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LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP!--By Father David       DO 931       9 August 1980

       1. WHEN WE SPEAK OF SAFE PLACES, WE'RE TALKING MAINLY ABOUT SAFER FROM NEARBY ATOMIC BOMBS & ATOMIC WARFARE. You can survive fallout if you have plenty of survival food & stay indoors with food & water for two weeks to a month. But it's pretty difficult to survive nearby hits.

       2. YUGOSLAVIA HAS BEEN CONSIDERED A NON-ALIGNED COUNTRY, they were the leaders of the non-aligned movement who didn't want to be dominated by either Russia or the U.S., so neither one of them would want to bomb Yugoslavia. They're not going to be bombing any of these little neutral or non-aligned countries.

       3. OF COURSE THE CONVENTIONAL FORCES WILL ROLL RIGHT IN & TAKE THEM OVER, as these little neutral & non-aligned countries will be absolute pushovers, because there won't be anybody there to defend them & the Russians will roll right in. They should suffer virtually no warfare at all, as they will offer no resistance. There might be a few stubborn Yugoslavs, a few guerrillas in the hills who might hold out for awhile, but when all of Europe falls to the Russians, what are they going to do?

       4. THERE ARE A FEW OF THOSE COUNTRIES IN EUROPE WHICH WILL BE SAFER, including Yugoslavia, Scandinavia, Austria, Switzerland & even France, who is getting more pro-Russian all the time & less pro-U.S. (Maria: So for the nationals of these countries they would be safer, & possibly even for the foreigners if the war happens so quickly that the governments don't have time to get rid of any foreigners living within their borders.)

       5. SPAIN WOULD HAVE BEEN GOOD, IT WAS A NEUTRAL IN THE LAST WAR, BUT IT'S ALLOWED TOO MANY AMERICAN BASES NOW, SO IT'LL BE A TARGET, INCLUDING PORTUGAL which is the head of the South Atlantic NATO. Italy also has too many American bases & is too closely allied with the U.S., as is also England of course. What about Ireland? Do you know anything about Ireland? Ireland protested neutrality in the last war, but its sympathies were all with Germany, & I don't know if there are any U.S. bases there or not. But it's too damn close to England to be very safe!

       6. ENGLAND & GERMANY OF COURSE ARE COMPLETELY ALIGNED WITH THE U.S. We also need to find out if there are any U.S. bases in Iceland, a NATO member. There are none that I know of in Scandinavia. Sweden, the largest country, is neutral. Finland is under the domination of Russia, but I don't believe she has any Russian bases there. Sweden has been neutral since the 30 Years' War [EDITED: "1618 to 1648"] between the Protestants & the Catholics when King Christian rescued most of Germany from Catholicism, but she stayed out of every war since then. Denmark & Norway are members of NATO.

       7. THE THING TO DO IS FIND OUT WHAT NATIONS ARE PARTICIPANTS OF NATO. All of the European countries will of course be immediately occupied or dominated by the Russians, & there will be some conventional warfare to enforce this occupation, but few of them are likely targets for the big ICBM atom bombs. Russia doesn't want to destroy them. She wants them. And even the Americans admit they couldn't possibly protect Germany in the event of war.

       8. THIS TIME GERMANY IS GOING TO BE THE MAJOR BATTLEFIELD, even if it starts as a conventional battle. And then of course it will work up to atomic tactical weapons, small atomic shells in the field. The U.S. has big bases even on some of those Mediterranean Islands like Sicily. Malta is supposed to be non-aligned, but of course now dominated by Libya, but has no major military bases since the British moved out.

       9. GREECE & TURKEY ARE MEMBERS OF NATO & HAVE LARGE U.S. BASES WHICH WILL BE PRIME TARGETS for atomic missiles to quickly destroy their military potential. They have missile-sub bases & big U.S. air bases, even though the ones in Turkey are now controlled by Turkey, the U.S. recently signed an agreement with Turkey to let them use them again.

       10. FRANCE OF COURSE IS A LITTLE TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT TO GERMANY, one of the major battlefields. The Lord showed me at one time that Germany was virtually going to become an atomic desert because of the way she's fought God's children. The East Bloc states of course are already under Russian control.

       11. ALBANIA HATES EVERYBODY & loves only Albania, so I'm quite sure she hasn't got any major Superpower bases, but I don't know what the difficulties may be of getting into Albania. It's a very small little mountain predominantly Muslim Communist country.

       12. ANYWHERE IN EUROPE WOULD BE OF COURSE IN GREAT SERIOUS DANGER OF FALLOUT, but this fallout can go so high into the atmosphere it can drift completely around the World, so you won't be safe anywhere regarding fallout. But of course it will be more dense & concentrated in the area of the bomb drops. Nowhere in Africa should be a target for atomic bombs unless Egypt & Israel start shooting'm at each other, which they might. It's claimed that Israel has atomic bombs, & there have been rumours that Egypt was trying to get some.

       13. WE SAW IN "IVAN IVANOVITCH" (No.279.) A LOT OF MISSILES FLYING OVER EGYPT, ISRAEL & THE EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN from the Sixth Fleet there, but they were not necessarily atomic missiles. They were more like ground-to-ground & ground-to-air missiles, etc. What they want to do in Libya is grab the oil fields, they don't want to destroy them, so they won't use atomic bombs there, they'd use conventional weapons.

       14. THEY'RE NOT LIKELY TO BE USING ATOMIC BOMBS EVEN THROUGHOUT THE MIDEAST, because there's too much that's valuable there that they don't want to destroy, everything from oil fields to Jerusalem, which are precious to all those various countries & religions as well as the rest of the World.

       15. BUT OF COURSE THE COMMUNISTS WILL OCCUPY OR DOMINATE THOSE COUNTRIES, BECAUSE THE COMMUNISTS ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD! (See Letters 163, 655, 799, 908.) They may permit them to continue as puppet or client states, continuing to rule themselves like the East Bloc countries, but they will be solidly in Russia's back pocket. And of course the Lord has shown us you can even go to Russia with your caravan (See "You Can Take Your Caravan to Russia," No.925), & then in the "Russian Peace Dream" (No.908) it looked like most of Russia was going to be spared, at least not totally destroyed.

       16. WE RECENTLY READ IN THE PAPER THAT THE U.S. HAS DECIDED THAT ITS NEW NUCLEAR WARFARE PLAN IS GOING TO AVOID CITIES & heavily populated areas & they are only planning to shoot at primarily military targets such as missile bases, military industrial sites & anything which could be a military threat, but try to avoid killing too many people.

       17. THE U.S. IS PROBABLY HOPING RUSSIA WILL FOLLOW THE SAME PATTERN, kind of hinting to Russia, "Now, we're not going to kill all of you, please don't kill all of us. Let's just shoot at each others' military targets.--OK?--Thanks!"--Ha! (Maria: Do you think they'll stick to that?) No, they can't. The U.S. is so concentrated & small, they can't very well drop a bunch of atom bombs without wiping out most of the country, nearly the whole country, because the U.S. has its missile bases scattered all over.

       18. THERE OF COURSE WILL BE A LOT OF CONFUSION & TURMOIL IN ALL COUNTRIES DURING SUCH A WAR. There will be Communist coups & local military takeovers, all in favour of the Communists & Russia, even if they're not directly occupied by the Russians. And there will be that two-week-to-a-month period of pretty heavy fallout throughout Europe & the U.S. & some even all over the World.

       19. BUT IF YOU CAN SURVIVE THE FALLOUT & TEMPORARY TURMOIL--BOTH POLITICAL & MILITARY--YOU HAVE A PRETTY GOOD CHANCE OF LIVING THROUGH IT. The Russians will be busy consolidating their hold on Europe & start mopping up pockets of resistance in other parts of the World; they'll get a pretty firm grip on everything & get things pretty well organised & things will begin to settle down soon under the new World Communist power, preparing the way for the World Government of the Antichrist, as there'll be no more U.S. superpower to oppose them, & China too may fall in line.

       20. EVEN EAST BLOC COUNTRIES WOULD BE FAIRLY SAFE PLACES TO BE if they do not have missile bases. They're already occupied by Russia. And it's very doubtful that the battlefront will move Eastward, but more likely Westward into Western Europe.

       21. IF FRANCE STAYS FRIENDLY WITH RUSSIA & DOES NOT RESIST OCCUPATION, FRANCE WILL BE FAIRLY SAFE, & it's not a likely atomic target of either Superpower since it's taking a more neutral position today. And though it has some missile bases of its own, they're not likely to be targets, unless France's leadership & political attitude changes considerably from what it is now, which is very friendly to Russia & leaning that way much more so than toward the U.S. So it's more apt to be considered more like a neutral & not a target, & I'm sure the Russians would like to preserve it.

       22. HOWEVER, THE U.S. SEEMS QUITE READY & WILLING TO SACRIFICE ALL OF EUROPE FOR ITS OWN NECK, & knowing Americans as we do, I don't think they'd hesitate to shoot missiles anywhere in Europe if they thought it would save their own necks!--So there's always that possibility too. If they thought France's missiles might be turned against them, France might possibly become a target, but I don't think France's missiles are apt to be shot at the U.S.

       23. FRANCE DEVELOPED ITS OWN MISSILES JUST BECAUSE IT WANTED TO SHOW ITS INDEPENDENCE FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD. And though at present it seems to be the head of Europe--or at least the EEC--I doubt very much they would want to sacrifice their lives to save Germany or the rest of Europe. From its present position, it seems much more likely to declare itself neutral & stay out of the war like it stayed out of the U.S. Olympics boycott.

       24. OF COURSE ALL AMERICAN & NATO BASES IN EUROPE WILL BE PRIME TARGETS when it gets to be open season for Russian missiles. So no place in such countries that harbour U.S. or NATO bases will be safe in any way.

       25. OTHER COUNTRIES WHICH MAY NOT HAVE EITHER RUSSIAN OR U.S. BASES OR MISSILES MAY BECOME VICTIMS OF CONVENTIONAL WARFARE as the Russian forces roll Westward, but they're not apt to be atomic targets--unless they become targets of what they call tactical nuclear weapons--guns that shoot small nuclear shells in battlefield warfare, such as tank warfare.

       26. BUT THIS WILL BE MOSTLY ALONG THE BATTLEFRONT & NEAR MILITARY TARGETS, along the so-called Iron Curtain, & they're expecting most of it to be in Germany. The U.S. & NATO have admitted that there's no way they could possibly stop the Russian conventional tank forces from occupying Western Europe without using such small nuclear weapons.

       27. SO THE WAR WILL PROBABLY START CONVENTIONALLY WITH THE RUSSIAN FORCES ADVANCING IN TANKS & PLANES until both sides escalate to tactical nuclear weapons--small missiles, ground-to-ground missiles, & finally small tactical atomic shells in the actual battle area, but no big intercontinental bombs yet.

       28. BUT WHEN THE U.S. SEES IT'S LOSING EUROPE & THE WAR, SHE WILL UNDOUBTEDLY DECIDE TO START USING ICBMs, Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles, the big bombs that destroy whole countries. And if she's already lost Europe & the Russians have occupied it, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she wouldn't hesitate to bomb any place in Europe if it's already become part of Russia!

       29. SO CENTRAL EUROPE, PARTICULARLY GERMANY, IS EXPECTED TO BE THE MAJOR CONVENTIONAL BATTLE FIELD, beginning with tank & plane warfare, then escalating soon to nuclear guns & small bombs. But then as the NATO countries, particularly the U.S. see that they're losing, they will not hesitate to use the big bombs to try to stop Russia.

       30. BUT FROM WHAT WE GOT THE OTHER DAY, IT LOOKS LIKE RUSSIA MAY DECIDE TO PREEMPT THEM WITH A FIRST STRIKE, knowing that they're getting desperate enough to use the big bombs, & so decide to use'm first to stop them, particularly to stop the U.S. from using them & its European bases. So except for these countries which will be the actual primary conventional battlefield & the countries containing U.S. & NATO bases & missile bases of either side, the other countries of Europe are very unlikely to be prime targets for any kind of nuclear weapons, especially not the ICBMs, the big ones, that can destroy a whole country.

       31. SO MY OPINION IS THAT THESE NEUTRAL & NON-ALIGNED COUNTRIES OF EUROPE WITHOUT U.S. OR NATO OR COMMUNIST BASES OR MISSILE SITES ARE VERY UNLIKELY TO BE TARGETS OF THE BIG BOMBS, although they might be involved in smaller warfare & skirmishes, coups, invasions, occupations, civil war & so on until the Communist forces have taken over completely. So I would say that it would be actually possible to exist & survive the contingent turmoil & even some conventional warfare or domestic strife in European countries which are not apt to be prime targets for the big atomic bombs.

       32. SO IF YOU ALREADY HAVE YOUR CARAVAN & TOWING VEHICLE & ARE SET UP FOR TRAVEL, YOU EUROPEANS COULD CONSIDER WORKING IN SOME OF THESE NEUTRAL OR NON-ALIGNED COUNTRIES OF EUROPE as safer places to avoid the principal warfare & not be an actual target for an atom bomb, since it will be very difficult if not impossible for you to ship your caravan to South America or the South Pacific, South Africa, etc.

       33. AS THE LORD HAS ALREADY SHOWN US, YOU COULD EVEN TAKE YOUR CARAVAN TO RUSSIA OR TRAVEL THROUGH THE MIDEAST. But this is almost more dangerous now than future atomic bombs, due to banditry, local violence, instability of governments & a general lack of security. Several of those are already involved in virtual civil war or impending civil war.

       34. NORTH AFRICAN COUNTRIES OF COURSE WILL NOT BE ATOM TARGETS, but their present governments there are already in the hands of antagonistic Muslims & almost as dangerous, & are fairly closed to the Gospel & particularly to Christian missionaries without risking your life &/or freedom.

       35. SOME OF THE GREEK ISLANDS MAY BE FAR ENOUGH FROM THE U.S. BASES IN GREECE TO BE FAIRLY SAFE, such as Crete, Rhodes & even Cyprus, & you can drive your car & trailer onto drive-on-drive-off ferries almost anywhere in the Mediterranean. And of course you can drive them almost anywhere in Europe to these neutral or non-aligned countries & work there until the war is over.

       36. BUT OF COURSE HARDLY ANY PART OF AFRICA IS NOW SAFE FOR EITHER WHITES, NON-MUSLIMS OR AMERICANS, EXCEPT POSSIBLY EGYPT & SOUTH AFRICA. But of course Egypt is particularly vulnerable to conventional warfare & occupation as described in "Israel Invaded" & other Letters (Nos. 277, 305, 349, etc.), the occupation of which is specifically predicted in the Bible, including virtually all the Mideast countries by the Communists, including Israel, Egypt & so on.

       37. BUT THIS IS GOING TO BE TRUE OF VIRTUALLY THE WHOLE WORLD, AS EVERY COUNTRY ON EARTH IS GOING TO FALL UNDER USSR OR COMMUNIST DOMINATION AS THE ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT RISES TO RULE THE WORLD. That is a hazard you'll have to face everywhere, but hopefully survive at least for awhile, both during & after the war. As we recommended in "Americans Abroad", we still believe that South America, Central America, Mexico & the Caribbean will probably be some of the safest places on Earth during an atomic war. But some of those countries down there are not even safe to live in right now because of dangerous political situations, health hazards & crime!

       38. SO IT'S SORT OF "CHOOSE YOUR POISON" & TRY TO FIND THE LESSER OF THE MANY EVILS. We don't want everybody in the whole World making a sudden uniform mass exodus to South America or Latin America & the Caribbean, because you may face dangers there immediately almost as bad as warfare if not worse!: Crippling & fatal diseases, horrific health hazards, unstable governments, high insecurity, rampant crime & threatening local warfare!

       39. SO YOU COULD BE JUMPING OUT OF THE FIRE INTO THE FRYING PAN--to reverse the usual old saying--& not much better off! However I would highly recommend it for the North Americans, except perhaps for Canadians in some of the more remote parts of Canada which would be very unlikely targets for any kind of warfare, much less atomic bombs. But avoid the areas which may have U.S. or NATO major military or atom bases, which could be mostly Southeastern Canada next to Northeastern U.S.

       40. SO IF YOU'RE ALREADY IN SOME OF THESE SAFER PLACES WITH A CAR & CARAVAN & FAMILY, I WOULD SUGGEST THAT YOU MAY BE SAFER TRYING TO STICK IT OUT RIGHT THERE than dumping everything you've got & grabbing the next plane or boat to South America & having to leave it all behind & start all over again in a strange country with a strange tongue & very friendly but strange people & even stranger governments!

       41. I WOULD SAY, DON'T LEAVE UNLESS YOU FEEL YOU HAVE TO. Don't leave these safer areas--unless you have to--for an equally or more presently unsafe South America at the cost of everything you've got & your present place of ministry, if fruitful & God is blessing you where you're at & may want you to stay there, particularly if you already have your own car & caravan & would find that you had to abandon it to go overseas.

       42. FOR THERE IS NO WAY TO DRIVE ANY KIND OF VEHICLE FROM NORTH AMERICA TO SOUTH AMERICA. The door is virtually closed at Panama, the end of the line for North Americans, & you may have to ship your vehicles & equipment from there at a much higher cost than from a nearby U.S. port, or find it impossible!

       43. OF COURSE YOU WHO HAVE ONLY A CAR &/OR TENT & CAMPING EQUIPMENT, but not a caravan, may find it practical to ship your car & carload overseas without an absolutely prohibitive expense, if you feel you must leave your area & go so far for a safer field, such as some of you who are already camping-equipped in Spain & Portugal, who already speak the two South American languages fluently & are familiar with the Latins & their customs & accustomed to witnessing to them under Catholic or dictatorially dominated situations.

       44. YOU SPANISH & PORTUGUESE MISSIONARIES & IBERIAN CITIZENS MIGHT FEEL QUITE AT HOME IN SOUTH AMERICA in some South American countries, & could ship your equipment there. But some ships do not take caravans at all & some ships don't take cars either, so you could only ship your camping equipment at the rate of about $100 per cubic meter regardless of weight, which might make it practical for you.

       45. AS WE WARNED YOU BEFORE, THE CHEAPEST WAY IS TO GO BY PLANE. (Maria: Unless you can provision it.)...as the boat fare on these cargo-passenger vessels is very expensive & for strictly first-class luxury accommodations only, all sumptuous rooms & banquet meals provided in the Captain's cabin for as many as 18 days en route on the high seas! So it is not cheap to go by boat yourselves.

       46. IF YOU MUST, SHIP YOUR TRUNKS & EQUIPMENT, & THEN TRAVEL LIGHT & FLY WITH YOUR FAMILY. There are many many more planes going much much cheaper & certainly much quicker from many points in Europe & the U.S. to South America & the Caribbean.

       47. OF COURSE YOU CAN DRIVE YOUR CARAVAN THROUGHOUT MOST OF MEXICO & CENTRAL AMERICA, & these may be ideal countries for some of you, particularly if you know Spanish & have plenty of money to subsist on, having raised your own support at home before leaving. Foreign guests with their own funds are quite welcome throughout these poor countries, so help keep South America green by bringing money!

       48. SO I WOULD NOT ADVISE ANY OF YOU EUROPEANS NOR CANADIANS TO MAKE THAT LONG HOP TO SOUTH AMERICA OR THE CARIBBEAN UNLESS YOU FEEL YOU HAVE TO, as you may be in a much safer place right now than you would be in South America, & you may be in a place which may even be fairly safe during the atomic war & in which you already have your vehicles, equipment, family & a fruitful place of ministry.

       49. SO LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP, & WEIGH THE CONSEQUENCES, & DON'T LEAP BEFORE YOU LOOK! Haste may make waste of all you've worked so hard for! You may be better off right where you are or nearby, than where you would be there, especially right now & in the near future, & not too bad off during the war, & maybe no worse than South America!

       50. SO PLEASE CONSIDER ALL OF THESE FACTORS WISELY BEFORE MAKING SUCH A DRASTIC DECISION as dumping all you've got, abandoning your present fruitful ministry & jumping on the next plane or boat to South America or the Caribbean at a phenomenal cost to an unfamiliar region with an unfavourable government & a strange tongue & different people, where you would have to start all over again from the bottom & where it might take you years to catch up to where you are now in your present location.

       51. HOWEVER, THOSE OF YOU NOW IN SPAIN & PORTUGAL who already know the languages & the customs & whose present locations with all their NATO & U.S. bases are bound to be atomic targets, you should be preparing to go to Latin America NOW!--Unless you already fluently speak the language of one of the safer nearer countries of Europe. In that case I would suggest you should take your caravan &/or camping equipment there as soon as you feel led, as Spain & Portugal are not apt to survive in an atomic war, as they are very nearby & easy targets for Russian missiles aiming at U.S. & NATO bases, of which they have plenty despite their so-called neutrality.

       52. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE SITUATION IS IN IRELAND REGARDING BASES, BUT IT'S PRETTY CLOSE TO BRITAIN. BUT YOU BRITISH HAVE A THOUSAND DIFFERENT PLACES IN THE WORLD TO GO WHERE THEY SPEAK ENGLISH far from a primary atomic target such as Britain. You low countries are too close to the German battlefield to be safe, & Italy & Greece have too many U.S. & NATO bases. But the aforementioned neutral &/or non-aligned countries of Europe, such as France, Switzerland, Austria, Yugoslavia & parts of Scandinavia, are apt to be fairly safe for some time to come--& even during an atomic war!

       53. SO I WOULD NOT FEEL THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE TO LEAVE THOSE COUNTRIES NOW, nor perhaps even in the near future--if at all--if you already are well set up there & having a fruitful ministry, well provided for & blessed by the Lord. So you Europeans with vehicles & caravans & camping equipment should seriously consider these fairly safe fields of Europe before jumping off helter-skelter for some far away costly uncertain unknown field & leaving all you now have behind--a total loss!

       54. THE MIDEAST WILL BE SUBJECT TO WARFARE, BUT NOT NECESSARILY ATOMIC WARFARE, & this could be true of almost anywhere in the World outside the atomic-target nations. So you may be just as well off where you are--or even better off--than running off to some unknown faraway field with which you're totally unfamiliar, including its language & people.

       55. WE HAVE EVEN HEARD FROM SOME WHO FEEL THAT CERTAIN PARTS OF NORTH AFRICA WILL BE FAIRLY SAFE & CIVILISED, SUCH AS TUNISIA, EGYPT & SO ON, & certainly none of it is a likely atomic target. Black Africa is extremely unsafe for Whites even now, & has very few good roads, dangerous jungles & dangerous inhabitants who could gladly kill you for your car & trailer, & who are not at present too receptive to the Gospel in most places.

       56. WE HAVE HAD SOME INDICATION FROM THE LORD TO OUR SURPRISE THAT WHITE-DOMINATED SOUTH AFRICA MAY SURVIVE THE ATOMIC WAR & EVEN THE RED TIDE OF BLACK-AFRICAN NATIONALISM FOR AWHILE! But that area is quite antagonistic to the Family & is not an open field for open witnessing, much less litnessing, although they do encourage immigration of Whites with skills that they need, if you only want job & refuge.

       57. IF THEY DO CONSENT TO GIVING YOU ONE OF THEIR VERY STRICT TOURIST VISAS--having looked you over & examined you thoroughly--including your parentage, background, race, education, religion, finances--they may give you a tourist visa for one year, after which, if you have behaved yourself, you can apply for permanent residency & eventual citizenship, should the World last that long & they like you.

       58. BUT IT'S A VERY DIFFICULT FIELD FOR A MINISTRY SUCH AS OURS, as even your private personal opinions expressed to friends could be dangerous! Your mail is likely to be opened, your phone bugged & you under constant suspicion as a stranger in their strange land which has been bucking the whole World to survive! So you can't much blame them for being suspicious of every stranger & why you would want to live there.

       59. BUT IF THEY LIKE YOU, THEY WILL DO EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO HELP YOU STAY, even with certain financial aids. But if they don't like you, they will help you leave in a hurry! So watch your step in South Africa! It's not a likely place for a ministry such as ours, but a fairly safe haven in which you could at least live & work at an ordinary System job & be fairly safe until after the war, when total Communist domination will ensue throughout the World.

       60. IT DOES HAVE THE CONSIDERABLE ADVANTAGES OF A EUROPEAN CHRISTIAN CULTURE, a strong secure stable government, English & Dutch languages, a mild temperate climate, a very prosperous economy producing self-sufficiently everything it needs, but in need of skilled labour & professionals, such as perhaps you! So don't knock it, you might like it, & you could possibly survive there better & more comfortably & safer than where you are now, if you satisfy their rigid rules.

       61. SO EUROPEANS, MIDEASTERNERS, CANADIANS, ASIANS & PACIFICANS, PLEASE LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP, & DON'T LEAP BEFORE YOU LOOK! You may be better off where you are, in which case you'd better stay there, or only move to a safer area more nearby without losing everything you've gained!

       62. BE SURE YOU PRAY DESPERATELY & FIND GOD'S WILL FOR YOURSELF BEFORE YOU GO ANYWHERE! Only God knows the best place for you. We have been personally amazed at some of the places God has suggested for us personally through direct revelation, which we would never have dreamed of otherwise, such as our going to Tenerife inspired by that actual vision of the word "TENERIFE" in red letters glowing like a neon sign in the middle of the night! A place we had never even heard of & knew nothing about!--And even in then Franco Spain, a most unlikely closed country for such as we!

       63. SO DON'T KNOCK GOD'S DIRECT REVELATIONS EITHER.--HE MAY HAVE ONE FOR YOU!--PRAY & ASK HIM FOR IT! Remember how Paul had planned to go to a certain place, but had a dream in the middle of the night of a man of Macedonia, Greece, who begged him to "Come over to Macedonia & help us," so he completely changed his plans & took a boat to Greece instead! (Acts 16:9,10.) So be sure to find God's will for you, even if it's not God's will for anybody else.

       64. WHEN WE SUGGESTED SOUTH AMERICA, THAT WAS ONLY WISE REASONING as a matter of common sense & the obvious circumstances, but it may not be the place for you in anyway at anytime! So don't go there just because we suggested it, but if it fits your present location & your present situation & your present equipment & God's will for your life, then pray about it & go if He so leads, in His time.

       65. BUT DON'T GET IN TOO BIG A HURRY, AS HASTE MAKES WASTE! WE BELIEVE EUROPE STILL HAS A LITTLE TIME LEFT BEFORE THE BIG WAR BEGINS, & EVEN THEN SOME OF YOU COULD BE SAFER IN SOME PARTS OF EUROPE THAN YOU MIGHT BE OR COULD BE RIGHT NOW IN SOUTH AMERICA! So please look & pray before you leap, & don't go until you find God's will definitely for you. One man's meat could be another man's poison! It's undoubtedly just the place for some of you, but could be the worst place in the World for others. So be sure it's God's will for you before you go, even if you live in North America. You might be safer in Canada. Some have asked,

       66. "WHAT ABOUT OUR U.S. REFUGES?" We have always advised they're to be as far as possible from cities & possible atomic targets, & only as a desperate & extreme measure to hope to survive the fallout even if not in a direct hit area. But there's not too much of the U.S. that's going to survive either one, or the violent political & economic chaos following, when it will be every man for himself & the Devil may take the hindmost!

       67. SO I CERTAINLY WOULD NOT STAY IN THE U.S. UNLESS I FELT I HAD TO OR WAS DEFINITELY CALLED TO OR SPECIFICALLY DIRECTED TO BY A DIRECT REVELATION FROM THE LORD! U.S. refuges are only a last resort, for even if you survive the bombs & the fallout, such remote refuges where they suspect you have food & water may become prime targets for the vicious savage rioters & looters & hungry cannibals from the cities desperate to survive & willing to kill you to do so!

       68. AND EVEN IF YOU SURVIVE ALL THIS IN THE U.S., IT'S MINE & JEANE DIXON'S REVELATIONS that after such a war & such chaos, the U.S. will become a Red-Black dominated nation, & hardly a safe place for Whites, if you happen to have that unfortunate colour in the World to come!

       69. SO MY ADVICE--& THE LORD'S (SEE NOs. 160, 372, 375)--TO YOU U.S. RESIDENTS IS STILL THE SAME AS IT WAS TEN YEARS AGO: GET OUT!--That is, if you want to survive & live at all, unless specifically led by the Lord otherwise to stay & sacrifice your lives as martyrs to glean a few more souls & go quickly to Heaven with them out of Mess America! For if you stay there, you've got more faith than I have, as God told me to get out! But if He tells you to stay, that's your business. God help you!

       70. AS FOR THE REST OF ASIA, THE SUBCONTINENT SUCH AS INDIA, SRI LANKA & THE INDIAN OCEAN ISLANDS, these are already pro-Russian non-aligned countries which will probably be safe from atomic attack & possibly even Russian occupation, but subject definitely to Communist domination. But they are already rather insecure places to live, if you're thinking only of survival, where the health hazards & the political perils are already more dangerous than atomic bombs! But if India & Sri Lanka are your cup of tea served you by the Lord, don't be afraid to drink'm & stay there, as God will be with you if that's His will.

       71. THE SAME GOES FOR SOUTHEAST ASIA where some countries are already closed, & Thailand & Burma & possibly Malaysia are next to fall to the Vietnamese & Communist hoards. But if you learn to survive now under a Communist dictatorship, at least you'll have a head start on the rest of us who have that trick yet to learn. But it could be very short-lived, as some of them don't particularly like Christian missionaries!

       72. THAILAND IS A VERY RIPE HARVEST FIELD RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IT'S ABOUT TO FALL. You could have a tremendous time there now joyfully reaping, but are apt to wind up in a war! But of course, we're all already in a war, so you may be just as safe there as anywhere, & certainly if it's God's will for you. The rest of Southeast Asia will also fall eventually to the Communists, some before others, so pick your poison. Some is slow & some is fast!

       73. GOD MAY GIVE YOU YOUR CHOICE, BUT HE ALONE KNOWS WHAT'S BEST, SO YOU'D BETTER ASK HIM TO FIND OUT WHERE HE WANTS YOU! China is not yet an open field, but there re even presently good opportunities of infiltration, but still dangerous if caught. Taiwan was a U.S. client state until dropped by the U.S., so is now in constant danger of being gobbled up by China, but at present a fairly open & fruitful field & good preparation for China itself, & will definitely be protected by China from a take-over by any other powers.

       74. THE PHILIPPINES ARE STILL A U.S. CLIENT & BIG U.S. MILITARY & NAVAL BASE, but getting more independent all the time, but extremely anti-Communist, & so are likely to violently resist any Communist take-over in the future, & be a prime target for the big bombs. But at present it's a very open & extremely fruitful field with very low living costs, a nice tropical climate, very receptive friendly people & they're very easy on U.S. citizens. But Manila is already crowded with the Family, so you might try some of the other areas of the Islands where there are other big cities besides Manila.

       75. BETWEEN THE U.S. ON ONE SIDE & CHINA ON THE OTHER, NOW FRIENDS, JAPAN MAY BE ALLOWED TO EXIST independently as a non-aligned state, although presently U.S.-dominated. But probably in the future it will be dominated by China, but could be a possible target area if still containing U.S. bases in the coming war, which is likely if soon.

       76. OTHER PACIFIC ISLANDS ARE VIRTUAL PARADISES, AT PRESENT PEACEFUL & CERTAINLY NOT SUBJECT TO ATOMIC ATTACK, EXCEPT THOSE HAVING U.S. BASES. But they could be hazardous in case of tribal warfare as they are given their independence. Further Southward, we are not familiar with the situation in Indonesia & the East Indies other than that they have a very strongly anti-Communist government supported by the Dutch & the U.S.A. & brought about by a military coup engineered by the CIA, so therefore very pro-U.S. & open to U.S. visitors, a very free & open field where we are reaping a good harvest at present.

       77. BUT IF THESE ISLANDS CONTAIN ANY SO-CALLED PROTECTIVE U.S. BASES, THEY COULD BE SUBJECT TO ATTACK in the future & of course will be eventually Communist-dominated after the war, as everywhere else, but might be a safer place to survive it than many other places in the World.

       78. IT IS MY FEELING THAT AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND ALSO WILL NOT BE PRIME TARGETS & may even be left to last for final Communist conquest, being far removed from the central theatres of political & military confrontation. They have long been a ripe & fruitful harvest field for the Family, with a European Christian culture & political democratic freedom & a very prosperous economy, but now difficult for anyone to stay in except their own citizens & some members of the Commonwealth.

       79. SO IF YOU'RE AN AUSTRALIAN OR NEW ZEALANDER OR POSSIBLY EVEN BRITISH, YOU MAY FIND THAT AREA ONE OF THE SAFEST HAVENS in the World for some time yet to come, & very open to our kind of ministry for their own citizens, although not without some harassment & persecution & bad publicity. But you may find it easier to survive there now, economically & physically as well as religiously, than in most countries in the World.

       80. WELL, THAT ABOUT BRINGS US TO ANTARCTICA where you might join some scientific expedition in which the hazards of survival are almost greater than anywhere else, so I wouldn't recommend it--nor the Arctic either, unless it's Greenland or Iceland which are quite safe places now if you can stand the cold, & both very democratic European open & free societies with quite a lot of freedom for our kind of ministry & where we have had some fruit, but are most likely targets in any kind of war because of big U.S. bases.

       81. THAT ABOUT COVERS THE WHOLE WORLD IN SUMMING UP THE SECURITY SITUATION OF POSSIBLE SURVIVAL, fields where you may be safer than in others in the coming war. But be sure you get your personal direction straight from the Lord & not just from me. I'm just your wise father trying to counsel you concerning the various natural conditions & circumstances as they now appear, but many of these can easily change overnight. So don't go today necessarily by yesterday's instructions or information, as there may be an entirely new situation there now from when I told you this.

       82. SO GET YOUR ORDERS FROM THE LORD TODAY & don't go only by what you were told yesterday, or you may be a little Black Sambo & get all mixed up with some tiger because you got your orders mixed & went by yesterday's instructions instead of today's!--And you can only get those from the Lord, so get'm, whether you go or stay!

       83. IF JESUS GOES WITH YOU, YOU CAN GO ANYWHERE! Like the old song:

       "If Jesus goes with me
       I'll go anywhere,
       'Tis Heaven to me
       Where 'ere I may be,
       If He is there!
       I count it a privilege here
       My cross to bear,
       If Jesus goes with me
       I'll go anywhere!"

       --And what's the one about whether it be to go or stay? (Maria: Yes!

       ("Ready to go, ready to stay,
       Ready to do His Will,
       Ready for service, lowly or great,
       Ready my place to fill!")

       (Then Dad & Maria sing a happy song:)

       It may not be on the battlefront,
       Where the Lord hath need of me.
       But if by some still small voice He calls,
       To paths that I do not know,
       I'll answer dear Lord with my hand in Thine,
       I'll go where You want me to go!

       I'll go where You want me to go dear Lord,
       O'er mountain or plain or sea,
       I'll stay where You want me to stay dear Lord,
       I'll be what You want me to be!"

Amen? Praise God! (Maria: Amen, TYL!)

       85. ARE YOU READY FOR ANYTHING?--ANYTHING GOD WANTS YOU TO DO, whether it be go or stay? Amen? (Maria: Amen!) GBY & help you to make His decision, in Jesus' name, amen.

       86. P.S. I'M SURE YOU CAN GET MUCH MORE SPECIFIC INFORMATION ON MOST OF THESE FIELDS FROM THE FAMILY WHO ARE THERE AS WELL AS OTHER AUTHORITATIVE SOURCES such as the governments involved & their travel bureaus, embassies, consulates, legations, travel agencies or other sources of official information as well as guide books, travel books, library books & so on regarding all the details in every sphere of the place involved or in which you are interested. [EDITED: "More from Family coming soon!"]

       87. SO DON'T HESITATE TO PLUMB THE DEPTHS OF THESE INFORMATIONAL RESOURCES BEFORE YOU GO as well, & research your prospective field thoroughly in every way if you can, & I'm sure you can. Don't be a Dodo! Look before you leap!--Especially pray & seek the leading of the Lord in whatever decision you make. Amen? God bless & keep you wherever you go or stay & make you a blessing, in Jesus' name, amen!--Amen? WLY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family