing through on his way somewhere else when he caught that ride! If you happen to hit a few people on the way from one big city to the other, give them the Gospel & get them saved--wonderful!

       9. BUT THE PLACE TO REACH THE MILLIONS OF THE MASSES IS THE CITIES! Much as we hate'm, it's the cities where you've got to do most of your preaching. Maybe you can live outside the city in your caravan somewhere in the country, but you've got to go into the city to preach it to the multitudes.

       10. IT'S ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS WASTING YOUR TIME OUT IN SOME LITTLE JUNGLE VILLAGE trying to convert a handful of natives when you don't even know the language & might get your head chopped off in the bargain, when you ought to be spending your time reaching these in the city who already know the language & can easily go back there & preach it to them.

       11. WHY WASTE YOUR TIME OUT THERE WHERE IT'S TOTALLY UNCIVILISED with dangers & diseases of all kinds, instead of in the civilised cities where you can reach the millions of the masses! They already know the local dialects, & once they get saved & on fire for serving the Lord, they'll go back & preach to their own in their own tongue that they already know.--You don't have to learn it!

       12. IT'S RIDICULOUS! IT'S A BIG WASTE OF TIME TO GO OUT BACK IN THE BOONIES & spend a lot of God's precious time trying to learn the language of a handful of people so they might be able to convert a few more, instead of preaching the Gospel in the cities to masses of millions who can reach them themselves when you get them saved! They themselves can go back & reach the few hundreds in the villages & those jungles & deserts! You don't have to go to every tiny town--just all the World!

       13. CHECK OUT PAUL'S & THE FIRST APOSTLES' MISSIONARY JOURNEYS & SEE WHERE THEY WENT! They went to the major centers of Asia, now called Turkey & Asia Minor, & preached the Gospel in the major cities. If they preached it at any other place at all, it was only because they were on their way through from one major city to another.

       14. THEY AIMED FOR THE WORLD CAPITALS, SUCH AS EPHESUS, ATHENS & ROME! They didn't waste their time preaching the Gospel back in the jungles trying to learn the language of a handful of savages. They went to the World capitals & capitals of countries, the government & commercial centers of great regions, & preached there to reach the millions that really counted & had influence & the intelligence & knowledge of other languages to go back & preach it to the other people in the boonies!

       15. (MARIA: YES, LIKE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS! We've really failed lately in the past few years to reach them. We used to do that all the time in our beginning, but now they hardly go to universities at all. But that's where the kids aren't encumbered & can get saved & go preach the Gospel to all the World!) That's right! That's where we went, & that's where we got ours! (Maria: Yes!)

       16. SO WHAT ARE THEY DOING NOW? (Maria: Oh, they're going to old folk's homes & orphanages, hospitals, prisons & singing on the streets, etc.) Those places are easy to go to, of course, easy to get a captive crowd, & where you're always greatly appreciated & get a good response, easy Salvations & even some support, & we do need to visit them. But they're not the kind of people that are necessarily going to break loose & forsake all & go out & preach the Gospel to the whole World, or even can!

       17. SO YOU REALLY NEED TO DO MORE TO TRY TO REACH THE YOUNG PEOPLE & THE NEW BOTTLES who are going to be the flaming evangelists of tomorrow who'll evangelise the new World! I don't know where you got this business of going back to the jungles! You shouldn't even have to go through the jungles if you can help it! You ought to fly over them & forget them!

       18. LET THE JUNGLE PEOPLE COME TO THE CITY to market & do government business & to find jobs, etc., let them come to the city to hear the Gospel & go back & preach it in their villages in their own native tongue! They're native themselves, & they can reach the natives best of all!

       19. YOU'RE WASTING YOUR TIME IN LITTLE TINY VILLAGES & JUNGLES preaching the Gospel to ignorant people who'll never be able to help you evangelise the World! It'll be a miracle if you ever even learn the local dialects well enough to get the message across to them to where they can get saved! It's a big waste of time! It was not the way the Early Church did it, & it was not the way God did it!

       20. WHEN THE LORD WANTED TO DROP THE FIRST GOSPEL BOMB to proclaim the new dispensation of Grace & Love & Salvation through Christ, He did it in the religious capital of the World!--Jerusalem!--And when they got run out of there in order to spread it abroad as far as they could everywhere, they hit the next major regional capital city of Asia--Antioch!--An ideal port city & transportation center to make their missionary Headquarters for reaching the whole Roman Empire!

       21. WHEN THEY GOT RUN OUT OF JERUSALEM & JUDEA BY PERSECUTION because they'd already saturated that part of the World with the Gospel, the Lord saw to it that they got run out so they had to go scatter everywhere else preaching the Gospel, & so they moved on to Antioch. It was one of the major centers of the World in what was then called Asia, & it became their missionary base.

       22. ANTIOCH WAS A VERY LARGE CITY ON THE COAST, A THRIVING TREMENDOUS PORT CITY at the time & a great place for a missionary base where they could catch ships to all over the World! So they established their missionary base there, a missionary center from which Paul made nearly all of his missionary journeys to all over the known civilised Roman Empire of the day!

       23. THEY WENT FROM THERE TO THE CAPITALS OF ASIA MINOR & then on to the capital of Greece & Rome & home again on furlough! They didn't waste their time on little villages unless they just happened to be passing through, & it was some of those small towns that gave them the biggest trouble, because they were some of the most narrow-minded!

       24. IT'S PRETTY HARD TO HIDE OUT IN A SMALL TOWN & they're the most fanatical & small-town-minded in their own religions! Both the Alliance & the Soul Clinic had their biggest troubles in the small backwoods & villages of Mexico & Central & South America where the local priest was in total absolute control, the local dictator of a fanatical flock of goats!

       25. HE COULD GET THE MOB TO DO WHATEVER HE WANTED THEM TO DO, stone the missionaries' homes, break their windows, beat them up, burn their houses, etc. All he had to do was tell a bunch of little native ruffians to go to it & work the missionaries over, & they'd do it!

       26. IT'S THOSE SMALL TOWNS WHERE THEY'VE GOT ABSOLUTE TOTAL CONTROL, & THEY DON'T LIKE A GOSPEL INVASION! They don't even care for the civilisation of the cities, they don't even care for the broader minded liberal types of their own nationality of the cities. The Churches have absolute totalitarian dictatorial control in those small towns & villages, & it's almost impossible to get away with preaching the Gospel there without receiving severe persecution!

       27. YOU'RE MUCH BETTER OFF IN THE BIG CITIES where they're better educated, intellectual, liberal-minded & freer in morality & every other way, & much more open-minded & ready to receive something which is against their System. Let's face it, our kind of Gospel is often offensive to almost any kind of System, & particularly the narrow-minded Roman-dominated Latin American systems!

       28. SO THE BEST PLACE TO GO IS THE CITIES where they are more open-minded, broad-minded, liberal-minded, more receptive, more intellectual & more intelligent & more educated, especially their universities.

       29. THAT'S WHERE WE GOT MOST OF OUR EARLY DISCIPLES, AT THE SCHOOLS & UNIVERSITIES! They were nearly all of them drop-outs, often just before graduation! (Maria: I hear very, very, few reports of our Family going to colleges & universities anymore!) I'm almost getting sick & tired of hearing reports of going to nothing but old folks' homes, hospitals & orphanages!

       30. WELL, THERE MIGHT BE SOME HOPES FOR THE ORPHANS, & at least we're helping the old & sick folks get saved before they die. But they'll certainly never help us evangelise the World! The orphans may get out some day & help evangelise it, but that's too far in the future. What we need is help right now, & the high schools & universities are the places to get them!

       31. I'VE TALKED ABOUT THIS BEFORE, IN "NEW BOTTLES," etc. (Letters Nos. 215, 335A & 211.) But I've got to keep repeating, repeating & repeating! (Maria: In those Latin countries, however, the high schools are very, very dangerous! They were in the States, too, but in Latin America they are even more dangerous! You have to almost wait until they're of age.)

       32. THAT'S BECAUSE MOST OF THEM ARE NOT PUBLIC SCHOOLS--THEY ARE PRIVATE SCHOOLS RUN BY THE CHURCHES. So naturally they're not going to look with glee on your entering their premises & preaching the Gospel to their students. They're going to take a dim view of you reaching their new bottles at all, because they know they'll really fall for us & like our message, because their own religion is so hard & so strict & so cruel & full of hate & fear that their young people are already rebellious & rebelling all over the World & forsaking it & going into Communism!

       33. IT'S THE MOST CHURCHY COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD THAT ARE BECOMING THE FIRST COMMUNIST COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD, because they're sick & fed up with a narrow minded religion of fear & hate instead of peace & love. It's the most rigidly churchy & authoritarian & dictatorially churchy countries of the World, the most churchy countries of the World, that are the ones which have first gone Communist throughout the World!

       34. RUSSIA HAD ONE OF THE MOST HARD, STRICT & CORRUPT RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD! It was Orthodox, a Catholic split-off, & it was really a mess under the Czars, a dictatorship religiously just like it was politically. So most of its people were very happy to throw off all those yokes of bondage to accept something that looked like it was going to give them greater freedom.--But, of course, it didn't.

       35. THEY JUST TRADED ONE DICTATORSHIP FOR ANOTHER, as Iran has now done--traded one dictatorship for a worse one! There is less freedom in Iran today than there was under the Shah! Less prosperity, less freedom, less pleasure, less everything except religion.--No love, no liquor, no playing, no music, no dancing, no sex!--Just self-righteous Pharisaism & slaughter of "sinners!"

       36. I DON'T THINK THE IRANIAN PEOPLE ARE GOING TO PUT UP WITH IT VERY MUCH LONGER! They're getting fed up with the mullahs who are like the Scribes & the Pharisees who'll behead you or cut off your hands or give you 80 lashes for almost nothing! It's just ridiculous!

       37. SO YOU SHOULD AVOID PLACES WHERE THEY'RE ALREADY TERRIBLY FANATICALLY RELIGIOUS in their own religion & are apt to persecute you or even kill you!--And it's usually the smaller towns & tiny villages where they hold absolute total control & where you'd stick out like a sore thumb!

       38. YOU OUGHT TO GO TO THE CITIES where there are lots of difference of opinions & lots of peoples & lots of nationalities & lots of tourists, & where they've got to be broad-minded & liberal & have a certain amount of freedom at least, where you can at least do a little without getting mobbed!

       39. OF COURSE, THIS DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU'VE ALL GOT TO STAY IN THE ONE SAME CAPITAL CITY OF THE COUNTRY, LIKE CARACAS! There are lots of other big cities in Venezuela where you ought to be.--And there are lots of other big cities in all these Latin American countries & other countries of the World. You don't all have to stay in just the one biggest city of each country.

       40. THERE ARE OTHER MAJOR POPULATION CENTERS, market, commercial, industrial & political centers where you can be spread out a little bit more. But you certainly don't have to waste your time going back into the rinky-dink villages of back in the jungle somewhere, trying to learn a completely different dialect in order to preach them the Gospel! It's ridiculous!

       41. THE CHURCHES REALLY WASTE GOD'S TIME & the World's time & the poor natives' time doing that sort of thing! All they had to do was get the fairly educated & intelligent natives who knew the predominant language, both the official as well as the local language, both languages, & preach it to them, & let them go back & preach it to the hicks in the sticks!

       42. BOGGING DOWN IN THE JUNGLES IS NOT OUR POLICY AT ALL & NEVER HAS BEEN!--It wasn't the Soul Clinic policy either. But it was definitely the Alliance policy of the Christian Missionary Alliance: They were all for going back into the jungles & reaching the unreached tribes of the little rinky-dink villages of the savages!

       43. SOME SPENT HALF THEIR LIVES JUST LEARNING THE LANGUAGES--even unwritten languages! First they had to learn the language, & then how to make a written language out of it, & then how to print the Scriptures in it! I mean it was a monumental tremendous accomplishment! But it took nearly their whole lives just to learn the whole language to put it into writing before they could make much progress with the natives!

       44. (MARIA: YES, THAT'S THE ONLY THING THAT I CAN REMEMBER THE CHURCHES WERE ALWAYS TELLING ME, about missionaries back in the jungles who were having to learn the language, etc.--always! I don't remember any talk about going to the universities & the big cities!)

       45. YOU CAN PREACH THE GOSPEL IN THE MAJOR LANGUAGES OF THE WORLD TO NEARLY ALL THE WORLD!--The European languages & Japanese, Chinese, Indian & Swahili! Even in India, Japan, the Philippines & many other lands the educated nearly all know English! So our Americans & British are preaching the Gospel to them in English, & then the citizens of the land go & preach it to their natives in their own local language! (But do learn national language!)

       46. IF WE CAN REACH THE EDUCATED INTELLIGENT PEOPLE WHO KNOW THE NATIONAL & other languages, they can go & preach it to the backwoods natives. Then we don't have to learn another dialect to try to preach to their poor.

       47. (MARIA: SOMEBODY WAS COMPLAINING THE OTHER DAY that we abolished one of the failing LIMs, & they said, "We don't think that's right, because in this country where we are, 90% of the people speak this language & very few of them speak English!") You see, that's the point: They're the poor & the illiterate.

       48. BUT IT'S THE POOR 90% WHO ARE GOING TO BE THE MOST FANATICAL IN THEIR OWN RELIGION, the most narrow-minded, the least receptive, the most dictatorially dominated by their religious leaders, & the poorest & least able to support the Gospel.

       49. (MARIA: SO THE LITERATE 10% ARE THE ONES WE OUGHT TO TRY TO REACH, RIGHT?) The 10% are the ones that the Early Church reached, then that 10% reached the other 90%! The 10% were of the intellectuals, the educated who knew not only the major language but several of the minor languages, & could then go & preach the Gospel to their people in their own native tongues.

       50. THE EARLY CHURCH WENT TO THE TOP FIRST & preached the Gospel to the people who were well educated, spoke several languages, & then let them go into the boonies & preach the Gospel to the others. That's what Jesus did:

       51. JESUS CAME TO JERUSALEM, THE MAJOR RELIGIOUS CAPITAL OF THE WORLD, & PREACHED THE GOSPEL to all kinds of people, including the poor of course. We're not supposed to neglect & ignore the poor, we're supposed to preach the Gospel to the poor. But there are lots of poor people who have got a little education & can speak several languages & reach the rest of the World!

       52. STOP WASTING YOUR TIME ON JUNGLES & tiny jungle villages & mosquitoes & all kinds of diseases & dangerous savages when you can't even speak their language that you'd have to spend years trying to learn!

       53. STICK TO THE MAJOR CITIES & COMMERCIAL CENTERS, transportation centers, education centers, communication centers & governmental centers where you can reach the people who know those languages, & let them take trips back into the interior & preach the Gospel to the natives. Reach the key people, who can then reach & unlock those other doors.

       54. THIS HAS BEEN ONE OF THE GREAT FAILINGS & FAULTS OF THE CHURCHES, wasting their time over some little ignorant Hottentot or savage headhunter, & getting their heads chopped off in the process, while they're trying to pound the Gospel into their heads!

       55. REMEMBER THOSE FIVE MISSIONARIES WHO FLEW INTO THE AMAZON JUNGLE VILLAGE to preach'm the Gospel, & then infuriated the savage chief by self-righteously turning down the nice cute little 16-year-old girl that he gave them to fuck? He was so insulted he chopped off their heads!

       56. (MARIA: YES, SO FINALLY THE CHIEF DID GET SAVED, BUT SO WHAT? They then only got a few natives saved.) Yes, he finally got saved & his tribe got saved, fine!

       57. BUT WE LOST FIVE GOOD MISSIONARIES who, if they'd been preaching the Gospel in the cities to the millions, could have gotten thousands saved who would have been able to go back into hundreds of native villages & preached to thousands & gotten thousands more saved!

       58. BUT OF COURSE, PIONEERING JUNGLES IS MORE ROMANTIC, IT'S MORE ADVENTUROUS, IT'S MORE EXCITING, IT MAKES NEWS!--And it makes a better missionary's tale! (Maria: --And people are more willing to support you!) Yes, yes, it touches the hearts of the compassionate! Whereas, your preaching the Gospel to millions in the cities is old hat as far as they're concerned.

       59. BESIDES, YOU DON'T GET ALL THOSE EXCITING MOVIES & PICTURES OF NAKED NATIVES IN THE JUNGLES TO SHOW IN THE CHURCHES! (Maria: --With all the naked women!) Yes, they don't mind showing those pictures of the naked natives running around stark naked in the jungle, as long as they're out in the jungles.

       60. BUT WHAT CITY MISSIONARY DO YOU EVER HEAR OF GOING AROUND IN CHURCHES SHOWING NUDE MOVIES OF THE STRIPPERS HE'S WON IN THE ASPHALT JUNGLE AS A MISSIONARY TO THE PROSTITUTES!--Influential women who could really do some good! Look at the prostitutes! They can reach all kinds of influential men, governmental leaders, etc.! They can really do some good!

       61. WE OUGHT TO HAVE MORE MISSIONARIES TO THE PROSTITUTES LIKE US who can come back & show pictures of the strippers of the asphalt jungle, the naked of the cities, & how much good they're doing preaching the Gospel!--You oughtta see my collection!--Ha!

       62. SO I'M NOT FOR THIS BUSINESS OF WASTING TIME TRYING TO GET SOME KIND OF A LAND ROVER OR JUNGLE JEEP WITH FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE & a year of spare parts to take with you, & getting a dozen different shots to immunise you against all kinds of diseases you can get in the jungles, & then spending several years trying to learn the native language, & then launching out in the mud & the swamps through the jungle trying to reach a handful of savages who are apt to chop your heads off! I don't think that's very smart at all!

       63. IT'S AN EXTREMELY INEFFICIENT EXPENSIVE EXTRAVAGANT WAY TO PREACH THE GOSPEL!--When you can reach plenty of poor natives right in the cities! In fact, that's where most of them have gone nowadays! Multitudes of them have fled the jungles & gone to the cities to find work & food & fun & the easy life, & increased the size of the cities horribly!

       64. SO IF YOU WANT TO GO TO THE JUNGLES, GO TO THE PACKING-CASE JUNGLES, THE SHANTY TOWNS SURROUNDING THE BIG CITIES, & preach it to them out in the mud & the slime of the garbage & the sewage running down the middle of the dirt roads! They need the Gospel just as much as anybody, & you can reach millions of them there without even having to go near the Amazon jungle & all those diseases & all those mosquitoes & bugs & without all those immunising shots & a year's spare parts & four-wheel drive vehicles & all that blah! It's ridiculous!

       65. GOD HELP US TO DO WHAT THE LORD SAID & "GO INTO ALL THE WORLD & preach the Gospel to every creature." But for God's sake, help us to go to the parts of the World where most of the creatures are!--The cities!--And who can in turn do a lot better job of evangelising the boonies & the jungles than we can!

       66. THEY ALREADY KNOW THOSE LANGUAGES & KNOW THOSE PEOPLE, & came from there & can go back to their own people with the Gospel more effectively than we can! That's one of the first things they're going to want to do when they get saved--go back to their homes & families & their native tribes & give them the Gospel too.

       67. BUT WE CAN REACH THEM IN THE CITIES where there's not as great a risk, where there's much greater freedom, liberalism & greater opportunity to give them the Gospel & to reach more of them. Then let them carry it back to the jungles & to the villages & the unreached tribes.

       68. THAT'S BEEN OUR DOCTRINE & OUR POLICY FROM THE BEGINNING, & I don't know who the hell changed it or who the hell's got any other ideas that it's ever changed! I don't want to hear of anymore people wasting their time & money trying to buy Land Rovers or Jungle Jeeps so they can go through the jungles of the Amazon, blah, blah! Let'm stick to the superhighways that run between the major cities, where they don't have so many problems of no gas, no parts, no mechanics, no food, no roads & almost no people!

       69. MANAUS, BRAZIL IS THE INLAND JUMPING OFF PLACE FOR ALL EXPEDITIONS WHO WANT TO GO INTO THE AMAZON JUNGLES. This is where Big Josh & his expedition started. It is like a border town or an end-of-the-road town for any kind of civilisation, & where all the big jungle expeditions get their final equipment & supplies & then head on into the jungles amongst the headhunters!

       70. JUNGLETOWN MANAUS, BRAZIL is a fanatically religious town, of course, of hardy pioneers who have gone way back in the jungle to establish a brave Catholic outpost of civilisation, & the Catholics there have held out against the Indians & the savages & headhunters & the explorers & land-grabbers & diamond hunters, missionaries & whatnot! So they're certainly not going to now allow any invasion by us savages!--So they threw a bunch of us in jail there not long ago!

       71. WHAT WERE THE FAMILY DOING CLEAR BACK IN THERE?--OH, YOU KNOW WHY! They heard about an exciting jungle base, these jungle expeditions, they wanted to see it & probably want to go back into the jungles too! No wonder the police rounded them up & got rid of them!--Of all the ridiculous things!

       72. THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN WITHIN A THOUSAND MILES OF MANAUS! I mean it's about 3,000 miles from Rio in the heart of the Amazon jungle! They had no business being there at all!

       73. (MARIA: I GUESS WE NEED THIS LETTER THEN. That's the perfect proof of what you were talking about. We can use that picture of the Pope in Manaus for the cover for the Letter, huh?)--Right! That shows how Catholic they are! Manaus is one of the last places in the World our folks ought ever to have gone!

       74. (MARIA: WE HAVE QUITE A FEW PEOPLE IN JUNGLES!) Way back in the heart of the jungle, of all the ridiculous things! They probably went back there out of curiosity just to see it! Imagine, going clear back in there! Ridiculous!--A thousand miles from nowhere, & thousands of miles from somewhere!

       75. THIS IS ONE REASON THE RUSSIANS WON'T BE SHOOTING AT SOUTH AMERICA! Why destroy all that nice jungle!--Ha! Anyway, they're going to be able to take it over with just simple revolutions & coups, without having to destroy it. So this is probably the Lord's last chance for South America, the final harvest before the World's Antichrist government takes over!

       76. IT WON'T BE ANY TARGET FOR ATOM BOMBS & MISSILES!--But it will be a target for plenty of coups & revolutions! But I'm sure it's going to escape the total destruction that is going to strike North America & parts of Europe!

       77. --AND HERE'S A LAST LAUGH!: The U.S. has been insisting for years now that Cuba release its prisoners & relatives of those who are already refugees in the U.S. They've ranted & raved that Cuba release them & let them leave Cuba.

       78. --BUT NOW THAT CUBA HAS, THE U.S. IS FIGHTING IT LIKE MAD!--Even fining & jailing the sea captains & crews that are rescuing them, impounding their boats!--And threatening to deport the "illegal aliens"--the poor Cuban refugees!--What a joke on the U.S.!--Castro called the U.S.' bluff & exposed its hypocrisy!--Ha!--What a triumph for the truth! God bless Castro!

       79. ANYHOW, YOU STICK TO THE CITIES, & LEAVE THE JUNGLES TO THE NATIVES!--Flee the vice & crime-ridden, pollution-saturated, violence-filled, destruction-doomed filthy cities of North America & Europe, but "GO TO THE CITIES!" of the Third World with the Gospel, & save their citizens to evangelise the jungles of the World!--Amen? PTL! Amen! GBAKY out of the jungles & in the cities!--In Jesus' name, amen!--WLY!--Dad.

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