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WHICH WAY WAR?--WHO'LL WIN?--By Father David       DO 939       9 October 1980

       1. WELL, I WAS JUST SITTING HERE THINKING & PRAYING & WONDERING THIS: When the USSR undoubtedly egged on Iraq to attack Iran, why, at the same time should Russia be offering Iran weapons (which Iran says she refused) & pretending to be friendly towards Iran as well & suddenly close a friendship pact with Syria who is a bitter enemy of Iraq? Why, as one commentator put it, is Russia juggling all three of these balls in the air at once?

       2. IF SHE WAS DIRECTING THE STRATEGY OF IRAQ'S ATTACK ON IRAN, why didn't she see that Iraq use more air power & take advantage of its tremendous first strike progress in which most people expected them to march right on into Tehran & topple the government of Khomeini?

       3. WHY WOULD RUSSIA NOT WANT A QUICK VICTORY OF IRAQ OVER IRAN, & why should she even at the same time be encouraging Iraq's bitter enemy Syria?--She seems almost deliberately trying to involve more nations in the war. Why should she at the same time be promising King Hussein of Jordan more arms & already delivering them to the Port of Aqaba for transfer to Iraq? It seems ridiculous, a real muddle, like she's playing both ends--or all three or four ends--against the middle!--And that's exactly what she's doing!

       4. IT CAME TO ME JUST AS CLEAR AS ANYTHING THAT RUSSIA DOES NOT WANT A QUICK WAR NOR A QUICK VICTORY OF IRAQ OVER IRAN, but she deliberately wants the war to spread & she wants to prolong it! Why? It seems she would have a lot to lose if she's Iraq's backer. (Maria: She wants it to spread so the rest of the oil will be wiped out!) Right!

       5. THE LONGER SHE CAN MAKE THE WAR LAST, THE MORE IT IS HURTING HER MAJOR ENEMIES OF THE WEST! She wants to involve more of the Gulf area, get more oil wiped out, & at the same time get these nations more & more dependent on outside help--which the U.S. seems very reluctant to give but Russia is quite willing to offer!

       6. IF IRAN GETS DESPERATE ENOUGH THEY'RE NOT GOING TO APPEAL TO THE U.S., THEY'LL APPEAL TO RUSSIA for help. Iraq's already asking Russia for help. Syria is already asking Russia for help. Most of these countries--particularly the radical ones like Iran, Iraq, Syria & so on--are looking more toward Russia for help than toward the U.S. (Maria: Which means when they're completely down & devastated, Russia can move in & govern?)

       7. IT MEANS, AS ONE COMMENTATOR HAS SAID, THAT THE WHOLE THING IS TREMENDOUSLY INCREASING RUSSIA'S INFLUENCE in this area, & decreasing U.S. & Western influence in the area. The more the war spreads, the more it benefits Russia, because it destroys the West's oil & it makes these countries more & more desperate for help--& they'll not be looking to the U.S., but to Russia for that help!

       8. EVEN KING HUSSEIN OF JORDAN--A CONSERVATIVE, MODERATE, WISE, TEMPERATE RULER WHO HAS ALWAYS BEFORE LOOKED TO THE U.S. & been a friend of the U.S. for many years--has finally gotten disillusioned & fed up & sees that the U.S. will never be anything but a friend of Israel & there's no hopes looking towards the U.S. for liberation of the Palestinians or ever expecting the U.S. to do anything to Israel at all to make it cough up Palestine!

       9. SO EVEN THE MODERATES LIKE HUSSEIN ARE TURNING TOWARD RUSSIA FOR HELP, & the Russian bear must be really getting a good jolly belly laugh out of all of this because everything is going her way! The war is spreading & more countries are looking to her for assistance, even on opposite sides. She's juggling all the balls & playing them all against the middle, because the ones who are caught in the middle are the West & their oil!

       10. THE ONLY STATE WHICH THE U.S. HAS ACTUALLY GONE TO ANY EXTENT TO HELP RESCUE & taken actual measures & even made strong statements that the U.S. will not permit any attacks on, has been Saudi Arabia--the ultra ultra-conservative monarchy, in fact, feudalism, of the ultra-conservative Saudis.

       11. SHE'S ALREADY SENT FOUR PLANES & 300 AMERICAN MAINTENANCE MEN & TECHNICIANS to operate these surveillance planes--radar labs that they are--to watch what's going on to help protect Saudi Arabia.--And she just sent another 75 with some more equipment & so on to help them.

       12. SADAT HAS DECLARED HIMSELF OUT & OUT ON THE SIDE OF IRAQ ALREADY, & NOW HUSSEIN. Egypt, Jordan, Iraq & Saudi Arabia are all siding together against Iran, & the only two friends which have come up to protest their friendship & desire to help Iran have been those two little rejectionist radicals of Syria & her latest friend, Godahfi of Libya!

       13. SYRIA HAS NOTHING BUT TROUBLE ON ITS HANDS IN LEBANON, & GODAHFI HAS NOTHING BUT OIL ON HIS HANDS & lots of money & is financing Syria. Undoubtedly being the radical that he is, Godahfi would very likely pay Syria & egg Syria on to attack its traditional bitter enemy Iraq in the rear if it looks like Iran's going down the drain, making it a two-front war.--In which case Iraq would hardly have a chance & Iran would stand a real chance of winning.

       14. BUT RUSSIA AT THE PRESENT DOESN'T SEEM TO WANT ANY SIDE TO WIN! In fact, the way the Iraqi invasion drive halted suddenly & suddenly quit everything was almost like it was orders from Russia: "Stop it, you've gone far enough. You've got Shatt-al-Arab & the surrounding lands--that's enough!" Russia doesn't want them to go too far with Iran or she might lose Iran's friendship--& Iran's been getting more & more friendly towards Russia all the time! So the whole thing is going Russia's way.

       15. THE MORE COUNTRIES THERE SHE CAN GET INVOLVED, THE MORE THEY'LL BE DEPENDENT ON HER, RUSSIA, & looking to her for help, which she will be happy to give if it benefits her.--Particularly if it prolongs the war & destroys more oil fields & more refineries & more pumping stations & more pipelines & thereby destroys the West without Russia ever having to punch a button, fire a missile or having to enter the war at all!

       16. THE U.S. CANNOT DIRECTLY BLAME RUSSIA FOR HAVING PARTICIPATED OR ENTERED OR DONE ANYTHING, as all she's done has been making friends & signing friendship treaties & that's that! Any neutral country can do that with either side of the belligerents. They can sign friendship treaties with both sides, which is perfectly logical & sensible because they're supposed to be neutral & they're supposed to be friends of both sides.

       17. THAT'S EXACTLY THE WAY RUSSIA'S PLAYING IT & WHICH IS GOING TO INVOLVE MORE & MORE OF THE OIL STATES. The more Oil States she can get into it, then the more oil she can destroy--not her oil, but the West's oil--& the closer she comes to destroying the West!

       18. SHE'S TAKING THE RISK, AT THE SAME TIME, OF GREATER U.S. INVOLVEMENT to protect Saudi Arabia, but so far the U.S. hasn't had too good a reputation for protecting its friends--such as the Shah of Iran or the Vietnamese administrations of the past & a good many other countries.

       19. IN FACT, THE U.S. HAS BEEN RETREATING ALL AROUND THE WORLD, & unless somebody goes crazy, it's very unlikely that she'll really step in & get personally involved in the war even to protect the oil, unless she does get pretty desperate. That is the final step & the very final last-ditch stand to save Western civilisation, that they would step in & become personally involved in the war. (Maria: And the reason they aren't getting involved is because the people actually running the U.S. are trying to create chaos!) Yes, just like some of these things we've been reading about by Todd.

       20. THE [EDITED: "ACs"] WHO RUN THE U.S. & THE WEST ARE DELIBERATELY TRYING TO CREATE CHAOS between the giants & between the nations, so that when the World is left in ruins they can rise up & be its saviours & select its Antichrist to take over. So things are going just the way Russia wants them to go, & undoubtedly the way the [EDITED: "ACs"] want it to go.

       21. ISRAEL HAS EVEN ATTACKED THE IRAQI NUCLEAR REACTOR CENTER UNDER THE COVER OF THE WAR. Iran has flatly denied she had anything to do with bombing the French nuclear reactor there, but that Israel did it, & I don't doubt it! So everything's going Russia's way. She's playing not both ends, but about three or four different ends against the middle, & caught in the middle is the West & its oil!

       22. THE LONGER RUSSIA PROLONGS THE WAR & TRIES TO KEEP EVERYTHING KIND OF BALANCED SO THAT NOBODY WINS, then the poorer all those nations get, the more frustrated they get, the more desperate they get & the more they will eventually be willing to settle on Russia's terms & dependent on her. With the oil fields destroyed & the West in chaos & desperate, Russia will come out as usual on top, the winner, in these preliminary stages of the Oil War.

       23. THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE OIL WAR, LET'S FACE IT! One reason the U.S. is not taking any more active part is that it doesn't want Russia to take a more active part. In order to keep Russia out, the U.S. has to stay out. So this works to Russia's advantage too: To pretend to be neutral & stop arms to Iraq--she claims, offer arms to Iran--she claims, offer friendship to Syria--she claims, & claiming to be everybody's friend & nobody's enemy in that area!

       24. THIS IS A TYPICAL COMMUNIST TACTIC: "ONLY THE WEST HATES YOU! Only the Capitalists hate you. Only the U.S. & the rich countries oppress you! We are your friends, the friends of all of you! We don't take any sides--we love Iranians, we love Iraqis, we love Syrians, we love Jordanians, we love Libyans, we love Algerians!"--& right now she loves nearly everybody but Saudi Arabia & she's even been proffering her love towards Saudi Arabia in recent days, not long ago.

       25. SO THAT'S HOW SMART RUSSIA IS ON ITS DIPLOMACY & INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, & HOW STUPID & IDIOTIC & DUMB THE U.S. IS, because the U.S. promptly takes sides. Even though it pretends to be neutral & is trying to persuade Russia she's neutral, Russia knows she's not neutral--Russia's not dumb! Russia can afford to be on everybody's side because she wants everybody on her side!

       26. BUT THE U.S. CERTAINLY DOES NOT WANT TO BE ON THE SIDE OF THE COMMUNISTS & does not at all want to act like she's going to desert her capitalistic feudalistic ultra-conservative friends like Saudi Arabia & Israel! The U.S. is promising to protect Israel & is now promising to protect Saudi Arabia.

       27. WE DON'T KNOW YET WHAT THE U.S. IS SAYING ABOUT KUWAIT & BAHRAIN & THE OTHER OIL PRODUCERS OF THE GULF, but she might be a little leary of offering them help or protection because they're right next door to the war & apt to get bombed any day! Kuwait is right next to Iraq & the mouth of the Shatt-al-Arab & right there in the midst of the oil fields. If Kuwait shows any signs of helping one side or the other, she'd get it, because she's in easy reach of their bombers & planes.

       28. SAUDI ARABIA IS A LITTLE BIT DIFFERENT--IT'S QUITE A BIT FURTHER AWAY & HARDER TO REACH WITH THEIR PLANES & BOMBERS--therefore a little bit easier to protect since it's less likely to be attacked. It's a lot easier to promise to protect a neighbour who lives way down several blocks from his enemy, than to protect a neighbour who lives right next door to him!

       29. SO RUSSIA IS REALLY PLAYING IT SMART! In a way, that means she would pretend to befriend them all, & that it's really the U.S. that's their enemy & causing trouble. Meanwhile, it prolongs the war which prolongs the destruction of the oil fields & the oil shortage, which hastens the destruction of the rich industrial Western nations.

       30. SO IT'S TO RUSSIA'S ADVANTAGE THAT THERE'S NO QUICK VICTORY ON EITHER SIDE, but that she plays them both along & keeps things going so that the war will last as long as possible, involve as many Oil States as possible & destroy as much oil as possible in order to destroy the West as soon as possible!

       31. ONLY IN THE EXTREME FINAL ANALYSIS OF UTTER TOTAL DESPERATION WOULD THE U.S. GET DESPERATE ENOUGH TO STRIKE!--When it sees it's losing everything: Its oil, the war, its economy, its political stability, & that the West, in fact, is being absolutely wrecked, undermined & destroyed by the loss of oil, then they'll strike.

       32. BEFORE THE U.S. & THE WEST WILL LET THEIR CIVILISATION JUST TOTALLY CRUMBLE OVER THE LOSS OF OIL, I believe the U.S. will get desperate enough to try to make the atomic strike!--And I believe that Russia is smart enough to know that & probably will sense when they feel that the U.S. is getting close to making a strike.

       33. I HAVE A FEELING THAT RUSSIA WILL STRIKE FIRST BECAUSE IT'S ALWAYS PLAYED THE SMART SIDE, & the guy who strikes first, of course, stands the greatest chance of winning the atomic war because the other side will not have much to strike back with! There will be damage on both sides, but the first striker will do the greatest damage & wreck the enemy the most.

       34. SO IF RUSSIA & THE GODLESS & SUPPORTERS OF ANTICHRIST ARE GOING TO COME OUT ON TOP & WIN--if & when the atomic war comes & the pre-emptive strike comes--I believe Russia's going to make it & destroy the U.S. first. She will also receive some destruction through retaliatory measures of the U.S. missile machine, but it won't be nearly what the U.S. is going to suffer.

       35. THE U.S. IS CONCENTRATED IN A SMALL AREA COMPARED TO THE HUGE EXPANSE OF RUSSIA & ITS DIVERSIFIED INDUSTRY. Russia's been diversifying its industry for years, clear across the Urals & into Siberia, so it would be pretty hard to destroy it all in one strike or even a retaliation strike. So Russia's got everything going her way, & as far as she's concerned, the slower it goes the better she likes it!

       36. RUSSIA MOVES VERY CAUTIOUSLY & SLOWLY TO MAKE SURE SHE DOESN'T LOSE ANYTHING. She reminds me of what they said about the tight Scotsman who said he couldn't afford to lose his temper because he'd lose too much, & that's what Russia's been doing: Holding her peace & being very patient now for about 60 years, waiting for the West to destroy itself--which it's at the moment in the process of doing!

       37. TROTSKY WANTED RUSSIA TO IMMEDIATELY EXTEND THE REVOLUTION THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, overthrow capitalism instantly, immediately!--And if they had tried to do that, Communism would have been destroyed long ago & there would be no Communist Russia today. (Maria: Who prevented it?) Stalin.

       38. STALIN SAID, "WE MUST FIRST MAKE RUSSIA STRONG, & then when we are strong enough, then the Capitalist World will be even weaker, & if it doesn't destroy itself, we'll be in a better position to destroy it or help destroy it!"--And that's exactly what Russia's doing. So, PTL, here you have the Russian strategy.

       39. THE BIBLE SPEAKS OF "THE SEA & THE WAVES ROARING" AS JESUS PROMISED IT WOULD IN THE LAST DAYS (Lk.21:25), actually speaking symbolically of the peoples & nations of the World--their wars & rumours of wars & rebellions & riots & terrorism--the sea being symbolic of the people, & the waves of its various wars & conflicts, uprisings like the waves. "The sea & the waves roaring" meaning the whole World & its peoples are uprising & roaring & there's chaos!

       40. AND THE MORE CHAOS THE ILLUMINATI, THE WORLDWIDE [EDITED: "AC"] CONSPIRACY & THE ONES WHO EXPECT TO BE THE FINAL WINNERS & CONQUERORS OF THE WORLD for the Antichrist can create, the better they like it! The World thereby is destroying itself & will get to the point where it becomes desperate enough to beg for a Superman! Toynbee said years ago that the World is waiting for a Superman to rise up & solve all its problems, & when they find him they will be willing to give him anything he asks to do the job!--Such as "fall down & worship me," in other words!

       41. IT'S JUST AMAZING HOW LITTLE RUSSIA REALLY HAS TO DO TO STIR UP TROUBLE & KEEP IT BREWING & keep the pot boiling. She didn't want Iraq to have a sudden victory, so her advisors probably stopped the drive & told them they'd better consolidate their gains & get entrenched etc. This was silly because that just helped strengthen Iran & helped her get recouped & to regather her forces for a counterattack, which she's now in the process of making.

       42. WHEREAS IF IRAQ HAD STRUCK HARD & FAST & USED EVERYTHING SHE HAD AT THE BEGINNING--all her military might, air force & everything--she could have walked right on into Tehran & just mopped'm up & wiped'm out & taken over the country! But Russia didn't want that. The war would have been over too soon, not enough people would have gotten involved, not enough oil would have been destroyed & it wouldn't have hurt the West enough.

       43. THE U.S., UNDOUBTEDLY SECRETLY HELPING IRAQ IN SOME SUBTLE CLANDESTINE WAY ALL IT COULD--& certainly if nothing else, every red-blooded American hoping for an Iraqi victory to punish Iran for the hostages, was suddenly startled that Iraq just stopped in its tracks & just quit attacking & quit fighting & seems to be satisfied with what it's got! Whereas Iran wants to drive them off its shores & in fact, topple Iraq!--But of course Russia won't allow that either.

       44. RUSSIA WANTS TO KEEP THEM ALL PRETTY WELL-BALANCED AGAINST EACH OTHER. This is why she's raising up Syria to help Iran & Jordan to help Iraq. She's going around making friends for everybody so everybody will still be kind of balanced on the teeter-totter & everything swinging Russia's way & against the West. So that's the way it looks from here, PTL!--But we're going to win in the end, TYJ!

       45. YOU ASKED IF THIS HAS EVER BEEN DONE BEFORE WHERE A BIG POWER PLAYED BOTH SIDES AGAINST EACH OTHER?--OH, LOTS OF TIMES! Big bullies often get the little guys to fight each other if it works out to their benefit, if it weakens others, especially if it weakens their enemy, which it's doing right now.

       46. THE WAR IS STRENGTHENING RUSSIA & WEAKENING THE WEST, so Russia has everything to gain by it being prolonged & nobody winning quickly, & nothing to lose except a few arms & armaments--toys which she's easily able to make to keep both sides of the war going--because they're both destroying the oil. Guns or planes on both sides, regardless, will help destroy the oil.

       47. AND THE FUNNY PART ABOUT IT IS, IT'S AMERICAN PLANES & GUNS & BOMBS & TANKS ON THE IRANIAN SIDE which are destroying one of the major sources of oil in the World--Iraq! So American armaments are destroying her own oil, & Russian armaments of Iraq are destroying America's oil also. So it's all working beautifully according to plan, I'm sure!--Russia's international plan, & very likely the Illuminati's international conspiracy led by the [EDITED: "ACs"] to conquer not just the West, but the World!

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