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HOW LONG, O LORD, HOW LONG?--BEFORE THE END?--By Father David       DO 940       9/10/80

       1. THERE COULD UNDOUBTEDLY BE FORCES OF CONSPIRACY, AS SOME HAVE HINTED, WHO ARE BACKING COMMUNISM AS WELL AS CAPITALISM, & backing their enmity against each other & their confrontation so that they'll destroy each other. [DELETED]

       2. THINGS ARE GOING THEIR WAY NOW, BUT EVENTUALLY, OF COURSE, THE ANTICHRIST--THEIR MAN--IS GOING TO TURN ON THEM in the midst of the seven years, beginning the Tribulation, when he sets up his image & declares he wants them to worship him, & institutes the Mark of the Beast & so on. This was not what [EDITED: "they"] expected. (Dan.9:27; 11:31; Rev.13:16.)

       3. [EDITED: "THEY"] HAD EXPECTED THAT HE WOULD PROLONG THE PERMANENT WORLD PEACE & FREEDOM OF RELIGION so they could continue to [DELETED] be protected by him, with probably Jerusalem internationalised as his capital & their capital. But finally he goes a little too far!--They've given him too much rope & he hangs them, & tries to abolish all religion. That's probably where he's going to get most of his trouble, from the Jews as well as the church Christians.

       4. THE BIBLE SPEAKS OF HIM HAVING ALL KINDS OF WARS & TROUBLES AFTER THAT (Dan.11:40-45), trying to put down rebellions & uprisings in various parts of the World until things get again in such chaos that only God Himself can stop it & rescue the World through the coming of Jesus Christ! PTL! And then we will win & rule the World! PTL! Thank the Lord!

       5. IT SOUNDS LIKE A PRETTY BIG ASSIGNMENT & TOUGH JOB--& I'M SURE IT WILL BE!--But with supernatural bodies like angels & supernatural power like angels & the wisdom of God & His direct direction, organisation & international government, I'm sure it won't be too difficult for us, & we will probably even enjoy it--particularly as we glorify God & the Lord Jesus Christ as the rulers of the Earth!

       6. WE WILL ENJOY SEEING RIGHTEOUSNESS ESTABLISHED ON THE EARTH & "righteousness shall cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas." (Isa.11:9; Hab.2:14.) We shall enjoy seeing the punishment of the wicked--maybe not enjoy it, but find a certain satisfaction in seeing the wicked destroyed or punished & subjugated, if nothing else, conquered & suppressed at least for a thousand years, while we run the World.

       7. --UNTIL THE LORD DECIDES TO GIVE THEM THEIR FINAL CHANCE & lets the Devil out of his prison to deceive them once again (Rev.20:7,8) to prove that "even though mercy be shown unto the wicked, yet will he not learn righteousness!" (Isa.26:10.) The wicked will then rise up again under Satan & once again try to conquer the righteous & the camp of the saints & their worldwide government under Jesus Christ in the Millennium. (Rev.20:9.)

       8. THEN GOD WILL HAVE TO COMPLETELY TOTALLY DESTROY THEM & WIPE THEM OUT--the Devil & the Antichrist & the False Prophet too--completely slaughter them all & burn them with fire including the whole surface of the Earth & the atmospheric heavens!--Destroyed in one great final horrible holocaust that will burn up all the wicked & all the filth & everything foul & vile throughout both the Earth & the atmospheric heavens! (Rev.20:9,10.)

       9. THEN GOD CAN REBUILD THE WORLD ON THE ASHES OF THE OLD--"A NEW HEAVEN & A NEW EARTH WHEREIN DWELLETH RIGHTEOUSNESS" (2Pet.3:13), with His great holy Space City coming down from God out of Heaven! For God will come & make His residence with man on Earth--the New Earth, the new Paradise! PG! Hallelujah! (Rev.21; 22.)

       10. WHAT A WONDERFUL FINAL VICTORY WE HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD TO & a great one thousand-year victory during the Millennium, even over the Wicked by our personal rule! It's a beautiful prospect not far away, coming soon with the soon coming of the Lord, as soon as the Wicked have completely taken over the Earth under the Antichrist & are destroying it & trying to wipe out God's people till the cup of their iniquity is full. (Rev.12 & 13.)

       11. GOD TURNS AROUND & WREAKS HIS WRATH ON THE UNRIGHTEOUS, & destroys them & the Antichrist & his False Prophet & their kingdom & all those that accepted the Mark of the Beast & worshipped him.--[EDITED: "Including"] all of those who are not real Christians & don't really know the Lord & who have not rejected the Mark of the Beast. (Rev.13-16.)

       12. SO IT REALLY WON'T BE VERY LONG THE WAY THINGS ARE GOING NOW! This is the beginning of the Oil War, of course, & I believe it'll spread. I don't think Russia wants it to stop. The more it goes on, the faster the oil will be destroyed & the sooner the West will be destroyed.

       13. --AND THE SOONER THE ANTICHRIST FORCES WILL BE VICTORIOUS & THE SOONER THE WORLD GOVERNMENT OF THE ANTICHRIST WILL BE SET UP & the sooner the Devil will be made king & the sooner he'll try to make people fall down & worship him, & the sooner then, therefore, the Lord will come & His Kingdom & we "shall rule & reign with Him upon the Earth a thousand years!" God's Word says so, praise God!--Revelation 19 & 20!

       14. BUT SOME OF YOU ARE GOING TO GO THROUGH A TRYING PERIOD, THROUGH THESE TIMES OF GREATEST TROUBLES. The Bible even calls it "the time of Jacob's (Jews') trouble." (Jer.30:7.) Maybe He didn't mean entirely that Jacob was having the trouble, but causing the trouble [DELETED] the Great Tribulation caused by their messiah the Antichrist. (Mt.24:15-22.)

       15. THEY REJECTED [DELETED] JESUS [EDITED: "1Thes.2:15"], BUT THEY'RE GOING TO RECEIVE [DELETED] THE ANTICHRIST & cause the whole World to worship him, except us--the faithful ones who have the mark of Jesus Christ upon them through faith & salvation in His Name! TYL! Those of you who really love Jesus will survive. You'll survive spiritually even if you don't survive physically, praise God!

       16. YOU'LL RETURN WITH THE LORD, TRIUMPHANT, AFTER THE DAYS OF WRATH in which He wipes out the Antichrist & his kingdom & restores the whole Earth--something the Antichrist tried to do but couldn't. Then there will be genuine peace on Earth & good will toward men throughout the World, & "righteousness shall cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas"!

       17. HOW DO THE WATERS COVER THE SEAS?--WELL, THE SEAS ARE ALL WATER, AREN'T THEY?--COMPLETELY! So the World will be completely covered with the righteous Kingdom of Jesus Christ! Hallelujah! TYL! "And the Word of the Lord shall go forth from Jerusalem, from the mount of the Lord!" (Isa.2:3.)

       18. JESUS CHRIST IS GOING TO SET UP HIS THRONE IN JERUSALEM & MAKE IT HIS CAPITAL--not Begin's, not the Antichrist's, not the Devil's--but God's! And He will rule & reign over the Earth & we shall rule & reign with Him! "He shall rule the nations," it says, "with a rod of iron!" (Rev.2:27; 19:15.) It's going to be an enforced rule, a strong iron dictatorship over the wicked. It has to be, otherwise the wicked would never obey.

       19. TALK ABOUT A DICTATORSHIP, TALK ABOUT AUTHORITARIAN RULE, TALK ABOUT TOTALITARIANISM!--There will never be & the Earth has never seen any totalitarianism as total as is going to be the Kingdom of God on Earth & the rule & reign of Jesus Christ over the World through us! That's going to be the most total, totalitarian government the World has ever known--absolute dictatorship!

       20. EVERYONE WILL BE COMPELLED & FORCED TO OBEY WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT!--Absolutely no democracy, absolutely no freedom of man, wicked man! No more wicked democracy with wicked majorities, voting for wicked governments & wicked rulers in a wicked World--but a completely total totalitarian dictatorship of the righteous with Jesus Christ as Dictator!

       21. I ALMOST SAID OF THE RIGHT BECAUSE WE'RE GOING TO BE RIGHT, & WE ARE RIGHT, & WE'LL BE RIGHTEOUS! There are going to be no rightists in Hell, & no leftists in Heaven! All the rightists are going to be in God's Heavenly Kingdom, & all the leftists are going to be in Hell, or we're going to be ruling over them!--Ha!

       22. FOR THE PLAIN & SIMPLE REASON JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF SAID: HE WILL DIVIDE THE SHEEP FROM THE GOATS & He will say unto them upon His left, "Be cast out into outer darkness"; but unto those on the right He shall say, "Well done, thou good & faithful servant--enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!" (Mt.25:31-46.)

       23. SO ONLY RIGHTISTS ARE GOING TO GET TO HEAVEN, & ALL THE POOR LEFTISTS ARE GOING TO HELL!--Ha! Well, the Lord didn't necessarily mean that politically, He meant it spiritually. Those who are on the right side & righteous are on His spiritual right & will receive His rewards & salvation forever.

       24. THOSE WHO ARE ON THE LEFT & THE LEFTISTS & LEFT HIM & left His judgments & forsook His Word & left their birthrights, so to speak. If they had received them, they could have been saved, but they left it for the left--the goats, the rebellious, the tares of the field, will be cast out & destroyed because they left Him!

       25. THOSE ON THE RIGHT WILL BE SAVED BECAUSE THEY ARE RIGHT & ON HIS RIGHT SPIRITUALLY! So PTL! Only the rightists are going to Heaven, & all the leftists are going to Hell!--Ha! How about that? So it's going to be a wonderful outcome of what's going to happen, & it won't be long. Look forward to it & pray for it, & you're supposed to pray: "Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!" (Rev.22:20.)

       26. IN OTHER WORDS, IF YOU'RE GOING TO PRAY FOR HIS SOON COMING, YOU'VE GOT TO PRAY FOR THE SOON COMING OF THE ANTICHRIST.--And for that, you'll have to pray for the soon coming of [EDITED: "all the events preceding the Second Coming"]. [DELETED]


       28. BECAUSE THE QUICKER THINGS GET WORSE THE QUICKER THEY'RE GOING TO GET BETTER. The sooner [DELETED] will come the Tribulation & therefore the sooner will come the Lord!

       29. SO THE FASTER IT HAPPENS, THE QUICKER IT'S OVER & we won't have to be left in suspense & torturous waiting & enduring & wondering, "How long, O Lord, how long?" It can come quickly if you do your job & get the Gospel out quickly, because that's all the Lord's really waiting for.

       30. HE CAN BRING AN END TO IT IN A HURRY AS SOON AS WE HAVE REAPED AS MANY AS WE CAN REAP, & saved as many as we can save, & witnessed to as many as we can reach, & delivered our souls so the blood of the wicked rejecters will not be on our hands; therefore the sooner can come the judgments of God upon them & the sooner He'll be able to save us out from amongst them. PTL! (Eze.3:18-19.)

       31. SO IT BEHOOVES US TO WORK AS THOUGH EVERYTHING DEPENDED ON WORK & pray as though everything depended on prayer for the soon end of all these things. Because the quicker this World comes to its end, the quicker will begin the righteous Kingdom of Christ on Earth, Heaven on Earth.

       32. THE QUICKER THERE'S HELL ON EARTH BROUGHT ON BY THE CONFLICTS OF TODAY & the conflict between East & West & North & South & good & evil, so-called, & the quicker the conflict between the forces of this world, the quicker it'll be partially destroyed & the quicker will come the Antichrist, his kingdom, Tribulation, & the Second Coming of the Lord! PTL!

       33. AS SOME [EDITED: "CHRISTIANS THROUGHOUT HISTORY"] HAVE PRAYED FOR A SPEEDY DEATH IN TIME OF TRIAL & TRIBULATION & torture & suffering--have prayed to die quickly--we might say that we should pray that the World will die quickly & soon, so we can get it over with & not prolong it. For the sooner the better, "Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!" (Rev.22:20.)

       34. BUT HE CANNOT COME QUICKLY UNLESS THE EVENTS TRANSPIRE RAPIDLY which must precede His coming: This present oil war, the destruction of the so-called Western Christian forces, the victory of the anti-Christ, anti-God Red & Eastern forces, & the setting up of the Antichrist kingdom & the Tribulation.

       35. JESUS CANNOT COME UNTIL ALL OF THIS HAS HAPPENED, & we have to be faithful in witnessing & even in helping bring it all about--even maybe by helping to tell them what to do to get a quicker victory, as we virtually have in a few cases.

       36. SO ARE YOU PRAYING FOR IT TO COME QUICKLY, OR ARE YOU PRAYING FOR GOD TO HOLD IT OFF as long as possible? Well, in a way I'm praying for both! I'm praying He'll hold it off at least until we get our job done & as many Magazines out as we can to instruct you sheep as thoroughly as we can in the events that are to come even after I'm gone, so that you'll be thoroughly prepared & instructed & trained in knowing what to expect & how to conduct yourselves under such circumstances [EDITED: "under"] such a government.

       37. YOU ARE TO OBEY THE POWER JUST EXACTLY LIKE THE BIBLE SAYS IN ALL BUT TWO THINGS: You are not to stop witnessing for Christ, neither are you to deny your faith by receiving the Mark of the Beast, the Antichrist mark symbolised by 666, whatever that means.--The three numbers of man, the number of man in triplicate. (Rev.13:18.) Six is the number of man, seven is the number of God.

       38. WE'RE NOW IN THE SIXTH THOUSAND YEARS OF WORLD HISTORY, & THE SEVENTH THOUSAND WILL BE THE MILLENNIUM--GOD'S MILLENNIUM. This right now is man's millennium, this sixth thousand years, & he has made one hell of a mess out of it & will make an even worse hell on Earth out of it before he's done--before the Lord can then rescue the World & save what's left of it & set up His Kingdom.

       39. SO IN A WAY I'M PRAYING FOR BOTH, THAT WE'LL HAVE A LITTLE MORE TIME TO PREACH THE GOSPEL, get out the message, prepare you, instruct you & get you ready for it; but then when the End really begins to roll around, you'd better pray it'll be over with as soon as possible!

       40. OF COURSE IT'S NOT GOING TO BE OVER ANY FASTER THAN HE HAS SAID, & that is: The Antichrist has to have seven years to rule & reign in order to do his dirtywork & win souls & followers to believe that he's the messiah & the saviour of the World, until he demands worship & the Mark of the Beast & death to all those who refuse to worship him.

       41. THEN I'M SURE YOU'LL BE PRAYING IT'LL BE OVER QUICKLY, but it still won't be over for 3 1/2 years. Just pray it will pass quickly without too much suffering or persecution, or that you will die quickly as a martyr when your witness is finished & get out of it even before it's over.--Amen. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!--Amen?--Amen!

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