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ON RETURN TO HONG KONG!       DO952-11       8/12/80

       (From Ho--on returning to Ruthie in Hong Kong.)

Dearest Dad, Maria & Peter

       GBY! ILY! GIJN. My love & thanks I send to you.

       THE TIME SPENT TOGETHER SHARING WITH PETER WAS A GREAT HELP & inspiration to me. Thanks especially for your phone call as it gave me all the specific directions & instructions that I so desperately needed now on my return to H.K. The recording of the call I was able to make came out clearly by a miracle, as my batteries were low. (--TTL!)

       ON MY ARRIVAL I MET WITH RUTHIE & we stayed at the YMCA so she could have a time to read over the RDs, reports on me, & listen to your phone call. On the tape you said to let her listen to the whole thing, so I did & it really helped her to get the whole picture clearly. That phone call with the RDs was so important because we've been able to go over & over it.

       IT HAS HELPED ALSO THAT RUTHIE HAS BEEN ABLE TO GO OVER ALL THESE THINGS with me, as she has been better able to see & help me to see & understand some of the faults I have & things I've been guilty of that I at first couldn't clearly see by myself. It seems others can see me so much more clearly & realistically than I see myself through my sort of rose-coloured glasses. So Ruthie's pointing some of these things out to me has helped me to grasp the truth of these messages & warnings more deeply.

              THIS APPLIES PARTICULARLY TO SOME OF THE THINGS MARIA BROUGHT OUT IN THE "PRODIGAL PRODIGIES" Letter & those brought out in the reports on me by Faith & Juan & Emmanuel & Hannah. When speaking to Peter just after reading over these I still hadn't grasped & see myself being actually & presently guilty of still treating others in such bad ways as mentioned, overbearing, demanding, off-handed, domineering, work-spirit & unwilling to receive counsel & correction. Now I must confess that I have been that way up to now, though at times I tried to guard against it. It's still a fault I need to battle daily to overcome in all my dealings with people. God helping me I want to see it & overcome it daily.

       THIS SAME ALSO APPLIES TO THE OTHER FAULTS mentioned, like being independent, doing my own thing, running out of control, unwilling to receive correction or repent & change, doing things without orders & against orders, etc. Ruthie's helped me to see I'm guilty in all these areas as these Letters mentioned. God help me, I want to change & will be battling daily (Eph.6:12) to do so. So, Peter, I'm more guilty than I then realised & now see it more clearly. GHM.

       THIS IS MY CONTINUING REACTION TO THIS, & there's still so much more to cover & He's showing me more through it all daily. We shared the messages for Esther with her & I'll write about that tomorrow. With love & prayer, Ho GBY OXO

       --To be continued.

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