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PROBLEM CASES!       DO 954-4       15 September 1980
--A warning about our former Editor before he left the Family & his wife--kidnapping their three children!--By Father David.

       1. THIS IS A NOTE TO THE WS UNITS IN SPAIN ABOUT JUSTUS ASHTREE. We're sending this via you, Mordy, as you're returning shortly. We hope you will get to discuss this with the personnel there & perhaps play it for them & let them listen to it, because a very serious situation has arisen with one of our personnel who's been with us a long time but has grown progressively worse in spirit & in production & in criticism etc.

       2. AS YOU PERHAPS KNOW OR DON'T KNOW, JUS HAS BEEN MORE OR LESS ON PROBATION FOR THE PAST YEAR due to the very great decline in his production for World Services in his work & his great decline in its quality, as well as his seeming decline in his loyalty & increase in his critical spirit & attitude toward leadership, particularly me.--

       3. THIS, COMBINED WITH THE EXTREME DETERIORATION IN HIS SPIRITUAL CONDITION, including his heavy drinking & listening to the worst kind of music all the time, the reports of which we have received from a number of different sources. Frankly, Folks, we were extremely shocked with your high recommendations & great praise of him in the recent reports which we asked each of you to write on Jus, that you have so little discernment & know him as well as you do & yet not know what's going on & his spiritual condition.

       4. PERHAPS YOU THOUGHT WE WERE SOUNDING YOU OUT FOR HAVING JUS WORK WITH US PERSONALLY OR SOMETHING. I don't know whether he did any log-rolling or lobbying there when he found out we were asking for reports from you on him--whether he lobbied around to make sure you gave good reports--which would be just like his typical Cancer charm, which seems to have charmed the pants off quite a few of you women there particularly!

       5. BUT YOU EITHER ARE VERY BLIND SPIRITUALLY, lacking in discernment & haven't had your eyes open, or you're just trying to be kind or nice & give a good report, nothing but a good report, all of you!--At least mostly good reports, except you, Mordy, who apparently sees through him as we do.

       6. SO WE WERE A LITTLE SHOCKED AT THE REST OF YOU THAT YOU WERE SO EASILY DECEIVED & misled by his charm & surface appeal, evidently not knowing that he has been on probation about a year due to past failures & improper attitudes & very hindering habits such as his heavy drinking & listening to the worst kind of Worldly music all day long while he works, or whatever he's doing. He certainly hasn't been accomplishing much work!

       7. PERHAPS I SHOULD GO BACK A BIT TO OUTLINE HIS HISTORY WITH US to help you understand a little bit better how serious the problem has become. Jus joined us very long ago with a church religious background & has always been a smooth talker & charming personality, as most Cancers are.

       8. HE FIRST BEGAN TO WORK IN RELATION TO ME PERSONALLY WHEN WE WENT TO CHINBROOK with publications under Ho. He got together with Sally as hopefully a good pub team with her as one of our fastest & best final typists & transcribers, & he at that time supposedly as a good editor & business manager, etc.

       9. AT THAT TIME SALLY BECAME INTERESTED IN HIM MOSTLY AS A MATTER OF CONVENIENCE, we might say, since they were both working in the same work, the same department more or less, & got together as a team. Whereas she had been previously mostly associated with us & the Words & loved her work thereon, & still does, & still does love us the most & the Words & the Lord the most, thank God!

       10. BUT WITH HIS CHARM & WINNING WAYS HE FINALLY WON HER OVER TO MARRY HIM, & I think he even got her to legally marry him to make sure he could hang onto her. He has always been very jealous of her love for me & the Lord & the Words, & extremely possessive of her.

       11. THIS HAS BEEN A PROBLEM FROM THE VERY FIRST, but we've managed to tolerate it & tried to simply ignore it the best we could & hoped that he would improve as time went on. When we finally moved to Tenerife & saw our need for a nearby WS Unit to help us with the publications, particularly a final typist, Jus also came in very helpfully with his knowledge of photography.

       12. HE ALSO TRIED HIS HAND FOR SOME TIME AT EDITING, which was never very good, & always caused me considerable trouble to re-edit & re-punctuate & rephrase, almost like having to do it over myself. Until I got to the point while still even in Tenerife that I told Maria I'd almost rather start from scratch with the raw RDs myself & edit them from the beginning than have to work on Jus' stuff after he messed it up!

       13. SO IF YOU SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH SOME OF THE OLD LETTERS, & peculiar & odd phraseology & peculiar punctuation, you can just pretty well bet your boots it was first edited by Jus, & you can give Jus the credit for it. I was never satisfied with his editing, which is one reason we almost gave up on having him edit things, because of the poor editing he did. He did considerable editing & a lot of work on it, & it must have been very hard work since it turned out so poorly & must have not been easy for him.

       14. ACTUALLY, SALLY IS A FAR BETTER EDITOR THAN HE IS, & punctuates better & has a better knowledge of grammar & English & catches the Spirit & the thought of the raw material much better than he ever did.--Because she is more in tune with me & more sympathetic & much more spiritual & has been working on the Words so much longer than Jus, from the very very beginning, from clear back when she was in Texas. She is a far faster editor & puts out several times as much work in the same amount of time as Jus ever did.

       15. IN FACT, HIS SPEED & QUANTITY & QUALITY HAS BEEN GRADUALLY DECLINING OVER THE YEARS. We were getting pretty fed up with it even before we left Tenerife, & it became worse & worse until we finally gave up on giving him anything to edit at all, & asked Sally to try her hand at it.

       16. SHE & HART DID SUCH AN EXCELLENT JOB & SO QUICK & SO FAST & SO THOROUGH & so well & in such a good spirit, that we were dumbfounded at how we had overlooked her tremendous editorial capacity all these years, & leaned on poor Jus who was just not capable or equal to it & who did such a poor job of it.

       17. WELL, WE PUT UP WITH IT BECAUSE WE HAD NO ONE ELSE & we are too busy ourselves to edit some of these very long tapes, etc., & we figured that some editor, even a poor one, was better than no editor at all! So we let him go ahead with many of these things, & he did a fair job on some of them, poor on others, & a few good.

       18. HIS POOR EDITING I DO NOT NECESSARY BLAME HIM FOR, because if you haven't got the knack of it & the knowledge for it & the skill for it & the education for it, it's just not your cup of tea or your bag & you can't help it necessarily--especially if you haven't got the spirit for it, which he has had less & less of over the years as he became more & more jealous of Sally & possessive of her & more & more out of tune with me & critical of me,

       19. COMPLAINING & MURMURING AGAINST ME, NEVER SPECIFICALLY BUT JUST GENERALLY IN HIS SLY LITTLE SLURS which he still makes of us there & in letters to her, & in person to our own staff on visits--which absolutely amazed us that he would have the nerve to be this critical of us personally, but in such a sly slurring insidious way as to win the confidence of others at the same time that he's undermining their confidence in us.

       20. HIS MERE WORK & PRODUCTION OUTPUT BECAME SO LOW, finally that last year we asked some of our staff to assess his spiritual & general condition. All of their reports were very sad & very similar to someone we had before working with us that we had to get rid of whom we had sent a long ways for & had hoped would work into editing as well as other work.

       21. BUT THEY PROVED UNSATISFACTORY, & FOR ALMOST THE SAME REASONS: Extreme jealousy over their wives, extreme possessiveness, heavy drinking, heavy listening to the worst kind of Worldly music, & constantly out of the Spirit, even violent, until we just simply could not tolerate it anymore. After giving these people & this particular man chance after chance to repent, & making tape after tape to talk to him & dealing with him, everybody dealing with him, we finally had to send them away.

       22. THEY BECAME AN ACTUAL SECURITY RISK & HAZARD TO THE WORK & were more of a hindrance than a help, taking up so much of our time trying to straighten out all their problems--which is somewhat similar to Jus' situation. We asked him to give us a full report on his previous year's accomplishment, page-by-page volume output report with his monthly averages etc.

       23. WELL, WE FINALLY GOT SOME KIND OF A REPORT WHICH WAS A LITTLE BIT VAGUE & WAS NOT AT ALL SATISFACTORY, but due to the situation at that time we hopefully thought that perhaps a little visit with our staff & bit of chiding from us--knowing that he was more or less on the carpet & on the hot-seat for his decline in work production & his poorer & poorer work & sly criticisms of us & bad habits & all the rest--we received his apology & we hoped for repentance & a change.

       24. WELL, THEY HAD BEEN BURDENED WITH A GRAND MOVE FROM TENERIFE TO SPAIN THE PREVIOUS YEAR, & so we tried to blame it on that & give them credit for doing the best they could under the difficult circumstances of pulling up stakes & reducing two units to one & then moving their entire unit to Spain & getting settled again, all of which, as I know & we all know so well, does hinder your work & slow down your production & it takes time to pick up again.

       25. NORMALLY IT ONLY TAKES US FROM TWO WEEKS TO A MONTH TO MAKE ANY MAJOR MOVE, including the scouting, finding a place, moving & getting settled in. However Jus didn't seem to recover for even a year & his work output constantly declined & became worse & worse, including his attitude. So when we summoned him the first time & put him on probation to see how he would react, he seemed to try to do better & made a real effort to be helpful & improve & make a good impression.

       26. BUT HE HAD GOTTEN SOME IDEA FOR SOME REASON THAT HE MIGHT BE THERE PERMANENTLY & got a bit exalted about it, although we never had any idea of keeping him, because he was needed elsewhere. We simply summoned him to help temporarily while we tested him to find out what was going on with him.

       27. FROM THE MOMENT HE FOUND HE WAS GOING BACK, HIS ATTITUDE SEEMED TO CHANGE ALMOST COMPLETELY & he became very murmuring & complaining & grumbling & critical, etc. in a very bad spirit. But he went back & we hoped for the best, we hoped for better, as he got some scoldings from our leaders before leaving.

       28. I DID NOT DEAL WITH HIM PERSONALLY MYSELF because when they begin to get like that, I shy away a little further all the time for the sake of security, & I feel that in giving them another chance, our other leadership should be able to deal with them & assess the situation, & they did. And he confessed some & said he was sorry, repented some we hope, & went back supposedly to try to do better.

       29. INSTEAD OF THAT, WE IMMEDIATELY NOTICED THAT HIS WORK OUTPUT WAS STILL VERY LOW, it did not improve, & gradually grew worse until his output page for page got down to only about 50 pages per month, whereas Sally's was averaging 300 pages a month. That's quite a difference! We realise that she was given all day free to do her typing ,etc., & Jus spent much of his time taking care of the house & the children & cooking, etc., but he had a number of helpers who could & should have been able to do those things without his being so involved.

       30. BUT IT SEEMED AS THOUGH HIS SPIRIT JUST WAS NO LONGER IN HIS WORK. His heart just had left his work & was no longer in it, & he seemed to know that & know that we knew it & yet made no serious effort to straighten himself out or get straightened out or improve or work any harder.

       31. YOU'D THINK WHEN AN EMPLOYEE IS CALLED ON THE CARPET FOR HIS INCOMPETENCE & is scolded for it & warned of it, even brought to leadership to be warned of it, & knowing that he was under inspection for his efficiency or inefficiency, & that he was more or less on probation, you would think that even to save his job he would try to improve.

       32. BUT PERHAPS THAT'S THE PROBLEM, HE SIMPLY DOESN'T LIKE HIS JOB & he doesn't like working with us any more, & therefore didn't want to improve & perhaps he hopes he'll get fired. That way he could take his wife & children & sever our relationship completely & separate himself completely from us & take off with Sally once & for all & forever with no longer any danger of her ever being closer to us than to him. And with totally possessing her & separating her from the Work & the Word & the Worder as well as the Lord.

       33. SO FAR, THANK GOD, HE'S NOT SUCCEEDED, although he's tried very hard to woo Sally away from us & even away from her work, & to keep her tied up so tight to him with a legal marriage & lots of children, thinking by this he could keep the string so tight & the cords so strong that bind, that she would never be able to break away from him to be free again to do the good work that she has once done & not have be burdened with him & his problems & so many of his children.

       34. SO HIS JEALOUSLY & POSSESSIVENESS & EVEN ANTAGONISM HAS GROWN WORSE & WORSE, & I don't know why none of you people there could see any of these faults--including his excessive drinking, Worldly music & bad attitude. We are amazed at your lack of discernment & dumbfounded at your almost utter ignorance of his spiritual condition & his attitude toward us & even the Family.

       35. WE'RE WONDERING IF MAYBE BECAUSE OF HIS CHARM & WINSOME WAYS & VERY SLY TONGUE, he had so also influenced you there into almost the same attitude & the same opinions by his constant wearing away, constant dropping on the stone.--Like Sam Warner, who apparently now we realise Jus turned against us until we had to let Sam go because of his antagonistic & dissatisfied attitude.

       36. PERHAPS HE'S BEEN INFLUENCING YOU TO AN EXTENT THAT YOU DON'T EVEN REALISE IT, because he is a very very charming personality, & has a very influential way about him, & almost always wins over the people who work with him to the point that they're so totally deluded & deceived they don't even realise it!

       37. SOME PEOPLE WHO HAVE FORMERLY WORKED WITH HIM & WERE PRACTICALLY HIS WORSHIPPERS PREVIOUSLY when associated with him & living with him, now have begun to realise since they've come to live & work with us, what a difference there is between him & us, his attitude & ours, & the way we do things & the way he does things, that they had been so totally deluded & deceived as to be won over by him completely.

       38. UNTIL THEY WERE SEPARATED FROM HIM & PUT WITH PEOPLE IN WHOM WE HAVE THE GREATEST CONFIDENCE & who have worked with us for years & who know us well & work close with us & are with us, then these people who have worked with Jus previously were shocked to realise the difference & finally awakened to Jus' perfidy & his cleverness in deceiving them & literally kind of wooing & winning them away from us to himself.

       39. WELL, THIS ALL BECAME QUITE APPARENT, OR BEGAN TO BE APPARENT, IN HIS FIRST VISIT HERE A YEAR AGO. We called him on the carpet because of his declining work & inefficiency, & we had heard of his murmuring etc. & of some of his heavy drinking & the rest. We had even scolded him about his music listening long long ago. (See "Musical Key," No.326.) That report came to us as far back as London in 1973!

       40. AND IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE FACTS, IN CASE YOU HAVE NOT BEEN AWARE OF WHAT'S GOING ON, his listening to that kind of music is what prompted some of the first Letters that we wrote against that kind of music, such as "Musical Key", because of the report we had received regarding Jus & the kind of music he listened to.

       41. YOU CANNOT LISTEN TO THAT KIND OF DEVILISH MUSIC & DEVIL'S MUSIC WITHOUT BEING INFLUENCED BY THE DEVIL!--And it obviously has taken a toll on Jus' spiritual life & his spirit & his soul & his heart & his mind, until now it has almost completely taken him away from the Lord & the Lord's work, & even separating him now from the Family & his wife!

       42. WELL, UP TO A YEAR AGO WE HAD HOPED FOR SOME IMPROVEMENT. Apparently he felt that he was under more or less surveillance & on probation & we were waiting to see if he was going to improve, & he apparently didn't like that & it made him even worse in his pride & his jealousy & possessiveness & all the rest.

       43. EVIDENTLY HE HAS THOUGHT THAT HIS HOLD ON SALLY WAS SO STRONG THROUGH THE CHILDREN that he would be able to hang on to her no matter what, & that because we need her so much that therefore he would be able to hang onto his job no matter what.

       44. WELL, NOBODY IS TOTALLY INDISPENSIBLE, God will always raise up somebody to take their place if they become unusable & more of a hindrance than they are a help, more of a problem than they are a solution. And thus has Justus Ashtree become, I'm sad to say.

       45. SO THEREFORE WHEN WE CAME TO THE FINAL SUPREME UNCTION OF HAVING TO ASK YOU FOLKS THERE FOR YOUR REPORTS on what did you think about Jus & his spirit & attitude--we purposely didn't say, "What's wrong with Jus?"--maybe we should have!--You gave us nothing but the most glowing complimentary high praise reports instead of telling us all the honest facts like you should have if you knew them. Well, maybe that's a bomb that you'll have to swallow!

       46. SO WE WERE SHOCKED TO HEAR SUCH GOOD REPORTS WHEN WE HAVE HAD SUCH BAD ONES ON THIS END & such bad reports even from Jus himself in reading his own letters. So anyway, we sent him to Spain for another try hoping for better, but instead things got worse. So finally we decided to give him one last change to work with one of our pub Homes in an emergency & to once again survey his work & his attitudes & spirit & see if there had been any improvement, get the assessment of the staff who were working very closely with him, & some of his own former staff who were now working closely with them & could see the difference.

       47. WE WERE SHOCKED & THEY WERE SHOCKED AT THE FACT, IF ANYTHING, HE WAS EVEN WORSE THIS TIME THAN LAST TIME!--Listened to the same music which he'd been warned not to listen to ever since London about 8 years ago--which prompted the Letters against that kind of music--& still very heavy drinking beginning after lunch or early evening before dinner & on through the night, which could not be anything but a hindrance to his spirit & work.

       48. SO THAT FINALLY OUR ASSESSMENT OF HIM & HIS SPIRITUAL DETERIORATION & the severe decline in the quality & quantity of his work for the Lord in the World Service service became so serious & so glum & so sad & poor that we decided we were going to give him one more shakeup & one more shock--a short sharp shock, as they say--to try to shake him out of his lethargy & his spiritual declension & his own self-deceit.

       49. HIS LAST VISIT HE WAS MORE OR LESS THE HEAD OF THE UNIT & looked up to as the boss at that time because of his seniority etc., largely because of his own attitude of being somewhat bossy himself & just taking that position on his own. Whereas he was not the boss of that Unit, & he was not the supreme commander there, he just assumed that roll & attitude on his own.

       50. WELL, WE LET HIM GET AWAY WITH IT THAT TIME, but when he came back this time we told them to sock it to him & humble him & put him down & let's see if he could take it. Well, when he found out he was no longer the boss, no longer looked up to, but rather on probation & looked down upon, & really being tested in a final test to see if this short sharp shock could wake him up & shake him up out of his lethargy & his spiritual disaster area, it seemed that he got even worse than ever.

       51. WHEN HE FOUND OUT HE WAS NOT ANY LONGER TOP DOG, that he was on the bottom of the totem pole & working under the man who used to work under him, Gene, & that Gene was now his boss instead of him being the boss--Gene who had been deceived & deluded by him for so many years & made a slave by Jus for so long & yet was persuaded to worship him! It seems nobody can work with Jus unless he persuades them to be his worshipper, so much like dear old Cancer Jethro.

       52. SO IT WAS A SHOCK TO THE STAFF HERE & US AT THE FACT THAT IF ANYTHING HE WAS NOT IMPROVING, BUT GETTING WORSE, & his attitude was changing for the worse. Particularly when he found out he was not going to visit us personally. Because when people become unreliable & a security hazard & dangerous spiritually, we certainly do not come into contact or fellowship with them lest they cause some serious harm.

       53. SO HIS LAST VISIT HE DID HIS WORK GLUMLY & LISTENING TO THAT KIND OF MUSIC ALL DAY, & still drinking heavier than ever, & still grumbling & complaining & murmuring & criticising more & more about things & leadership & the Family & his job, etc., etc., until he just finished himself up with us this last time, & we have just been wondering what to do with him since then.

       54. HE EVEN ADMITTED HIMSELF THAT HE WAS IN VERY BAD SHAPE, confessed it & wrote a final little apology, although he wrote virtually nothing to us personally during this time. We addressed several notes to him but he did not answer them as he had in the past. He made no apologies, no repentances, & only when he saw he was about to be fired did he finally write a little farewell note, on prompting, of somewhat of a confession & apology that he knew that things had not been right & he hadn't conducted himself properly, a slight confession with lots of excuses, etc.

       55. I GUESS WHEN HE SAW THAT HIS WHOLE JOB WAS BEING JEOPARDISED & perhaps intuitively suspected that maybe even his relationship with Sally would be jeopardised, we saw that we were going to have to really give him a real short sharp shock. We were pretty well fed up with him & everybody working with him was fed up with him, sick of him, in fact.

       56. HIS ATTITUDE & SPIRIT WERE JUST ABSOLUTELY DEPLORABLE & A DRAG until they literally asked us to please get him out & send him home, he was dragging down the whole Family with his same glum drooping low spiritual attitude & complaining, murmuring & poor-me spirit.

       57. SO WE SENT HIM HOME, waiting on the Lord to see what we should do about Jus, considering that he has been with us a good many years & of fairly faithful service, particularly in the past, but now has gotten so far away from us & the Lord & the work & the Word & even the spirit of the Family.

       58. SO WE DECIDED THE SHORT SHARP SHOCK WOULD BE TO SEND FOR SALLY IN HIS ABSENCE so that she would be gone when he arrived home. So we phoned Sally to transfer immediately with all security materials that might be in their possession, all RDs & anything else that he might think he could use as a trump card against us if he defected--which they usually do when they get this bad off & see there's no more hope of deceiving anybody. They come out of their holes & blast against us the way they have felt in their hearts all the time, & quit & go home.

       59. WELL, THIS WAS OF COURSE A VERY SERIOUS THING FOR US TO HAVE TO DO, but we had seen, through Sally's work with Hart & their editing & their new Komix, that she was working better without Jus than with him on her hands. She herself confessed that she didn't understand it--because she says she loves Jus--but somehow or another she felt freer without that oppression of his presence.

       60. AND WE CERTAINLY KNOW WHY! IT'S A HORRIBLE SPIRITUAL OPPRESSION, because Jus has let the Devil in & it certainly was a drag on Sally. But she did better & faster & more work & felt freer & happier there with Hart working with him on new editing jobs & Komix, etc., so they just absolutely poured out the work & it was dumbfounding what a difference it made even in her work, having him gone!

       61. IT'S AMAZING SHE'S BEEN ABLE TO DO AS GOOD WORK AS SHE HAS, about 300 pages a month until this time, & then even did better after he was gone. So we transferred Sally, along with the materials & her talent & her love, God bless her! We haven't even seen her personally, so Jus' suspicion & Jus' covetousness & his jealousy regarding her & our personal association were unfounded.

       62. WE DID NOT WANT SALLY FOR SEX NOR FOR PHYSICAL LOVE nor for any kind of such romantic antics, although we love her very much we have had that relationship in the past. Her relationship now has been purely spiritual & work & love for us at a distance, but in spirit close & very close to the Words & doing tremendously, admittedly better now than with him, & as a great asset to our pub Family as one of our top final typists.

       63. AND THEY HAVE WORKED VERY WELL TOGETHER IN EXCELLENT COOPERATION IN BOTH WORK & SPIRIT & ATTITUDE & LOVE on the same team in the same home, & everybody is crazy about Sally, loves her & loves her work & sees that she is so much better than Jus, & does so much better, & her attitude is so much better, & her spirit is so much better in the Lord & her work & everything, so that it's just like the difference between night & day!--Jus is the night & Sally is the day!

       64. SO SHE HAS BEEN FAITHFUL & LOYAL NOW FOR NEARLY FOUR MONTHS, over three months at least, for which Jus is complaining & criticising us. And this criticism was just almost the last straw when Maria just read it to me in one of his own letters to Sally. He said, "They can't say any more that they don't like to keep couples apart more than three months!"

       65. WELL FRANKLY, I WOULD LIKE TO KEEP JUS & SALLY APART FOREVER, CONSIDERING HIS PRESENT ATTITUDE!--And his terrible work report & his very horrible spiritual condition & his very treacherous & treasonable attitude toward us & the Family & all the way around! It seems about the only thing he loves or seems to love is his children.

       66. HE CLAIMS TO LOVE THE LORD, BUT HE CERTAINLY HADN'T SHOWN IT. We are just absolutely fed up with Jus & his whole spirit & attitude & his work record & his attitude toward us & the work & the Family & even Sally. His so-called love for her seems to be much more of a Cancerian covetousness, possessiveness & jealousy rather than genuine love.

       67. HE POURS IT ON TO SALLY WHEN SHE'S AWAY TO MAKE SURE THAT SHE DOESN'T FORGET HIM & HER CHILDREN--his children--& to make sure that she feels as bad as he can make her feel, & tries to hinder her work by making her miss him & the kids & Spain & all that. He does everything he can to hurt her work, hinder her work, pull her down, drag her down, hurt her & make her feel guilty for deserting him--as he more or less indicates & insinuates--& the children. "The poor little children, they miss you so," etc.

       68. WELL, I THANK GOD THAT SALLY HAS HAD THE GUTS & THE COURAGE & THE LOYALTY & THE SPIRIT to be willing to forsake her husband & her children & her family for God & His work & us, because that's a high price to pay. And she has done it, & done it gladly, willingly, cheerfully & enthusiastically, & his drag has not hurt her work a bit, thank God!

       69. SHE KNOWS HIM WELL & IS NOW PRETTY UNDELUDED & UNDECEIVED BY HIS PERFIDY & his sly cleverness in trying to constantly woo & win her away from us. She's pretty well wakened up now & pretty well undeceived & pretty well got her eyes open & aware of what has happened & what a pit Jus has fallen into & that he dug for himself & tried to drag her into after him, along with the children.

       70. IT'S PITIFUL THAT A MAN WHO HAS BEEN WITH US SO LONG & EVEN SO CLOSE TO US COULD FALL SO HORRIBLY!--Like the Devil himself next to God fell because he couldn't be the boss! The last straw with him seemed to be when he found out he was neither going to see us nor be the boss at our other unit.

       71. HE NEARLY BLEW UP & GOT VERY DISSATISFIED & COMPLAINING & MURMURING & WENT REALLY DOWNHILL when he found out he was really in trouble & was no longer looked up to as he once was by his underlings & was no longer admired for his work by us as he once was, because he's no longer doing it.

       72. SO WE REALLY GOT COMPLETELY FED UP WITH JUS, & WE GOT NOTHING BUT BAD REPORTS. We've had no good reports about him except yours there. Not yours, Mordy. Thank God you had your eyes open & you saw through him & obviously saw what was wrong with him, & at least he didn't fool you, & perhaps some others there. I think I recall that Dave & Carmen also sort of saw through him too.

       73. BUT HE'S A CHARMER & A DECEIVER & A VERY SLY WOOER, & apparently he's got you all buffaloed & wooed & won over to his side, & if this means that we lose you too, well, praise God. "The Lord hath given, the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the Name of the Lord." (Job.1:21) "Take the spoiling of your goods joyfully." (Heb.10:34)

       74. WE HAVE NEVER HUNG ON TO ANYBODY AT THE PRICE OF COMPROMISE & SACRIFICING THE WORK & THE WORD & THE SPIRIT OF GOD & our high standards & loyalty to leadership & the Family--never! I have let my own flesh & blood go, & you know it, rather than sacrifice my convictions for God's Work & His high standards & holding the standard high & the line high!--And either you jump over it or we're not going to let you crawl under it & get away with it! And that's the word with the bark on it!

       75. AND IF ANY OF YOU FOLKS THERE ARE JUS-LOVERS & HAVE BEEN WON OVER TO HIS SIDE, may God help you & have mercy on you! You'd better watch your step or you're going to be gone too, & I mean it! Let that bomb sink in for a moment! We have sacrificed our own flesh & blood, Deborah's gone, Jethro's gone, my grandchildren are gone--because we could no longer put up or tolerate their Chain attitude & Rachel policies! In fact, that's where Rachel got it--God help her, poor girl--from Jethro & Deborah!

       76. AND IF ANY OF YOU HAVE A CONTAMINATING STREAK OF THAT SAME CHAIN inherited from Jethro & Deborah & Rachel, you'd better watch out! Dear Jus was working under Jeth for awhile too, & it's been a miracle we have been able to reclaim & salvage any of their workers or leadership at all. We had to fire 300 of them & start all over again to find new leadership that was not loyal to either them or Rachel, & thank God we have survived it!--Thanks to loyal followers of His Word!

       77. WE LOST A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO WERE MORE LOYAL TO THEM THAN TO US; we lost the House of Saul, but it couldn't be helped. And if you've got a strain or a streak of the House of Saul in you, or any greater loyalty to the past Chain or present hangovers of it like Jus, then you had better watch out--your job too is in jeopardy!--Not because of us, but because of your own spirit, your own heart & your own attitude.

       78. YOU HAD BETTER SHAKE IT & SHAKE IT FAST & GET DELIVERED & ask God for deliverance from this deception & delusion than runs all through the House of Saul & the Chain & its products & descendants, or you're going to go down too!

       79. THANK GOD WE HAVE NOT SEEN THIS IN ANY OF THE REST OF YOU. We don't know Jus' personal workers, childcare helpers, ex-ex-wives, etc., but in your other Units we certainly have seen an excellent work output, an excellent attitude, a good spirit, nothing but loyalty & faithfulness & hard work & tremendous production.

       80. SO AS FAR AS WE KNOW, IN SPITE OF YOUR DELUSION OVER JUS, IT HAS NOT HURT YOUR LOYALTY TO US nor your work output, your production & your spirit--we hope not at least--you're still producing very good material. You, Keren, & your group there have done excellently well with the mail & the items you pass on to the FN, etc., & your reports to us. And you, Zees, have just been absolutely topnotch in your editing & analysing & compiling material for the FN, along with excellent layout & artwork & all the rest.

       81. WE HAVE NO COMPLAINTS WHATSOEVER ABOUT YOUR WORK, KEREN, OR YOUR TEAM; OR YOUR WORK, ZEES, OR YOUR TEAM, NONE! And certainly none about dear Mordy & his team. He's a workaholic & probably the hardest worker in the bunch! His biggest problem is to try to get him to quit working & take a rest & take a little time off, which we're trying to do here & now!

       82. GBY, MORDY! WE HAVE NEVER HAD ANY CRITICISM OF YOUR WORK WHATSOEVER! It's nothing but the best, & super sacrificial & ultra loyal & tremendously productive! With perhaps one exception, Mordy: That you're as hard on your workers as you are on yourself, & you need to try to really share responsibility a little more & share a little more of the work with them & not be so hard on yourself. Let them share more of your labours & more responsibility, if possible.

       83. BUT THIS IS BETWEEN YOU & THEM & THE LORD & we don't know the situation personally, only just by report, that you work too much & too hard & overwork & try to do too much & handle too much, when you could ask some others there to handle some of these jobs for you. Well, PTL! That's for you, Mordy!

       84. GBY & WE HOPE YOU CAN ALL TAKE IT, & WE BELIEVE YOU WILL, because we love you & we know that you love us. Meanwhile we're making this tape for you to prepare your heart for what's coming, whatever, & to prepare your people there in Spain--you folks there--for what we should have to do regarding Justus & his future relationship with us.

       85. AS IT NOW STANDS WE'VE TOLD HIM TO GO BACK HOME & TAKE CARE OF THE KIDS & the family & the home & just simply set Sally free to do the Lord's work & work that he was not doing & was dragging his feet on & getting further & further behind with. Set her free fulltime to do her extremely valuable & excellent editing, better than Jus has ever done, as well as her top notch typing & transcribing, etc.

       86. SHE SAID THAT SHE HAS FELT FREE AS A BIRD SINCE THEN, like she's out from under a cloud & oppression, etc., & is doing much better, much happier. She says she can't understand it, because she knows she does love Jus as the father of her children, she as the mother of his but somehow or another she feels better & does better without him.

       87. WELL, WE CAN CERTAINLY UNDERSTAND NOW WHY--because of all the reports we've had from trusted Family who have been working close to him on his terrible spiritual state & his very bad mental state & even bad physical state! God is undoubtedly dealing with him & judging him & chastising him with his back & other things to try to make him straighten out, but he is as stubborn as Jethro & apparently refuses to repent & do any better.

       88. AND FRANKLY, AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, THIS IS HIS LAST CHANCE. Really a year ago should have been his last chance. There were a few times still in Tenerife when I felt like it was his last chance when he really aggravated & annoyed us there to the limit with his jealousies & his aggravations & his covetousness & all the rest.

       89. BUT NOW AS ALWAYS IN THE CASE OF A BROTHER LIKE THIS, GOD'S WORD SAYS FIRST TELL HIM--& I sure have been telling him personally in my Letters & every way I could, time & again before. Then take several witnesses, & we have had a number of witnesses supervising him & giving us their reports & dealing with him & he has not improved, not repented.

       90. SO NOW WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO EXPOSE HIM BEFORE THE WHOLE CONGREGATION, at least our World Service congregation, you who work with him locally & have contact with him, thereby are subject to his influence & his divisive spirit & his dragging feet & complaining & murmuring & critical attitude, disloyalty & hindering spirit.

       91. WE ARE HAVING TO EXPOSE HIM TO THE WHOLE FAMILY THERE & bring out an exposure before the whole congregation, & we trust that you will have him there for the playing of this tape so he can hear what we have to say, right to his face. Because he knows it, & he knows it's true!

       92. NO CROCODILE TEARS WILL CONVINCE US THAT HE HAS REPENTED UNTIL HE CHANGES HIS WHOLE ATTITUDE, his whole spirit, his actions, his words, his production & everything for the better. Or as far as we're concerned, he is through with us as being a worker in good standing whatsoever. He seems to be a bad influence on you all there, as every backslider is in his heart long before he leaves, always trying to influence others against us & always trying to pull others with him.

       93. I HAD INTENDED JUST TO SAY A FEW WORDS OF WARNING ON THIS to you folks in Spain, & you, Mordy, regarding Jus' condition, but apparently it's turned out to be another MO Letter, as many a scolding has, & many a rebuke & reprimand before all has. Too bad perhaps we didn't use Jus' name in our first rebuke in "Musical Key," or you would all have been forewarned long ago!

       94. BUT HE HAS CONTINUED TO LISTEN TO THAT KIND OF MUSIC ALL THESE YEARS IN SPITE OF OUR REBUKE, knowing he's absolutely disobeying, & even his own wife doesn't like it, & knows he's disobeying & has continued to do so. And he has continued to drink heavily when we have rebuked him for that as long ago as when he was in Italy when we first found it out at his own confession. So we have just become absolutely fed up with his attitude, his spiritual condition & his low poor work-output.

       95. BUT AS I SAY, I'M SLOW TO WRATH, SLOW TO ANGER, & it's taken me several years to get this angry at Jus. I've been pretty patient with him & given him chance after chance. He's been near getting fired for the past year, & a few times before, but this is the limit! Now he's complaining about Sally being taken away from him & being separated, blah blah, & from her children, blah blah!

       96. WELL, THAT'S THE ONLY WAY SHE CAN REALLY WORK WELL & DO GOOD WORK FOR THE LORD! If she's separated from him & her children, she is not separated from the Lord & His Words & His word & us, & that's what she needs the most & where she's the happiest.

       97. ALTHOUGH HER HEART, I'M SURE, GOES OUT TO HIM--having been her mate for so many years--& goes out to the children whom she cannot help but love, though they be his & he burdened her with them the best he could for these years & with a legal marriage to try to tie her down as tight as he could so she couldn't get away, knowing of her love for us & our Words & the work & the Lord.

       98. THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME WHEN WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO BREAK THAT CLOSE RELATIONSHIP IN ORDER TO SAVE THE WORK & the Words & Sally for the Lord & the Family & His Work, the Lord's Work. So what should we do now? Well, for the past three months or more, as Jus complains more than three months, we have kept him away from her & kept her separated from him. Yes, we did, deliberately, purposely, to see how well she could do without him, even without her children.

       99. AND SHE HAS DONE MARVELLOUSLY WELL, cheerfully, willingly, enthusiastically, without complaint, without murmur & without getting too homesick or too down at such a separation. She's taken the kind of a soldier's spirit that she should have & everyone should have in such an occasion, & has stuck loyally & hard at work & loyally in love with us & the Lord & His Words & has not wavered, thank God, & has shown a marvellous spirit & a marvellous attitude!

       100. SHE REALISES NOW THAT JUS HAS REALLY BEEN A DRAG ON HER ALL THESE YEARS & has been really oppressing her & really hindering her, & in a sense actually putting a bushel over her light, like some others have done with their wives in the past who had marvellous spiritual gifts, & has made it difficult for her to manifest these gifts & difficult for her to operate in the Spirit. But now she's free & is enjoying the freedom in every way.

       101. EVEN THOUGH IT MEANS A SEPARATION FROM HER CHILDREN, even that sets her free even more to be wholly devoted & completely dedicated & consecrated to the Lord & His work & His Word. And she's been doing excellently well. I hope, by the way Mordy, that you'll even play this tape for the whole group there where you are now so that Sally can also hear it & that she will know what we're saying & how we're planning to deal with Jus & are dealing with him now--& all of you! Particularly any of you who have been deceived by his slick tongue & sly winning ways.

       102. WE WERE SHOCKED AT YOUR GOOD REPORTS, not one bad word, & not one evil report, not one derogatory report even in love! Except, of course, Mordy, we know you understand. So that's the way it looks from here, & now what to do about these problem cases? Well, what have we always done?

       103. WE'VE NEVER CONSIDERED ANYONE INDISPENSIBLE, & if they began to be a rotten apple in the barrel rotting others, it was better to get rid of them & a few other rotten apples, if necessary, in order to salvage the rest. We've always said that people can do less damage on the outside than on the inside. Nevertheless, I want you folks to discuss it there, & I want Mordy & the other Unit to discuss it where you are now--including you, Sally--& I am not going to make the decision.

       104. YOU FOLKS ARE INDEPENDENT HOMES WHO ARE WELL TAKING CARE OF YOURSELVES, managing yourselves & your own finances & your own work. We don't stand over you with a club, we don't tell you every move to make, we don't tell you how to spend your money. We just expect you to do it the best you can, & you have, every one of you.--With the exception, sad to say, of Jus.

       105. HE HAS BEEN A GOOD FINANCIAL MANAGER, I'LL SAY THAT. He's managed his own finances very well & managed to do so well on his budget that in true Cancerian style he's saved more money to add to his reserve than any other WS Unit almost in the World! He has saved two or three times as much as the rest of you have been able to keep in your reserves!

       106. SO IF HE GETS MAD AT THIS TAPE & WHAT WE'RE SAYING & TAKES OFF WITH IT, well, I would say good riddance of bad rubbish, & it was worth the price! At least it will pay his way home & give him something to live on until he gets a new start in some other kind of life, if that's what he decides to do.

       107. WE HAVE ALLOWED THAT TO HAPPEN IN SEVERAL CASES WHERE PEOPLE BECAME DISCONTENTED & dissatisfied in their job & felt they'd be happier somewhere else. We simply let them keep their reserves & take off with them to pay their fare home, usually, & give them a little something to live on until they get a new job & a new start. I think that's probably only fair--it's severance pay.

       108. SO IF ANY OF YOU DECIDE YOU WANT TO DO THE SAME, WHY, YOU'RE WELCOME TO! You can have your reserves & pay your fare home & take off & get yourself another job. It that's what you want to do, as far as we're concerned, & the quicker you do it the better, because your heart's not here.

       109. "FOR WHERE YOUR HEART IS, THERE YOUR TREASURE WILL BE ALSO," vice versa from the usual quote, because both are true. (Mt.6:21.) If your heart is not in your work here & your heart is not in your work with us & for us & for the Lord & for the Magazine & for the Family, then you'd best be somewhere else, because you're not going to do a good job or the best work, & you're going to be a constant problem with your divided heart.

       110. "YOU CANNOT SERVE TWO MASTERS! You're going to hate the one & love the other, or love the one & hate the other." (Mt.6:24) You're going to love us & love to serve us & the Lord & His Work & the Family & the Words, or you're going to hate us, one or the other. There's no in between.

       111. SO IF YOU DON'T LOVE US & YOU DON'T HAVE THE UTMOST CONFIDENCE IN US & are not loyal & faithful, & if you are one of the grumblers & murmurers & complainers & always dropping critical remarks about leadership to others, then it's better that you go & not be a divisive influence & a drag spiritually on the rest of the Family, hindering their work instead of helping. So that's the way we feel about it.

       112. BUT WE'RE NOT GOING TO MAKE THE DECISION ABOUT JUS. He has two choices. His work has deteriorated to a very poor low quality, very low volume output, so we frankly don't care to even trust him with the Words any longer. We don't even want to ask him to do any more editing, because it's gotten so lousy & so low & Sally can do a so much better job, & Hart, that we would just as soon not give him any further responsibility with anything so deep & so serious & so important as the Words.

       113. THEREFORE, ABOUT THE ONLY THING LEFT FOR HIM IS SIMPLY TO TAKE CARE OF HIS LITTLE UNIT THERE & HIS CHILDREN & their workers & simply go ahead with his children & housekeeping & cooking & buying & banking & all for himself, & all the rest of the things that he gave himself credit for on his work report.

       114. WHEN WE ASKED HIM FOR A VOLUME PAGE-FOR-PAGE OUTPUT REPORT, he came up with all of these other excuses for not getting much done, including his housework & his shopping & his buying & his banking & his errands & all the rest!--As though we didn't all have to do those things as well as the Lord's work & WS production.

       115. LET ME TELL YOU RIGHT NOW, NO EMPLOYER ALLOWS AN EMPLOYEE TO PUT ON HIS WORK REPORT FOR THE COMPANY HIS FAMILY SHOPPING & his family banking & his family errands & his family cooking & housework & childcare! That's expected of him as what he does for himself & his own family. But we try to make it as easy on you as we can, we try to give you sufficient money to take care of your families & have good housing & plenty of food & clothing & all of your personal needs.

       116. WE DO HELP YOU AS MUCH AS WE CAN ON THAT, BUT WE'RE CERTAINLY NOT GOING TO DO IT FOR YOU. Neither are we going to allow you to take company time to do it or get credit for doing WS work & call that WS work in taking care of your own family. Well, in a way it's a part of your job, but it is not WS work. Although you certainly should take care of your family, & it's a part of your job for the Lord & the Family & indirectly His work.

       117. BUT I CERTAINLY WOULDN'T CALL IT A PAGE-FOR-PAGE WORK-RECORD OUTPUT, & to put such a thing on your report is just absolutely ridiculous, Jus, we almost had to laugh at it! Even Sally loyally & faithfully did as you asked her on the phone, to pad the report with as much as she could possibly cram into it of all these little jobs & work & things that you do to try to explain what you haven't done, & the WS work that you haven't accomplished & the terrible decline in your work output for the Lord & His Word & His work & us.

       118. SO ALL I CAN SEE IN STORE FOR JUS NOW is that perhaps if he can take this rebuke & this exposure & this blast that we're having to give him now before all of you, if he can take it, acknowledge it, confess it's true--as he knows--& sincerely & honestly repent & bring forth now "works meet for repentance" (Mt.3:8),

       119. SHOW BY HIS ATTITUDE FROM THIS POINT ON & HIS SPIRIT & HIS WORK THAT HE HAS GENUINELY HONESTLY REPENTED, he is no more grouching & grumbling & complaining & murmuring around against us & the Family & his job & his condition & his separation & all the rest, but is doing his best to take care of his end of Sally's family while he sets her free to do the Lord's work, I would say this would be quite an accomplishment.

       120. IF HE CAN BECOME THE HOUSEKEEPER & THE FATHER & MOTHER OF THE FAMILY, the cook & bottle washer & whatever else that is necessary to take care of her family, his family, to set her free for the Lord's work--that is if she is willing to continue as is--that is one possibility. And then we will be willing to continue to support Jus & his family there in order to literally set Sally free so that she can give her full time & service to the Lord.

       121. IN OTHER WORDS, SALLY, IF YOU CAN'T TAKE THAT & YOU CAN'T STAND THAT, & Jus can't either, one compromise would be to permit you to go back to Jus & under the same circumstances, the same conditions, but with some hope for improvement in Jus' attitude & spirit & habits, so that you can continue to have at least sufficient freedom to accomplish some work & to succeed in doing the desperately needed editing that we need, which you did lots better when he was gone.

       122. THOUGH I CAN'T SEE THAT YOU'RE GOING TO DO ANY BETTER IF YOU GO BACK & JOIN HIM, or that you're even going to continue to do as well as you have been since you've been away from him. But if you can't stand to be away from him & your children, then of course we're not going to force you to be. If you feel you have to go back & continue your association with Jus to be mother to your children & to try to continue your work there, well, we'll try to see how it works & if its works out or not.

       123. BUT IF JUS DOES NOT IMPROVE & IF JUS' ATTITUDE & SPIRIT DO NOT CHANGE & do not drastically & vastly & immediately improve for the better, we can only see that he will continue to drag you down even more if he does not repent, & do even more to try to separate you from us & the Family & your work for the Lord. And probably try to pry you completely out of the Family & away from your work & take you back home to the States with him--which has happened in several cases.

       124. SO SALLY, THAT CHOICE IS UP TO YOU. You run that risk & that danger in going back to him if his attitude does not immediately vastly & drastically improve in the opinion & the sight of all others there. So we are going to depend now on your opinion, Sally, & the opinion of Mordy.

       125. YOU'RE TO DO WHAT MORDY SAYS & YOU ARE TO FOLLOW HIS SUGGESTIONS, if possible. If you have any difference of opinion, you can bring it to him & then maybe to other members of the Family there to try to persuade him. But if you can't, you could bring it to me & we'll see if it's worthwhile.

       126. BUT ON THE OTHER HAND WE FEEL THAT MORDY IS COMPLETELY A 110%er! He's a 200, 300%er, & has proved himself over the years, self-sacrificial, willing to give up anything for the Lord, give all to the Lord, forsake all & serve the Lord 100% of his time, his strength & energy & spirit & all the rest, God bless him! Do I get an amen?

       127. SO I CERTAINLY VALUE HIS OPINION & thank God he has not been fooled by Jus. He has had a pretty low opinion of Jus for some time & known something was wrong with him, & he & Jus have been more or less at sword's points for quite awhile. Jus has gone around influencing the Family members there against Mordy & trying to turn them against Mordy & persuade them to follow him instead, apparently thinking that somehow he's going to climb in to the position of running everything there & being the boss.

       128. WELL, IF HE'S BEEN TALKING YOU INTO FOLLOWING HIM INSTEAD OF THOSE APPOINTED, then he's been talking himself out of a job, & maybe you too! So you had better watch out & you had better wake up in a hurry! And I want a new report from every single one of you on why you wrote such glowing good 100% good reports about Jus previously, & were so blind to his faults & failures & shortcomings & downright disloyalty & murmurings & critical attitude, why you were so fooled.

       129. I WANT TO HEAR YOUR EXPLANATION OF IT, why you didn't see through Jus & why you didn't see that something was wrong with him, or at least that you saw something wrong with him, even if you didn't know what it was.--Or you felt it or you maybe couldn't see it or put your finger on it.

       130. I WANT YOU TO TELL ME WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA THAT YOU WROTE SUCH GLOWING REPORTS ABOUT JUS when he was such a horrible hell of a mess, & we'd known it for a year or more! You're going to have to redeem yourselves & vindicate yourselves for those, what amount to us, false reports, or totally deceived reports. Apparently you were only looking on his good side, which he certainly knows how to turn on & up & cause to glow so that nobody can see the other!

       131. SO EITHER CONFESS THAT YOU WERE SURE FOOLED & YOU DIDN'T SEE IT, or that you just covered it up & you didn't want to give us that bad report. Perhaps you even thought we were considering Jus for a higher position. Maybe you were even stupid enough to think we were going to try to put him in command there, of all the ridiculous things! Maybe he influenced you or persuaded you or convinced you to believe that.

       132. GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT HE'S TOLD YOU & HOW HE'S DECEIVED YOU & DELUDED YOU INTO GIVING SUCH GOOD REPORTS when he is such a God-damn hell of a spiritual mess himself! And such an inefficient & incompetent worker! Well, that's it! Now you folks can make the decision. Sally, the first decision is what you want to do, what you're going to do & whether you're going to be able to take it & take these tapes & our exposure of Jus now at last.

       133. WE HAVE ALLOWED HIM TO SAVE FACE FOR A LONG TIME, we have allowed him to cover & not expose him or disgrace him before others, but now we are compelled to, in order to try to solve the problem & weed out the trouble. And either we're going to have to make him or break him, as God Himself does with us.--And often sometimes He makes us through breaking us.

       134. SO YOU'RE EITHER GOING TO HAVE TO MAKE IT, JUS, OR BREAK IT! And Sally, you're going to have to make a decision what you want to do. Whether you want to continue as you are & let him take care of the family at home with visits there occasionally, or whether you want to go back to him & work there. We're willing to try it & see what effect it has on your work, if that's what you want to do.

       135. OR IT COULD BE JUS WILL MAKE THE DECISION FOR US & JUST DECIDE TO QUIT & LEAVE RATHER THAN REPENT. That remains to be seen. In which case, you folks will have to make a decision on how to divide the children. In cases where folks leave the Family we have always said that if possible, of course, keep the children in the Family with the faithful mate & the loyal mate. But if it's not possible, then divide the children the best you can & as fairly as you can. (He kidnapped'm!)

       136. AND WE ARE WILLING THEN, SALLY, FOR YOU TO KEEP WHATEVER CHILDREN YOU THINK NEED YOU THE MOST, & perhaps even take them there to where you are now. You have a big house, lots of room, & even for a childcare worker to come with them that knows them & they know well, who could help take care of them.--Although I understand they're all pretty well Jus-ites & have been won over by Jus to be his worshippers.

       137. OF COURSE IF HE DOES DECIDE TO LEAVE & TAKE SOME OF THE CHILDREN WITH HIM, rather than repent & straighten out & improve & help you do the Lord's work, then it might be best for you to return there once he's gone & you could work with Hart & resume again doing the excellent work you were doing together in those editings & new Komix, etc., which were beautiful, terrific!

       138. I HAVEN'T GOTTEN AROUND TO OKAYING THEM ALL YET, because we've been under a tremendous workload of pressure getting out these emergency issues, & also moving two or three times, but it'll come. And we like them, we like the looks of them & we're no doubt going to approve them, I'm sure. We have, I think, a few of them already. So that again is up to you, Sally, to make your choice.

       139. BUT WE ARE NOW HAVING TO EXPOSE JUS & HIS PERFIDY & HIS TERRIBLE SPIRITUAL CONDITION & his poor work record & his bad influence on you & the Family before all, that he may be rebuked before all. God's Word says, "They that sin before all, rebuke before all, that others may fear!"--So you don't make the same mistake & you don't follow him. We bring the matter before the whole congregation, if individual rebukes & witnesses have had no influence or effect on him. So that's what we're now doing. (1Ti.5:20)

       140. WE'RE BRINGING JUS BEFORE YOU, HIS WHOLE CONGREGATION, those workmates with whom he has worked for years, & his wife, & all of you who know him, to make the judgment & make the decision what to do about Jus. I've found usually when we really pray & ask the Lord to solve these problem cases, they usually solve themselves.

       141. EITHER THEY REPENT AT OPEN REBUKE & DO STRAIGHTEN OUT & ARE RECLAIMED, SALVAGED & REHABILITATED, or they remove themselves as a problem & get out & leave the Family & go home & get away where they can cause us less trouble & no further personal & Family problems here.

       142. SO PART OF THE DECISION IS UP TO YOU AS HIS WIFE, SALLY, although in the Spirit you were my wife first & your most important children are your MO Babies, & you have always been mine & the Lord's & the Word's. You're married to your work & the Words & to me & the Lord first of all, & the Family. So as far as I'm concerned, you owe Jus little or nothing in the way of wifehood, except what he has weaseled his way into.

       143. I FEEL THAT YOU OWE HIM VERY LITTLE, except that he gave you children, which almost anybody could have with the Lord's help. I understand he's been a fairly good father, although he's rather hard & strict & doesn't show them much love. This is one thing which some of the Family have noticed when living with you, a vast & drastic difference between the way we handle our children here & how you, Jus, handled your children at home.

       144. --YOU WITH SEVERE DISCIPLINE, & US WITH A LOT OF LOVE & PERSUASION. You break them while we gentle them.--This is the report that we have received. So I don't see that you really owe him very much, Sally, except that he has, as I say, weaseled his way into your good graces & wooed & won you by his sly tongue & charming ways to persuade you to get married to have children, & continued actually to oppress you & depress you & hinder your work--which he must have been doing or you wouldn't now feel so free & do so much better.

       145. SO IT'S PARTLY UP TO YOU AS TO WHAT YOUR CHOICE WILL BE, & you can discuss it there with our Family & Mordy. And if you choose to go home to him, you can discuss it there with the Family in Spain & all discuss it together, what to do about Jus if he doesn't change.

       146. NOW OF COURSE IF JUS DRASTICALLY, VERY GREATLY REPENTS & CONFESSES & immensely changes for the better, a whole change of heart & mind & spirit & attitude & work & everything, then that's a whole different story! We certainly would be most happy to receive him back into full fellowship & unity & spirit & work & the Family with open arms, like the prodigal son to the father.

       147. BUT IF HE CONTINUES TO BE REBELLIOUS & CANTANKEROUS & A BAD INFLUENCE & divisive spirit & a murmurer & a poor worker & a bad influence--more of a hindrance than a help--dragging you down & rotting other apples in the barrel & trying to lead others his way instead of repenting, then there's only one thing for him to honestly do, & that's to get out.

       148. AND IF HE DOESN'T CHANGE & DOESN'T VOLUNTARILY GET OUT, WE WILL SIMPLY FIRE HIM, that's all we can do, as we have in a few cases. We gave Jeth & Deborah years to repent, but instead they got worse & more defiant, more disrespectful & more rebellious & more disobedient. Even then we still tried to keep them on & gave them one more opportunity to serve us.

       149. WE HAD TO FIRE THEM FROM SUPERVISION OF SOUTH AMERICA, but we told them, why didn't they get a caravan & travel Central America & they could be a blessing & an influence with their children & music & abilities etc. But instead of that, even though we offered to keep them on, even at a budget, they voluntarily withdrew themselves & voluntarily quit & went their own way.

       150. SINCE THAT WAS THEIR MIND, THEIR OWN ATTITUDE, THEIR OWN SPIRIT & THEIR OWN DECISION, that's the best thing in the World for them to have done. And the same goes for you, Jus. It all depends on your own attitude, mind & heart & what change there may be in you, if it's not too late to change. We have given you opportunity after opportunity, & that you must confess.

       151. WE HAVE BEEN PATIENT FOR YEARS WITH YOU--that you too must acknowledge & admit. And even in this last year on probation when you knew you were on the carpet & on the hotspot, the hot seat for failing to do your work, you still didn't improve, in fact, you even got worse.

       152. SO THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE, YOUR LAST OPPORTUNITY, we cannot give you another. Either you straighten out & straighten out right now, right quick, & show vast improvement & a definite change of heart & mind & spirit & attitude & work & words & all the rest, or the only honourable thing you can do is get out & go.

       153. AND IF THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, AS I SAY, YOU'RE WELCOME TO TAKE YOUR OWN PERSONAL RESERVES. Well, they're not yours personally, they belong to WS for the work, but we have done this in a few other cases such as Sam, etc., permit you to take your reserve & pay for your fare, & whatever portion of the children that Sally agrees to let you take to go home. (He didn't ask, snuck off!)

       154. OR IF YOU'RE ALL FED UP & DISGUSTED AFTER THIS TAPE & MAD AT ME & YOU ALL WANT TO GO HOME, you & Sally & the childcare workers & the whole caboodle, there's enough there to pay for all of you! So, God bless you.--No, you're not supposed to say God bless you to the people that are on the wrong foot & the wrong track, but may God help you!

       155. BUT I DON'T BELIEVE YOU'RE GOING TO DO THAT, SALLY. I wouldn't be surprised if Jus does it, because so far he hasn't given us any sign to encourage us that he wouldn't or any signs of improvement, although he's had several new chances.

       156. SO THE ONLY ALTERNATIVE IS THAT IF JUS DOES NOT STRAIGHTEN OUT according to the opinion of you folks there in Spain who will be watching him & seeing if he improves, if he does not & does not voluntarily quit, then I suggest you get together & have a vote on what to do about it, & if you feel so led, you can vote him out & simply get rid of him.

       157. BETTER NO APPLE AT ALL THAN A BAD APPLE SPOILING OTHERS, & a drag & a hindrance pulling down others as he did in our pub unit. He really did more harm than good & hurt more & dragged them down more & hurt their spirit & hindered their work & was so depressing & so oppressive, his whole horrible spirit, that they could hardly wait to get rid of him!

       158. SO NOW THE REST IS UP TO YOU FOLKS, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT JUS? Perhaps you can give me your reaction on what remains of this tape, Sally, & you too Mordy, & some of the rest of you folks there. I'd like to hear from each one of you what you think ought to be done about Jus, there at your unit.

       159. UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES IN THE LIGHT OF THIS EXPOSURE & MY PERSONAL OPINION & MARIA'S & that of all of our staff here who are in agreement on this, we would like to know what your opinion is. Perhaps you could use the rest of this tape to give us your opinion so that it can go down for the record, & tell us what your reaction is to this tape & this situation & what you think ought to be done about it.

       160. SO MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU & HELP YOU TO HAVE A KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH & TO RECEIVE IT & understand it & acknowledge it & agree with it & see it, perceive it, realise it, understand it & act accordingly. We trust you'll understand & you will see why this is necessary.

       161. WE HAVE PUT UP WITH JUS & HIS SHENNANIGANS & HIS CONTRARY SPIRIT & JEALOUSY & possessiveness & covetousness & complaining, etc., ever since Tenerife, & his music ever since London, & when we found out that after all these years he was continuing to listen to that kind of music, that was one of things that caused us to nearly blow up!--Considering what a strong rebuke & reproof that "Musical Key" was many years ago in London, aimed directly at him & any of the rest of you that had the same bad habits, along with his heavy drinking.

       162. SO WHAT'S YOUR OPINION? WHAT'S YOUR DECISION? You've heard mine. I want you to stop this tape now & discuss it, go around the circle, pass the tape around & add your reaction, opinion, comments & any decision you may have come to in the light of these facts & events & this revelation it may be to some of you--however not to many of you there with Sally, because you're the ones who helped to reveal it.

       163. BUT PERHAPS SOME OF YOU FOLKS ALSO THERE IN SPAIN WOULD LIKE TO ADD SOME WORD TO THIS IN THE WAY OF COMMENT, & I would like to hear your opinion. I want to hear it on tape, personally, your reaction to this tape & what I have said, & your opinion of Jus, & what ought to be done about him. Because we have just about had him up to here, & we have just about had it, & we can't take it any more unless he straightens out!

       164. AND I DON'T THINK THE FAMILY SHOULD HAVE TO TAKE IT ANYMORE, or even the Work be afflicted with it anymore, nor Sally, nor perhaps even her children. So you're going to have to decide what you're going to do, Sally, & the Family is going to have to decide what you want to do about Jus, depending of course on whether he changes his attitude & spirit & he changes completely about-face in his whole horrible condition. PTL?

       165. WELL, I'M SORRY TO HAVE TO BURDEN YOU WITH THIS BAD SAD NEWS, but to some of you, it's no news to you, you've known it a long time. For some of you, apparently, it must be a short sharp shock to find out when you were so ignorant & so dumb & undiscerning of his spirit, & I'm a bit disappointed in some of you folks not to have seen it & not to have reported it sooner. We've known it for years & he's been on his final probation for the past year.

       166. AND THE FACT THAT YOU FOLKS DIDN'T KNOW IT & COULDN'T EVEN SEE IT & RENDERED SUCH GLOWING REPORTS JUST AMAZES ME, & I can't comprehend it, how you could be so dumb & so blind & so lacking in discernment! I would like for you to please explain that to me on the tape you make for me. I want to hear your voices separately, individually, each one of you there, of why you sent such glowing reports about Jus when he is such one hell of a mess & has been for a long time.--And what you think about the situation now & what you think ought to be done about it, & what you still think about Jus.

       167. BECAUSE IF YOU'RE NOT SHAKEN UP, WAKED UP WITH THIS SHOCK TO REALISE THIS REVELATION IS TRUE, if you still don't see it & don't understand it & think Jus is being abused & mistreated & persecuted, then you certainly ought to go with him if he goes!--Either that or you'd better repent! So God help you to take the right attitude & to see the Truth & to wake up in a hurry, or he's going to take you with him!

       168. WELL, PTL. IF WE LOSE SOME OF YOU OR ANY OF YOU OR ALL OF YOU, GOD'S WORK WILL GO ON! "They can't stop our rain!" Somebody else will arise to take your crown. We just hope it never happens to any of you. Jus we've known for a long time, & Jus we've known his problems for a long time, & with Jus we've been uncertain of for a long time of his loyalty & his faithfulness & his love, much of which has been a voluntary humility & a sort of catering to the opinions of men, sad to say, as we have suspected, rather than genuine love for us.

       169. WHERE HE SLIPPED AWAY OR LOST OUT OR GOT ON THE WRONG TRACK or how the Devil entered in & where, perhaps Sally, you know better. But certainly that music was no good influence, & perhaps that was when he first started disobeying after he heard our opinion of his music.

       170. MAYBE IT WAS THAT LITTLE DISOBEDIENCE THAT LED TO MORE, & when he continued to listen to that music in spite of our protest & our reproof, that was undoubtedly perhaps the very little camel's nose or the little rip in the tent or the little hole in the dyke that brought on the final flood gradually over the years.

       171. I THINK PERHAPS YOU KNOW, JUS, UNLESS THE DEVIL HAS SO DECEIVED YOU BY NOW & you've been so self-deluded that you can't even see it or don't even know it--which often happens when truth is resisted over a long period of time. It losses its power over our mind & our soul & our heart, so that we no longer can even see it.

       172. AND AS GOD SAYS, WHEN WE RESIST THE TRUTH & WHEN WE REFUSE TO RECEIVE IT, then He Himself sends us strong delusion that we might believe a lie, that we might be judged. (2Th.2:10,11.) So that's the situation. That's the way we see it from here, & something has got to be done about it, we cannot tolerate it any longer.

       173. IT'S A BAD INFLUENCE ON US & ON THE FAMILY & ON SALLY'S WORK & ON THE WHOLE WORK, & has, as you can see now, taken some of my valuable time out to have to deal with it, now nearly two whole hours of tape here, & more hours of tape before, & discussions with Family & staff here regarding him.

       174. SOME OF THESE PROBLEM CASES CAN STEAL & ROB GOD OF MORE TIME & MORE STRENGTH & more spirit & drag us down & depress & oppress us & detract us, distract us from the work of the lord & our main job. They're just the Devil's instruments to delay & to slow down & to distract & to deny God His due of our full time & our full attention to His Word.

       175. SO MAY THE LORD HELP YOU MAKE THE RIGHT DECISIONS, FOLKS. First of all, particularly you, Sally, who have a heavy decision to make regarding him & your family & what you want to do about it. If you want to go back & give him another chance, that's up to you. We hope, in that case, certainly that he would straighten out & not also rob God of you, too, & of our better service that you've been giving. It's up to you.

       176. JUS DOES NOT NOW KNOW WHERE YOU ARE, I HOPE. He's not supposed to, since you have moved & have an entirely new location. You & the family there do not know where we are, so therefore we try to keep a very tight security on these high security units at the top. So he can't possibly do you or the Family there any harm or damage if he attempts to vindictively or in revenge.

       177. HE HASN'T CONTROL OF ENOUGH MONEY TO TAKE MUCH OF THAT WITH HIM, & we told you to bring all the security materials with you when you came for that very reason, as a precautionary measure, not knowing what he may decide to do in vengeance or in spite. We hope you did & you didn't leave anything behind that could possibly be used as anything against us, but perhaps your children.

       178. AND I'M SURE IF HE'S POISONED THE MINDS OF OTHERS AS HE HAS, HE'S PROBABLY POISONED THEIR MINDS TOO, sad to say, or even his spirit could poison theirs without a word said. So because of the fact that you're clean, Sally, & your cleanliness, God says "therefore your children are clean." (1Cor.7:14.) Otherwise, Jus being classed as an unbeliever, if he defects, would therefore be considered unclean. But nevertheless, God gives you credit for your faith by saying that if you are faithful & remain, therefore are your children not unclean. Thank God for that!

       179. WE BELIEVE JUS IN A WAY THINKS HE LOVES THE LORD, & the Devil even has him so deceived that perhaps he even thinks he loves us & the Family. But he has been so self-deluded & self-centered for so many years, that I'm sure it's going to be very difficult for him to change.

       180. SOME HAVE ONLY FOUND WHAT THEIR BLESSINGS WERE WHEN THEY WERE GONE, like Dr. Mitchell's old song, "You'll never miss the blessing until the blessing's gone!"--The blessing of a good wife, children & your job for the Lord. You may never really miss it or appreciate it or understand them all until perhaps they're gone. So may God help you to make the right decision, Jus, whatever it may be, whatever you think it should be. PTL.

       181. AND AS FOR YOUR CHILDREN, SALLY, we understand that you have some very good workers there at home with Jus taking care of them, who could very well & easily take care of them even without Jus, & others who could help if they choose to stay or you choose to keep them there, or try to. So that's another decision you'll have to make.

       182. AND YOU WORKERS THERE WHO HAVE BEEN WORKING WITH JUS & SAL & THEIR CHILDREN are going to have to wake up & realise that if you didn't know this was the case regarding Jus, then he had you pretty well hoodwinked & pretty well deceived! And if you think he's now being abused & somehow mistreated or persecuted or misunderstood, & that you still feel in the light of what we've told you that he's been wronged & that he's right & we're wrong, then you're wrong, & if he defects with some of the children you perhaps should go with him, unless you change your mind & repent.

       183. BECAUSE WE UNDERSTAND THAT YOU WORKERS THERE WITH HIM HAVE BEEN PRETTY WELL WON OVER BY HIM AS HIS WORSHIPPERS & LOYAL FOLLOWERS. We don't know if this is true or not, but that's what we've heard, & only you know the truth. So it's up to you what decision you make regarding your future ministry & what you decide to do in relation to what Sal & Jus decide to do, & what you decide to do in relation to the Family--whether you want to stay or go with him if he goes, or stay by Sal & help her take care of the children, or what children remain. So God's will be done. (He solved that by kidnapping them all!)

       184. LORD, WE ASK THEE RIGHT NOW TO HAVE THY WAY, IN JESUS' NAME, Thy will be done! You know the truth, You know the facts, Lord, & we know them, & we have known them for years. But we have been patient & borne with it for a long time, longsuffering & bearing these things in love & patience for a long time hoping Jus would change & improve. But he's gotten now to the point where either he has got to change & change quickly & for much better, or he's going to have to go, so that he does not drag down other members of the Family & hinder the Work any further.

       185. SO HELP THESE WHO ARE LISTENING TO MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION IN THEIR OWN MIND & HEART regarding this in their reaction to these tapes. Help Sally, dear precious poor Sally who has to make a heavy decision regarding this situation. May she make the right one that will save the work & herself & her work & Thy work & the Words for Thy glory in the best way possible. And if necessary, if possible, save Jus if she can. We don't know.

       186. WE'VE KIND OF GOTTEN PRETTY DISCOURAGED ABOUT HOPES FOR HIM, as bad as he's gotten. But Lord, You know, & You know Jus & his heart. You know whether there's any hope to redeem him or to reclaim him & rehabilitate him & change him for the better, as well as his workers.

       187. LORD, PROTECT THOSE PRECIOUS LITTLE INNOCENT HARMLESS CHILDREN FROM THE ENEMY & from any evil influence such as Jus has allowed to come in through his own disobedience & disloyalty & disunity & disharmony. Protect those precious little ones, in Jesus' name. Help Sally to salvage at least some of them if nothing else. (So he kidnapped'm!)

       188. WE JUST PUT IT ALL IN THY HANDS NOW & THEIR HANDS. They have to make the decision, Sally must make her decision, & these the Family must make theirs regarding Jus & what they're to do about him if he does not change. So we ask Thee to give them Thy faith & Thy vision & Thy courage to do whatever has to be done.--Either to bear with him a little while to see if he'll change, or if not, hope & pray that he'll leave voluntarily or ask him to go. Thy will be done. Have Thy way Lord, in Jesus' name.

       189. BLESS & SOLVE THIS SITUATION AS I KNOW YOU WILL! You never fail, You've always solved it somehow, even in the most serious cases, far more serious than this, even with top leadership--which Jus apparently hoped & presumed to be but was not & never had the qualifications for it, even though he coveted it.

       190. BUT IF WE WILL FIRE JETHRO & DEBORAH & RACHEL & OTHERS WHO HAVE BEEN TOP LEADERS for their perfidy & disloyalty & disobedience & oppressing the poor & all the rest, we certainly will not hesitate to let him go if he does not change in a real transformation of Thy Spirit by Thy miraculous power, & only You can do it, Lord. And You know that & we know it & he should know it. So Thy will be done. Have Thy way. PTL! TYJ!

       191. GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR THE EXCELLENT WORK YOU'RE DOING! We don't see how you can do any better, we hardly see how you can do as well. We're amazed at your good work, all of you, & we're thrilled with it & just couldn't praise you enough, couldn't be thankful enough, couldn't thank you enough & reward you enough. But I'm sure the Lord can & I'm sure He will. So, praise the Lord!

       192. GOD BLESS YOU & KEEP YOU FROM FALLING INTO THE SAME TEMPTATION WHICH LED SATAN HIMSELF ASTRAY--pride, jealousy, covetousness, possessiveness--all of the bad Cancerian side. May God save you from it & deliver you from it & help you never to fall into such temptation & such a pit as Jus has done, like Satan himself did!

       193. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! GOODBYE! WE'RE PRAYING FOR YOU! WE LOVE YOU! Thank you for all your good work. Keep'm rolling, in Jesus' name, amen! There's a great new Magazine coming out as some of you already know, & more to come, so praise God for the Words! TYJ! Amen! Keep'm comin', in Jesus' name, amen.--Love,--D.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family