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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

URGENT NOTICES!!--By M&M        DFO932

       NEW FEATURE!--ENCLOSED WITH THIS EDITION OF YOUR MAGAZINE IS A NEW FEATURE, A "KIDS" MAGAZINE Volume 1, Number 1, with lots of goodies for all the children! You may wish to laminate the covers of each Magazine with plastic, or have a special separate binder-folder where each of these Magazines can be placed as you receive them. We hope to make these KIDS MAGAZINES a regular special separate feature of the Family News Magazine, thanks to Family Care & You!--So please send in your kid's letters, cute remarks, favourite games, word puzzles, testimonies, photos, stories, etc., to share with others.--OK? Do it TODAY!--Thanks!--Love, Dad.


       LATIN AMERICAN-BOUND FAMILIES: ATTENTION!--WAIT FOR SPECIAL SEPTEMBER LATIN AMERICAN EDITION, 324 pages of all you need to know before you go, including some urgent new MO Letters: "Get Home Support Before You Go!", "Keep Your Caravan at Home!", "Go to the Cities!" & "Look Before You Leap!"--Or you may wish you had! GBAKY!--Dad. (See this edition!)

       P.S. IT'S ALSO CHOCK FULL OF ALTERNATE PLACES TO GO if it's impossible or impractical for you to go to South America!--Don't leave without it!--Or you may wish you hadn't!--I warn you!--Love,--Dad.

              WILD WIND APOLOGY: WE HAVE DISCOVERED THAT SOME WILD TAPES WERE OF VERY POOR QUALITY plastic which quickly gums up the sound-head of your cassette player, greatly reducing its volume, necessitating the cleaning of the sound-head with alcohol after nearly every playing of one of these tapes.

              WILD WIND IS VERY SORRY THAT WE DID NOT DISCOVER THIS SOONER, & if you have one of these tapes we will be happy to replace it with one of good quality free of charge & you can keep the old one, if you will simply write & tell us the title of the tape you wish replaced. We sincerely regret this technical error & will do our very best to keep if from ever happening again. Write to:

              WILD WIND TAPES, B.P. 3191, 31027 TOULOUSE CEDEX, FRANCE. TO CLEAN THE SOUND-HEAD OF YOUR TAPE RECORDER, simply put a drop of alcohol or alcoholic perfume or cologne of high alcoholic content on the tip of your finger & rub it back & forth across the shiny curved face of the sound-head, a small curved squarish polished metal block about 1 cm wide x 1-1/2 cm long just inside of the front of the tape receptacle near the middle.

              BE SURE TO REMOVE THE TAPE CASSETTE FIRST, AS ALCOHOL WILL DISSOLVE TAPE. A bit of brown dirt will come off onto the tip of your finger which has worn off of tapes passing over the head. A dirty head greatly reduces the sound quality & volume of tapes either recorded or played on such a dirty sound-head.

              JUST TO THE LEFT OF THE SOUND-HEAD YOU WILL FIND ANOTHER SMALLER HEAD WHICH IS THE ERASER-HEAD which erases an old sound track when you are recording over it on a used tape. This should also be cleaned in the same way at the same time, or it will not erase the old sound track properly & you will have a high background noise level on your new recording.

              YOU MAY BE SURPRISED AT THE REMARKABLE DIFFERENCE IN THE POOR QUALITY & LOW VOLUME OF TAPES recorded & played on your tape recorder if these heads are dirty! We have heard of several people taking their tape recorders to electronic shops to be repaired because they could hardly hear the tapes played on them anymore & they would barely record, because they sounded so muffled & unclear & had such faint volume, when all they would have had to do was to clean their own tape heads with a drop of alcohol on the tip of their finger to make almost magical change in the sound of their tapes, astonishly increasing both clarity & volume!

              WITH VERY CHEAP POOR QUALITY TAPES, THIS WILL HAVE TO BE DONE ALMOST AFTER EVERY RECORDING OR PLAYING OF SUCH TAPES! With good high quality tapes made of good durable plastic that will not wear of easily on your heads, like Scotch, 3M, Philips, Sony, etc., such head-cleaning only has to be done after a number of recordings or playings. So it doesn't pay to buy cheap tapes that will only gum up your tape recorder & frustrate your listening pleasure. Good tapes are worth the money! Try'm! You'll love'm!--And hereafter Wild Wind will only use good tapes! Sorry. Send us your bad titles today!--Love, Dad.

              HERE'S A CHILDREN'S TAPE THAT WILL BE A JOY TO ALL...Faithy & the MM Minstrels present:

       --An hour of beautiful Sunday School choruses, traditional Gospel numbers, & original Family songs that take you through the whole Bible on the wings of a song! These old favourites are sung by Faithy & the music beautifully produced by Jeremy Spencer. Also featured are Ahimelech, Joan & Windy, Solomon & the Spencer Children!

              DON'T MISS YOUR CHANCE TO GET A COPY of this unique & inspiring tape! Order today by sending $5 per tape to: MWM, CPO 220, Athens, Greece. GBY! WLY!

              EUROPEANS: ATTENTION! IF YOU HAVE A CARAVAN & CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU to South America & don't plan to drive to Russia or some other safer place, but still plan to go but leave it behind, how about loaning or giving it to MWM for the Winter!

              SOME OF OUR MWM STAFF ARE STILL LIVING IN TENTS & need warmer housing for the cold Winter. You could drive it to Greece & catch your boat from there, or notify us & we could come get it & store it for you. Write: MWM, CPO 220, Athens Greece, with Attn: Business Manager in lower corner of envelope. Thanks!

              WARNING TO CARAVANERS!: BEST BUYS ARE GOOD USED MAKES: WE HAVE LEARNT SO MUCH ABOUT CARAVANING through studying books, talking to Family members & through the mistakes of others! We feel it is very important the Family know that the cheaper non-famous-name caravans are not the bargain they may appear to be at first sight, since their fixtures & fittings are normally of a poorer quality, break easily, are badly finished & can therefore cause minor injuries, such as veneer strips around tables, & doors that spilt & cause splinters, sharp window edges, etc.

              WE HAVE FOUND THAT THE ORIGINAL MORE EXPENSIVE NAME-BRAND CARAVANS (like Tabbert, Dethleff, Polar, Carlight & most German makes) are much better used buys. We also feel that a lot of people are buying on the basis of looks, rather than really checking into it & finding out about common faults. The Caravaning Magazines publish tests on almost all caravans & can be telephoned for advice--which could save a lot of agony & wasted time & money later.--Love, Thaddeus. (Research Expert of World Services.)

              ATTENTION: PRINTING WILL BE STARTED SOON ON VOLUME VII OF THE LATEST LETTERS NUMBERS 801 THROUGH 900! This Volume, unlike the other previous Volumes, will have a complete alphabetical & numerical listing of all MO Letters from A through 900! So plan on getting your personal copy of volume VII when it is completed! Reserve your copy now by sending your name & address only (send no money now) to: Gold Lion Publishers, P.O. Box 20854, C.W.B., Hong Kong.

       THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE SENT US VIDEOS OF YOUR FAMILIES & WORK! They're great inspiration to us, help us to know you better & pray for you more. They inspired & encourage us & thrill our hearts as we see the results of what God has been doing around the World through you!

              IT'S GOTTA BE GOD!--Thanks for letting Him use you to love others into His Kingdom. Keep the vision! Keep the video! Keep the faith! Hold fast to your courage!--And continue to take the initiative! Attack, attack, attack!--And send us more videos!--This is our feedback! Thanks!--And GBY!--M&M.

              P.S. WE'LL PUT'M ON THE WS FAMILY VIDEO CIRCUIT of those who have videos to enjoy & inspire them too!--And will return these to you when all have seen, D.V. If you have videos from at home or abroad, we'd love to see'm! (VHS/PAL)

              BE SURE TO PACK SAFELY & INSURE, register &/or certify to guarantee their safety.--Also clearly mark on customs slip pasted on front or on the package: "Used Personal Gift Video Tape", or otherwise we have been charged high custom's fees like for new recorded movies!--Thanks!

              --AND WATCH FOR A NEW MO LETTER SOON ON "VIDEOS!"--It's an exciting & fascinating story of Video possibilities as an educational & informational too throughout the Family, as well as for inspiring visual reports from at home & abroad for those of you who can afford them or have faith for one!--Also describes Dad's favourites!--Also coming!: "You Are What You Watch!"--Ha!

       WE FEEL THAT TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR THAILAND & we'd like to put a push on there to get as much lit out as possible before the doors close & the Communists take over. We saw a very very outstanding documentary on the Royal Family of Thailand & they impressed us as beautiful sincere people with really broken hearts for their country & its people & willing to work day & night to help solve the problems that beset them.

              THEY HAVE OBVIOUSLY BEEN VERY GOOD TO US THERE & let us pass out the lit & witness openly, & we feel like they have a good spirit & a real heart & obviously feel that what we are doing is a help to their people & not a hindrance.

              WE NEED TO INCREASE THE FLOW OF THE WORD INTO THAILAND, AS IT IS THEIR LAST HARVEST! They're desperate now, therefore they are very receptive. Please support them with your prayers & gifts sent through WS, & your personal labours there if the Lord so leads. If you want to save people, it is a great place to work! If you want to save yourself, you'd better get out or stay out! If we're ever going to reach them, now is the last chance, for they'll soon be under Communism!--They're next in line!

              IT IS ONE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS & ONE OF THE MOST FRUITFUL FIELDS! Thailand is a U.S. client state on the verge of an all-out war with the Communists, who will probably take them over completely before long. So it is Thailand's last chance! Can you help?--With love,--M&M. (See article, "Please Come & Help Me", pg.20.)


              WE HAVE RECEIVED A PIECE OF MINI-LIT WITH MICROSCOPIC PRINT bearing the initials R.H. in San Jose, California, & Jeremiah in Oxnard, California. We have heard of this happening recently in other places as well, & would like to remind you of Letter Number 649:54-57.--When the Lord has done so much for us, how can we afford to be so selfish, penny-pinching & chintzy with others!--Mad Dad!

              FROM NOW ON, EACH WANT-AD USING THE WS BOX P.F. 241 AS A PERSONAL FORWARDING ADDRESS WILL COST $5 INSTEAD OF $1! Sorry, but the extra charge is needed to help cover the postage, handling & costs of forwarding your responses to you. So if your Want-Ad instructs people to write you c/o P.F. 241, please enclose $5 when submitting your Ad to the FN.--Thanks! We must cut down the volume of mail there at our worldwide public box, so please try to use your own or friend's or relative's address.--Thanks!--Love, WS.

              EXTRA! FAMILY CARE KOMIX BOOK ORDER COUPON! HOW DID YOU LIKE THE NEW FC KOMIX BOOK VOL.1 (MAG 26)? Wasn't that a beautiful cover & exciting contents?! It was so fascinating that I couldn't put it down from the time I picked it up `til I'd almost finished it!--I read nearly all night!--It was a dream come true! (See "Chinese Spirits" No.273:5-6.) Our kids love it! Do yours like it?

              WOULD YOU LIKE SOME MORE? We have only a few left, but could do a re-run if there's enough demand to pay for it. We could possibly get extra copies to you postpaid within a couple of months at about $2.50 U.S. a copy. If so, please put your name & address below with how many copies you'd like to order or reserve so we'll know how many to have reprinted.

              ALSO, VOLUME 2 IS COMING OUT SOON, so let us know how many copies of Volume 2 that you would like to order or reserve now. If you send your money now, we will fill as many orders as we can immediately from the few copies we have left, on a first come, first serve basis.

              WHEN WE RUN OUT OF THE FEW REMAINING COPIES from this last printing, we will save your order as a reservation so that your already-paid-for copies can be sent you immediately upon their reprinting without any further delay or re-ordering. Maybe you'd like extra copies for relatives or friends. You could collect paid orders in advance from them to help you pay for them. Show them yours for a sample. (But just make sure you don't move in the meantime & forget or have no way to deliver theirs to them! That would be a terrible reflection on the Lord & the Family!)

              THIS EXTREMELY SUBSIDISED POSTPAID OFFER has been made possible by some of your generous gifts to Family Care, so thank the Lord & those that have made it possible. Send this coupon & your money with your order now (safely packaged & prayed over!) to: World Services, PF 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland.

Legal Name ____________________________________________
Mailing Address |
Box or St. & No. ____________________________________

City _______________________State____________________


Number of FC Komix No. 1 I'd like to have at $2.50 a copy:____

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Enclosed please find a total of $_______U.S. or equivalent.
--I will expect my extra copies within a month or two.--Thanks!


       BYE IRFERS!--HI TRFERS!--How To Remove Your Two MO Letters From The Magazine DFO932 13 August 1980

       1. THIS EDITION, MAG 27, WILL BE THE LAST COMBINATION DO/DFO ISSUE TO BE PUBLISHED! As warned previously in several Letters & Notices for several months, including in this final "Tithing & the FN" Letter in this present issue, we are discontinuing the IRFing Program of DFO Letters with this present August Issue.

       2. YOU IRFERS HAVE EVEN GOTTEN MORE THAN WE PROMISED, because we had announced that the July Issues would be your last DFO Issues, whereas we are extending the deadline through August to make sure that, due to late mail, & so on, no one loses any copies which they deserve. However,

       3. THIS ISSUE CONTAINING THIS "TITHING & THE FN" LETTER IS DEFINITELY YOUR LAST IRF/DFO ISSUE, DV. From now on, as in previous warnings & announcements & this final one we're giving you in this "Tithing" Letter of this issue, your last MO Letter, there will be no more IRFers or DFO Mags!

       4. THERE WILL NOW ONLY BE TRFERS!--That is, those who tithe with a Tither's Report Form, known as the TRF, & who receive all of the Letters--DO, DFO, whatever. In fact, there will normally virtually be no further classification or de-classification of Letters. As explained in this "Tithing" Letter, from now on only TRFers who tithe 10% of their total income & send it in each month with a Tither's Report From will receive the Mag, the whole Mag, all of it, including all Letters formerly classed DO, & all ML's.

       5. AS EXPLAINED IN THE "TITHING" LETTER HEREIN, WE HAVE DECIDED THIS IS THE ONLY FAIR & SCRIPTURAL WAY TO DISTRIBUTE GOD'S WORD & THE MAGAZINE, only to those who tithe to His work, which is possible for anyone regardless of the size of their income, be it big or small. Anybody can give 10%!--You oughtta give all to the Lord!

       6. THEREFORE WE HAVE WORKED HARD TO ARRANGE THIS FINAL COMBINATION DO/DFO ISSUE so that, whether IRFer or TRFer, you each can easily remove your MO Letters from the center of the Mag if you do not wish to keep the entire Mag as you travel. You IRFers will already have found, as usual, that the TRF's DO Section has been removed from the center of the Mag. In the case of this Issue, pgs.45-144 are removed, & therefore, you will find the 23-pg. "Tithing" Letter in the direct center of the Mag which you can easily removed by simply opening the staples & taking out these pages of the "Tithing" Letter.

       7. YOU TRFERS WILL FIND IT A BIT MORE DIFFICULT to do so this time since we had to give the "Tithing" Letter to the IRFers as well, & yet keep all the MO Letters together so that you could remove them all together. Therefore, you will find the MO Letters grouped together in such a way that you may remove first of all your TRF Report Form from the very center of the Mag, then your entire DO section, plus the "Tithing" Letter on both sides of it, so all can be removed completely from the heart of the Magazine.

       8. THEN YOU MAY REMOVE THE NON-MO LETTERS from the center of this DO MO Section & return them to the Mag if you wish, retaining the MO Letter pages separately from the rest of the Mag. That means specifically that to remove your Letters you will begin with the "Tithing" Letter on p.33.

       9. YOU OPEN THE STAPLES IN THE CENTER OF THE MAG. Remove your TRF Report Form first, of course, so that you can send it in on the First of next Month. Then grasp all these center pages from pg.33 through pg.156 & slip them off the staples, & you will find you've got all the MO Letters with the non-MO items in between in the center. You can easily remove these by removing pgs. 67-122 & you will have all your MO Letters together separately, then you can put the non-Mo pgs. 67-122 back into the Magazine if you wish.

       10. FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL YOU TRFERS, FROM NOW ON, GOD WILLING, THE ENTIRE MAG WILL BE DO FOR TRFERS ONLY, & you will continue to find your MO Letters in the heart of the Mag situated as usual in such a way that you can remove them all together by merely opening the staples. You could either re-staple them yourselves by using bits of wire or paper clips, since the holes are already punched for you, or bind them together in some other fashion, however you choose.

       11. YOU WILL THEN SIMPLY HAVE A BATCH OF LOOSE UNBOUND MO LETTERS AS BEFORE, as we had for years before we began binding them into the Mags. And you yourself can bind them in any way you see fit, put them in a ringbinder or a plastic folder or buy a cover for them at your neighbourhood bookstore or whatever.

       12. OR SIMPLY BUY THE NEXT MO LETTER VOLUME COMING OUT SOON, all nicely bound & entitled for you in a beautiful leatherette cover, the same size & design as previous MO Books, to fit your nice growing shelf of MO Letter Books, complete with both DFO, DO--everything! PTL!--Amen?

       13. SO IF YOU IRFERS & DFOERS STILL WANT TO SEE WHAT IS IN THOSE DO LETTERS, YOU CAN ALWAYS BUY THE BOOKS--a little late, but still interesting! So GBY all! WLY all. We hope we're not saying farewell to you IRFers: We hope you have already changed to TRFing to receive now the whole counsel of God for your whole tithe.--Amen?

       14. BUT IF WE ARE LOSING SOME OF YOU IRFERS BECAUSE YOU FEEL YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO TITHE, then may the Lord have mercy on you, & we bid you a sad farewell! We can't exactly ask God to bless you much because He really only blesses with His greatest blessings the tithers who obey Him. Although, as He says, he even continues to be good to all & bestows His sunshine & rain upon all, even the good & the evil. We're just sorry you're missing His greatest blessings of receiving the whole Word of God by obeying in tithing!

       15. BUT THERE'S STILL TIME TO REPENT & NOT MISS ANY IF YOU HURRY! QUICKLY SEND IN THE ENCLOSED IRF FORM & REQUEST TO BE CHANGED TO A TRFER & enclose your 10% tithe of your entire income & we'll try to see to it that you don't miss a single Issue or ever miss another DO ML! PTL!--Amen? WLY!

       16. THERE ARE COMING SOME VERY FASCINATING BOOK-LENGTH ISSUES on important subjects as big as the 324-pg. Mobile Manual that you already rec'd, whole big new Komix Vols., Childcare Bks., Bible Prophecy Bks. & many other intensely interesting, vitally essential Books of info for these Last Days--largely the genuine MLs, unique revelations in the World today! May GB & help you to start TRFing NOW!--TODAY! In Jesus' name, amen.--WLY!--M&M.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family