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By Father David        GP945        8/11/73

       1. ON JUNE 30, 1908 A COMET OR METEOR OR WHATEVER IT WAS STRUCK SIBERIA. It looked like a huge pillar of fire and could be seen 250 miles away! The intensity of the explosion or whatever it was when it hit was so hot that some people were even burned just by the flash, almost like an atomic explosion! Even if you're not close, if you get the radiation from it, you get a radiation burn.

       2. FOR 20 MILES OR MORE IN ALL DIRECTIONS TREES WERE THROWN DOWN. Bark was torn from those nearest the center & some were scalded. 20 miles is a pretty sizeable hunk of land! They know exactly where it struck because the trees all fell outward, just as though hit by a bomb explosion. And that was in the days before the atomic bombs!

       3. THE THING THAT'S MYSTIFIED SCIENCE ABOUT IT IS THAT THOUGH THERE WAS SUCH A BIG EXPLOSION that they could see the thing for 250 miles away as a pillar of fire, & many residents were burned by the flash & all, they've never been able to find any trace of it! Not a trace of the thing itself! Gusts of wind swept the steppes so powerfully that houses were knocked down 400 miles away near Kansk & sock-waves were recorded as far away as Washington & Java! Think of that!

       4. THERE WAS NOTHING AT ALL EVER FOUND, any pieces of anything! The usual theory is that it was the head of a comet which exploded in the air before hitting the Earth & just pulverised, but they haven't found a grain of dust or anything of it. That's the amazing thing about it! Another theory is that it was formed of anti-matter. That's what was in "Solaris", you know. What was it called? (Maria: Neutrinos.) Neutrinos. The moment this substance they call anti-matter comes in contact with matter, it explodes! Well, that reminds me of evil spirits.

       5. IT'S A SPIRITUAL THING, & THE EVIL SPIRITS, OF COURSE, WOULD BE LIKE ANTI-MATTER, They could also be sort of like the black holes you hear about, because God's Word compares the angels to stars. Angels are like stars, but they can take on bodies to look like human form so they can talk with man, whereas the departed saints have their normal looks.

       6. BUT THE ANGELS, THEY WERE NEVER HUMAN, SO THEY ARE SOME KIND OF ENERGY BODY, you understand?--Like a star or like a halo or like a flying saucer, a circle of energy or power. They are personalities, in a sense, but they are like energy or spirit. If there are therefore good & bad angels, that means there are positive & negative spirits, & God says they are stars.

       7. SOME STARS THEN ARE ACTUALLY SPIRITS. and there are positive & negative stars. This is exactly what science is finding out, that some of these stars have collapsed in on themselves, as though they were cursed, & some of them are still collapsing. And some of them they claim have already collapsed down to practically nothing!--Fallen stars = Fallen angels!

       8. ALL OF A SUDDEN IT COMES TO ME WHAT ABRAHIM SAID IN "CHINESE SPIRITS "ABOUT THE DIMINISHING WORLD! He called the evil spiritual world a diminishing world--up-side down, backwards & diminishing! Isn't that strange? I mean, we don't understand it, but apparently it's just a reverse of what God intended for it to be. Isn't that amazing?--Could this be the Bible "pit"?

       9. (MARIA : DO YOU THINK THEY'VE CAST OUT OF HEAVEN?) Yes! Some of them apparently have already been cast out, but most of them will not be cast out until the time of the Tribulation, the 12th Chapter of Revelation. It speaks of a great dragon in heaven "And his tail drew the third part of the stars of Heaven & did cast them to the Earth."(Rev.12:4.) (Maria : Possibly this is why this doesn't happen more now?) Yes!

       10. IF THOSE STARS COLLAPSE, THAT'S GOING TO CAUSE SOME HELL OF AN EXPLOSION! If those stars up there are actually angels, or they represent angels, what if suddenly one-third of them would suddenly collapse, like science is talking about these black hole stars? What an explosion that would be! That would be some fireworks!

       11. IT'S SUCH A PECULIAR THING, IT'S ALMOST DRIVING THE PHYSICISTS MAD, this new theory about the black holes! I don't understand it myself, but they say when they collapse, they collapse with such speed that it happens faster than the speed of light!--Therefore both time & space are reduced to nothing because of the speed. Think of that! Reduced to nothing! It's a spiritual thing & it gets right into the spiritual world--beyond the scope of man's understanding or even his comprehension of the speed & the force & the power & the weight of one of these collapsing stars.

       12. THEY'RE NOW BEGINNING TO THEORISE THAT THE REASON THEY HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO FIND ONE SHRED OF THAT COMET OR METEOR or whatever is was that hit the Earth up there in Siberia, is that it was one of these black-holes stars, so small that you couldn't even see it with a microscope!--But so powerful & with so much mass & with so much density & so much weight they believe it went clear through the Earth just like a bullet!--Siberia was the point of impact & it emerged in the North Atlantic! Think of that!

       13. THAT MIGHT EXPLAIN SOME OF THOSE MYSTERIOUS THINGS THAT HAPPENED IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC BACK IN THOSE DAYS. I don't know as they've ever really found what actually caused that boat to sink--was it the Lucitania or the Titanic? They always thought it was a German sub. A whole passenger ship of 1000 people drowned, but the Germans never would take the blame for it that it was one of their subs that sank it.

       14. THEY WERE KEEPING CONTINUOUS RECORDS OF ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE IN THOSE DAYS, back in 1908, & it should have made a difference in the atmospheric pressure in the North Atlantic area. So they're going to check back now & see if they can find any record of it in the atmospheric records of the North Atlantic, because they think that it's possible that it was one of those black holes & it just passed right through the Earth!

       15. THE LORD SAID, "I BEHELD SATAN FALL FROM HEAVEN" in Luke 11:18. And then John in Revelation 8 says, "There fell a great star from heaven burning as if it were a lamp...and the name of the star is called Wormwood." (Rev.8:10,11.) So you see, they could really do something like that!

       16. DID YOU KNOW THE RUSSIANS ARE MORE BELIEVING ABOUT THESE THINGS THAN THE AMERICANS ARE? The Russians have almost got more faith in the supernatural, except that to them it's always scientific. It's been proposed in the Soviet Union that the explosion was a nuclear device sent to Earth by some more advanced civilisation long before the first atom bomb detonated on Earth. They think maybe some other civilisation was shooting at us! Well, it was!--The spirit world! Ha, ha!

       17. THEY'RE TRYING TO EXPLAIN IT ALL SCIENTIFICALLY. Well, after all, it is scientific. The spirit world is very scientific. It's all part of God's Creation. So they've been trying & trying to figure this thing out for a long time. They have reproduced the pattern of the tree-felling in a scale model by means of a cylindrical explosion travelling down a wire at an angle of 30 degrees to the ground. This cylindrical pillar of fire hit the Earth at an angle of 30 degrees apparently, & such a fireball would conform to the "pillar of fire" report & could be generated by a plunging black hole! Isn't that something!

       18. THE BLACK HOLE, CONDENSED TO THE DUST GRAIN SIZE from an object the size of a large asteroid, would have generated shock waves as it left the Earth, just as it did when it plunged down through the atmosphere. In other words, there should have been some kind of an explosion on the other side of the Earth as it went through the Earth just like a bullet!

       19. SCIENCE IS MORE & MORE REALLY CONFIRMING THINGS GOD ALREADY HAD IN HIS WORD about these stars falling & exploding, & negative stars that are collapsing on themselves, going from new huge shining stars down to a black hole of nothing! Now wouldn't that be just like the judgment of God on the demonic angels, the evil spirits?

       20. THOSE SPIRITUAL OCCURRENCES ARE BOUND TO AFFECT THE PHYSICAL WORLD & PEOPLE IN SOME WAY. I don't know what events occurred in 1908, I can't remember right now in particular, but those were the years leading up to the war. And in 1910 Haley's Comet came back. Of course a lot of things happen in the spirit world that we don't even know anything about, which nevertheless affect or are going to affect what's happening to us on Earth.

       21. SCIENCE IS DISCOVERING SUCH BIG THINGS NOW THEY CAN'T EVEN UNDERSTAND IT! It's beyond their mental capacity to even grasp these things. I mean it's just like it's almost driving them crazy because it's just beyond them! They're getting into realms that they don't know anything about & can't understand, like the spirit world & relativity's into the things that go into the spiritual. And when I was just thinking about it I got the verses:

       22. "THUS SAITH THE LORD, THY REDEEMER, & HE THAT FORMED THEE FROM THE WOMB, I am the Lord that maketh all things; that stretched forth the heavens alone; that spreadeth abroad the earth by Myself; that frustrateth the tokens of the liars, & maketh diviners mad; that turneth wise men backward, & maketh their knowledge foolish." (Isa.44:24-25.) Isn't that something? He's driving them crazy--"maketh diviners mad & turneth wise men backward"!

       23. WE SAW THE WHOLE THING ON TV THE OTHER NIGHT ABOUT THOSE BLACK HOLES & it was almost unbelievable! He was talking about how it would so totally reduce time & space that it was like you would meet yourself coming & going if you happened to fall into one of those black holes! You'd see a reflection of yourself--your alter-ego in other words, like your spirit. If you would come near & be caught in that thing, it would just suck you in with it!

       24. THE POWER & MASS OF IT IS SO BIG THEY'VE FOUND IT EVEN BENDS LIGHT RAYS which has always been said to be impossible! One of these things has such tremendous gravitational pull that it would bend a ray of light! They've actually experimented with it with X-rays or something. They say that you would just absolutely enter into another universe, totally another universe, & through that into another World!--Like the spirit world!

       25. IT'S LIKE YOU WOULD PASS FROM ONE WORLD TO ANOTHER & TO ANOTHER. But he said if you were able to live through this you couldn't go back into the other from which you came. The whole thing was so spiritual it just about freaked me out!

       26. IT WOULD BE LIKE PASSING THROUGH DEATH FROM ONE WORLD TO ANOTHER!--From one life to another!--From the natural world to the spirit world!

       27. LIKE THE ANGELS WHO FALL WITH SATAN pass from shining stars to black holes, from positive to negative, from life unto death, through sin & rebellion against God, so it is possible to pass the other way, from death unto life through God's love, mercy & salvation in Jesus!

       28. "VERILY, VERILY, I SAY UNTO YOU, HE THAT HEARETH MY WORD, & believeth on Him that sent Me, hath everlasting life, & shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life."--John 5:24.

       29. ARE YOU A SHINING STAR OR A BLACK HOLE? A black hole can become a shining star through receiving Jesus!--Ask Him into your heart today!

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