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WARNING TO HO & ESTHER--The First Blast!--By Father David       DO 952-2       7 September 1980

       1. LORD HELP THE POOR WORKMEN THAT HAVE TO GO TO WORK THIS EARLY! Give them strength for their task. (Pause) I guess that prayer included you, 'cause you're scratching my back at 5:30 in the morning. (Later. Maria: Esther wants to adopt another child, when they've already got seven!) It's like a habit. When some mothers who've gotten used to having so many children sometimes find they can't have any more, then they want to start adopting children!

       2. I GUESS YOU COULD CALL IT THE CHILD SYNDROME: They've got the baby-bearing habit, & it's a shock to them when they suddenly become childless. (Maria: Having all those children has been her greatest accomplishment, so psychologically she wants more.) Yes, they are in the baby-bearing habit, so when they stop having'm they want more. (Maria: Even if they can't properly take care of them all?)

       3. YES, IT'S JUST LIKE THEY'VE SUDDENLY LOST THEIR JOB when they stop having babies, so they still want more, even if they're not very good at taking care of them all. (Maria: Hmm, that's funny.) (Pause) When they already have so many, I don't think they should adopt any more! I certainly don't agree with their adopting any more children!

       4. THEY ALREADY HAVE PLENTY OF CHILDREN & THEY CERTAINLY DON'T NEED ANY MORE!--Certainly not some little foreign problem child who has to have all kinds of operations & everything! That's ridiculous! (Maria: They've had so much trouble trying to adopt it, it shows that the Lord isn't blessing it.) I'm totally opposed to it! Obviously God's not in it or they wouldn't be having so much difficulty trying to adopt it. (Maria: Yes, both with the operation & also with the adoption.) So I flatly oppose it!

       5. (MARIA: DID YOU WANT TO TELL THEM ABOUT THE LITTLE THING THAT YOU GOT ABOUT ESTHER? It might wake them up. I mean, they really don't seem to be able to see it; even the things you say don't seem to sink in.) There's something wrong with Esther or she wouldn't be having so much trouble, & of course I think we all know what it is.

       6. SHE HAS NOT HAD SUFFICIENT RESPECT FOR ME FOR A LONG TIME, almost even from the very beginning. She, for example, opted for Ho instead of me. I even got to the point where I opposed Ho marrying her because I said she was a snob & a bit weird, & it certainly has proven to be the truth in many respects, despite the fact that she's been a good mother in some ways, & certainly produced a lot of children who are turning out very well, thanks to the Lord.

       7. BUT HER LACK OF RESPECT FOR ME & FAITH certainly leaves something to be desired; it's always been somewhat lacking. The very fact that she came all the way from Hong Kong that time & so close to us, I mean going right past the country we were in & yet not coming to see us, shows that something was wrong or she certainly of all things would have put that first above all other things, to come see us when she had an invitation to come see us & should have come to see us.

       8. AN INVITATION TO COME SEE US FROM US WAS VIRTUALLY AN ORDER WHICH SHE SHOULD HAVE OBEYED! For her to deliberately defy it & give all kinds of excuses for not coming, saying she didn't have time, she had to catch her train, or had to meet other people, shows that she had literally no respect for us & did not want to see us.

       9. THEREFORE HER HEART IS NOT WITH US, & this has been borne out very clearly by the events that have occurred since. Her paying very little attention to Ho & even her own family & children & just wanting to run off with these other men & boyfriends & whatnot--FFing she calls it. But the way she's done it, it looks more like Family desertion to me, & not only desertion of her own family but of our Family, the whole Family!

       10. SHE APPARENTLY DOES NOT HAVE HER HEART IN THE WORK, OUR FAMILY WORK, THE LORD'S WORK. (Maria: And then having a nervous breakdown when her fish leaves her.) Well, something's always been wrong with her. She had a severe nervous breakdown before she came to us. She was a bit weird when she arrived, & always has been.

       11. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH HER SPIRITUALLY, & the dream that I had about her the other night again bears it out. I dreamt I was making love to her & fucking her, when all of a sudden I looked up into her face & she was practically sneering at me, looking at me with contempt & scorn! To me this means that she not only doesn't love me, but she doesn't even like me, & maybe hates me!

       12. SO THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH DEAR ESTHER, & therefore that's why I certainly advise dear Ho to stick to his Ruthie who has been more faithful, at least, & has got her two feet on the ground & is a little bit more sensible, has a lot of common sense! She has certainly been more faithful in writing us & reporting to us than Esther ever was!

       13. RUTH'S MORE FAITHFUL IN TRYING TO KEEP HO ON THE RIGHT TRACK & in line on his work & the GLP job he's supposed to be doing, which he has neglected woefully & sadly lately, which has hurt the recent editions of the MO Books. There are several things very sadly lacking in these recent editions & there have been a number of mistakes made.

       14. SO APPARENTLY HE WASN'T MINDING HIS OWN BUSINESS & TENDING TO BUSINESS & HIS MAIN BUSINESS, which should have been taking care of our work & our Books & our publications, which is why we put him out there & why he's supposed to be earning his Budget. (Maria: --But now he's more interested in Esther's new vision of the children's singing group traveling & performing in the Philippines. This is again distracting him from his main job.) Yes.

       15. WELL, SHE'S ALWAYS BEEN TRYING TO GET HIM OFF THE BEAM & OFF THE TRACK, obviously, & how she holds such an influence over him, I don't know! How she can influence him so strongly & so easily get him sidetracked, I don't understand. She has a powerful influence over him & I think it's of the Devil, absolutely the Devil, because it's always in the wrong direction & off the track!

       16. I REALLY THINK SHE'S A LITTLE BIT LED OF SATAN, quite a bit, & an instrument & a tool for dividing his heart & diverting him from his work & his business for us & the Lord. She's been used of the Devil to sidetrack him & get him off the main line & on some other diversion of her choosing, & this last one has just about made me explode!

       17. THEY'RE THINKING OF LEAVING HONG KONG, WHERE AT LEAST THEY'RE STABLE & ACCOMPLISHING SOMETHING & have some kind of connections & influence & roots & whatnot, & just throwing it all overboard to take some wild-goose-chase off to the Philippines just because Esther wants to be a singing star! (Maria: So the children can sing too.)

       18. THE CHILDREN CAN SING PLENTY WHERE THEY ARE & there's hardly any recording center & distribution of recordings any bigger in almost the whole World than Hong Kong! It's a tremendous recording & tape duplicating center from which they could distribute tapes to the whole World!

       19. THEY'VE GOT A MARVELOUS OPPORTUNITY if Esther wasn't so damned interested in having face-to-face audiences & the applause & the glamour & the glory of audience reaction right on the spot, reaching a few score audiences where she is. They could be doing recordings & reaching millions! (Maria: Well, they could send it to MWM. That's what we suggested before.) She's ridiculous, just ridiculous!

       20. (MARIA: I READ IN THE SUGGESTIONS & COMMENTS that came from their Tither's Report that, "It's a little tight financially having to support not only us here, but Esther in the Philippines.") If her work in the Philippines is of God, it should be self-supporting, & they had better not support Esther in the Philippines or I'm going to cut them off entirely, & I mean it!

       21. NOW YOU'D BETTER WAKE UP, HO & RUTHIE, & COME TO YOUR SENSES & GET RIGHT WITH GOD & get back on the ball doing the job you were appointed to do out there taking care of our publications, or we're going to close GLP completely & you're going to be out of a job! Period! And let Esther go her way!

       22. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SUPPORTING ESTHER & you are not responsible for supporting her if she runs off & deserts you & her family & goes her own way against my advice--nobody should be responsible for supporting her. I'm beginning to believe the best place in the World for Esther is in the booby hatch! She's just that crazy, idiotic, if nothing more than stupid, & I'm getting sick & fed up with her shenanigans!

       23. THE DREAM I HAD CERTAINLY PROVES IT! She had contempt & scorn for me. She was sneering at me in the dream, although I was loving her & trying to be kind to her, which I have been for years, but I'm just about fed up with Esther! And you can take that for what it's worth, Esther!

       24. I'M SICK & FED UP WITH YOUR SHENANIGANS & your wandering around & your constantly forsaking & deserting Ho & your children & God's Work & what you were appointed & anointed to do--& that's take care of your family! Forget trying to be a star! You'll never be a star!--You haven't got what it takes, & that's a little common sense & hard work, & especially to stay in God's Will!

       25. GOD HASN'T BLESSED ANY OF THESE MUSICIANS OR ARTISTS OR SINGERS WHO WANDERED OFF & tried to make it commercially & make a hit & make albums & make the Top 40! Some of them didn't even make the Top 100! But now they've gotten back to work for the Lord for almost nothing, & they're happy & useful & doing the World some good.

       26. BUT YOUR KIND OF DESIRE FOR POPULARITY, FAME & STARDOM IS JUST NEVER GOING TO PAY OFF! God's not in it & He's not going to bless it & He doesn't approve of it, & you'd better wake up & find it out & get back to your husband & children & stop sidetracking him & getting him off the beam & wandering away from God's Will, or God is really going to deal with you & remove you! He almost has already!

       27. NOW THAT'S THE WAY I FEEL ABOUT IT, Ho & Ruthie, & you guys had better wake up or you're going to have to find yourselves another job! If you're not going to do our work, then you're going to have to go to work for somebody else! You've been fiddling around with the World & its work instead of putting God's Work first & taking care of our publications.

       28. GLP WAS SUPPOSED TO BECOME A GREAT THING! We would have done a lot more publishing there if you'd stayed on the job & taken care of it. We were going to get out Komix, we were going to have colour Komix, we were going to have colour calendars, we were going to get out all kinds of things that you had great vision for.

       29. NOW YOU'VE EVEN LOST THE VISION FOR THE BOOKS & have dumped the whole thing on Mark who hasn't the knowledge or the wisdom or the ingenuity to do it, apparently not even the burden any more. So if we have to close up GLP, you'll know why! It's because you failed!

       30. YOU DIDN'T STAY FAITHFUL TO YOUR JOB & ON THE JOB & TAKE CARE OF IT, but ran around after Esther, chasing around on her wild-goose-chases & her crazy ideas. She's crazy, let's face it! She is crazy, & you'll have to come to that sad conclusion or she'll continue to lead you astray.

       31. WHAT CAN I MORE SAY? You're going to have to wake up & realise that sad fact, that dear Esther is a mental case & virtually almost always has been, sad to say, & therefore is very weak-minded, feeble-minded, & easily led astray by the Devil.

       32. SHE IS CONSTANTLY BEING DUPED & BEWITCHED & LED ASTRAY BY SATANIC FORCES which get her out of God's will, & worst of all, affect you & influence you to get out of God's will. (Maria: She's now even speaking openly against Ho & you. She seems to be bitter against both of you, so obviously she's sowing her seeds of doubt & dissension throughout the Family.)

       33. WELL, AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, IF WE DON'T GET RID OF HER, GOD IS GOING TO! She'd better straighten out & get back to God & get right with God & get back to sanity--which she hardly ever had--& come down to Earth & get a little common sense & get back to her husband & her children & take care of them--which is her main job--& forget this crazy idea of becoming a singing star with hit albums & always wanting the glamour & the glory, the face-to-face audience & the praise of man!

       34. NOW, SHE'S EITHER GOING TO HAVE TO WAKE UP TO THAT, & you're going to have to wake up to it, or you're going to have to get rid of her!--Or God's going to have to get rid of her. Just send her back where she came from, to her parents in Kansas, where she was a mental case before she came to us.

       35. NOW THAT'S THE WORD WITH THE BARK ON IT & THAT'S THE FACTS, as hard as it may be to recognise, but that's the truth!--And this dream I had was just one last confirmation! I am fed up with Esther & I'm fed up with her speaking against us & speaking against you & going around sowing dissension & division in the Family!

       36. SHE'S RUNNING AROUND LOOSE WITH NOTHING TO DO BUT CAUSE TROUBLE, & if you continue to support her in this wayward, willful, defiant rebellion & stubbornness & wickedness, then I'm going to stop supporting you, & I mean it!

       37. NOW YOU'D BETTER DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT TO DO WITH ESTHER, either get her back & make her put her nose down to the grindstone of taking care of those children & training them & singing with them & where God did use her, or God's going to get rid of her--or you'd better get rid of her! Send her back to the States on a furlough to her family, or we're going to have to get rid of you! I mean it!

       38. IF SHE'S GOING TO BE SUCH A DETRIMENT & SUCH A DEADHEAD & such a drag & such a hindrance as to get you constantly out of God's will & away from your work to where you cannot be faithful to the job God gave you to do & we gave you to do, then why should we support you?

       39. WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?--SOME KIND OF PRESIDENT EMERITUS that you just deserve some kind of a pension? I changed your designation of your gift on our financial records to Pension Fund, believe it or not, because I couldn't figure out what you were doing for us, you seemed to be retired!

       40. I JUST DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANY MORE OF THIS FOOLISHNESS ABOUT FORSAKING-ALL THERE & striking out in the Philippines when you can't even speak Spanish! (Maria: And he can speak Chinese!) It'd be smarter if you went to China or if you went to Arabia of which you can speak a little of both languages!

       41. JUST WHEN GOD WAS BEGINNING TO USE YOU TO OPEN UP CHINA, what a distraction, what a trick of the Devil to distract you & get you off the beam & sallying off toward the Philippines, of all the crazy things! We've got too many people in the Philippines already! We've got more Americans in the Philippines than any other country almost on Earth outside of America!

       42. GOD HAS BEEN GOOD TO YOU & GIVEN YOU RESIDENCY THERE, & it's a good base to use to foray from. If you are merely going on a survey trip to the Philippines to see what's going on there & come back & report to us, that would be a different thing.

       43. BUT TO CONSIDER STAYING OVER THERE & ABANDONING EVERYTHING YOU HAVE where you are & wasting your time traipsing & tagging along after crazy Esther & her crazy ideas, you're just destroying yourself! You're destroying your family, you're destroying your job, your work, your position with God & just absolutely destroying the whole works! I'm just getting fed up with it & I mean it!

       44. THAT'S THE LAST I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT ESTHER'S RIDICULOUS SHENANIGANS & constantly getting you off the track & off the beam! You had better wake up & get your feet on the ground & get back to work & do what God called you to do & what we told you to do & what we hired you for there, or you're going to get cut off & have to find yourself another job! I mean it! I'm fed up with it! Now you just wake up!

       45. THANK GOD RUTHIE'S GOT A LITTLE COMMON SENSE AT LEAST & trying to keep you on the right track. I'm just sick & fed up with it & I want to hear that you've straightened out & repented & have either divorced Esther or sent her back to the States or gotten rid of her somehow, let her go her own way & let her support herself if she keeps on being so crazy!

       46. EVERY TIME SHE LEAVES YOU & THE FAMILY & HOME, CUT HER OFF FINANCIALLY! Do not pay for her fares anywhere unless it's just to get her out of the way! When you sent her to the Philippines she caused a lot of trouble, speaking against us & all kinds of things, so if that's all you're going to do is pay her fare for her to get around & cause trouble in the Family, then we're not going to send you any more money for you to be able to pay her fares! Now just quit it! Stop it!

       47. EITHER SHE STAYS HOME OR YOU DON'T GIVE HER A PENNY! Is that clear? Either she stays home & takes care of the kids & you & behaves herself & does the sensible things & lets God use her the way He uses her locally in making recordings or whatever, & get down to brass tacks & common sense & do something she is able to do--which is sing a little bit with the children--or she's through!

       48. (MARIA: OR PROVISION STUDIO TIME & PUT HER SONGS ON TAPE & SEND THEM TO MWM. Then she can be heard all over the World!) Yes, we'll publish them. Let's have the tapes. We'll use them. What's the matter with our Family & our publications & why not let us benefit from them? Why should you give them to the World & commercially-minded robbers & moneychangers?

       49. I'M JUST GETTING FED UP WITH THE WHOLE WORKS! I've been fed up with Esther for a long time, & obviously she's fed up with me too, so it's mutual. So I think she ought to get out of the Family if she's not going to settle down to obeying God & you & taking care of her family & her children & God's work! I'm through with her! I'm fed up with her!

       50. THAT DREAM PROVED THAT SHE HAS NOTHING BUT CONTEMPT & SCORN & RIDICULE FOR ME, & apparently for you as well. So either she had better repent, come to her senses, ask God for mercy & try to straighten out & get back to work where she belongs, or she had better get out, or God will have to remove her!

       51. AND IF YOU DON'T WAKE UP TO THAT FACT & YOU DON'T SEE IT & YOU DON'T BELIEVE IT & you don't obey me about it--to either make her stay home & not give her a penny to leave unless she fails to repent & refuses to do her job & refuses to stay home--then there's only one ticket that I'd be willing to give you the money to buy her, & that's a ticket back to the United States, to Kansas where she came from! A one-way ticket! And I mean it! I'm just fed up with Esther!

       52. SHE WAS ALWAYS A GLORY-GIRL FROM THE VERY BEGINNING, just wanted to get on stage & loved the glamour & the glory! She has talent, she sings beautifully, she has composing talent, she's written some beautiful inspired songs, but lately she's been getting inspired of the Devil to go in the wrong direction & lead you in the wrong way by the nose!

       53. I'M SICK & FED UP WITH ESTHER & HER SHENANIGANS, & either she's going to straighten out & come home & behave herself & take care of her family & her children & God's Work that we have given her to do, or I'm going to cut her off completely!

       54. IF YOU WON'T CUT HER OFF, I'LL CUT HER OFF, & I will cut you off in the bargain if you continue to support her in her foolishness & her wanderings! Even the Father only gave the Prodigal Son what he was due & that was that, they let him go. He didn't keep paying his expenses in the far country! He just let him go & cut him off & that was the end of it, until he came home & repented & showed he was sorry & got back to work on the farm--& that's what Esther needs to do!

       55. NOW THAT'S THAT, THAT'S THE WORD WITH THE BARK ON IT! You had better get Esther straightened out or you're going to be in a tough spot. I'm fed up with your neglecting your job with GLP, neglecting the work, neglecting the Books, neglecting the pubs, neglecting everything! I don't know what the Hell you're supposed to be doing, Son! You've been collecting a stipend every month & not doing anything in return for it!

       56. WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR THE BOOKS? What are you doing for the pubs? You made some big mistakes in over-producing & over-extending your publications & in messing things up because you went too far & beyond what we told you to do. You took things in your own hands & did things your way instead of consulting with us, & were over-publishing, which we've had to give away at our expense! We couldn't even give it away for the postage! We even finally had to pay the postage to get rid of it!

       57. THAT WAS A BIG MISTAKE, BUT IT SHOULD HAVE TAUGHT YOU A LESSON to learn how to counsel & follow & obey & do what we tell you to do, & not just go off on a tangent on a wild-goose-chase on your own, especially not after Esther! Now I hope you get the point & I hope this does the trick; & if not, it may be just about the last thing I have to say to you or Esther!

       58. SO PLEASE RUTHIE, I HOPE YOU'LL PLAY THIS FOR HO & GET HIM TO LISTEN, & you guys better get down & pray & ask God what you're supposed to do & what you're supposed to do with Esther, & she had better get right with God or she's finished as far as I'm concerned! She'd better get right with God & me & you!

       59. SO GOD BLESS YOU ALL & HELP YOU TO COME TO YOUR SENSES & get back to work for the Lord & the Family & with the things that we gave you to do which you have sadly, woefully, horribly neglected in recent months, if not years! God help you! God have mercy on poor Esther! She's just weak-minded, simple-minded & very much led astray now by the Devil!

       60. SO EITHER SHE'D BETTER STRAIGHTEN OUT OR GOD'S GOING TO GET RID OF HER, & you'd better straighten out or God's going to dump you off the team! So, PTL! We love you! We're sorry to have to give you this tongue-lashing, but you need it, all of you! It seems to me like Ruthie's about the only one in the whole bunch of you that's got any common sense! GHU!--In Jesus' name, amen!

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