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PORNO MOVIES!--You Are What You Watch!--By Father David        DO935       15        July 1980

       (A sad letter from the Philippine VSs!)

       WE HAVE SOME QUESTIONS ABOUT PORNO MOVIES: We have some fish who show home movies, & a large stack available are porno movies. More than a year ago we shared "Sequel to Musical Key" with a fish concerning the movies, because they seemed to be all flesh, self gratification & also showed a lot of scenes that you mentioned in other Letters like "Revolutionary Women", "Revolutionary Sex"--unclean sex, a lot of crotch shots & no beauty.

       A LOT OF THE FAMILY MEMBERS HERE KEEP WATCHING THEM, SO THE FISH DO TOO. The only fruit we can see is that in the beginning different girls would comment how the fish weren't very respectful after seeing one & were really rough & over-indulgent in sex. That seems to have passed, but now the movie that these could have led to is called "The China DeSade", & is sadistic & masochistic, murder, blood, rape, etc. The fish think it is good. Well, obviously it couldn't be anything but the Devil!

              WE REALISE YOU HAVE LEFT A LOT UP TO US TO PICK OUT THE WEEDS, & in all books, movies, etc. there is something OK, worth watching or listening to, inspired by something good that makes you want to do good, be good, etc., or even movies, music, etc., that although a horror, it's exposing something about the System that we can learn something from.

              BUT FOR OUR FAMILY TO BE DEVELOPING AN APPETITE FOR THESE LOW-CLASS MOVIES SEEMS TO US TO BE A BAD SAMPLE TO THE FISH, when we could be showing them what we feel you have portrayed through the Letters. It seems the sex you enjoy all together is so loving, free & giving. We have even suggested group sex as opposed to watching some Systemites do it on film. If you are what you read, you must be what you watch too!

              ESTHER JUST ARRIVED FROM HONG KONG & when she saw the films at Bobby's house she told Bobby so excitedly that that would be the first thing you & Ho would watch! So if you do, maybe you could clarify for those here & others who might be wondering the same thing, what particular ones you have seen that you liked or thought were worth watching. Since we haven't seen it in the Letters, we don't know what to say now. We were only going before on what is inspired, the flowers in the garden, etc., like "Musical Key".

              WE ARE SORRY TO HAVE TO BOTHER YOU with these things, but they are a couple of things we just can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone on. God bless you & thank you so much. We love you dearly!
       --Love in Jesus & David, Sam & Kezia.

* * *


       1. (MARIA: THE VSs THERE HAVE THEIR HANDS FULL, BECAUSE WE HAVE SO MANY IDLE HOMES THERE! I think it's just a lot of people with not much to do & too easy living in such a receptive open place, that they have time to sit around watching porno films & not doing enough of anything else. But from the pornos we've seen, maybe you ought to set the record straight, I don't see how people could get into something like that!--And Esther, of all people, saying that you would be so excited over them & just love them! We'll have to tell them something now!)

       2. I THINK ESTHER'S A LITTLE OFF THE BEAM & HAS BEEN FOR A LONG TIME. Remember the trip she made without consultation, when she came through Italy without even stopping to see us? (Maria: Yes, she must be off somehow, because she's had so many problems lately!) I think she's off the beam. (Maria: She's really been, completely!) She's never written us anything hardly for a long time, has she? (Maria: No.)--Not since those last letters in which she complained about Ho.

       3. SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT DIVORCE OR SOMETHING, REMEMBER? (Maria: Yes. She wrote us after she got back there about, oh she was sorry she didn't do so & so, & she wrote about her fish, but then she broke up with her fish--or really he broke up with her--& that gave her another nervous breakdown, I understand--it's a little unclear. Then he wanted to send her away on a big trip to sort of pacify her or something. But what do you think about porno movies? It should be obvious!)

       4. HONEY, IT CERTAINLY OUGHT TO BE OBVIOUS WHAT I THINK ABOUT PORNO MOVIES! (Maria: Well, we'll have to answer this because of Esther going over there saying how she knows Dad so well, & Dad would just love it!) Well, I think exactly the same about porno movies as I made clear what I thought about porno photography in "Revolutionary Women"! (Maria: Yes, well the Letters have the right answer of course. It's ridiculous that all these people are getting together & enjoying those things!)

       5. I THINK IT'S UGLY & UNCLEAN & I THINK IT'S WICKED! If it's something beautiful & right & clean & decent, including artistic nudity & romantic scenes, sex that is beautiful & pretty, artistic & romantic, I think that's fine. But I don't like ugly porno photography! (Maria: Not just sex for sex's sake!)

       6. I HATE UGLY SEX, the pure mechanics of sex & crotch shots & close-ups of nothing but the sexual organs! And I certainly don't like sex movies in which the sexual organs are the principal characters! I don't think there's anything beautiful or inspiring or uplifting or good for the Family in anything like that! (Maria: And you don't like sadism & violence...) I certainly don't like any form of cruelty, sadism & violence, particularly if it's got anything to do with sex!

       7. SADISM, MASOCHISM & ALL THAT JUNK IS DEVILISH, FIENDISH, DEMONIC PERVERSION! HORRIBLE! If you can't tell the difference between garbage & good food, I suggest you throw the whole thing away! (Maria: Yes!) Better not to have any pornography if you don't know the difference between what's good & what's bad! (Maria: Right!)--Better none at all, if you can't be discriminating in choosing the good & eschewing the evil.--(1Pe.3:11.)

       8. PERSONALLY I HAVE SEEN ALMOST NO SEX FILMS, blue films or X-rated films that I have really enjoyed or though were beautiful or good for the Family. The ones we have seen have mostly been disgusting & sickening & dirty & ugly & repulsive! (Maria: Yes, maybe there were only two or three in our whole experience that we really liked!)

       9. --SO ESTHER IS VERY WRONG! I think our Family knows that I am not a bluenose regarding sex or nudity. I believe in sexual freedom & nude beauty when it's clean & beautiful & right & the way God intended for it to be & fully enjoyed. But when it's perverted & animalistic & mechanical & ugly & unclean & masochistic & cruel, it's sickening!

       10. THERE'S NO LOVE IN THAT! If it's unloving, it's ungodly! I think that's a very good criterion to us: God is Love, & if it's not pictures of loving, gentle, affectionate, good, kind, clean sex, then it's certainly not of the Lord, & it's certainly bad fare & bad news for the Family to think that we have some of our people on a steady diet of that kind of sewage! (Maria: Uh-huh, right!)

       11. NUDITY CAN BE BEAUTIFUL, BUT SOME OF THESE CROTCH SHOTS CAN BE VERY UGLY! Sex can be beautiful but some sex can be extremely ugly & sickening! I have seen very few porno movies which I would care to see again. (Maria: So few of them even have a story or a theme to them, just sickening, ugly, filthy, unclean sex! The context should be important too.)

       12. ABOUT THE ONLY ONES THAT I ENJOYED THE LEAST BIT WERE ONES WHICH HAD A LITTLE CUTE COMIC OR ROMANTIC STORY to them or were actually humourous or funny or genuinely affectionately romantic with some kind of a story or plot. (Maria:--Or beautiful photography.) Yes, really artistic photography--those I enjoyed, even though some of the sex shots were pretty ugly & mechanical.

       13. THEY SHOULD USE THE RULE WE'VE ALWAYS MADE, "WHEN IN DOUBT, DON'T!"--If you have any question about it, can it! Stop it! "Whatsoever is not of faith is sin!" (Ro.14:23.) If they have any doubts about it, it's a sin! (Maria: And if they don't have any doubts about it, they're in pretty bad shape!) Yes, it shows they have got a pretty poor sensitivity to the Spirit, pretty bad taste, a perverted appetite, just like people pervert their physical appetites for junk food.

       14. I'D CALL THAT JUNK SEX, & I think it's just as bad for people as junk food! (Maria: Uh-huh, maybe worse, because it perverts your spirit.) It certainly is a poor testimony to sit & watch it with people whom you're trying to lead to the Lord & the good things of the Spirit. It's ridiculous!

       15. IN FACT, UNTIL I FIRST SAW SOME PORNO MOVIES, I NEVER REALISED SEX COULD BE SO UGLY & SO SICKENING & SO PERVERTED & SO HORRIBLE! It's the Devil's own doing to take God's beautiful creation & contaminate it & pervert it & debase it & drag it down through the gutter & the sewer! That's what I'd call nasty sex, dirty sex, unclean sex, & I certainly wouldn't care to make a diet of it myself, & I certainly wouldn't approve of anybody else making a diet of it, & I'm ashamed of any of our people who have made a diet of it! (Coming!: "The Devil Hates Sex!")

       16. FOR ESTHER TO SAY THAT THAT'S THE FIRST THING HO & I WOULD WATCH, SHOWS HOW PERVERTED SHE IS & OFF THE TRACK! She's been off the track for a long time, sad to say! (Maria: Is that for the record?) That's for the record! Anybody who says that's the kind of stuff I would want to watch is trying to be insulting & trying to smear us! Because I certainly wouldn't care to watch that kind of ugly stuff, at least not the kind that seems to be most popular right now. (Maria: Yes.)

       17. ANY MOVIES WHERE THE SEXUAL ORGANS ARE THE PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS IS JUST DISGUSTING & SICKENING! The mechanics of sex are to be enjoyed & felt in the final dramatic orgasm, but a close up view of the sexual organs at such a time is not particularly inspiring! (Maria: That's right!) You're supposed to be feeling it & in the spirit, not lustfully, greedily gorily watching it!

       18. I HAD MY FILL OF THAT JUNK SEX in some of the places where we went in Europe to some of those movies just to see what they were like. Well, I don't care to see any more! In fact, we kept going back for awhile to see if they ever had any good ones, thinking maybe sometimes we might see one that was good, but we hardly ever did, so we finally just got fed up & sick of the whole gooey grimey gorey mess! Gugh!

       19. IT ALMOST MAKES ME WANT TO THROW UP, THAT KIND OF FILTHY, UNCLEAN, PERVERTED SEX! It's definitely perverted & definitely unclean & definitely unscriptural! If any of our Family has got an appetite for that kind of filth, what I call real filth, sickening unclean sex, you're perverted & something's wrong with you! God help you & deliver you from that kind of sickening uncleanness! This is what the Scripture is talking about when it condemns "all manner of uncleanness". (Eph.4:19.) (Maria: Yes.)

       20. LOVING, CLEAN, ROMANTIC SEX CAN BE VERY BEAUTIFUL ALONG WITH ARTISTIC NUDITY. But that kind of junk sex is sickening! It's only fit for the garbage can, & I don't approve of any of the Family watching it, & I shall have a very low opinion of anybody in our Family who does! God's Word says as plain as day: "Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report" & so on, "think on these things." (Phil.4:8.) Not on the filth, dirt & garbage & sewage of this World!

       21. "THE DEVIL HATES SEX!", as I have written (coming soon!), & he's tried to pervert it & besmirch it & debase it & debauch it & pollute it & tear it down & disgrace it & villify it & do everything he can think of against good clean decent sex! The Devil hates sex, & he wants to destroy it if he can with every kind of twisted perversion & pollution! (Maria: Yes!)

       22. HE IS THE DESTROYER, & WHAT HE'S REALLY TRYING TO DO IS DESTROY SEX & destroy the people that participate in perverted sex, all manner of uncleanness, vileness & perversion! This is what He destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah for, & quite a few other civilisations! He got sick & fed up with the evil & their filthy sexual wickedness! (Gen.19:24; 2Pe.2:5-7.)

       23. THIS KIND OF PERVERTED SEX LEADS RIGHT ON INTO ALL KINDS OF VIOLENCE & CRUELTY & sadism & masochism & all the rest of that shit! The Devil is the Destroyer! Sick Sex, that's what it is! It's Sick Sex, Junk Sex, & the people who participate in it or who enjoy it or like to watch it are sick in the head & sick in the heart, sick in spirit--& they're going to be sick in body too, receiving in their own bodies the punishment & diseases that they ought to receive! (Ro.1:27.)

       24. THAT KIND OF SEXUAL UNCLEANNESS LEADS to all kinds of diseases, impotency & everything that's bad for sex & the people involved. Our people ought to know what clean sex is, what decent sex is, what God given loving affectionate clean decent sex is! They know the difference, the Holy Spirit is faithful, She can tell them the difference.

       25. WHEN IN DOUBT, DON'T! "WHATSOEVER IS NOT OF FAITH IS SIN!" (Ro.14:23.) So if you're not sure if it's right or not, then for God's sake, leave it alone! If you think it might be wrong & you go ahead & participate in it, then it's not a might or a maybe--you're definitely sinning because you're not sure it's right! When in doubt don't! "Whatsoever is not of faith is sin!...And he that eateth thereof is damned if he eat!" God's Word says so!

       26. IF YOU'RE NOT SURE IT'S RIGHT & CLEAN, DON'T! If you can't tell the difference between good & bad sex & good & bad movies, then you ought to quit both, if you're that stupid! It makes me disgusted to think any of our people tolerate it & condone that kind of idiocy, & set such a poor example & are such a bad testimony to people they are supposed to be witnessing to--to sit there & watch with them all that sickening licentiousness & evil perversions of the World & the flesh & the Devil!

       27. WHAT KIND OF AN EXAMPLE, TESTIMONY & WITNESS IS THAT? YOU'RE JUST WALLOWING IN THE HOG MIRE WITH THE REST OF THE FILTHY HOGS, & YOU'RE RETURNING WITH THE DOGS TO THEIR VOMIT! It's sickening!--And I'd junk'm!--Because they're worse than junk, they're garbage, they're filth, they're sewage! My God, if you can't tell the difference between good food & garbage, something screwed up in you! If you can't tell the difference between pure clean water & sewage, for God's sake there's certainly something wrong with your appetite & your discernment!

       28. YOU PEOPLE HAD BETTER TRY TO GET TO THE LORD & GET YOUR HEADS & HEARTS & SEX SCREWED ON STRAIGHT! I'm telling you, if you don't know what's the difference between good or bad or what's right & what's wrong, then something's awfully wrong with you! If you're the Lord's child, He'll tell you, if you haven't got enough common sense to know it! And if you haven't got enough sense to know the difference, then for God's sake don't!

       29. MAY GOD DELIVER US FROM ALL THAT KIND OF FOOLISHNESS & WICKEDNESS, EVIL UNCLEANLINESS & PERVERSION! There's plenty against that in the first chapter of Romans & a few other books of the Bible! They had plenty of it in their day too. It talks about forsaking the natural use of the woman & men turning toward men in their uncleanness! (Maria: Plus, if they don't have anything better to do than watch pornos all the time, they're in bad shape!)

       30. YES, WHERE DID THEY GET ALL THIS TIME TO WATCH PORNO MOVIES ANYHOW, WHEN THEY OUGHT TO BE HAVING BIBLES STUDIES with their fish or teaching them to witness or reading MO Letters! Where did they get all this time to watch porno movies, of all things? You & I have been out to see a few when our day's work was done, & we even tried one that a worldly friend loaned us to see what we thought about it--I think he was really testing our reaction, & I think if we'd said we liked it, he would have been disappointed. But we sent it back without even looking at all of it, it was so sickening! We said,

       31. "SORRY, WE DON'T LIKE THAT KIND OF MOVIES"! We don't mind movies with sex along with beauty & artistry & romance & love, but we certainly don't care for movies that are nothing but sex & the mechanics of sex with the ugly unseemly not-so-beautiful parts of our bodies, our "uncomely parts" as the Bible says! (1Cor.12:23.)

       32. THE SEXUAL PARTS ARE NOT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PARTS OF OUR BODIES, except for a woman's bosoms. The penis & vagina are even partly hidden by the Lord with hair, & were meant to be functional & not necessarily decorative! They certainly fulfill their job in proper use, but you weren't meant to stick your nose in it, & make it sickening!

       33. SO GOD DELIVER US FROM THAT KIND OF VICE & THOSE VICIOUS SEXUAL VICES! You shouldn't tolerate them from your fish or your friends either, & certainly not in the Family! King David himself said, "I will set no unclean thing before mine eyes"! (Ps.101:3.)--& that's a very good rule for all of us when it comes to movies, pictures or sex!--

       34. ENOUGH SAID! DUMP THE GARBAGE! EMPTY THE SEWAGE! GET RID OF IT! Refuse to tolerate it or even have it around, much less watch it or let others watch it! You Are What You Watch!--Garbage? Sewage? Dirt? Dung? Perversion? Filth? Cruelty?--Or good clean food of the Spirit & the Word?

       35. WHAT ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU LIKE? DUNG, MUCK & VOMIT? Then you're a pig & a dog & there's no place for you in our Family!--Get out!--Or get rid of that filth & get cleaned up in body, mind & spirit!--And don't accuse me of liking it!--You're a liar!--I hate it!--It's of the Devil--And if you like it, you're of the Devil!

       36. "COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM, & BE YE SEPARATE, SAITH THE LORD, & TOUCH NOT THE UNCLEAN THING!" (2Cor.6:17.) "Have no fellowship with the works of darkness!" (Eph.5:11) etc. God help you! "Cleanse your hearts ye sinners, & purify your minds ye doubleminded!" "But fornication, & all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints." "Mortify therefore your members which are upon the Earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, & covetousness, which is idolatry." "Having therefore these promises, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh & spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God." "For God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but unto holiness." (Ja.4:8; Eph.5:3; Col.3:5; 2Cor.7:1; 1Thess.4:7.)--AMEN!
       --And you'd better get straightened out too, Esther, or you're gonna be in a worse mess! GHU!--And God help your poor husband Ho!

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