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MWM MEANS LOVE!--The Gospel for the World!--Not Just Family Entertainment!--By Father David       DO930       2 August 1980

       1. (MARIA: ONE OF OUR FAMILY MEMBERS SAID, "I'D RATHER LISTEN TO A TAPE OF JUST THE MUSIC OF THE MWM SHOW without all the introductions & lead ins & announcements & MO Quotes & plugs & offers & addresses while I'm going to sleep. I already know the address, so I don't have to keep having that drummed in my ear every night!--'CPO 220, CPO 220!'" So I said to him, "Well, that's just the point: To repeat it so you don't forget it!")

       2. (DAD:) YEAH, THAT "CPO 220, CPO 220" JINGLE RUNS THROUGH MY HEAD ALL DAY & ALL NIGHT!--And that's excellent! That continually & constantly reminds me of the Show & to pray for them! That's exactly the purpose of the commercial jingles for commercial products, so you'll never be able to forget them! (Maria: Yes, so I said, "That's not our point with MWM, to just give the Family music to listen to. We want MWM to preach the Gospel to the World!")--Amen!

       3. MWM IS NOT JUST FOR FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT! MWM IS TO PREACH THE GOSPEL TO THE WHOLE WORLD! We're not promoting that Show just to entertain the Family. I'm promoting that program to preach the Gospel to the World!--And I'm not just talking about the radio program, but I'm talking about MWM's whole Gospel program, the radio Show, their music, their musicians, their follow-up mail ministry program & the whole works! So I don't care if that jingle gets in the heads of everybody to where they can't get it out & go around singing it all day! It'll remind them to think about MWM, pray for them & do something about it!

       4. I AM NOT THE SLIGHTEST BIT INTERESTED IN JUST TICKLING THE FAMILY'S EARS WITH SWEET MUSIC TO PUT THEM TO SLEEP!--I did that for years in Churches! I'm trying to wake them up & get them to go to work preaching the Gospel of MWM to the whole World! (Maria: Because you know, what if somebody hears you playing the Show but doesn't have the opportunity or the guts or can't just come up & say,

       5. ("WELL, WHERE CAN I HEAR MORE & HOW CAN I GET YOUR LIT & SO ON?" They may not even know there is any lit to be had! But if they can get the address from the Show secretly just from hearing you play it, maybe they'll write in & even get saved through it!) Yeah! Right!

       6. SO I DON'T WANT ANY DUPLICATION OF MWM TAPES WITHOUT THE PLUGS & I.D.'s! We're not interested in just distributing Family music to tickle their ears & put them to sleep! I want them to be conscious of what we're trying to do with this Show, & if that address & that theme song keeps ringing in their ears night & day, all the better! They'll never forget it & they'll remember to pray for it & help them to do something about it!

       7. THE LEAST THEY COULD DO IS REMEMBER TO PRAY FOR THE SHOW! THE NEXT THING THEY CAN DO IS GIVE TOWARD IT, & THE NEXT THING THEY CAN DO IS GET OUT & PLUG IT & PROMOTE IT & SELL IT & BOOK IT ON RADIO STATIONS EVERYWHERE! That's what they can do! (Maria: Yes, play it for friends & the public!) That guy sounds like the churches! That's what they want, something to tickle their ears & put them to sleep! I spent 50 years at that & I'm sick of it! It never saved the World! (Maria: I guess not many people realised what we were trying to accomplish with MWM.) Yes! Some're still into their old musician-popularity kick wanting to put out albums glorifying individual musicians etc.--blah, blah!

       8. WE'RE NOT THAT INTERESTED IN PROMOTING MUSIC OR MUSICIANS OR INDIVIDUALS OR FAME & GLORY & STAR POPULARITY OR HIT RECORDS OR GOLDEN ALBUMS! WE'RE TRYING TO PREACH THE GOSPEL!--We want to get it to the people who need it, & we want to get their names & addresses & follow'm up, with Gospel lit & witness Christ to'm!--That's what we're in the music business for!--Not just to promote the music itself & tickle the ears of the Family & put them to sleep & cater to the ego of some of these musicians!

       9. WE ARE TRYING TO REACH THE WORLD WITH THE GOSPEL, WHATEVER IT TAKES OR COSTS!--We're willing to work & pray & pay for that kind of a Gospel program! But I am not willing to work & pray & pay just to promote music & musicians only!--Period! (Maria: Simon really gives it meaning, you know?--His comments & introductions really give the songs meaning & help you reflect on the love they preach!) That's the whole idea!

       10. THESE PEOPLE WHO WANT JUST MUSIC ALBUMS SOUND TO ME LIKE THOSE INTERESTED SELFISHLY ONLY IN THE MUSIC BUT DON'T CARE ABOUT THE MESSAGE, so they just want to hear music. They can say of course, "But we've already heard the Message! We don't need it!" Yeah! Well, what for? You need to get burdened that other people hear it! I am not interested in just promoting music for the Family alone!

       11.--MWM IS A PROGRAM TO PREACH THE GOSPEL TO THE WHOLE WORLD! I am not interested in promoting just music & musicians to tickle the ears of the Family & put them to sleep! I'd rather wake them up! (Maria: They're like the churches who want a "hallelujah praise session" amongst yourselves in your church every night without ever going out to reach the lost!)

       12. I'M TRYING TO WAKE THE FAMILY UP SO THEY CAN GET BUSY & USE THIS MWM SHOW AS A TOOL TO REACH THE WORLD WITH THE GOSPEL! I'm not interested in paying for one single album of any single musician or any kind of albums or tapes which are just purely soothing music to put the Family to sleep! Not a bit!

       13. I HOPE IT WAKES THEM UP & KEEPS THEM AWAKE!--And makes them pray for the lost & the dying & the people who need the Gospel & need to get saved! I hope it gets'm movin' & workin' for the Show to get it on the air someplace!--Even if they just scatter these tapes around to where people in the next caravan or around the campground can hear them wherever they are even in Russia, South Africa, South America or whatever! (Maria: Yes,

       14. (THESE READY-MADE MWM SHOWS HAVE GOT SO MUCH MORE VALUE THAN JUST THE SONGS ALONE! People are going to be much more interested in listening to it because it's a real radio show! As far as anybody else listening or spies or anything, they're just going to think they're listening to the radio because they're playing a radio show! Even in the East Bloc countries & behind the Iron Curtain they could play these MWM Shows just like they are listening to the radio!) Yes!

       15. I HAVE A BURDEN FOR THE LOST & THE UNSAVED & UNREACHED, & THAT'S WHY I'M WILLING TO BACK IT, NOT JUST TO ENTERTAIN THE FAMILY! I'm perfectly willing to let the Family have as many as they want & are willing to pay for & are willing to use to book on radio stations, & if they can enjoy them at the same time like I do fine! If they don't like them well the hell with'm as far as I'm concerned!--If they're not interested in preaching the Gospel they're goin' to Hell anyhow!

       16. I DON'T CARE IF THEY LIKE'M OR NOT! I WANT'M TO GET'M ON THE RADIO, NOT JUST USE'M TO LIE IN BED & PUT'M TO SLEEP! We like them, & I believe the rest of the Family will like'm too! I'm sure most of them will like most of them.--Maybe not to put'm to sleep, but I hope it'll wake'm & get'm busy for the Lord, to get out & go into all the World to preach the Gospel to everybody!

       17. I'M NOT INTERESTED IN PUTTING THE FAMILY TO SLEEP & NEVER HAVE BEEN! (Maria laughs: Nope!) Before we even had any Family, I was interested in trying to wake up the churches! (Maria: Yes!) I finally did my best to wake them up, not put them to sleep. I tried to get them busy preaching the Gospel!--And that's what this Show ought to do for the Family!

       18. AS FAR AS THEM HAVING ANY PRIVATE COPIES OF THEIR OWN, these are certainly enjoyable & inspiring & we love'm!--Plugs, jingles & all! But they also ought to be constant prayer reminders to pray for MWM & its musicians & its program & its radio stations & for its mail ministry to reach the unreached & to reach the whole World with the Gospel! (Maria: Amen!)

       19. I'M NOT INTERESTED IN PUTTING THEM TO SLEEP! I WANT TO WAKE THEM UP FOR THE LORD & GET THEM BUSY GETTING OUT THE GOSPEL! Put him to sleep, ugh! If you want music to sleep by, for God's sake why don't you get some church music? That's the sleepiest music you can find! If he wants music to sleep by, why doesn't he get some of Mom & John's tapes? That'll do the trick!--That's strictly Old Church music!

       20. (MARIA: LIKE EVERYTHING YOU DO, IN WORD OR IN DEED, DO ALL TO THE GLORY OF GOD! (1Cor.10:31.) In everything we're doing, we have to have a purpose, not just think of ourselves for selfish entertainment, but to glorify the Lord & love others in some way.) Yes! I'm not helping'm make the MWM Show just to entertain the Family & put them to sleep! I'm helping make this Show to wake up the Family & reach the World with the Gospel! (Maria: Yes!)

       21. I'M NOT THE SLIGHTEST BIT INTERESTED IN PRODUCING ANY KIND OF MUSIC JUST TO PUT THE FAMILY TO SLEEP!--Nothing! Let Mom & John do that. If they want to buy their tapes, let them. They're very sweet, very beautiful church music--I used to sing it myself. But I got sick & fed up with it, & that's why I'm not there anymore!

       22. I GOT SICK & FED UP WITH CHURCHES THAT WERE ONLY INTERESTED IN TICKLING THEIR PEOPLE'S EARS WITH SOOTHING MUSIC TO PUT THEM TO SLEEP! I wrote a Letter on that subject, so I shouldn't have to say it again! (See No.399.) I want to wake them up, get them going for God & others & not put them back to sleep! Isn't that enough? (Maria: Yes, what more can you say?)

       23. WE'RE NOT PUTTING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS INTO A WORLDWIDE MWM MINISTRY, JUST TO PUT THE FAMILY TO SLEEP! We're putting it in there to try to wake'm up to get'm busy in a new effort in a new medium to reach the whole World with the Gospel! I'm not the slightest bit interested in their producing music tapes just to entertain the Family!

       24. IF THEY CAN ENJOY THE MWM SHOWS, FINE!--I do, you do, & I think most people will. But I want them to be constantly mindful of the fact that they're for preaching the Gospel to the unsaved World--that's the whole purpose!--Not just to entertain the Family & tickle their ears & put them to sleep!

       25. (MARIA: SO WHAT WE'RE TALKING ABOUT IS ACTUAL MWM SHOWS VERSUS TAPES OF SOLELY MUSICAL NUMBERS by individual entertainers for their personality cult--pure Family entertainment musical numbers by the musicians without any ID's, plugs, ads, offers, or introductions?) Yes! As far as I'm concerned,

       26. THE COMPLETE MWM SHOW'S THE ONLY THING THAT'S IMPORTANT TO PRODUCE right now. More could come later. But we've been spreading Family music around to each other, singing to each other for ten years! We've encouraged each other like the churches, inspired each other & entertained each other. But the best part about it is, the Family learned the music & then was able to sing it to others & the rest of the needy World. I mean that's the important part of the Family learning the music:

       27. MWM'S NOT TO ENTERTAIN THEMSELVES OR EACH OTHER, BUT TO REACH THE WHOLE WORLD WITH IT! (Maria: But in this case, they can't learn it so well & play it so well as the MWM Show does for them.) Yes! The MWM Show is professionally done, it's got top-flight musicians & singers & extra-good recordings, & it'll do it in a way that not everybody in the Family could do it. (Maria: Right!)

       28. WITH MWM TAPES EVERYBODY CAN HAVE THAT KIND OF MUSIC AT THEIR FINGERTIPS & the whole Family can have the best of that good music to play to others & to outsiders throughout the whole World! They're the ones I want to hear it! We're not producing the Show just for the Family. Who the hell ever thought we were producing the Show just for the Family to put them to sleep at night? Huh?! For God's sake!

       29. I'M NOT INTERESTED IN PAYING FOR MWM'S MUSIC JUST TO ENTERTAIN THE FAMILY & TICKLE THEIR EARS & PUT THEM TO SLEEP! I'm doing it so the Family will wake up & take the Show & get out with it & spread it abroad throughout the whole World! That's what I'm interested in. I'm no more interested in producing an MWM Show for the Family just to tickle their ears & put them to sleep than any commercial outfit is interested in paying for huge TV & radio shows without any commercial plugs or mention of the product! They'd say, "You're crazy!"--And I say,

       30. YOU'RE CRAZY TALKING ABOUT PRODUCING MWM MUSIC TAPES JUST FOR THE FAMILY WITHOUT THE SHOW! Phooey! I'm not interested! They can can it as far as I'm concerned! This Show is plenty good enough for the Family! We don't need to do any duplication, waste time making separate albums, promoting individual musicians & blah, blah!--All that popularity-cult rot!

       31. SOME OF OUR MUSICIANS HAVE JUST GOTTEN OUT OF THAT KIND OF A COMMERCIAL RUT, & I WANT TO KEEP THEM OUT OF IT! The only thing we're interested in is preaching the Gospel, & not just to each other like the churches, but to the whole World! They've gotta get out of that God-damned popularity-hit rut that their money-minded fame-hungry commercial promoters got them into for themselves & their own selfish interests!

       32. I'M NOT EVEN INTERESTED IN PRODUCING MWM SHOWS TO MAKE MONEY FOR ITS MUSICIANS OR THE FAMILY! We've got to earn a little in order to keep going, but I don't even care whether it makes money or not, except I would like to see it pay for itself. The main thing I care about is getting out the Gospel, getting His Message of Love to the lost, to the people who need it, to liberate the captives, save the lost, heal the sick & preach the Gospel to the whole World! Praise the Lord!--Amen?

       33. I'M NOT THAT INTERESTED IN ENTERTAINING THE FAMILY, much less putting them to sleep, nor even just making money from the sale of the tapes--although I hope we do in order to support the whole MWM ministry.--And when I say program, I'm not just talking about the radio program alone. I'm talking about the whole MWM program of preaching the Gospel to the whole World--by music, testimonies, interviews, mail, lit & follow-up--our whole MWM program! Isn't that enough said? (Maria: OK.)

       34. WE'RE BEGINNING TO SOUND LIKE THE CHURCHES WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT WANTING MUSIC TO TICKLE YOUR EARS & PUT YOU TO SLEEP! That's absolutely all they do, produce that kind of music!--If you want that kind of music, send for Mom & John's tapes!--They're beautiful! I love'm! They'll do the trick!--No commercials, no plugs, no addresses, no jingles, no program introductions, no ads, no offers!--Just nice sleepy music! If you can't go to sleep on their music, nothing will put you to sleep!

       35. I USED TO SING THAT KIND OF MUSIC FOR 50 YEARS & IT NEVER WOKE ANYBODY UP! It never got anybody out to preach the Gospel! The churches have been singing that stuff to each other for years! All it's done is put them to sleep & sent the rest of the World to Hell! How can any saved Christian selfishly consider only what it does for them, whether it soothes them or not, or puts them to sleep or not?

       36. MWM IS TO SHAKE THEM UP & WAKE THEM UP & GET THEM OUT PREACHING GOD'S LOVE TO THE LOST!--If that's all you want, we're getting to be just like the churches! May God forbid! I don't want church music!--That's why I left the churches, 'cause they only wanted to sleep! I want music that wakes & loves people up & gets out the Gospel to the whole World, not just to each other! I mean it!

       37. I'M NOT GOING TO PAY FOR ONE SINGLE TAPE JUST TO ENTERTAIN THE FAMILY & JUST TICKLE THEIR EARS & PUT THEM TO SLEEP & promote separate artists without any Message & without any ID's or addresses or jingles or plugs or ads or whatever! I mean it! I'm interested in that Show to reach the World, that's what I'm interested in! And if the Family can enjoy them in the meantime while it's passing through for their own personal entertainment, well, fine, praise the Lord! We do too!

       38. WE ALL ENJOY THE MUSIC, PRAISE GOD! But we're not promoting MWM just to entertain the Family or just distribute the music to tickle their ears & put them to sleep!

       39. WE'RE PROMOTING MWM TO PREACH GOD'S LOVE TO THE WHOLE WORLD, & I hope those jingles & their theme songs & that address & those testimonies & words of love & inspiration stick in their minds & wear a groove in their brains so they can never forget them! It'll remind'm to give the Show to the World & never forget to pray for it & remember to use it as a tool for preaching the love of Jesus! That's how I feel about it!

       40. SO YOU STOP THAT BUSINESS OF MAKING MORE MUSIC ALBUMS of individual artists or even several artists, & do it quick! Let them make their own somewhere else, but I'm not going to pay for it!--And I don't want the Family paying for it or God paying for it either! If they just want to make personal albums to promote themselves & their own music, let them do it elsewhere, but not us! We're not paying for it, & I don't want them doing it on our time or in our studio, is that clear?

       41. THEY'VE HAD TEN YEARS OF DOING THAT FOR THE DEVIL & HIS COMMERCIAL OUTFITS, & I'M SICK & FED UP WITH IT! If they're only interested in promoting themselves & their own music & trying to make another hit & become popular & enriched, then they ought to get their hell out of MWM! I don't want to see them around there! We don't want that kind of musicians!

       42. WE'RE NOT PRODUCING MWM MUSIC OR SHOWS JUST FOR ENTERTAINMENT! If we produce any entertaining music at all, it's simply bait on the hook to try to get out the Word! I'm not a bit interested in producing shows or albums or cassettes to make musicians popular or popularise their music or feed their egos or pocketbooks or to please their personal fans!

       43. I'M ONLY INTERESTED IN PRODUCING AN MWM SHOW THAT USES MUSIC AS A TOOL & BAIT TO HOOK THE WORLD ON THE LOVE OF GOD!--THAT'S what I'm interested in!--Not just to entertain the Family & tickle their ears & put them to sleep! That's that, as far as I'm concerned! Put a stop to that business of recording personal albums of the individual musicians & their music, unless they're doing it in order to accumulate a library of it that we can use as individual numbers on the Shows.

       44. IF MWM WANTS TO RECORD SOME ARTIST continually for several days in order to milk him of all his music & his talent & his songs for God in order to use them later in the MWM Show to preach the Gospel to the World, OK. But I'm not interested in doing it just to promote that artist & his music to entertain the Family & tickle their ears & put them to sleep, or the World either!

       45. I'M NOT INTERESTED IN PROMOTING MWM UNLESS IT'S GOING TO PREACH THE GOSPEL, at least in their follow-up, & I mean it! We're not just trying to cook up a popular radio show & only to get fan mail! We're trying to reach the World with the Gospel & hook them with music as the bait!--If the music has meaning & preaches the Message at the same time, all the better!

       46. WE CAN USE A FEW SONGS THAT DON'T HAVE TOO DEEP A MEANING & not much Message, but which are just sandwiched in for pure entertainment or to kind of stick it together as filler, which don't necessarily always have to have some deep serious religious meaning or preach the Gospel. Some are even funny & amusing, including jokes & skits.

       47. BUT IF WE HAVE ANY FOR PURE ENTERTAINMENT, THAT'S JUST ICING ON THE CAKE, BAIT ON THE HOOK to try to make it a little more palatable & sugar-coat the healing pill of the Gospel! MWM Shows are not just for entertainment only! You can tell the Family I'm not a bit interested in producing anything but MWM Shows with theme songs, jingles, addresses, plugs, testimonies, the works!--And most of all the Gospel! That's that!

       48. YOU BETTER TELL MWM NOT TO WASTE ANY MUSICIAN'S TIME OR OUR EQUIPMENT OR STUDIO TIME or anybody's time just promoting individual artist's music for their own personal glorification & Family amusement!--That's not what we're after! If they're not interested in singing it for the Lord, if they're not interested in playing it for Jesus, if they're not interested in producing it for the love of the Lord & the lost & reaching the World with the Gospel, then I'm not interested!--And I mean it!

       49. THAT'S ALL I'M IN THIS BUSINESS FOR!: FOR PREACHING THE TRUTH OF HIS WORD & REACHING THE WORLD WITH THE GOSPEL OF GOD'S LOVE!--And if they can sing it, all the better! Hallelujah! But we are not producing the MWM Show nor music just for soothing the Family & tickling their ears & putting them to sleep & entertaining them! That is not the purpose of the MWM Show, & I am not interested in producing their tapes for that purpose only, or any kind of tapes for that purpose alone. We already have plenty of tapes like that in existence circulating around in the Family.

       50. IF YOU WANT THAT KIND OF MUSIC, BUY MOM & JOHN'S OR SOME OF MY OLD TAPES or others just for Family inspiration & entertainment. MWM is a program to try to reach the World with the Gospel! MWM is an attack on the Devil's territory with some of his own tools, music & radio & cassettes!--And that's all I'm interested in! I'm interested in attacking the Devil's strongholds with his own methods via radio & music & youth!

       51. I'M INTERESTED IN A PROGRAM THAT'S BUILT ON THE ROCK, Christ Jesus, against which the gates of Hell cannot prevail! (Mt. 16:18.) We are in a military attack on the Enemy in this MWM Show, & using some of his own weapons! We are in a fight, a battle with this Show! God knows we have been, with all the problems & troubles we've all had with it!

       52. MWM'S AN ALL-OUT ATTACK ON THE ENEMY'S TERRITORY to rob him of his prey, the youth of today, with the Love of God! We're not pussyfooting around just trying to entertain & tickle the ears of the Family & put them to sleep! We're trying to attack the territory of the Devil & get the Gospel into it!--

       53. THE VERY GATES OF HELL SHALL NOT PREVAIL AGAINST US! We're going right through the gates of Hell into Hell itself with this Show to give them the Gospel! The MWM Show wasn't designed to preach the Gospel to the whole World & its people that need it, the lost & the unsaved, for a lost generation--not just the Family, but the World!

       54. MWM MEANS GOD'S LOVE FOR THE WHOLE WORLD!--ARE YOU PUSHIN' IT?--You'd better!--Mad Dad!

       Enclosed is my $5.00 (U.S. or equivalent). Please rush me my 2 MWM Sample Show Tapes so I can book it on a Radio Station in my area!

              NAME: ___________________________________
       ADDRESS: ________________________________
       STATE: ___________COUNTRY ________________
       --I understand that if I book it on a Station or not, I get to keep both tapes & will receive another free for each additional Station I book!--Thanks! (Each tape contains 4 different shows--1 hour--play for friends!)--Send to: Music with Meaning CPO 220 Athens, Greece. (Allow two weeks to a month for delivery.)

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